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Latest News and Opinion

Last updated at 4:13 PM on April 18, 2021 (Pacific Standard Time)

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‘It's the future': Town of Taber looking at net-zero carbon emissions

"...The town of Taber is looking at achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The discussions are still in the preliminary stages but Mayor Andrew Prokop says the future is looking bright. “It's more than just a trend,” he said..."

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Tick identification program aims to track Lyme disease

"...Developed by Bishop’s University and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Manitobans can use the platform when they find ticks on animals, humans or in various habitats. Users can submit a picture to have the tick identified by experts, which will let them confirm if the tick they found belongs to a species capable of transmitting the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease..."

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LETTER: Heritage has advantages

"...Recent letters on heritage have not dealt with its advantages. Importantly, it helps against climate change, first by retention of some trees and landscaping, all usually lost during development. Heritage work allows some changes..."

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Colwood speaker series celebrates Earth Month

"...The speaker series, hosted by the Citizens Environment Network in Colwood (CENiC), will highlight topics such as electric cars, community gardens, indigenous plant gardens, home energy assessments, Colwood’s little free plant and seed stand, solar installation and Clean BC Grants, how to naturescape your garden, Colwood’s waterfront plan, and little fish that feed whales..."

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Helicopters and other equipment fight wildfire in Kananaskis Country

"...Smoke could be seen from Highway 40 on Saturday and official say it was coming from a small wildfire. (Supplied/Robb Bennett)..."

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Pitt Meadows campaigns for more emergency support service volunteers

"...Tasked with aiding locals in the 72 hours following emergencies like fire, flood, and earthquake, the program provides services like short-term lodging, family reunification, food, clothing, and emotional support..."

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Wildfire In Cape Town Forces University's Evacuation

"...Wildfire In Cape Town Forces University's Evacuation ..."

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Quebec Solidaire calls for a moratorium on logging in sugar bushes

"..."Maple syrup sales are growing rapidly and the maple syrup industry relies on maple trees in the public forest to meet part of the demand," wrote Rouyn-Noranda-Temiscamingue MNA Emilise Lessard-Therrien. "However, quality maple groves that could be tapped are currently threatened by industrial logging authorized by the government. We can't accept this without saying anything..."

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FOREST INK: Electrifying the logging industry

"...Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the logging sector will require some major challenges and engineering developments but there are some positive moves taking place. My personal experience includes the purchase of an electric chainsaw which has proven superior in many ways to my old gas motor versions. I have also had the opportunity to drive an electric Nissan Leaf and was impressed by the regenerative braking ability to recover the charging of the battery on the down hill sections..."

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Christina Lake Fire/Rescue responds to Haagland road wildfire

"...Christina Lake Firefighters, with help from Grand Forks and BC Wildfire Services, spent more than five hours Friday getting the wildfire under control. — Facebook photoThe Christina Lake Fire/Rescue is getting an early start to the wildfire season after firefighters responded to two recent calls — the latest on Haagland road Friday..."

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One year after crude turned negative, oilpatch relishes first-quarter profit outlook

"...“Everyone was very, very negative on oil and oil demand,” he recalled in an interview, adding the remarkable level of stabilization since shows how resilient the oilpatch can be. “So the market essentially wound up balancing itself out and we had a recovery from the depths of hell to not quite to heaven in terms of current prices, but certainly a very large scale recovery. “Those two forces of supply and demand were brought back into a much better balance and with the demand recovery we’re seeing this year, we’re seeing inventories worldwide get drawn down to more normal levels..."

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Monique Keiran: Sustaining emissions drop from pandemic will require drastic action

"...The drop in traffic din and other noise pollution was immediate and obvious, noticeable even to Great Two-legged Galoots like Nature Boy. It was the first summer in decades when he was able to sleep without earplugs when the window was open..."

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Pig house at Sandown dismantled after failing to comply with bylaws

"...The Fickle Fig Farm Market, which runs a restaurant and farm on its Mills Road property, is a sub-tenant of the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture. Since October, the centre has been leasing the former horse racing lands from North Saanich..."

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: B.C. hasn't managed forests properly

"...Old-growth forests are worth more standing than when they are logged. While they have an immediate economic impact in terms of tourism, they are even more important in terms of the environment: protecting side-hills from erosion, providing habitat for other forms of life and helping to ensure a safe water supply. Old-growth forests are part of the heritage that has been passed on to us and that we must pass on to future generations..."

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'Not a tax at all': O'Toole on party's carbon price loyalty program

"...OTTAWA -- Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is pushing back against criticism by some that a key pillar of the party’s new climate plan is akin to a carbon tax, a Liberal-instituted policy he has long criticized..."

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Recommended Reading

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The Bridge

Natural Gas in a Redivided Europe

"...Any vision of a modern Russia integrated into the world economy and aligned in peaceful partnership with a reunited Europe has abruptly vanished. Two opposing narratives vie to explain the strategic future of Europe, one geopolitical and one economic, and both center on the same resource: natural gas..."

Key Topics

How Bad Are Bananas?

The Carbon Footprint of Everything

"...A smart, practical, and accessible guide to measuring (and reducing) our carbon footprint, from internationally recognized expert, Mike Berners-Lee..."

Key Topics

Generation Us

The Challenge of Global Warming

"...The reality of global warming has long been accepted within the scientific community, yet it remains a hotly debated topic at the political and social level..."

Key Topics

Climate Cover-Up

The Crusade to Deny Global Warming

"...Exploring the PR techniques, phony "think tanks," and funding used to pervert scientific fact, this book serves as a wake-up call to those who still wish to deny the inconvenient truth. ..."

Key Topics

Jobs in Environmental Resilience

Recent employment opportunities related to the latest news.

Food Processing Specialist

"...New Brunswick, Government of (Bouctouche NB): Food Processing Specialist Pay Band 5 Open The Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries is seeking an individual to join the Business Growth Branch, as a Food Processing Specialist, in..."

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On-site Energy Manager (Michelin Nova Scotia)

"...Responsibilities -Energy management planning, as well as, assisting with the implementation of energy efficiency projects and influencing policy..."

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Energy Manager

"...environmental sustainability, and financial impact 3) Preparing strategy for purchasing utilities (natural gas, electricity, and water) for the University, and development of related reports for..."

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Solid Waste Driver/Swamper - Labourer 2 - District of North Vancouver (North Vancouver, BC)

"...We are looking for enthusiastic and results-oriented individuals who have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, combined with a safety-conscious and strong work ethic and who enjoy working in the challenging weather conditions of the North Shore..."

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Recent episodes relevant to the latest news and opinion.

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Reference margin limit removal a win, Alberta minister says

Duration: 8:28

"...The most recent meeting of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) ag leaders came to a conclusion Thursday without a consensus on Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Marie-Claude Bibeau’s proposed AgriStability changes..."

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Navigating Clean Technology with Greg Kiessling – April 13, 2021

Duration: 59:08

"...We often assume that because green energy costs more to produce, it’s less profitable for the seller in the long-run..."

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Solutions to Protecting B.C.'s Old Growth

Duration: 39:27

"...Yesterday we looked at the front-line fighters..."

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Featured Video

Informative video on topics found in the latest news and opinion.

Alaska’s forest fires are shifting the region’s carbon balance—sometimes for the better

"...What they found surprised them: In the long run, their estimates suggest that intensifying heat and more wildfires may lead to more carbon sequestration in Alaskan forests, they report today in Science..."

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283. SolShare Co-op - Solar for the people

"...SolShare began as the Vancouver Renewable Energy Co-operative 17 years ago..."

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Searching for Seaweed Species

"...Seaweeds are marine algae that produce 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere..."

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The Economics of Soil Health Systems - Indiana

"...The Soil Health Institute and Cargill conducted this project to provide farmers with the economics information they need when deciding whether to adopt soil health practices and systems..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers relevant to the latest news and opinion.

Recent Trends in Plant- and Microbe-Based Biopesticide for Sustainable Crop Production and Environmental Security

"...But, their long-term persistence, cytotoxicity, and microbial resistance have resulted negative impact on the biosphere, thus creating pollution of diverse ecosystems, land degradation, and biodiversity losses..."

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Tropical Biological Natural Resource Management Through Integrated Bio-Cycles Farming System

"...Information about agroecosystem, life cycle assessment, biowaste, bioenergy, bioeconomy on tropical natural resources would give valuable concepts for sustainable development of smart tropical agroecosystem management..."

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Agroecology for adaptation to climate change and resource depletion in the Mediterranean region. A review

"...The vulnerability is enhanced by the other components of global change affecting the Mediterranean basin, including biodiversity loss, freshwater overuse, disrupted nutrient cycles, soil degradation and altered fire regimes, in a context of high population density, water scarcity, high dependence on biomass and energy imports, and the prevalence of highly specialized, low diversity agroecosystems..."

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Assessing the Vulnerability of Military Installations in the Coterminous United States to Potential Biome Shifts Resulting from

"...Climate-change impacts to Department of Defense (DoD) installations will challenge military mission and natural resource stewardship efforts by increasing vulnerability to flooding, drought, altered fire regimes, and invasive species..."

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Improving urban drainage systems to mitigate PPCPs pollution in surface water: A watershed perspective

"...In general, the target pollutants were detected at higher concentrations in the dry season than in the wet season, but extraordinary concentration peaks in water were observed downstream of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), indicating a dominant contribution from combined sewage overflows (CSOs) during rainfall events..."

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Uncover the interdependent environmental impacts associated with the water-energy-food nexus under resource management strategie

"...The WEF nexus analysis shows that tap water supply, oil refining, the cogeneration of steam and electricity, thermoelectric power plants, irrigation, animal husbandry, and aquaculture are the main interwoven nodes and have the most prominent impact on the three natural resources..."

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Conversion of Land Use Land Cover and Its Impact on Ecosystem Services in a Tropical Forest

"...The tropical forest ecosystem provides society-wide range of ecosystem services, but increasing human activity changes the land use/land cover dynamics (LULC) with significant change of the ecosystem services values..."

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