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"When we begin to build walls of prejudice, hatred, pride, and self-indulgence around ourselves, we are more surely imprisoned than any prisoner behind concrete walls and iron bars."
Mother Angelica

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Last updated at 4:07 AM on December 4, 2023 (Pacific Standard Time)

Area covered by mining claims in Ontario’s ‘Ring of Fire’ increased by 30 per cent in one year

"...If peatlands are drained, removed, or damaged in this way, they go from being a carbon sink to a carbon emitter. Harris estimates that if just half of the area covered by mining claims is disturbed, it would result in the release of more than one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide — one and half times Canada’s total reported greenhouse gas emissions in 2021. Story continues below advertisement..."


Atmospheric river expected to hit B.C. South Coast

"...It is forecast to hit southern British Columbia on Monday. The agency says the storm will bring heavy rain and snow at higher elevations and increase the risk of flooding and landslides. But it says the storm is forecast to be weaker than the November 2021 atmospheric river that caused massive floods in the Fraser Valley, created slides that cut off major highway and rail links, overflowed dikes threatening communities, and forcing evacuations..."


Farmers Holiday Market in Regina biggest since inception

"...Holiday cheer has officially made its way into the nearly 50-year-old farmers market in Regina..."


UN climate talks examine effects of global temperature rise on human health

"...Under a brown haze over Dubai, the COP28 summit moved past two days of lofty rhetoric and calls for unity from top leaders to concerns about health issues like the deaths of at least 7 million people globally from air pollution each year and the spread of diseases like cholera and malaria as global warming upends weather systems..."


COP28: The climate crisis is also a health crisis

"...Against this backdrop, more and more people are being affected by disasters, climate-sensitive diseases and other health conditions. Climate change exacerbates some existing health threats and creates new public health challenges. Worldwide, only considering a few health indicators, an additional 250,000 deaths per year will occur in the next decades because of climate change, according to the UN World Health Organization (WHO)..."


7 suspected illegal miners dead, 20 others missing in Zambia landslide

"...Seven suspected illegal miners were confirmed dead and more than 20 others were missing and presumed dead after heavy rains caused landslides that buried them inside tunnels they had been digging at a copper mine in Zambia, police and local authorities said Saturday. (File photo)..."


LETTER: Lawsuit against big oil a waste

"...Per the lawsuit against ‘big oil’ – more wasteful pursuit of human-caused climate change pseudo-science. The Volcanic Activity report (November 2023) lists 28 active volcanoes, and 12 on the warning list for they are “rumbling. ” And still the self-centred arrogance that human activities somehow impact the climate lives on..."


Tackling health impacts of climate change and scaling up digital climate action in the spotlight at COP28

"...“The climate crisis is a health crisis, but for too long, health has been a footnote in climate discussions,” WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told delegates gathered in an auditorium in Dubai’s iconic Expo City, where much of the action at COP28 has been taking place this far.  According to WHO the climate crisis drives the extreme weather that is taking lives around the world..."



Recent episodes relevant to the latest news and opinion.

Canada lagging behind on support for climate smart agriculture: report

Duration: 34:51

"...A new report out of RBC Royal Bank's Climate Action Institute has outlined a nine-point plan to push Canada's agriculture industry forward on climate-smart production and practices..."


The Dangers of Underwater Landslides (Ask NRCan)

Duration: 12:14

"...On this episode of “Ask NRCan,” research scientist Alexandre Normandeau talks about his work on underwater landslides and their impacts on coastal communities. ..."


More likely, more intense

Duration: 28:25

"...Storm Daniel devastated the city of Derna in Libya after heavy rainfall broke a dam, causing extreme flooding downstream..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers relevant to the latest news and opinion.

Progress of Air Pollution Control in China and Its Challenges and Opportunities in the Ecological Civilization Era

"...Fundamental improvement of air quality in China, as a key indicator for the success of ecological civilization construction, demands the deep de-carbonization of China’s energy system as well as more synergistic pathways to address air pollution and global climate change simultaneously..."


A multi-year and high-resolution inventory of biomass burning emissions in tropical continents from 2001–2017 based on sat

"...Biomass burning in the tropics significantly impacts the regional and global atmospheric budget, climate change, and air pollution..."


3D modeling of transformation of gaseous pollutants in the high-pressure turbine of an aircraft engine

"...Aircraft emissions contribute to global climate change and regional air pollution near airports..."


The contributions of socioeconomic and natural factors to the acid deposition over China

"...China has experienced severe acid rain pollution during the past decades due to excessive sulfur oxides (SO2) and nitrous oxides (NOx) emissions, which further caused lake acidification, biodiversity losses and climate change..."


Spatiotemporal pattern of degradation in arid mangrove forests of the Northern Persian Gulf

"...Climate change is a major threat to mangrove ecosystems worldwide but particularly those in arid regions that exist near the limit of tolerance to extremes in temperature, precipitation, and salinity..."


Impacts of climate change on the livestock food supply chain; a review of the evidence

"...The potential impacts of climate change on current livestock systems worldwide are a major concern, and yet the topic is covered to a limited extent in global reports such as the ones produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change..."


Contributions of climate change and human activities to changes in the virtual water content of major crops: An assessment for t

"...Because of the climate-dependent nature of VWC and its vulnerability to human influence, we still have little knowledge to interpret VWC variation regarding the contribution of climate change and human activities..."


Whose voices, whose choices? Pursuing climate resilient trajectories for the poor

"...Climate Resilient Trajectories are routes to development progress that take into account aspects of climate change adaptation and mitigation in a sustainability context, offering a way to explicitly consider impacts of development and climate change choices on different sectors, scales, and socio-economic effects..."


Roles of selenium in mineral plant nutrition: ROS scavenging responses against abiotic stresses

"...Selenium helps to inhibit the damage caused by climate changes such as drought, salinity, heavy metals, and extreme temperature..."


Urban climate and resiliency: A synthesis report of state of the art and future research directions

"...ICUC10 covered topics related to urban climate and weather processes with far-reaching implications to weather forecasting, climate change adaptation, air quality, health, energy, urban planning, and governance..."


An intertidal life: Combined effects of acidification and winter heatwaves on a coralline alga (Ellisolandia elongata) and its a

"...Little is known about how these biogenic reefs function and how they will be affected by climate change..."


Recommended Reading

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How Bad Are Bananas?

The Carbon Footprint of Everything

"...A smart, practical, and accessible guide to measuring (and reducing) our carbon footprint, from internationally recognized expert, Mike Berners-Lee..."

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Generation Us

The Challenge of Global Warming

"...The reality of global warming has long been accepted within the scientific community, yet it remains a hotly debated topic at the political and social level..."

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Climate Change and Society

Sociological Perspectives

"...An improved understanding of the complex relationship between climate change and society is essential for modifying ecologically harmful human behaviors and institutional practices, creating just and effective environmental policies, and developing a more sustainable future..."

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The Climate Challenge

101 Solutions to Global Warming

"...Each solution describes steps that are already being used in homes, schools, businesses, cities, and governments around the world-with full scientific references to help the reader dig deeper and push farther..."

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Jobs in Environmental Resilience

Recent employment opportunities related to the latest news.

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Technical Sales Representative - Pumps

"...Oil and Gas, Mining, Food and Beverage, Municipal and Pulp and Paper industries..."

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Ecological Restoration Program Coordinator

"...private land conservation organization, working to protect our most important natural areas and the species they sustain..."

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STO-RE 21R - Engineering Technologist

"...private forests, communities, the economy and the lives of British Columbians in positive and unique ways..."

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"...• Follow dietitian approved meal plans and modify meals to meet..."

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