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Coverage of acid rain since April 11, 2021.

The Shipping Industry Wont Fulfill its Decarbonization Goals without Investing More in Low-carbon Fuels

"...Dark smoke billows from a ship leaving port in Kingston, Jamaica. Cargo ships run primarily on heavy fuel oil, which contributes to climate change, air pollution and human health risks. Photo by Lucia Gajdosikova/iStockWith maritime trade volumes set to triple by 2050, emissions will only continue to rise unless the industry takes swift action to correct course..."


Meet Shannon Sterling, environmental scientist

"...When growing up near the Capilano River in North Vancouver, Shannon Sterling witnessed unsettling events like landslides and dwindling salmon populations the consequences of clear-cutting old growth forests and the construction of a dam. These experiences underscored the profound influence of human activity on the natural environment, leading Sterling on a path to study geography, hydrology, and the global water cycle..."


Could mining-waste-eating bacteria be key to sustainable battery minerals?

"...For generations, the topography of Sudbury, Ontario, has been brutally defined by towering slag heaps and vast orange-hued tailings ponds the physical legacy of almost 140 years of nickel mining and smelting by resource giants like Inco and Falconbridge. By 1910, in fact, Sudburys mines were supplying 80% of the worlds nickel. But by the late 20th century, the industrial fallout corrosive air pollution, acid rain and a legacy of seemingly intractable contamination revealed the extraordinary environmental cost of those resource riches..."


Wind turbines can kill birds, but not as many as fossil fuels and other anthropogenic impacts

"...However, calculations based on a review of different energy sources and their impacts on birds revealed that wind farms are responsible for about 0. 27 deaths per gigawatt hour (a unit of energy; GWh) in the United States, whereas the infrastructure associated with nuclear energy accounts for 0. 6 deaths per GWh..."


Red Deer company marketing emissions-reducing hydrogen technology

"...A Red Deer company is promoting hydrogen technology to the energy and transportation industries that reduces emissions and cuts fuel consumption..."


Humanitarian Aid Begins To Arrive In Tonga Following Deadly Tsunami

"...Information on the extent of aid required in Tonga should become clear in the coming weeks. The international community is already responding to the disaster, but it must continue to do so for as long as Tonga needs support. However, the eruption, tsunami and resulting humanitarian issues are a much wider trend..."


Reaction Engines assembles partners for its ammonia aviation project

"...As we explained when Reaction first brought the idea to light a few months ago, here's the rough idea: the heat exchanger would capture heat from a jet engine's exhaust and use it to power a cracking reactor. The reactor would catalytically convert pure ammonia into an ammonia-hydrogen blend that'll work as an easily combustible fuel that's more or less a drop-in replacement for jet fuel. So an airline operator can now choose between weight and volume, with the added benefit that this system wouldn't require an entirely new electric powertrain..."


Atmospheric acidity impacts oceanic ecology

"...Prof Alex Baker, professor of marine and atmospheric chemistry in UEA's School of Environmental Sciences, is the lead author. He said: "Human emissions of pollutants have caused significant changes to the acidity of the atmosphere, leading to well-known environmental impacts such as acid rain..."


What happened to.. acid rain

"...Mulroney and Bush committed to cutting down on the air pollution that causes acid rain in 1991, under the Canada-U. S. Air Quality Agreement..."


Ice core data show why, despite lower sulfur emissions in US and Western Europe, air pollution is

"..."This does not mean that the emissions reductions aren't working. It's just that there is a reaction which partially mitigates the reductions," said co-author Becky Alexander, a UW professor of atmospheric sciences. "We need to understand this multiphase chemistry in the atmosphere to design an efficient strategy to manage air pollution and accurately predict future air pollution and climate change impacts..."


Plan B: Decarbonize

"...Even though a few outlier countries spurned the accord, enough consensus was reached that it was time to act. By the time the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997, a road map had been created. Options were on the table forest conservation could be paired with a transition off oil and gas..."


Road salts and other human sources are threatening world's freshwater supplies

"...Previous studies by Kaushal and his team showed that added salts in the environment can interact with soils and infrastructure to release a cocktail of metals, dissolved solids and radioactive particles. Kaushal and his team named these cascading effects of introduced salts Freshwater Salinization Syndrome, and it can poison drinking water and cause negative effects on human health, agriculture, infrastructure, wildlife and the stability of ecosystems..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about acid rain.

Sulfur: The stinky pollution nobody is talking about | Elemental Ep. 1

"...The colorful element is a main driver of acid rain and also a major pollutant present in coal..."


The Evolution of Gasoline

"...When gasoline containing sulfur is burned are a major contributor to smog, acid rain, and ground-level ozone..."


Venus May Have Life!

"...If you rank the most habitable places in our solar system Venus lands pretty low, with surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead and sulphuric acid rain..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about acid rain relevant to the latest news.

Energy cycle assessment of bioethanol production from sugarcane bagasse by life cycle approach using the fermentation conversio

"...Moreover, by replacing fossil fuels with clean energies, more energy efficiency and less environmental consequences can be achieved because fossil fuels cause air pollution leading to acid rain, eutrophication, damage to forests, and harm to wildlife..."


Inversion of PM2.5 atmospheric refractivity profile based on AlexNet model from the perspective of electromagnetic wave propaga

"...Human civilization has reached an unprecedented height, but the industrialization of economic development also brings global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, fresh water resources crisis, energy shortage, and environmental problems..."


Automated Real-Time Software Based Forecasting of Climate Change Using Chlorophyll Content on Agriculture

"...The climate change is caused due to the emission of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Nitrous oxide (N2O) from various industrial sources..."


Evaluation of the Stone and Marble Industry in Palestine: environmental, geological, health, socioeconomic, cultural, and legal

"...Despite its benefits, SMI has adverse effects on public health, the environment, biodiversity, water systems (both surface and underground), green cover, and ecosystems in general, as it is considered one of the most air- water-, soil-, and noise-polluting sources..."


Ambient air quality assessment using ensemble techniques

"...Apart from diseases pollution also influence dangerous climate, weather conditions and may cause acid rain, global warming, ozone layer depletion, rainfall declines, etc..."


Effects of Climate Change on Geotechnical Infrastructures ? state of the art

"...Some of the issues related to climate change on soils include increase in infiltration rate, high pore-water pressure, decrease in effective stress, soil liquefaction, seepage failures, frost heaving, changes in soil suction potential, swelling and shrinkage in fine-grained soils, differential settlement, and damage to vegetation cover and thereby causing slope failures, waterlogged conditions, floods, soil erosion and/or internal erosion of fines, damage to landfill liners and soil covers, desertification, desiccation cracks on the ground surface, and groundwater table pollution due to contaminant migration..."


Computational fluid dynamics comparison of prevalent liquid absorbents for the separation of SO2 acidic pollutant inside a memb

"...In recent years, the emission of detrimental acidic pollutants to the atmosphere has raised the concerns of scientists..."


Prediction of SO2 Concentration Based on AR-LSTM Neural Network

"...Sulphur dioxide is one of the most common air pollutants, forming acid rain and other harmful substances in the atmosphere, which can further damage our ecosystem and cause respiratory diseases in humans..."


A hybrid air pollutant concentration prediction model combining secondary decomposition and sequence reconstruction

"...To provide more accurate early warning information for acid rain prevention, urban planning, and travel planning, a novel air pollutant prediction model was proposed in this paper to predict NO2 and SO2..."


Effects of Methanol Substitution on Performance and Emission in a LPG-Fueled SI Engine

"...Stricter emission standards are enforced in order to control the environmental pollution and global warming..."


A Comprehensive Review of Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger

"...The increasing number of inner flaming engine vehicles and these vehicles are released more harmful gases due to acid rain, effects on human health, air pollution, and global warming take place..."


Circular Economy Business Model Framework Considering Product Sustainability

"...With the development of technology and industry, which started in the latter half of the twentieth century, environmental degradation intensified because of the depletion of natural resources, global warming, the disintegration of the ozone layer, acid rain, droughts, and other issues..."