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Coverage of agroforestry since August 25, 2021.

How to Monitor A Land Restoration Project: A 4-Step Recipe

"...Why are we optimistic? Our TerraFund for AFR100 program, capitalized by a group of donors and managed by WRI, One Tree Planted and Realize Impact, is now funding hundreds of non-profit community organizations and for-profit businesses that restore land across 27 African countries. These “restoration champions” use a variety of techniques to bring prosperity to rural landscapes, from growing trees on farms in agroforestry systems to planting native trees within degraded community forests..."


Planting trees in tropical cropland could create ‘win-win’ for nature and farming

"...Prioritising agroforestry on open land as opposed to converting old growth forests is a “no brainer” for jointly addressing both climate change and biodiversity loss, a scientist not involved with the study tells Carbon Brief..."


How We Funded Africa’s Top 100 Land Restoration Projects and Enterprises

"...Africa’s land restoration sector is growing by the day. Through AFR100, 32 countries have pledged to restore 100 million hectares of Africa’s degraded land — an area the size of Egypt. They realized that healthy land can bring food, water and income to local communities, while storing planet-warming carbon and protecting vulnerable biodiversity..."


RANCH MUSINGS: Agriculture in the latest UN climate report

"...“The largest share of this economic potential comes from the conservation, improved management, and restoration of forests and other ecosystems (coastal wetlands, peatlands, savannahs and grasslands), with reduced deforestation in tropical regions having the highest total mitigation. Improved and sustainable crop and livestock management, and carbon sequestration in agriculture, the latter includes soil carbon management in croplands and grasslands, agroforestry and biochar ..."


Agroforestry in Selous Creek area placed on the menu for city strategic planning

"...Council will consider discussing establishing a “greenbelt” encircling the city which would protect Nelson from the effects of wildfire and also add another facet to the city’s economy — Creative CommonsAgroforestry could be the next belt that city council buckles up, after one councillor advanced the idea to the next strategic planning session..."


How a New EU Regulation Can Reduce Deforestation Globally

"...This ambitious regulation, aiming to reduce the EU’s international footprint on forests, would significantly help reduce greenhouse gas emissions — both within Europe and around the globe. It could also positively impact biodiversity, as well as promote sustainable production and consumption patterns..."


Guest post: How much could restoring forests reduce India's emissions?

"...In addition, these global estimates can overestimate the true potential of forest restoration by including areas that are ecologically inappropriate, such as natural grasslands and savannahs, and agricultural or pasture lands where forest restoration may endanger future food security..."


7 Ways Governments Can Invest in Farmer-led Land Restoration

"...The dense forests of Guatemala seem to go on forever. After all, the country’s name means “the place of many trees” in the Nahuatl language. Forests cover 33% of its land, and Guatemala is home to the world-famous Maya Biosphere Reserve, where Indigenous communities protect and sustainably manage about 450,000 hectares (111,000 acres) of forest ecosystems..."


Cropped, 1 December 2021: Brazilian deforestation soars; Fishing subsidy fights; Indian farm laws repealed

"...‘SUSTAINABLE’ INITIATIVE: Environmental groups have been raising concerns about a proposed “sustainable development zone” in northwest Brazil that is expected to get the green light from Bolsonaro later this year, the Guardian reported. The plan’s proponents, which include prominent agribusiness figures, say that the zone will allow them to scale up and intensify livestock agriculture on land that has already been cleared. But others have said the plan “is unlikely to change the system responsible for the breakneck pace of deforestation”, the Guardian wrote..."


Agroforestry project attempts to slow threat of wildfire in Kootenay region

"...Called Bannock in Bloom, the test model for agroforestry is being put forward at Bannock Point, a Crown-owned recreational area south of Silverton. Work began earlier this month to work with the local landscape and “plant valuable food crops that strengthen local food security and are both drought and wildfire resistant,” a press release on the project noted..."


West Kootenay project blends agriculture and forestry

"...On a piece of forested land near Bannock Point, three kilometres south of Silverton, a forestry experiment will see food crops grown among the trees..."


Smarter Farm Subsidies Can Drive Ecosystem Restoration

"...Farm subsidies can also inadvertently drive people to clear forests to produce commodities like soy and beef, which caused around 20% of global tree cover loss in 2018. This has a major economic toll, too. Deforestation and land degradation lower the productivity of soil in forests and on farms, costing rural communities as much as $6..."


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Jobs in agroforestry

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Sessional Lecturer | Forestry | FOR417H1F - Ecological Principles of Agroforestry

"...An examination of the biological and management aspects of agroforestry, within the socio-economic constraints of the developing..."

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Recent episodes that mention agroforestry.

What we learned in 2020 on nutrition, inequality, ownership, health, agroforestry, profitability, soil

Duration: 09:42

"...Our key lessons from over 40 long interviews, many webinars and a complete series on Transition Finance for Farmers done in 2020. ..."


87 Richard Focken on how German pension funds are investing significantly in sustainable agroforestry

Duration: 50:53

"...In this interview with Richard Focken, CEO of 12Tree, we explore the 4 year due diligence which lead to a German pension fund investing 200m into agroforestry. ..."


For-Profit, For Planet: Propagate Ventures + Parx Materials

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about agroforestry.

Why your coffee may soon taste different

"...Coffee is a daily routine for millions across the globe, but climate change is threatening production..."


Completing the Picture: Designing a food system that’s positive for nature and our climate

"...The transition to renewable energy is critical in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s only half the story..."


Regenerative Farming in Kenya | Circular food systems in East Africa 1/5

"...In this film, hear from two innovative farms in Kenya as they demonstrate how their regenerative farming practices have had a beneficial impact on nature and rural communities, while at the same time helping combat biodiversity loss and climate change..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about agroforestry relevant to the latest news.

Promoting net-zero economy through climate-smart agriculture: transition towards sustainability

"...Land management practices, such as zero tillage, minimal tillage, crop residue decomposition, cover crops, and planting legumes, provide increased economic benefits..."


Why Small-Scale Circular Agriculture Is Central to Food Security and Environmental Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa? The Ca

"...Employing ethnographic methods?comprising field observations, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions?the research assesses the ecological and economic advantages of five circular agriculture systems (mixed cropping, mixed livestock-crop farming, agroforestry, crop rotation, and cover cropping) across five communities in Ghana?s Ashanti Region..."


Okra tree crop agroforestry model: economic and environmental impact

"...lebbeck agroforestry practice would significantly increase production, touching financial benefit and ensuring sound environmental quality using the vacant woodlot space..."


Weight-of-evidence approach for assessing agroforestry contributions to restore key ecosystem services in tropical dry forests

"...weight of evidence), we assessed the role of the three main types of AFSs (intercropping, multistrata and silvopastoral and protective systems) in restoring key ecosystem services in TDFs..."


Agroforestry Strategy for Revitalizing Fodder Security in Kashmir Himalaya, India

"...Developing the knowledge base concerning the agroforestry?s contribution to fodder production that integrate livelihood security, relieve forest pressure and safeguard ecosystem services is pre-requisite for sustainable development..."


Recent advances in argan propagation: a review

"...Argan is primarily found in a limited coastal area of Morocco and is threatened by various biotic and abiotic factors, including overexploitation, urban expansion, overgrazing, successive years of drought, and climate change..."


Agroforestry orchards support greater butterfly diversity than monoculture plantations in the tropics

"...Large-scale deforestation in the tropics, triggered by logging and subsequent agricultural monoculture has a significant adverse impact on biodiversity due to habitat degradation..."


Potential of agroforestry orchards as a conservation set-aside initiative in industrial rubber tree and oil palm plantations fo

"...However, the establishment of agroforestry orchards as a part of a conservation set-aside programme may aid biodiversity by providing a wider range of ecological niches to support more diverse bird fauna within industrial monoculture plantations..."


Orchard meadows: consumer perception and communication of a traditional agroforestry system in Germany

"...Europe has a large variety of historic cultural agroforestry systems which provide numerous ecosystem services..."


Bee landscape relations in changing contexts, implications for stingless bee management

"...The patchy distribution of natural vegetation mixed with the extensive distribution of agriculture related to cattle management and agroforestry systems, result in non-linear relationships between land use composition, land use type, and ecosystem integrity..."


Perennial plant species composition and diversity in relation to socioecological variables and agroforestry practices in centra

"...Agroforestry is a viable land-use option to counteract such declines in ecosystem services, including biodiversity and supporting local livelihoods..."