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Coverage of air pollutants since September 7, 2022.

The Right to a Healthy Environment (and more) in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act: A First for Canadians

"...As a refresher, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is the federal law that manages and regulates prescribed types of pollution. Generally, CEPA sets out the obligations of Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada related to the assessment and management of risks from chemicals, polymers and living organisms; programs related to air and water pollution, hazardous waste, air pollutant and GHG emissions; ocean disposal; and environmental emergencies. [3] CEPA declares that the Government of Canada is committed to implementing pollution prevention as a national goal and as the priority approach to environmental protection..."


New emissions targets may sink LNGs pitch as a shipping fuel

"...The new accounting method means LNG can no longer sail under the radar when it comes to emissions, said Elissama Menezes, global campaign director for the Say No to LNG coalition. “It’s a huge step and quite exciting to see,” Menezes told Canada’s National Observer. What people are reading Canada’s Conservatives are courting constitutional chaos By Max Fawcett | Opinion, Politics | July 11th 2023 “At the end of the day, it really brings some accountability to the shipping sector, which for too many years has not really been responsible for the whole footprint of its emissions..."


Analysis: How low-sulphur shipping rules are affecting global warming

"...The International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules have had some success in improving public health. Global emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2) a health-damaging air pollutant have dropped by about 10% as a result..."


Montreal fireworks cancelled over wildfire smoke

"...Dr. David Kaiser, deputy medical director of Montreal's public health department, said a 2022 report on the city's air quality indicated that fireworks displays can lead to concentrations of air pollutants — known as fine particulate matter — of 300 particles per cubic metre, a level considered very unhealthy. "There is a measurable impact that lasts for a few hours and that touches mostly the neighbourhoods that are surrounding the fireworks show," he told reporters alongside Émond, adding that those areas have some of the worst air quality in the city at normal times, due to vehicle traffic and industrial sites..."


Long-term smoke exposure may be associated with dying from a tumour: study

"...PM2. 5 refers to fine particulate matter that is 2. 5 microns or less in diameter..."


Wildfire smoke in the forecast for Manitoba, experts call for increased preparedness

"...Environment Canada, on their website, have written that wildfire smoke “may be carried hundreds or thousands of kilometres from the fire zone. This means smoke from other parts of the world can impact communities in Canada. ” They've also issued an air quality health index reading for Winnipeg and Brandon, stating that there is a moderate health risk for residents heading into Wednesday night..."


Air quality health index reaches high level for Peterborough area

"...The health unit says organizers of outdoor activities and sporting events should pay close attention to the AQHI and make informed decisions based on air quality. Among the factors to consider are the type of activity, level of exertion, and the age and health condition of participants. Mayer says for the high health risk level (7 or more on the AQHI), rescheduling an event is advised..."


Quebec launches North Americas largest electric bus project to lead the way for climate-friendly transit

"...There are roughly 2,000 buses operating in Metro Vancouver, where 35 per cent of emissions come from road transportation. The province requires 50 per cent of new bus purchases between 2026 and 2028 to be zero-emission buses, with 100 per cent of purchases being emission-free starting in 2029 and beyond, said Murray Sinclair, public affairs officer for B. C..."


Regulators cut a deal with Ontario steel mill over carcinogens

"...Algoma currently has three regulatory exemptions, two for carcinogenic air pollutants benzene and benzo(a)pyrene and another for particulate matter. These so-called site specific standards permit the company to drastically exceed annual air quality limits..."


CES 2023: Companies tout environmental tech innovations

"...Granholm also spoke about expanding the use of clean energy, including some forms of hydrogen, fusion and geothermal energy, highlighting the latter as an opportunity for the oil and gas industry..."


Pollution and climate change upsurge the risk of climate penalty

"...In addition to reporting on the state of air quality and its close interlinkages with climate change, the Bulletin explores a range of possible air quality outcomes under high and low greenhouse gas emission scenarios..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about air pollutants.

What are the Most Common Air Pollutants?

"...In this video we'll walk through pollutants like TRAP, VOCs, Ozone, Noxious Gasses, and Particulate Matter..."


How is Canada's air quality? | Ask A Scientist

"...Let's start with one of the most common air pollutants: it's called particulate matter, or PM for short, and includes all the tiny particles that float in the air around us..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about air pollutants relevant to the latest news.

Exploring synergistic decoupling of haze pollution and carbon emissions in emerging economies: fresh evidence from China

"...In the face of global warming, energy depletion, and air pollution, controlling greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions has become an urgent task for an emerging economy..."


Analysis of short-term changes in air quality for two industrial zones by innovative polygon trend analysis

"...Analyzing trends is crucial for understanding air quality variations, climate change, and socioeconomic development over time..."


A wavelet enhanced approach with ensemble based deep learning approach to detect air pollution

"...Considering the serious impact of air pollution on human health and life, air pollutant concentration forecast has been drawn great attention because it can provide people with information of air quality..."


Green Technological Progress Implications on Long-Run Sustainable Economic Growth

"...The study calculated labour and capital contributions to green total factor productivity growth via the inclusion of CO2 emissions as undesirable output or private unpriced input and energy consumption that proxies for unmeasured pollutant emissions..."


Spatiotemporal variability analysis of air pollution data from IoT based participatory sensing

"...Air pollution has become a major environmental risk of the new civilized world due to its severe influence on public health and the environment..."


Uncertainties in research between urban landscape and air quality: summary, demonstration, and expectation

"...The urban landscape metric has been correlated with air pollutant concentrations but has been found in different studies to have both a negative and a positive relationship..."


Meteorological AQI and pollutants concentration-based AQI predictor

"...Forecasting the value of air pollutants and predicting the Air Quality Index (AQI) are crucial in improving the control measures for tackling air pollution..."


A novel approach for analysing environmental sustainability aspects of combine harvesters through telematics data. Part II: an

"...Combine harvesters (CHs) use large amounts of diesel fuel and they contribute significantly to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollutants..."


Simulating the effects of planning strategies on urban heat island and air pollution mitigation in an urban renewal area

"...Although some strategies were found to be useful for mitigating air pollution or urban heat island, the simultaneous effects were rarely discussed in the past studies..."