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Coverage of air pollution since January 20, 2024.

Milan bans heavy vehicles, imposes antismog measures during bout of bad air pollution

"...A lack of rain and wind has exacerbated air pollution levels in Italy, particularly in the mostly land-locked and industrial northern Po River Valley. Parts of the Italian peninsula are frequently hit by periods of bad air quality in winter, thanks to a combination of low rainfall, industrial and vehicle emissions and mountain ranges that trap the smog..."


High air pollution levels in Thai capital spark order for city employees to work from home

"...The Department of Pollution Control declared last month that Bangkok had officially entered its annual smog season, but the region has suffered from deteriorating air quality since late last year. For Chiang Mai and other northern provinces which experience prolonged high levels of microscopic dust, the season usually begins in late February, when dry weather and an atmospheric inversion layer cause airborne particles to accumulate..."


Oil and gas producer to pay millions to US and New Mexico to remedy pollution concerns

"...ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. (AP) A Texas company has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the federal government and the state of New Mexico to address air pollution concerns in the largest oil and gas producing region in the United States..."


Annual Report 2023

"...In our 2023 Annual Report, youll read stories that profile CELAs work on extreme heat, air pollution, legacy contamination, and public participation in environmental decision-making. These stories represent just a few of the many ways CELAs is dedicated to ensuring communities are healthy and thriving..."


Colorado fines Suncor US$10M for air pollution violations

"...In a news release, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says the fine concerning Suncor's Commerce City refinery is for violations from July 2019 through June 2021. The department also says the Calgary-based energy company must double the number of air-pollution monitors compared with the refinery's original monitoring plan. In the news release, it says it's the largest air pollution enforcement package the state has ever levied against a single facility..."


Colorado fines Suncor US$10.5 million for air pollution violations

"...DENVER The state of Colorado is fining Suncor Energy Inc. US$10. 5 million for air pollution violations..."


US Steel agrees to $42M in improvements and fines over air pollution violations after 2018 fire

"...The fire damaged pollution control equipment and led to repeated releases of sulfur dioxide, the lawsuit said. Sulfur dioxide is a colorless, pungent byproduct of fossil fuel combustion that can make it hard to breathe..."


Alberta oilsands pollutant release vastly higher than official estimates: study

"...Liggio adds that air quality downwind of the oilsands remains within Canadian andAlbertaguidelines. There are thousands of different kinds of carbon-based molecules released from energy production and all are highly reactive. “All of these different hydrocarbons in the atmosphere react,” Liggio said..."


Editorial Roundup: United States

"...To hear some describe the stakes, a pair of cases argued before the Supreme Court on Wednesday could create a watershed moment in American government. Business lobbies and conservative activists see an opportunity to restrain an out-of-control administrative state. Progressives fear the court will render the federal government incapable of responding to modern challenges from climate change to artificial intelligence..."


Who will adapt? UW research shows air quality alerts will quadruple in 76 years CityNews Kitchener

"...“We saw conditions for alerts most often in areas of high Black populations, higher incomes, and leakier homes, deepening inequalities between residents who can access clean indoor air and those in the same area who cannot We should ensure that policy will address emissions that cause air pollution and climate change, and boost adaptation, for example, by compensating people for fixing leaky buildings. ”..."


Air pollution and politics pose cross-border challenges in South Asia CityNews Kitchener

"...Theres a recognition among the technical and scientific community that air pollution doesnt need a visa to travel across borders, said Pakistani analyst Abid Suleri, from the nonprofit Sustainable Development Policy Institute. The culprits and problems are the same on both sides of the India-Pakistan border, he said, so it makes no sense for one province to implement measures if a neighboring province across the border isnt adopting the same practices..."


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Jobs in air pollution

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Program Manager, Air Quality Regulation and Enforcement - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...Ability to build and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external contacts.   Excellent conflict resolution and negotiation skills; skilled in dealing openly, tactfully and sensitively in a variety of situations..."

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Recent episodes that mention air pollution.

Air Pollution Rules Buckle Under Brutal Heat Waves

Duration: 12:41

"...Extreme heat waves are breaking out all across the country, and some environmental activists are questioning whether this unprecedented summer is making the EPA's air pollution regulations obsolete. ..."


Texas Freeze Led to Pollution, But Likely No Fines

Duration: 14:14

"...Industrial sites in Texas spewed much more air pollution than normal as a result of the frigid temperatures there last month and the ensuing infrastructure failures. ..."


Air Pollution: What are we breathing in?

Duration: 41:39

"...What's going on with the air that we breathe? Well, quite a lot, it seems..."


Frank Kelly on air pollution

Duration: 27:00

"...Long before most of us gave air pollution a second thought, Frank Kelly was studying the impact of toxic particles on our lungs..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about air pollution.

Biochar: How burning stubble could FIGHT air pollution

"...Biochar: Crop residue management and climate change mitigation in India: ..."


Protecting the Himalayan Glaciers: Climate Change, Black Carbon, and Regional Resilience

"...Climate change and air pollution are speeding up the melting of the Himalayan glaciers, jeopardizing the lives and livelihoods of 750 million people who rely on the waterfrom these glaciers and snows..."


How Catalytic Converters Reduce Pollution

"...While three-way catalytic converters are more efficient at removing pollutants, their effectiveness is highly sensitive to the air-fuel mixture ratio..."


Did COVID-19 travel restrictions improve air quality? | Ask a Scientist

"...Elisabeth Galarneau, Research Scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada, answers a question about the effects of reduced air travel on air quality during COVID-19..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about air pollution relevant to the latest news.

Meteorological AQI and pollutants concentration-based AQI predictor

"...Forecasting the value of air pollutants and predicting the Air Quality Index (AQI) are crucial in improving the control measures for tackling air pollution..."


Hybridization of rough set?wrapper method with regularized combinational LSTM for seasonal air quality index prediction

"...In general, air quality is measured using the air quality index, which records the pollutants level in the air..."


A wavelet enhanced approach with ensemble based deep learning approach to detect air pollution

"...Considering the serious impact of air pollution on human health and life, air pollutant concentration forecast has been drawn great attention because it can provide people with information of air quality..."


Analysis of short-term changes in air quality for two industrial zones by innovative polygon trend analysis

"...Analyzing trends is crucial for understanding air quality variations, climate change, and socioeconomic development over time..."


Emission characteristics and removal of heavy metals in flue gas: a case study in waste incineration and coal-fired power plant

"...In this study, we systematically investigated the emission characteristics of heavy metals in waste incineration and coal-fired flue gases, focused on testing the removal effect of self-made cold electrode electrostatic precipitator (CE-ESP) on heavy metals in flue gas, and made a comparative analysis with the existing air pollution control devices (APCDs)..."


Multicriteria decision-making tool for investigating the feasibility of the green roof systems in Egypt

"...Urbanization in Egypt detracts from green spaces, reduces the per capita green ratio, and increases adverse effects such as heat islands, air pollution, and energy consumption..."


Optimal Energy Distribution of Multi-Energy Sources in Fuel-Cell Electric Bus Using Long Short-Term Memory

"...To overcome these problems, the automobile industry is prioritizing the development of eco-friendly vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions Among these, fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use hydrogen as a fuel and do not emit exhaust gas and their higher mileage and shorter fuel charging time compared to electric vehicles make them promising next-generation eco-friendly vehicles..."


Assessment of meteorological parameters on air pollution variability over Delhi

"...In this study, the relationships between meteorological parameters (relative humidity, wind speed, temperature, planetary boundary layer, and rainfall) and air pollutants (particulate matter and gaseous pollutants) have been evaluated during a 3-year period from 2019 to 2021..."


Comprehensive Survey on AQI Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms

"...Air pollution is caused by a variety of air pollutants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter 2..."


IoT Based Real Time Monitoring of Delhi-NCR Air Pollution Using Low Power Wide Area Network

"...In this paper IoT based continuous monitoring of the air pollution level of CO and CO2 air pollutants carried out including temperature and humidity using different sensors and a micro-controller in Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) at Greater Noida..."


High-performance formaldehyde prediction for indoor air quality assessment using time series deep learning

"...The method?s feasibility was established, and the study provides theoretical support for guiding indoor air pollution control measures and ensuring human health and safety..."