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News and Opinion

Coverage of air pollution since July 25, 2023.

Lessons From California’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Policies

"...The California Climate Crisis Act, or AB 1279, was signed into law in September of 2022, and requires net-zero greenhouse gas emission by 2045 and net-negative emissions thereafter. It mandates at least 85% emissions reductions from 1990 levels by 2045, ensuring that carbon dioxide removal does not play an excessive role in meeting net zero..."


Royal City taking part in mini forest pilot project

"...Guelph is one of five communities in Canada that are taking part in this pilot project. The objective of the mini forest is to reduce air pollution, increase biodiversity and provide habitat for wildlife. “Miyawaki forests have been planted around the world, but the approach isn’t as common in Canada,” said Dave Beaton, program manager of forestry and sustainable landscapes..."


'Climate breakdown' alert as air quality dips during heatwaves: UN chief

"...The 2023 WMO Air Quality and Climate Bulletin – coming on the heels of the Secretary General’s statement – puts the spotlight firmly on the damage caused by heatwaves. It notes that high temperatures are not only a hazard by themselves, but they also trigger damaging pollution. Based on the 2022 data, the report shows how heatwaves fanned a dangerous drop in air quality last year..."


Blog: Update on Site-Specific Air Standard Approval – Glencore Canada Corporation

"...In June 2023, CELA made a submission to the Ontario government regarding Glencore Canada Corporation’s (Glencore) application for a site-specific air pollution standard (SSS) for its Kidd Concentrator facility. Glencore’s application, if approved, would allow them to release sulphur dioxide at a rate almost 7 times the health-based provincial air standards. This risks poor air quality with potentially serious consequences to the environment and human health..."


Wildfire smoke can damage the brain long after flames are extinguished, research says

"...He pointed to a July 2018 study published in the journal Environmental Research in which a group of international researchers found that people exposed to air pollution in Mexico City showed Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s signatures in their brains..."


Jakarta declared the world's most polluted city

"...FILE - Vehicles are caught in a congestion during a rush hour in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021. Indonesian authorities are blaming the dry season and and motorized vehicles as the main causes of air pollution in Jakarta, after a Swiss air quality technology company named the city as the most polluted in the world..."


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NASA aircraft mapping air pollution over the GTA

"...It turns out that southern Ontarians had a closer encounter of the NASA kind. The U. S..."


UNBC researchers develop air quality national map

"...It’s a serious problem, especially in the developing world where wood or coal are used for cooking, and the advent of low-cost monitors to detect the smallest particles of pollutants that can lead to health problems peaked the interest of UNBC environmental science professor Dr. Peter Jackson..."


Vancouver man wins award for work aimed at improving air quality

"...“Biomass is a global challenge,” said Kung, noting that more than four billion tonnes of biomass residues are burned globally in open air each year, accounting for as many as 10 per cent of worldwide air pollution deaths. “Our goal is to end the practice of burning by turning costly residues into economic commodities. ”..."


Researcher interviews Cariboo-Chilcotin residents on weather-related emergencies

"...“While recent studies depict how many people were affected by these hazards, we know relatively little about how people make sense of these hazards in their day-to-day lives, how they had to manage, help one another, endure air pollution or heatwaves, or experience an evacuation,” he said..."


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Jobs in air pollution

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Program Manager, Air Quality Regulation and Enforcement - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...Ability to build and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external contacts.   Excellent conflict resolution and negotiation skills; skilled in dealing openly, tactfully and sensitively in a variety of situations..."

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Recent episodes that mention air pollution.

Air Pollution Rules Buckle Under Brutal Heat Waves

Duration: 12:41

"...Extreme heat waves are breaking out all across the country, and some environmental activists are questioning whether this unprecedented summer is making the EPA's air pollution regulations obsolete. ..."


Texas Freeze Led to Pollution, But Likely No Fines

Duration: 14:14

"...Industrial sites in Texas spewed much more air pollution than normal as a result of the frigid temperatures there last month and the ensuing infrastructure failures. ..."


Air Pollution: What are we breathing in?

Duration: 41:39

"...What's going on with the air that we breathe? Well, quite a lot, it seems..."


Frank Kelly on air pollution

Duration: 27:00

"...Long before most of us gave air pollution a second thought, Frank Kelly was studying the impact of toxic particles on our lungs..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about air pollution.

World's Largest Carbon Removal Plant & Jakarta's New Sky Train | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...2:33 How coffee is being used to strengthen concrete - This could cut the amount of organic waste going to landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from concrete production and help tackle a global shortage of sand..."


What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


Why Carbon Neutrality Doesn't Make Sense | Dr. Bjorn Lomborg

"...However, energy production brings with it a host of problems including air pollution and global warming..."


How The Most Hated Auto Part Changed The World

"...While three-way catalytic converters are more efficient at removing pollutants, their effectiveness is highly sensitive to the air-fuel mixture ratio..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about air pollution relevant to the latest news.

Sustainable production of biofuels from the algae-derived biomass

"...The development of algae-based biofuel would not only change environmental pollution control but also benefit producers' economic and social advancement..."


Exploring synergistic decoupling of haze pollution and carbon emissions in emerging economies: fresh evidence from China

"...In the face of global warming, energy depletion, and air pollution, controlling greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions has become an urgent task for an emerging economy..."


Optimal Energy Distribution of Multi-Energy Sources in Fuel-Cell Electric Bus Using Long Short-Term Memory

"...To overcome these problems, the automobile industry is prioritizing the development of eco-friendly vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions Among these, fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use hydrogen as a fuel and do not emit exhaust gas and their higher mileage and shorter fuel charging time compared to electric vehicles make them promising next-generation eco-friendly vehicles..."


What drives customers crazy for green vehicles? a fuzzy AHP approach

"...The use of green vehicles, such as electric or hybrid vehicles, can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and dependence on fossil fuels..."


Spatial heterogeneity of marginal willingness to pay for air quality in PM2.5: analysis of buyers? housing price in Beijing thr

"...Valuing air quality can help governments better evaluate the economic benefits of policies related to air pollution..."


Environmental Factors and Their Impact on Airway Diseases: Exploring Air Pollution, Indoor and Outdoor Allergens, and Climate C

"...Indoor air pollution resulting from the use of biomass and coal for cooking and heating is a significant contributor to respiratory illnesses..."


Numerical Simulation and Optimisation of a New Air Purification System Based on CFD

"...Indoor air pollution directly threatens human health, with prolonged exposure to pollutants leading to respiratory problems, immune system issues, and even cancer..."


Energy cycle assessment of bioethanol production from sugarcane bagasse by life cycle approach using the fermentation conversio

"...Moreover, by replacing fossil fuels with clean energies, more energy efficiency and less environmental consequences can be achieved because fossil fuels cause air pollution leading to acid rain, eutrophication, damage to forests, and harm to wildlife..."


A study on boundary detection in wireless sensor networks

"...In wireless sensor networks (WSN), a group of sensor nodes are distributed to oversee an area round the clock so that in case of an unnatural event, like forest fire, earth quake, air pollution, oil spill, etc..."