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Coverage of ammonia since June 19, 2023.

EverWind gets push in Canadian hydrogen race with $125M loan from Ottawa

"...The company hopes it will be the first green hydrogen and ammonia facility in the country The Canadian PressNov. 18, 2023 2:26 p. m..."


What the climate buzz around insect farming gets wrong

"...Beyond aquaculture, the environmental case for humans replacing vertebrate protein, especially greenhouse-gas-intensive beef, with lower-emitting insect protein is compelling. A seminal 2013 report from the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) on eating insects highlighted the myriad benefits of edible insects, which include circular use of waste to rear insects, relatively low greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions, and low water use..."


CHFCA is pleased to welcome Hydrofuel as a start-up member

"...Hydrofuel is commercializing disruptive technologies that will profitably de-carbonize agriculture, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, and other carbon-intensive processes through the production of green hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon chemicals using renewable energy and/or opto-photochemistry (light and LEDS)..."


What U.S. regional hydrogen hubs mean for British Columbia

"...Fortescue’s Coyote project is larger. According to a project description filed recently with the BC Environmental Assessment Office, the $2 billion project would produce 140,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually and 700,000 tonnes of green ammonia for export to Asia. (Hydrogen is difficult to transport, so it is easier to combine it with nitrogen to turn it into ammonia, which can then either be decomposed back into hydrogen and nitrogen, or burned as a zero-emission fuel..."


Province, McLeod Lake Indian Band formalize agreement on proposed hydrogen plant

"...“When fully developed (the energy hub) will be one of the largest Indigenous energy projects in the country,” said Premier David Eby. “It has the potential to generate significant green hydrogen to decarbonize industry in British Columbia. ”..."


Fossil fuel demand to peak before 2030 even with no new climate policies: report

"...The IEA report also urges governments to adopt a “build big” mentality. Electricity transmission and distribution grids need to expand by about two million kilometres each year by 2030 to reach the IEA's net-zero scenario, but the organization pointed out that building grids today can take more than a decade. “We need massive growth of battery energy storage and demand response; expanded, modernized grids; more dispatchable low-emission capacity, including fossil fuel capacity with CCUS, hydropower, biomass, nuclear and hydrogen and ammonia-based plants,” the report stated..."


Decarbonizing Freight: Opportunities and Obstacles for Clean Fuels

"...While electrifying long-haul freight is more challenging, battery electric vehicles may still be the best option for trucking. Multi-megawatt charging stations at truck stops with battery designs that enable their use may be less of a challenge than hydrogen fueling and will very likely remain cheaper. Innovation to increase the energy density of batteries and/or autonomous trucks could lead to battery electric trucks dominating this use case..."


Australian billionaire proposes green hydrogen hub in Prince George

"...The company has submitted an initial project description and early engagement plan with the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office proposing the construction of a large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia production facility..."


New emissions targets may sink LNG’s pitch as a shipping fuel

"...The new accounting method means LNG can no longer sail under the radar when it comes to emissions, said Elissama Menezes, global campaign director for the Say No to LNG coalition. “It’s a huge step and quite exciting to see,” Menezes told Canada’s National Observer. What people are reading Canada’s Conservatives are courting constitutional chaos By Max Fawcett | Opinion, Politics | July 11th 2023 “At the end of the day, it really brings some accountability to the shipping sector, which for too many years has not really been responsible for the whole footprint of its emissions..."


Northern B.C. chief outlines plan for $5B hydrogen megaproject

"...The plant would produce ‘green hydrogen’ generated from non-fossil fuel sources (electricity) as well as ‘blue hydrogen’ made using natural gas..."


Canada must speed decarbonizing ports to slash rising shipping emissions

"...Upwards of 80 per cent of world trade is transported by ships burning fossil fuels that churn out three per cent of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. “And those of global emissions are set to go to 13 per cent by 2050,” Dancey said. What people are reading Wildfire smoke proof young people must take action By Alex Neufeldt | Opinion | June 19th 2023 International ships burning fossil fuel produce 1 billion tonnes of CO2 each year..."


CHFCA is Delighted to Announce World Energy GH2 as an Industry Member

"...World Energy GH2 is a Newfoundland-based renewable energy generation company that seeks to use the power of the wind to produce green hydrogen – a renewable, zero-emission fuel produced through the electrolysis of water..."


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Jobs in ammonia

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Engineering Intern (16-month May 2024 to Aug 2025)

"...intensive industries, including petrochemical and chemical synthesis for hydrogen and ammonia production..."

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"...electricity source to produce green anhydrous ammonia with no carbon emissionsAdoption will dramatically support global targets to reduce CO2 emissions..."

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Thermal Hydraulics Manager

"...electric power generation and industrial cogeneration in many energy-intensive industries, including petrochemical and chemical synthesis for hydrogen and ammonia production..."

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Operator - Ammonia

"...Ammonia/Utilities Chemical Operator is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the process and equipment in the Ammonia and Utilities sections..."

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Recent episodes that mention ammonia.

Dairy flooring designed to enhance foot health and reduce ammonia production

Duration: 3:01

"...Keeping hooves drier, harder, and cleaner is better for cows, dairy farmers, and the environment..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ammonia relevant to the latest news.

Maritime Energy Transition: Future Fuels and Future Emissions

"...This review provides an outlook on fuels that could help shipping respond to the decarbonization effort including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen..."


Biogas starter from genome-scale data for methanogenic bioprocessing of protein waste

"...This review offers new insights into the feasibility of ammonia-tolerant biogas starters and engineering synthetic pathways for recycling gelatin processing waste into biofuels in the energy sector..."


Non-carbon greenhouse gas emissions for hybrid electric vehicles: three-way catalyst nitrous oxide and ammonia trade-off

"...This work investigated the three-way catalyst performance to abate regulated and unregulated emissions from a gasoline direct injection engine working under conditions related to hybrid vehicle operation..."


Techno-economic analysis of green and blue hybrid processes for ammonia production

"...On the other hand, in a green ammonia plant, hydrogen production through water electrolysis avoids CO2 emissions and utilizes renewable energy sources..."


Alkaline Pretreatment Toward Sustainable Biorefinery

"...Lignocellulosic biomass with great abundance, functionality, and eco-friendliness has captured extensive attention over the past few decades, especially stimulated by the ever-growing energy crisis and environmental deterioration..."


Indoor air quality and its health effects in offices and school buildings in the Yangtze River Delta

"...The Composite Index Method was used to evaluate indoor air quality, and DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) were evaluated by the IND and ID methods to quantify the health effects of inhaled air pollutants..."


Accurate Traceability of Pollutants in Zhoucheng River Channel in Liyang

"...In order to systematically carry out the Zhoucheng River water environment renovation to meet the standards, the Zhoucheng River water environment pollution comprehensive traceability, classifying and establishing a long-term mechanism as the main task, based on the investigation and analysis of the current state of the water environment quality to clarify the Zhoucheng River pollution status and causes, and further propose water quality management measures to meet the standards in a targeted manner..."


Overview on agricultural potentials of biogas slurry (BGS): applications, challenges, and solutions

"...BGS is a rich source of nutrients and bioactive compounds having an important role in establishing diverse microbial communities, accelerating nutrient use efficiency, and promoting overall soil and plant health management..."


Acid-tolerant bacteria and prospects in industrial and environmental applications

"...This acid tolerance behavior provides new and broad prospects for different industrial applications and the bioremediation of environmental pollutants..."


Multi-trait Halotolerant Plant Growth-promoting Bacteria Mitigate Induced Salt Stress and Enhance Growth of Amaranthus Viridis

"...Among abiotic pressures, soil salinity is a major impediment to meeting global food demands while also ensuring sustainable agriculture..."