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Coverage of ancient ecology since March 9, 2020.

Trevor Hancock: Resilience means bouncing forward, not back to the way we were before

"...So if the current economic system is devastating the planet and harming health, as it is, do we really want to bounce back to the way things were before: Revving up the economy to speed up global warming, increase air pollution and the associated diseases and deaths, hasten resource depletion and species extinctions?..."


LETTERS: Keep biosolids out of Hartland Landfill

"...There is a well-documented risk to the spreading of biosolids, which is why in 2011 the CRD made the decision not to allow it to be spread on land. Nothing has changed since then and the risks remain the same. The heavy metals and organic contaminants still present in the treated sewage residue pose long-term health risks through airborne pollution and the spreading of these materials, even though at this point purportedly restricted just to the landfill site, would put adjacent communities at risk..."


Awakening to interconnectedness in this crisis

"...A middle way is ultimately what emerges from this shift in perception. Human activity is always harmful to the ecology..."


Protecting Ontario

"...Click to openClick to closeCategories (sidebar)Search BlogSelect a category, then press the button. CategoriesAll CategoriesNature ReservesSpecies at RiskReptiles and AmphibiansBorealBirdsGreenbelt and Oak Ridges MoraineNature NetworkRecreation and EventsHabitatInvasive SpeciesPollinatorsYouthOntario NatureCitizen ScienceWetlandsProtected PlacesConservation AwardsFrequently Asked QuestionsConservation NewsClimate ChangeEcologyON Nature MagazineOpen lettersNature Guardians Youth ProgramIndigenous RelationsNavigate to selected category. Featured PostsProtecting OntarioFinding Japanese chaff-flower: an unwanted addition to our floraWhat conservation authorities mean to meNaturalists take concrete actionMeeting LoreleiBlack bears back in the crosshairs..."


Covid-19 Cases Remain Unchanged; New Limits On Prescriptions And Surgeries

"...Hospitals across the province will continue with scheduled surgeries for cancer, trauma and other surgeries that cannot be delayed. Time-sensitive orthopedic, obstetrical, gynecology and ophthalmology surgeries will also continue. Any affected patients will be contacted about changes to their care..."


Dino News and Views: Living Dinosaurs

"...Palaeontologists know a great deal about what dinosaurs looked like. How dinosaurs behaved is a much harder puzzle to solve. Learning about the diet, habitat, or geographic range of a dinosaur is substantially more difficult than observing animals in their ecosystems today..."


Democratic trusts can help end forest conflict

"...Fortunately, there is an independent science-based definition of forest sustainability in an international agreement known as the Montreal Process. Some forest should be protected in parks, rare species are conserved, soil and water resources and forest health are ensured by good practices. Wood-utilization industries should get as much value as possible out of the timber and the forest economy should also include non-timber forest products and nature based recreation and tourism..."


International salmon research expedition sets sail for Alaska from Victoria

"...Salmon survival and marine ecology focus of 25-day Gulf of Alaska cruise Nina GrossmanMar. 11, 2020 5:30 p. m..."


Wildlife Conservation Showcase: Dr. Steig Johnson

"...Ten years may sound like a long time, but in terms of conservation, it is still considered the early days. In 2009, the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership (MBP), in a spin-off of the Omaha Zoo’s operations, started to get directly involved in the challenge of engaging local communities in conservation initiatives. Incentives to attract the local population to the cause include a conservation credits program where individuals can earn credits towards certain green technologies, such as solar panels or water filters or employment..."


Add your voice to Ontario Conservation Authorities consultations

"...In principle we all want the same thing – clean water and a healthy environment. Ontario is home to one of the most diverse natural landscapes and environments in the country. We’re fortunate to have an expanse of natural watercourses and wetlands that protect and sustain our ecosystems, provide wildlife habitat, manage floods and weather events, and so much more..."


Recommended Reading

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ancient ecology relevant to the latest news.

Postfire evaluation of fuelwood loss and restoration priority in a mixed, community-managed conifer forest of central New Mexico

"...The objectives of this study were to: (1) estimate lost fuelwood value; (2) identify burned catchments that contributed to road damages; (3) develop criteria to prioritize a restoration area; and 4) recommend possible forest management actions based on assessment of fire regime, natural resource usage, ecological dynamics, and feasibility..."


The effect of varied dam release mechanisms and storage volume on downstream river thermal regimes

"...Demonstrating the effectiveness of engineering and operational strategies used to mitigate cold water pollution highlight their potential contribution to fish conservation, threatened species recovery and environmental remediation of aquatic ecosystems..."


Unpredicted ecological and ecosystem services of biodiversity. Spontaneous vegetation, hedgerows, and maple trees as useful land

"...The vegetation in the rural landscape mosaic provides alternative food and overwintering places, maintaining the inestimable importance of biodiversity in providing unexpected ecological services in agroecosystems..."


A review of ecological risk assessment and associated health risks with heavy metals in sediment from India

"...It was found that mean values of Cu, Co, Zn, Pb, As, and Cr in Indian sediment were high in comparison to the Australian Interim Sediment Quality Guidelines, World Surface Rock Average, and the Threshold Effect Level for freshwater ecosystems..."


Leaf functional traits at home and abroad: A community perspective of sycamore maple invasion

"...Understanding the mechanisms behind the successful invasion of alien plant species remains a significant research challenge in invasion ecology..."


Avian relationships with bark beetle outbreaks and underlying mechanisms in lodgepole pine and spruce-fir forests of Colorado

"...At least in lodgepole forest, however, observed patterns were apparently consistent with the purported historical value of bark beetle outbreaks for promoting biodiversity (represented here by birds) despite recent increases in extent and severity..."


Applying functional genomics to the study of lamprey development and sea lamprey population control

"...Lampreys are one of the few survivors of an ancient lineage of jawless vertebrates and have become an important study organism in numerous disciplines in the biological sciences, including evolutionary biology, embryology, ecology, physiology and biomedicine..."


Global partnerships for a textile transformation? A systematic literature review on inter- and transnational collaborative gover

"...Firstly, this analysis revealed four discourses referred to as Economic and Industrial Development, Ecology and Environment, Private Labor Governance and Workers Rights, and Critical Ethnographies..."


Rethinking suspended mussel-farming modelling: Combining hydrodynamic and bio-economic models to support integrated aquaculture

"...Overall the approach demonstrates that integrated, social-ecological management of productive activities, like aquaculture, require the combination of multiple and transdisciplinary levels of analysis, the development of tailor-made modelling approaches and some outside-the-box thinking, to overcome difficulties related to the availability of information..."


Cladoceran communities in soda lakes of the Badain Jaran desert, NW China

"...These lakes have received surprisingly small attention in terms of aquatic ecology and only few biota groups have been studied so far..."