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Coverage of aquaculture since March 30, 2024.

Research project at Dalhousies Aquatron lab aims to make kelp farming more sustainable

"...Most seafood production in Canada comes from wild or natural stocks. However, Canadian aquaculture production has grown by over 140,000 tonnes since the early 1990s. Aquaculture involves the farming of aquatic species, including fish, shellfish, and marine plant species like kelp..."


Beneath offshore wind turbines, researchers grow seafood and seaweed

"...Seaweed and mussels are low trophic aquaculture crops, which means that they can be produced without the use of fertilizers. They take up nutrients from the sea and produce healthy foods, Bruhn said..."


Minister wants B.C. to be model for aquaculture as it moves to containment

"...VANCOUVER Federal Fisheries Minister Diane Lebouthillier says the country's “strict rules” on banning open-net salmon farming are necessary, since the goal is to make British Columbia “a model” in global aquaculture..."


Federal government decision expected on controversial B.C. fish farms

"...Murray said then that wild salmon face multiple threats, including climate change, habitat degradation and overfishing, and the decision was meant to reduce the challenges for wild salmon that swim past the farms..."


The UN says more aquatic animals were farmed than fished in 2022. That's the first time in history

"...Manuel Barange, who heads FAO's fisheries and aquaculture division, said aquaculture has benefited from a growing recognition of the nutritional benefits like Omega 3 and other micronutrients found in food from aquatic animals and lesser environmental impact than food derived from land animals..."


N.S. government spends $350,000 in funding on first of its kind simulator for NSCC

"...The Nova Scotia government is funding a new fisheries simulator for the NSCC Shelburne Campus which will allow students to practice operating fishing vessels while on land..."


Study says aquaculture likely driving wild salmon extinction in Newfoundland

"...The report published last month in the journal Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture says the Atlantic salmon population in the Conne River declined by 92 per cent between 1986 and 2022..."


Three people arrested in Nova Scotia after search of suspected elver holding facility

"...The young translucent fish are usually sold live to aquaculture operations in China and Japan where they are grown for food. In 2022 prices reached as high as $5,000 per kilogram..."


US regulators maintain fishing quota for valuable baby eels, even as Canada struggles with poaching

"...The worldwide eel fishing industry has also long been beset by poaching and illegal sales. In April, Canadian fishery officers arrested five Maine fishermen in Nova Scotia for breaking fishing laws and seized about 7. 5 pounds (3..."


Nova Scotia elver fisher says early signs of improved enforcement of fishery

"...HALIFAX A Nova Scotia commercial fisher says he sees early signs the federal government has increased its enforcement of illegal fishing for baby eels..."


Is seaweed farming boom a climate solution or ecological threat?

"...But seaweeds entry into carbon markets is still pretty tentative. The theory behind kelp as a carbon sink is akin to the idea that a billion trees can save us from climate change: the logic is there, but the implementation is lacking. Seaweed grows very quickly much, much faster than a tree and its rapid photosynthesis eats up carbon with the appetite of a teenage boy..."


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Jobs in aquaculture

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Saltwater Production Manager

"...The Manager will work collaboratively with members of the fish health team and harvest planner to ensure that systems are in place to rapidly identify issues and develop..."

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Fisheries Field Representative C

"...Fisheries Supervisor, responsibilities of this position include: conducting inspections of shellfish and marine finfish grow out sites for the Aquaculture Site Inspection and Code of Containment..."

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Harvest Vessel Captain - Fishing Master III

"..., a dynamic and growing east coast family company, with Platinum Member status in the Canadas Best Managed Companies Program, is offering a unique..."

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"..., a dynamic and growing east coast family company, with Platinum Member status in the Canadas Best Managed Companies Program, has a full-time position for..."

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Recent episodes that mention aquaculture.

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308 Georg Baunach - More than half of the fish you eat is farmed: basics, potential and risks of investing in aquaculture

Duration: 1:22:41

"...A conversation with Georg Baunach, managing partner and co-founder of Hatch Blue, a knowledge-driven aquaculture and alternative seafood specialist..."


Revisiting - Pacific Salmon the Sequel: Salmon Health & Aquaculture

Duration: 28:44

"...Source: Terra Informa..."


Pacific Salmon the Sequel: Salmon Health & Aquaculture

Duration: 28:43

"...Join us as we dive deeper into the world of Pacific salmon, and learn more about aquaculture and salmon health!..."


RealAg Radio, March 10: Market access, pre-seed burndown, aquaculture and more

Duration: 55:14

"...Welcome to this Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio! We appreciate you taking time out of your day to drop by..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about aquaculture.

Diving into the genome: The secret life of Alberta's parasitic jellyfish - OCS Science Seminar

"...In fact, these parasites, called myxozoans, threaten fish and aquaculture globally..."


Overfishing: Can eating fish be sustainable?

"...Were emptying the oceans at an alarming rate, and not only that - the fisheries industry endangers other marine animals and entire ecosystems..."


Can we farm the ocean without destroying it?

"...The oceans cover 70% of the worlds surface, but they only supply 2% of its food..."


DIY regenerative ocean farms: The future of food and fuel? | Future Explored by Freethink

"...Raising marine plants and animals together, called ocean farming or aquaculture, can help us grow food, fight climate change, and clean up coastal waters..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about aquaculture relevant to the latest news.

Integration of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Blue Economy planning in Africa

"...The key areas explored are (1) activities to reduce GHG emissions specifically using blue energy and reduction in maritime transport emissions and (2) activities with primary carbon sequestration benefits, as well as resilience co-benefits such as protection of marine and coastal environments, rehabilitation and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems, and seaweed aquaculture..."


Sustainable high-quality seaweed production from deep seawater

"...Small-scale industries utilising DSW have been established, with DSW being employed for bottled drinking water, aquaculture, agriculture, cosmetics, medicine, food, and power generation?all contributing to substantial economic benefits..."


Utilizing the potential of Saussurea lappa in aquaculture industry: a review on immune enhancement and pollution remediation

"...The increasing popularity of aquaculture is driven by the desire to achieve long-term sustainability in food production..."


Intelligent Fisheries: Cognitive Solutions for Improving Aquaculture Commercial Efficiency Through Enhanced Biomass Estimation

"...With the burgeoning global demand for seafood, potential solutions like aquaculture are increasingly significant, provided they address issues like pollution and food security challenges in a sustainable manner..."


Tilapia venturing into high-salinity environments: A cause for concern?

"...Our findings highlight the potential for a typically freshwater invader to spread through marine ecosystems, raising concerns regarding the licensing of aquaculture projects within rivers and estuaries, as tilapia may significantly affect native Brazilian biota..."


Effects of habitat regime type on fish diversity in a large eutrophic lake

"...Overall, our study highlights the importance of macrophyte-dominated state in maintaining fish diversity in freshwater ecosystems and provides new insight into how functional diversity can improve our understanding of the response of biodiversity to ecological processes..."


Seasonal Feeding Behavior of Aquaculture Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in the Mid-Atlantic

"...In addition to its economic value, oyster aquaculture provides ecological value such as water quality improvement..."


Balancing aquaculture and estuarine ecosystems: machine learning?based water quality indices for effective management

"...This study delves into the environmental impact of inland aquaculture on estuarine ecosystems by examining the water quality of four estuarine streams within the key inland aquaculture zone of South India..."


Assessment of hydrogen peroxide as a bioindicator of stress in seaweed aquaculture

"...The rapid expansion in commercial seaweed farming has highlighted the need for more effective monitoring methods, and health diagnostics..."


First neurotranscriptome of adults Tambaquis (Colossoma macropomum) with characterization and differential expression between m

"...The Tambaqui is one of the most representative Amazon fish species, being highly exploited in fisheries, aquaculture and as a research model..."


Improving growth, omega-3 contents, and disease resistance of Asian seabass: status of a 20-year family-based breeding program

"...Aquaculture has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in agriculture and plays an important role in supplying high quality proteins for humans..."