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Barren Land

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News and Opinion

Coverage of barren land since March 21, 2020.

A changing land

"...These maps tell a story of a changing world, with major events altering the landscape. The large areas around Yellowknife depict land cover transition from forest to mainly grassland and barren lands, thanks to the 2014 forest fires in the surrounding area. Unusually warm conditions and lack of rain triggered more than 130 forest fires in the Great Slave Lake region in the Northwest Territories..."

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First Person: Digging for victory in the Philippines

"...Ms. Mabulo, a 2019 UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Young Champion of the Earth, is the founder of The Cacao Project, which works to improve the livelihoods of Filipino farmers in the Bicol Region, by reviving barren lands through tree planting, creating economic forests and nurseries, and promoting fair trade and reforestation..."

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Pioneering research unravels hidden origins of Eastern Asia's 'land of milk and honey'

"...This allowed the development of a stable, wet and warm climate, conducive to the evolution of vast and varied plants and animal species which formed the biodiversity hotspot known today for supplying more than a billion people with fresh water and providing ingredients used for lifesaving pharmaceutical drugs. Rare species of monkey, tiger, leopard, bear, fox, mongoose, hedgehog, seal, dolphin, and sea lion all live in this abundant ecosystem..."

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Soil health is as environmentally important as air and water quality, say microbiologists

"...The UK is estimated to be 30 to 40 years away from "fundamental eradication of soil fertility", and the UN have warned that if current degradation rates are not reversed there may be less than 60 harvests left in the world's soil. The EU has raised soil health as one its top five priorities and many global initiatives are emerging in the area of soil protection. The UK should take advantage of this increased profile to consolidate active communities working together to improve the uptake and development of new sustainable land management practices..."

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Vale's seeding program concentrated around Wahnapitae

"...Vale’s annual aerial seeding program will take place until Oct. 9 with the use of helicopters. Vale’s aerial seeding program targets barren land requiring reclamation around the company’s operations..."

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Burns Lake Community Market to wind down this week

"...The Burns Lake Community Market had a lot of people lining up last Friday. Shirley Barkman Baking, Ann Martens Baking, Clover Fields Apiaries, Glen Dyck Vegetables, Usborne Books by Lena, Evan's Creek Farm, Pitter Patter Animal Treats, RDBN, The Table Man from Decker Lake and Lakes District Honey Co. , were the vendors for the market, some of whom have been with the market this year since day one..."

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Remote First Nations receive nearly $10M for broadband internet

"...The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced on Wednesday that Broadband Communications North (BCN) will receive $9. 9 million in funding to improve satellite internet speeds in five remote northern Manitoba First Nations. These First Nations include Tadoule Lake, Barren Lands, Lac Brochet, Pukatawagan, and Shamattawa..."

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JONES: Sylvan Lake joining the Western Canadian Baseball League

"...Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s little to look forward to with any anticipation in the world of sports. But here’s one. It’s not big league..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about barren land.

The invisible life hidden beneath Antarctica's ice | Ariel Waldman

"...From "cuddly" water bears to geometric algae made of glass, Waldman shows how this seemingly barren landmass is actually a polar oasis of life -- if we just know where to look..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about barren land relevant to the latest news.

Conversion of Land Use Land Cover and Its Impact on Ecosystem Services in a Tropical Forest

"...The tropical forest ecosystem provides society-wide range of ecosystem services, but increasing human activity changes the land use/land cover dynamics (LULC) with significant change of the ecosystem services values..."

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Rhizoremediation of Heavy Metal- and Xenobiotic-Contaminated Soil: An Eco-Friendly Approach

"...have negatively impacted the soil fertility and biodiversity to the extent of converting the agricultural land into barren land..."

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Forest Cover Change and Ecosystem Services: A Case Study of Community Forest in Mechinagar and Buddhashanti Landscape (MBL), Ne

"...We investigated forest cover change for the Mechinagar and Buddhashanti Landscape (MBL) area within the Jhapa district, Nepal, during 1990?2019 using Landsat images and GIS tools and valuated the major ecosystem services (ES) of Kalika Community-managed Forest (KCF) within the MBL landscape using the economic approach?market price method (revealed price)..."

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Multi-functionality and land use dynamics in a peri-urban environment influenced by wastewater irrigation

"...This study aims at understanding the peri-urban agriculture and landscape changes as related to the change in use of wastewater and groundwater for irrigation..."

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Landscape transformation of an urban wetland in Kashmir Himalaya, India using high-resolution remote sensing data, geospatial m

"...The lack of sewage treatment facility, reckless unplanned urbanization within and in the vicinity of the wetland, is responsible for the degradation of the Khushalsar wetland..."

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Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Streamflow of Upper Baitarani River Basin Using SWAT

"...Any changes in the land use and land cover pattern in a watershed can severely impact the hydrological properties of the watershed by changing its streamflow and groundwater characteristics which may lead to further changes in LULC pattern in the area..."

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Vegetation dynamics and ecosystem service values changes at national and provincial scales in Nepal from 2000 to 2017

"...Land cover types were defined based on the NDVI values and applied ecosystem service values (ESV) coefficient..."

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Geospatial assessment of land surface temperature in Nagpur, India: an impact of urbanization

"...Temperature is one of the factors which affects the meteorological phenomenon prevailing in an urban area and ultimately leads to climate change and global warming..."

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Exploring evapotranspiration changes in a typical endorheic basin through the integrated observatory network

"...This observatory provides a great opportunity to analyze the spatiotemporal variation in evapotranspiration (ET) in the HRB, and ET characteristics were investigated on three scales (typical ecosystems, oasis-desert systems, watershed) taking the HRB as a research object..."

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Performance evaluation of MLE, RF and SVM classification algorithms for watershed scale land use/land cover mapping using sentin

"...Land use and land cover maps prepared using satellite remote sensing techniques in conjunction with landform-soil-vegetation relationships and ground truth are popular for locating suitable sites for the construction of water harvesting structures, soil and water conservation measures, runoff computations, irrigation planning and agricultural management, analyzing socio-ecological concerns, flood controlling, and overall watershed management..."

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Impact of land-use change on soil erosion in the Coonoor Watershed, Nilgiris Mountain Range, Tamil Nadu, India

"...The current study investigates the severity of land cover changes including deforestation activities in the Coonoor watershed region as a result of urbanization, along with the establishment of recreational parks, resorts and tea plantations..."

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Effect of land use land cover changes on runoff using hydrological model: a case study in Hiranyakeshi watershed

"...The assessment of the effects of land use land cover changes is crucial to know the hydrological status of the river basins..."

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