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News and Opinion

Coverage of batteries since April 13, 2021.

FOREST INK: Electrifying the logging industry

"...Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the logging sector will require some major challenges and engineering developments but there are some positive moves taking place. My personal experience includes the purchase of an electric chainsaw which has proven superior in many ways to my old gas motor versions. I have also had the opportunity to drive an electric Nissan Leaf and was impressed by the regenerative braking ability to recover the charging of the battery on the down hill sections..."

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Williams Lake Lions Club hosting recycle battery event on Earth Day

"...“Keeping heavy metals out of landfills is reason enough to think differently about recycling batteries, but the benefits of recycling batteries go much further,” a Facebook notice from the club states. “By reusing materials that would otherwise be discarded, we promote the circular material management model that will help to sustain our economy and environment for generations to come. ”..."

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Time to recycle your batteries The Oshawa Express

"...Since the first battery collection in November 2012, Durham residents have diverted more than 286 tonnes (286,000 kilograms) of household batteries from the waste stream..."

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Latest Thermacell backyard repeller expands mosquito-free zone

"...Thermacell's line of LPG- and battery-powered home and portable repellers offers one of the most convenient ways to keep mosquitos off your skin, without open flames, sprays or pungent odors. Now, as outdoor living and recreation are enjoying a pandemic-sparked renaissance, Thermacell launches its latest repeller, complete with an increased range and new and improved interface. The new Thermacell E55 rechargeable mosquito repeller boasts an expanded protection area that stretches 20 feet (6-m), up from the 15 feet (4..."

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Should you switch to battery-powered lawn tools? Expert provides advice

"...“Battery powered tools reduce air pollution, but they can also reduce the noise pollution you might encounter in a typical suburban neighborhood, so your neighbors might thank you, too,” Hope said..."

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About $10,000 Worth of Tools Taken in Theft

"...Some of the tools taken include a set of Dewalt cordless impact wrenches, a Stihl backpack blower, a Champion generator, a Hitachi dual compound mitre saw, an 8,500-pound Warn winch, an Ingersoll Rand brad nailer and compressor and a Mac battery charge among other tools.  ..."

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Startup launches three electric rides, reveals motorcycles in development

"...It features a longboard-like deck fashioned from a wood composite, with a carry handle included in the deck itself for ease of between-ride transport. The rear wheels are home to hub motors, and there's a 36-V/5. 2-Ah Li-ion battery below deck..."

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First VinBus electric buses launched in Vietnam

"...VinBus is a subsidiary of Vingroup and was established in September 2019. The company is focused on e-bus deployment, where the e-buses are to be produced by VinFast, another subsidiary of the same group, in Vietnam. The launch of this new Vingroup venture was accompanied with the announcement of plans for 3,000 e-buses in the country..."

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Konvekta launches EmCO2s: emission-free heating and cooling system for e-buses

"...The Konvekta EmCO2s obtains the needed energy through a CO2 heat pump that draws up to 75% of the required heat or cold not from fossil fuel or electricity, but from nature – from the ambient air, Konvekta says. Furthermore, the EmCO2S system collects unneeded heat in the bus and stores it in two energy carrier modules. If necessary, the heat is fed back into the system, directly to the points in the passenger compartment where it is currently needed..."

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478-mile Mercedes EQS brings top-of-range electric luxury

"...A combination of carefully optimized factors and features helps the EQS travel up to an estimated 478 miles (770 km) on the WLTP cycle. Most notably, the new scalable high-density battery family tops out a hair under 108 kWh for the EQS, packing roughly 26 percent more capacity than the EQC battery. A smaller 90-kWh battery will also be used in the EQS line..."

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Lithium-ion battery technology in e-buses, according to BMZ

"...Lithium-ion batteries have entered every segment of our lives. From mobile phones and power tools to e-bikes and cars. The race for more energy and more power is on..."

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Proterra selected in e-bus contract by Washington State

"...In 2020, Proterra introduced its fifth-generation battery-electric transit vehicle, the Proterra ZX5. The ZX5 electric transit bus features a new streamlined vehicle design and maximizes the amount of energy that can be stored on board the vehicle to increase power and range. The 40-foot Proterra ZX5 can be equipped with 675 kWh of energy storage to deliver up to 329 miles of drive range according to the producer, which represents the most energy storage and longest drive range of any 40-foot electric bus available in the market today..."

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Jobs in batteries

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Systems Engineer Process Equipment

"...Communicate with customers to develop product requirements and specifications..."

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Instrumentation and Dyno Engineer, EV

"...Electric Propulsion Development team, you will be the control systems and instrumentation expert for test benches for engines, batteries and vehicles..."

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Représentant des ventes commerciales

"...The employee is also occasionally exposed to moving mechanical parts; high, precarious places; toxic or..."

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Digital Power Electrical Engineer

"...GBatteries is pioneering technology which enables ultra-fast charging of Li-ion batteries without compromising battery life, and without changing the battery’s chemistry..."

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Recent episodes that mention batteries.

E065: Lithium Age is Here: Are you Ready?

Duration: 45:14

"...Jukka Jarvinen, a matrix entrepreneur of batteries, talks about the dawn of a new era, where energy storage brings the biggest paradigm shift in the energy sector..."

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E057: Positive Momentum for Climate Change Here to Stay

Duration: 40:17

"...Yes, there is a positive momentum today..."

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E037: Off-grid Solar is our New Frontier 

Duration: 38:37

"...Victor, the co-founder of the GenixGreen, a battery design and manufacturing company, talks about his 12. 5 kg..."

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E025: Batteries in homes — Are you ready?

Duration: 48:04

"...Australia is leading the world in rooftop solar and home batteries..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about batteries.

DNA Sequencing Is Cracking Down on Shark Poaching

"...Illegal fisheries, today, is actually a really big business, So the US, for example, is the largest importer of seafood in the world..."

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Lithium Recycling FINALLY goes global!

"...Lithium recycling wasn't considered important ten years ago when fewer than 60,000 electric vehicles were sold worldwide..."

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Mass Adoption Of Electric Vehicles Is Coming. But What About Charging Infrastructure?

"...Volkswagen recently unveiled an autonomous charging concept involving robots and energy storage devices called battery wagons..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about batteries relevant to the latest news.

Policy options for enhancing economic profitability of residential solar photovoltaic with battery energy storage

"...We propose three types of policies to incentivise residential electricity consumers to pair solar PV with battery energy storage, namely, a PV self-consumption feed-in tariff bonus; “energy storage policies” for rewarding discharge of electricity from home batteries at times the grid needs most; and dynamic retail pricing mechanisms for enhancing the arbitrage value of residential electricity storage..."

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Synthesis of degradation mechanisms and of their impacts on degradation rates on proton-exchange membrane fuel cells and lithium

"...This investigation aims at understanding degradation mechanisms and providing estimations of PEMFC degradation rates to be considered in energy management for hybrid applications..."

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Energy management of hybrid electric vehicles with battery aging considerations: Wheel loader case study

"...This paper presents a multi-objective energy management strategy for hybrid electric vehicles..."

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Long-term stable operation control method of dual-battery energy storage system for smoothing wind power fluctuations

"...Besides this paper proposes a charge–discharge operational stability index for characterizing the system operation status, based on the real-time operating conditions of the energy storage system and wind power fluctuations..."

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Performance Enhancement of PV?DG?BS Distributed Generation System in Islanded Mode

"...The aim of this paper is to address multiple challenges of power management, power quality, maximum energy harvesting from renewable source, battery current control, and load balancing in a diesel generator (DG)?photovoltaic (PV)?battery energy storage (BES)-based standalone system, with reduced number of converters..."

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Post-lithium-ion batteries: characterization of phosphorous and tin for potassium-ion anodes

"...Herein we present a computational study on the characteristics of two potassium-ion based anode systems for energy storage applications..."

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Battery production design using multi-output machine learning models

"...The lithium-ion battery (LiB) is a prominent energy storage technology playing an important role in the future of e-mobility and the transformation of the energy sector..."

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Evaluating the performance of liquid immersing preheating system for Lithium-ion battery pack

"...Preheating batteries is crucial to improve the performance and lifetime when using lithium-ion batteries in cold weather conditions..."

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“Water-in-salt” and NASICON Electrolyte-Based Na–CO2 Battery

"...In this study, we develop a WiS-based hybrid Na–CO2 battery that utilizes CO2 and serves as an energy storage cell, where a Na super-ionic conductor enables us to directly use Na metal as the anode component and a WiS electrolyte for the cathode electrolyte..."

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Optimal Sizing of Renewable Microgrid for Flow Shop Systems under Island Operations

"...This paper addresses a critical question pertaining to manufacturing sustainability: is it economically viable to implement an island microgrid to power a flow shop system under power demand and supply uncertainty? Though many studies on microgrid sizing are available, the majority assume the microgrid is interconnected with main grid..."

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Energy efficient mechanism for LoRa networks

"...The energy consumption of the wearable devices is important factor in the SAR operations, as the battery should last more than 50 hours..."

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An efficient barrier toward vanadium crossover in redox flow batteries: The bilayer [Nafion/(WO3)x] hybrid inorganic-organic mem

"...The correlation between the asymmetrical nature and the performance of the hybrid IEMs is studied in a single-cell vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB)..."

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