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Coverage of biochemical oxygen demand since March 31, 2020.

Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre upgrades resulting in better water samples

"...The RDN announced in April that the secondary wastewater treatment project at the north Nanaimo facility was complete, utilizing technology that extracts solids during treatment. In a RDN liquid waste management plan monitoring committee presentation Thursday, Ryan Powell, RDN wastewater services' senior lab technician, said effluent being discharged is less harmful to the environment..."


West Elgin receives water and waste water reports

"...West Elgin’s water supply and sewage treatment plants received passing grades in first-quarter operations reports. Sam Smith, senior operations manager at Ontario Clean Water Agency, presented municipal council three reports detailing operations at the West Elgin Water Distribution System, and the wastewater treatment plants in West Lorne and Rodney. Smith said water quality was good and well below limits..."


Ministry of Environment orders Puslinch recycling company to clean up its act

"...Those adverse effects include dust, fine glass particles, odour, seagulls, vermin and stormwater runoff, according to the director’s position. The stormwater runoff from the site exceeds the Provincial Water Quality Objectives for several metals and has elevated levels of Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total Ammonia..."


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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biochemical oxygen demand relevant to the latest news.

Characterization of bacterial diversity in wastewater of Indian paper industries with special reference to water quality

"...The bacterial diversity in terms of structure and community profile, with special reference to water quality in the wastewater treatment plant of Indian paper industries, is poorly understood..."


An adaptive task-oriented RBF network for key water quality parameters prediction in wastewater treatment process

"...The real-time availability of key water quality parameters is of great importance for an advanced and optimized process control in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)..."


Biodegradability of water treatment sludge influenced by sewage sludge, focusing its use in agriculture as soil conditioner

"...The chemical/biochemical oxygen demand ratio indicated the presence of less biodegradable compounds in the water treatment sludge compared to sewage sludge..."


Evaluation of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant in Rural Areas

"...During the experimentation part, it has been found that Aerobic organisms are inoculated into wastewater treatment units..."


Hydrochemical indices as a proxy for assessing land-use impacts on water resources: a sustainable management perspective and ca

"...The key sources of SWQ pollution in these three zones were individually identified by principal component/factor analysis (PCA/FA), which were mainly related to domestic wastewater, industrial effluents, farming runoff, soil erosion, upstream sediment flows, and severe droughts..."


Analyzing the relationship between water pollution and economic activity for a more effective pollution control policy in Bali

"...Therefore, determining the structural relationships between water pollution and economic activity serves as an important basis for more effective forms of pollution control for the Balinese economy..."


Household greywater treatment using phytoremediation technology and CapsNet model

"...Then, a greywater treatment system was developed by utilizing phytoremediation technology with horizontal flow wetland construction to utilize the final treated water for organic gardening..."


Spatial variations in the associations of surface water quality with roads and traffic across an urbanization gradient in north

"...As a pilot study to explore how and why the associations of surface water quality with roads and traffic change across watersheds with different urbanization levels, its findings suggest that the policies of watershed management, land-use planning, and transportation planning should be tailored in local areas based on the locally important water pollutants and their associated urbanization indicators..."


On-Site Grey Water Treatment Integrated with Constructed Wetland for Household Appliance

"...The examination was led considering different wastewater quality boundaries like Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Turbidity, Acidity, Alkalinity, chloride, phosphorus and nitrogen..."