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News and Opinion

Coverage of biodiversity conservation since March 31, 2022.

LETTER: Saanich's push for biodiversity must start on public lands

"...SCRES believes that there needs to be an assessment of the restoration needs of Saanich’s highly degraded parks, and that there needs to be a funded voluntary private land stewardship program that works cooperatively with landowners to enhance their properties for biodiversity, by providing education, incentives, and encouragement. Coun. de Vries states that: “We’ll achieve this by working together collaboratively..."


LETTER: Saanich developing strategy to address biodiversity

"...Saanich recognizes the need to improve the resilience of ecosystems and enhance biodiversity..."


Alarming expansion of cropland in protected areas threatens biodiversity goals

"...This poses a great potential threat to biodiversity conservation and, without changes in crucial protected areas, the global land conservation target for 2030 will not be reached, the study says.  ..."


LETTER: Saanich appears poised for return of EDPA

"...Within the urban containment boundary, less than 10 per cent of sensitive ecosystems are on private land, with the majority being on public lands. Saanich Citizens for Resilient Environmental Stewardship believes that until Saanich shows that it is leading by example on public lands, there should be no regulation on private land..."


Developing countries walk out of Montreal biodiversity conference over funding

"...Delegates walk past a giant Jenga-style tower at the COP15 United Nations conference on biodiversity in Montreal, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022. The tower illustrates the complex web of life where each brick nudged out of place represents damage caused to nature and with it the danger of ecosystem collapse..."


Quebec announces $650 million to protect 30 per cent of its territory by 2030

"...The premier said the 'Nature 2030 Plan' will have three components: the first is 'to give Quebecers more access to nature'; the second is 'to protect our threatened and vulnerable species'; and the third 'is to support Indigenous leadership in biodiversity conservation. '..."


Synthetic biology: Potential game changer for climate change adaptation in Africa

"...Clean energy. The International Renewable Agency (IRENA) called for special attention to increase energy efficiency, electrify heating and capitalize on synthetic fuels and feedstocks in industry if the world was to try to limit the rise in global temperatures by 2050 to 1. 5C above pre-industrial levels..."


Human-Wildlife Conflict and How To Prevent It

"...Apart from the direct risk of an attack or collision, human health is intimately linked with biodiversity and ecosystem health. Biodiversity conservation through the purchase and protection of land is very important in the maintenance of the healthy ecosystems that we all depend upon: wildlife struggling in urban environments are a part of this. Maintaining healthy populations of as many species as possible has actually been seen to improve both ecosystem resilience and human well-being..."


African scientists launch biodiversity genomics revolution

"...Africa is home to eight of the world's biodiversity hotspots and the Congo Basin rainforest, which alone accounts for 10 percent of the worlds biodiversity. Biodiversity hotspots are areas identified to have the most biologically rich places on earth, according to the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)..."


FOREST INK: Industry harvesting practices to counter the impacts of clearcutting

"...1. The landscape context determines what is necessary or appropriate for stand-level retention in relation to biodiversity conservation goals..."


Forest industry harvesting practices to counter the impacts of clearcutting

"...“1 . The landscape context determines what is necessary or appropriate for stand-level retention in relation to biodiversity conservation goals..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in biodiversity conservation

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Camp Counsellor 1

"...biodiversity, collections, facilities, educational and conservation programs, RBG is a top-rated regional tourist attraction and a global leader in its sector..."

related opportunities

Bio 24R - Cdc Zoologist

"...biodiversity by collecting and sharing scientific data and information about species and ecosystems occurring in the province..."

related opportunities

Project Coordinator – Mentorship Position

"...Work on research, data gathering, and consultations to support the work of ECCCO..."

related opportunities

Intern, Marine Conservation Shipping

"...Experience working with climate and biodiversity online engagement would be considered an asset..."

related opportunities


Recent episodes that mention biodiversity conservation.

Zoos and Conservation

Duration: 29:07

"...When's the last time you went to the zoo? This week, Sonak Patel is joined by guest Jamie Dorgan of the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo to discuss the evolution of zoos and their role in biodiversity conservation. ..."


Jodi Hilty, "Corridor Ecology: Linking Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaptation" (Island Press,

Duration: 54:51

"...In Corridor Ecology: Linking Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaptation, 2nd Edition (Island Press, 2019), Dr..."


Zoos are more key to conservation than ever, Bronx Zoo director says

Duration: 32:08

"...Jim Breheny is the director of the Bronx Zoo in New York City and joins us to discuss the contributions zoos make to global biodiversity conservation..."


Getting social for science and conservation

Duration: 28:55

"...Diogo Verissimo says social sciences can boost biodiversity conservation, and as one of the top researchers focused on adapting marketing principles for conservation, he should know..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about biodiversity conservation.

We are Reforesting the Ocean - here's how

"...With us, you will restore nature and fight climate change every month ..."


Liu Jinlong - Non-Timber Forest Products in China: History, Key Challenges, and Ways Forward

"...NTFPs are of great importance to people's livelihood, rural economy, cultural heritage, biodiversity conservation, and community engagement, yet their roles in rural social-ecological systems varies greatly..."


What is Biodiversity? Why is Biodiversity Important?

"...In this video, we learn all about what biodiversity is, why it's important, and how you can get involved with biodiversity conservation! ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biodiversity conservation relevant to the latest news.

Is it because of climate change? Social-ecological system analysis of wetland protected area in Vietnamese Mekong Delta

"...With the complexity of the research tasks, a social-ecological system (SES) approach was applied with three main elements: the resource system (vegetation covers), external related ecosystems (climate change), and governance system (wetland management) and their interactions through ecological performance (outcome)..."


Aspects of traditional agricultural landscapes: potential alternative development paths for sustainable agriculture?A review

"...Concepts such as traditional agricultural landscapes (TALs), high nature value farmlands (HNV farmlands), organic farming, and agricultural heritage systems are associated with the maintenance or sustainable development of ecological agricultural systems, with an emphasis on providing ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, and heritage protection..."


Could agroforestry restore ecosystem services in arid lands? An analysis through the weight of the evidence approach

"...The ecosystem services most mentioned (soil quality, productivity increase, carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, cultural values, water regulation and purification, and pollination), that were provided by the four Agroforestry Systems (protein banks, intercropping, windbreaks and homegardens) were used to apply the Weight of Evidence Approach..."


Sustainable farm work in agroecology: how do systemic factors matter?

"...The latter was applied to ten case studies to test its relevance, affirming positive outcomes of agroecology on SFW, such as improved food sovereignty, biodiversity conservation, and social inclusiveness, but also showing trade-offs, including increased workload and potential yield reductions..."


Can natural forest expansion contribute to Europe's restoration policy agenda? An interdisciplinary assessment

"...Specifically, we discuss the potential for supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and forestry and economic use, summarize the current knowledge about societal perceptions and the policymaking on NFE, and make policy recommendations to better use the potential of NFE..."


Ecological Restoration of Campos Sulinos Grasslands

"...Ecological restoration is an important activity to ensure biodiversity conservation and the provision of ecosystem services..."


Tourism and Visitor Management in Protected Areas Post-pandemic: The English Context

"...Managed well, these areas can safeguard biodiversity conservation with multiple positive benefits to local populations and economies..."


GIS modeling of environmental parameters for identification of landscape for expansion of biodiversity conservation, and greene

"...The analysis revealed that approximately 22% (4948 km2) of the landscape has greater than 50% of potentiality for restoration of nature conservation goals linked to biodiversity, afforestation, and ecosystem services..."


Leaf litter arthropods show little response to structural retention in a Central European forest

"...Retention forestry tries to achieve biodiversity conservation by preservation of tree structural elements such as deadwood and tree microhabitats to provide more heterogeneous habitat..."


Are the Sundarbans mangrove forest management policies adequate to conserve wildlife species?

"...This study attempted to evaluate the existing legislation of Bangladesh to conserve wildlife in the Sundarbans mangrove forest (SMF), which is threatened by deforestation, land grabbing, agriculture, shrimp culture, pollution, power plant construction, hunting and poaching, illicit wildlife trade (IWT), human?wildlife conflict (HWC), legal and institutional inefficacy, climate change, sea level rise, salinity and other factors..."