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Coverage of biofuels since August 1, 2023.

What is biomass? The latest fuel source to get clean tech tax credits

"...In a response to the BBC, Drax maintains they only use sawdust and other waste wood that the lumber industry does not want. Natural Resources Canada says forest biomass is a “renewable source of feedstock for energy production” as long as it comes from a sustainably managed forest and regrows over time. Still, Roberston says there are concerns..."


Zero: Oil industry’s plan for climate action? More fossil fuels

"...The best performer was France’s TotalEnergies, which calls itself “a major player in renewable energy production,” including hydroelectricity, solar, wind power and biofuels. In 2022, Total’s green energy resources accounted for a negligible 1. 3% of total revenue..."


HTEC to trial commercial hydrogen trucks

"...Before long-haul fleet operators run out and buy the latest, untested hydrogen fuel cell truck, they may want to wait to see what comes of a pilot project that HTEC will be running on various hydrogen powered commercial trucks..."


Latin America

"...Beyond tackling CO2 emissions, major producers in the region can reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations by nearly 80 per cent at low cost, and around 40 per cent with no net costs, supporting the Global Methane Pledge that most countries have signed. Based on announced pledges, emissions from land use and agriculture, which account for half of economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions in the region today, are cut by the end of the decade and reach net zero. About 85 per cent of forests in the region are in countries that are part of the Glasgow Pledge, which aims to stop deforestation by 2030..."


Suncor Energy CEO says company committed to decarbonization, is accused of greenwashing

"...But Rich Kruger was accused by some MPs of greenwashing his industry's efforts to address climate change, including after he said he hadn't yet read in detail the fine print on new federal regulations to cut emissions from gasoline and diesel. The regulations took effect July 1, requiring gasoline and diesel producers and importers to offset their emissions through various investments, such as replacing power sources at oil extraction sites with renewable or lower-emitting energy, investing in the production of biofuels like ethanol or investing in electric-vehicle charging infrastructure. Bloc Quebecois MP Mario Simard tried to have Kruger explain the cost the new clean fuel regulations will have on his company, whether those costs will be passed on to consumers and how they compare to Suncor's main climate investment of installing a carbon capture and storage system..."


Todd Sayers: Why non-dilutive funding is revolutionizing B.C.’s cleantech sector

"...The diversity of these recipients is remarkable. Takachar, for instance, is making biomass-based chemicals and biofuels economically feasible by prototyping a small-scale, portable biomass conversion unit on tractors and pick-up trucks to process raw biomass on-site in remote communities. Invinity is accelerating the adoption of renewable energy by delivering vanadium flow battery storage for electrical grids worldwide, while HTEC is building hydrogen fueling stations that can withstand extreme weather conditions..."


Oil companies can only decarbonize as fast as the rest of the economy: Shell Canada

"...While Shell has its own net-zero ambitions — the company is investing in electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, biofuels and wind and solar energy, in addition to traditional oil and gas — Pierce said the speed of global decarbonization is dependent on the entire economy transitioning, not just the fossil fuel sector. “We're still a very largely fossil fuels-based economy, if you look across the various different sectors,” she said. “The speed at which we can move, is going to be the speed by which each of those components move together..."


Cropped 13 September 2023: G20 meeting; Cargill deforestation investigation; Invasive species report

"...INDIA MEET: The Group of 20 (G20) nations met in New Delhi, India on 9-10 September to discuss major global issues, including those surrounding climate, energy, food production and nature. The Associated Press reported that leaders agreed to “triple renewable energy” capacity and “increase funds for climate change-related disasters, but maintained the status quo with regards to phasing out carbon-spewing coal”. Indonesian president Joko Widodo said climate-finance commitments put forward by countries were simply “rhetoric” and asked for just energy transition partnerships (JETPs) to be “expanded and enlarged”, according to the country’s state-run news agency Antara..."


Sept. 2 deadline for comment on Semiahmoo First Nation biofuel project

"...Officials say in addition to creating multiple jobs, the facility will divert some 70,000 tons of organic food waste from area landfills and incinerators annually, eliminate around 55,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, generate 3. 5 million gigajoules of RNG and help avoid the use of some 22,000 tons of chemical fertilizers every year..."


Q&A: What does the UK’s new biomass strategy mean for net-zero?

"...Biomass – defined within the strategy as any material of biological origin – contributed 8. 6% of the UK’s energy supply in 2022. It is currently used predominantly for electricity generation, biofuel in vehicles and domestic heating..."


Ottawa releases vision for transition to ‘net-zero’ electricity systems

"...“The potential of hydrogen, renewables, nuclear, biofuels, critical minerals, batteries, electric vehicles, green steel and aluminum, decarbonizing conventional energy resourcefully and more, draw on Canada’s tremendous advantages,” said Steven Guilbeault, minister of environment and climate change, and Jonathan Wilkinson, minister of energy and natural resources, in the report..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in biofuels

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Biofuels Supply and Trading

"...Targray (Kirkland QC):..."

related opportunities

Biofuels Advisor

"...At least 2 years proven understanding of ethanol markets including pricing, carbon intensity and customers..."

related opportunities

Energy Transition Sourcing Specialist (Hybrid Opportunity)

"...Hydrogen and Biofuels projects, Carbon Capture and Sequestration projects, and Clean Fuel Standards projects..."

related opportunities

Project Development Engineer (Hybrid)

"...hydrogen and biofuels projects, carbon capture and sequestration projects and clean fuel regulations projects..."

related opportunities


Recent episodes that mention biofuels.

RealAg Politics: Replacement worker hurdles, Transport Canada rail review, and science-based policy

Duration: 43:20

"...It's time for this week's episode of RealAg Politics! On this show, host Shaun Haney is joined by: Steve Pratte, senior manager, transportation and biofuel policy with the Canadian Canola Growers Association, on Transport Canada's upcoming railway policy review; Erin Gowriluk, president of Canada Grains Council, on the importance of science-based policy; and, Alanna Koch,. ..."


EPA releases final rule for short-term renewable fuel obligations, falling short of biofuel industry's expectations

Duration: 6:31

"...EPA announced a final rule Wednesday to establish renewable volume obligations (RVO) and associated percentage standards for cellulosic biofuel, biomass-based diesel (BBD), advanced biofuel, and total renewable fuel for 2023–2025..."


First vodka, now ethanol: Dairy Distillery sets its sights on fuel from milk

Duration: 9:52

"...Ontario-based Dairy Distillery has already proved you can make amazing things from a “waste” product, through its creation of Vodkow vodka using milk permeate..."


The Canadian Canola Growers Association looks at promising industry growth through Canada's Clean Fuel Regulation

Duration: 11:54

"...More than five years in the making, the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) is happily looking to the future of the biofuel industry after the federal government published the new Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR),replacing the Clean Fuel Standard..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about biofuels.

Cambridge scientists have found a way to fuel your car with sunshine

"...It uses the sun’s energy to convert CO2 and water into bioethanol..."


Green energy: Which sources are the most sustainable? | The Economist

"...How can energy be produced and used more sustainably to meet climate targets? We answer your questions..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biofuels relevant to the latest news.

Sustainable production of biofuels from the algae-derived biomass

"...The development of algae-based biofuel would not only change environmental pollution control but also benefit producers' economic and social advancement..."


Biomass to Energy ? an Analysis of Current Technologies, Prospects, and Challenges

"...The bioenergy from agricultural biomass, food crops, forest residue, algae, and municipal waste can also allow sustainable waste management..."


Biomass Quality Responses to Selection for Increased Biomass Yield in Perennial Energy Grasses

"...Perennial grasses are candidates for biomass cropping systems that are focused on providing a wide range of ecosystem services in addition to sustainable bioenergy production..."


The Promise and Reality of Sustainable Fuels

"...The exploration and production of more diverse energy sources like natural gas, nuclear power, and biofuels help to sustain a diverse and secure energy supply..."


Algal biomass dual roles in phycoremediation of wastewater and production of bioenergy and value-added products

"...Algal biomass has been gaining attention over the last decades as it is versatile and can be used in different industries, such as wastewater treatment and bioenergy industries..."


Current prospects and future developments in algal bio-hydrogen production: a review

"...Various microbial sources are under scanner for clean energy production out of which algae comes as a promising one..."


Fermentative Biohydrogen Production for Sustainable Energy

"...Among various known technologies for hydrogen production at present, the fermentative pathways including photo fermentation and dark fermentation have been reported as most sustainable routes for the obvious reasons of less energy requirement, self-renewability of fermentative microorganisms, cheap availability of feedstock, considerable biohydrogen yield, and negligible process waste generation..."


Algae and bacteria consortia for wastewater decontamination and transformation into biodiesel, bioethanol, biohydrogen, biofert

"...Here, we review the use of algae and bacteria in the treatment and valorization of wastewater with focus on cell-to-cell adhesion, wastewater properties, and techniques for algae harvesting and production of biodiesel, bioethanol, biohydrogen, exopolysaccarides, biofertilizers, and animal feeds..."


Current status of xylanase for biofuel production: a review on classification and characterization

"...Climate change, economic enhancement, and energy security are motivating reasons behind the idea of expansion of biofuel production worldwide..."


A Review on Pyrolysis of Agro-waste and Plastic Waste into Biofuels: Shifting to Bio-based Economy

"...Biomass is a promising resource for energy generation owing to its renewable nature and substantial energy content..."


Sustainable Valorization of Waste from Mango Processing Sector

"...Further, biowaste streams can be properly managed by using biorefinery for development of value added products such as bioenergy, biofuel, etc..."


Analysis of Current Use of Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources by European Countries

"...In particular, the share of biomass, biofuel and waste, wind energy, solar energy, energy from heat pumps, and geothermal energy in gross final energy consumption was analyzed for the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, and Ukraine..."