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Biological Production

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News and Opinion

Coverage of biological production since August 6, 2020.

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How bacteria adapt their machinery for optimum growth

"...Bioinformatics: publication in Nature Communications..."

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Subpolar marginal seas play a key role in making the subarctic Pacific nutrient-rich

"...A group of researchers from three Japanese universities has discovered why the western subarctic Pacific Ocean, which accounts for only 6 percent of the world's oceans, produces an estimated 26 percent of the world's marine resources..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about biological production relevant to the latest news.

Improved Sequential Approach for Hybrid Bioleaching of Metals from E-Waste

"...E-waste recycling is an important aspect not only from the point of waste treatment for environmental protection but also from the recovery of metals for economic development..."

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Current advance in biological production of short-chain organic acid

"...As natural metabolites, organic acids have been widely applied in food, pharmaceutical, and bio-based materials industries..."

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Significantly dominant warm-core eddies: An ecological indicator of the basin-scale low biological production in the Bay of Beng

"...This paper introduces the cumulative impact of cyclonic (cold-core) and anticyclonic (warm-core) eddies on the distribution of phytoplankton biomass in the Bay of Bengal (BoB)..."

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Co-fermentation of glycerol and molasses for obtaining biofuels and value-added products

"...Sludge from a sewage treatment plant UASB reactor was used as the source of microorganisms..."

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Studies on Biological Production of Isomaltulose Using Sucrose Isomerase: Current Status and Future Perspectives

"...Isomaltulose, as a safe sucrose substitute, is widely used as a functional sweetener due to its promising properties, such as slower digestion, prolonged energy release, and less cariogenicity..."

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Biological Production of Hydrogen

"...The production of H2 from renewable sources, such as water or biomass, is a sustainable strategy for energy supply..."

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Observations of anticyclonic eddies in the western subarctic North Pacific

"...We conducted a ship observation of two anticyclonic mesoscale eddies (Eddies A and B) between June and July 2016 in the offshore region of the western subarctic North Pacific to clarify the impact of anticyclonic eddies on biological production..."

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Ecosystem health status and trophic modeling of an anthropogenically impacted small tropical estuary along India?s west coast

"...The ecological data of URE were compiled for 2017-18 together with the most relevant literature estimates to construct an ecosystem model..."

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Improving biological production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate- co

"...The study is addressed to researchers working on the development of new biological production methods and/or the improvement of those currently used..."

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COSMO-RS prediction and experimental verification of 1,5-pentanediamine extraction from aqueous solution by ionic liquids

"...The IL [IM-1,8][PF6] could serve as a promising extractant for the downstream separation process of the biological production of PDA..."

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