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Coverage of blue hydrogen since September 27, 2022.

How a white hydrogen discovery could help global emissions efforts

"...With many Canadians focused on climate change after a year of floods, fires and droughts, Canadian researchers said the find could represent a big step towards global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “If we find enough hydrogen, this could solve a lot of our global warming problems,” said Queen’s University professor Philip Jessop, who holds the Canada Research Chair in green chemistry. “The importance of this discovery is what it could mean for everybody..."


Province, McLeod Lake Indian Band formalize agreement on proposed hydrogen plant

"...“When fully developed (the energy hub) will be one of the largest Indigenous energy projects in the country,” said Premier David Eby. “It has the potential to generate significant green hydrogen to decarbonize industry in British Columbia. ”..."


Northern B.C. chief outlines plan for $5B hydrogen megaproject

"...The plant would produce ‘green hydrogen’ generated from non-fossil fuel sources (electricity) as well as ‘blue hydrogen’ made using natural gas..."


Alberta oil CEOs could learn a lot from VW, Toyota electric vehicle struggles

"...Alberta is chasing hard after hydrogen made from gas. The best guess is that methane steam reforming technology can turn gas into “blue hydrogen” for about $2 per kilogram, significantly lower than the $6 to $8 it costs to make “green hydrogen” There is a significant hydrogen cluster forming around the Edmonton Industrial Heartland. The Province has created a hydrogen roadmap and will soon build fueling infrastructure, which is critical for scaling up demand..."


McLeod Lake Indian Band, Mitsubishi Power working on $5B hydrogen project

"...The project concept calls for the production of ‘green hydrogen’ – derived from non-fossil fuel sources – and ‘blue hydrogen’ produced from natural gas, while storing the carbon dioxide emitted. Ammonia production is also anticipated to be part of the development..."


Budget 2023 tells corporate Canada to take the wheel on climate action

"...And while the private sector certainly has a role to play, we should not be leaving vital investments up to chance. Take the electricity grid. As the Canadian economy electrifies over the coming decades, we will need to double clean electricity generation and triple electricity transmission capacity..."


Geoscience BC publishes carbon sequestration atlas

"...One potential use of carbon sequestration in B. C. could be in the production of blue hydrogen, which is hydrogen produced from natural gas with the emissions abated through carbon capture and storage..."


Danielle Smith has an oil and gas marketing plan, not a climate plan

"...A jurisdiction's climate performance is, whether Alberta likes it or not, of growing importance to investors and energy buyers. When German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz visited the East Coast last year, he rejected an LNG option and asked Canada for green hydrogen. Not blue hydrogen made from natural gas, but the variety made from water and emissions-free electricity..."


Svante raises US$318M as Chevron backs made-in-B.C. carbon capture tech

"...The Burnaby-based firm specializes in carbon capture technology and has previously inked deals with large oil and gas companies in Canada and the U. S. , as well as large cement manufacturers, like Lafarge..."


Yukonomist: The past, present and future of mining and the Yukon economy - Part 2

"...Allies from Berlin to Washington are clamouring for secure supplies of critical minerals from locations that are secure, stable and blessed with high environmental and social standards such as the Yukon. And climate economists predict that a successful planetary transition to Net Zero will require massive increases in so-called “green mineral” production. The International Energy Agency’s sustainable development scenario suggests annual copper production in the future will need to be a whopping 2..."


How green will Canada’s hydrogen push be? Corporate Knights

"...In Edmonton’s industrial heartland, energy companies are looking to develop blue hydrogen projects that will use natural gas as a feedstock, with plans to capture most carbon dioxide emissions from plants and sequester them underground. The bulk of hydrogen currently made in Canada (about three million tonnes in 2020) is made from natural gas without carbon capture technology, otherwise known as grey hydrogen. But that may be changing..."


Canada wants hydrogen to heat our buildings. Dozens of studies disagree

"...The federal government is banking on hydrogen to help heat buildings in Canada’s energy transition, but an analysis of dozens of studies across the world says this isn’t a realistic role for the potentially low-carbon fuel. Released Sept. 27, the new analysis found hydrogen used for domestic heating is less economic, less efficient, more resource-intensive and has larger environmental impacts than solutions like heat pumps and solar thermal energy..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about blue hydrogen.

Hydrogen Fuel Is About to TAKE Off, Here's Why

"...two bit da vinci,green hydrogen production,hydrogen breakthrough,hydrogen car,hydrogen power,blue hydrogen,green hydrogen explained,3m,3m hydrogen,nanostructured,Nanostructured Supported Iridium Catalyst Powder,iridium powder,hydrogen electrolyzer,hydrogen electric generator,hydrogen electricity,future of hydrogen,hydrogen engine,hydrogen peroxide,hydrogen generator,hydrogen prices, Hydrogen Fuel Is About to TAKE Off, Here's Why ..."


Blue Hydrogen. The greatest fossil fuel scam in history?

"...Blue hydrogen is being enthusiastically promoted by natural gas producers as the simplest and cheapest answer to decarbonising our economies..."


Green Hydrogen Is Sparking a Revolution in Sustainable Energy

"...However, By improving electrolyzing machines and reducing the cost of renewable energy, green hydrogen could compete with its gray counterpart as soon as 2030..."


Why Wind Power Ships May Be The Future of Transportation

"...In order to hit global net-zero targets by 2050 solutions like biofuel, green hydrogen and blue hydrogen, as well as ammonia have been held up as alternatives to fossil fuels to be used in ships..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about blue hydrogen relevant to the latest news.

Techno-economic analysis of green and blue hybrid processes for ammonia production

"...On the other hand, in a green ammonia plant, hydrogen production through water electrolysis avoids CO2 emissions and utilizes renewable energy sources..."


Cost reduction in low-carbon hydrogen: effective but insufficient to mitigate carbon emissions

"...The cost of producing low-carbon (green and blue) hydrogen has been projected to fall considerably as production is scaled up, although more so for green hydrogen than for blue hydrogen..."