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Coverage of carbon capture since January 25, 2024.

Albertas budget: a new tax on electric vehicles and a continued reliance on fossil fuel revenue The Narwhal

"...Alberta will introduce a new annual tax on electric vehicles, invest heavily in carbon capture and storage and put more work into long-stalled land-use planning across the province. It has also set aside billions of dollars to respond to climate change-fuelled disasters.  ..."


CAPP projects slight increase in Canadian oil and gas capital spending in 2024

"...The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is forecasting capital expenditures for the upstream oil and natural gas sector will reach $40. 6 billion this year, a small increase from the $39 billion invested by companies in 2023..."


Germany to allow underground storage of carbon dioxide at offshore sites

"...BERLIN (AP) — Germany plans to enable underground carbon storage at offshore sites, pushing ahead with a much-discussed technology in an acknowledgement that time is running out to combat climate change, the country's vice chancellor said Monday. Europe's biggest economy is making good progress with expanding renewable energy sources and usage, but a solution is needed for the carbon dioxide emitted by some sectors such as the cement industry that are “hard to abate,” said Robert Habeck, who is also the economy and climate minister. Germany, which is home to many energy-intensive industries, aims to cut its emissions to “net zero” by 2045..."


Germany plans to enable underground storage of carbon dioxide at offshore sites

"...Europe's biggest economy is making good progress with expanding renewable energy sources and usage, but a solution is needed for the carbon dioxide emitted by some sectors such as the cement industry that are hard to abate, said Robert Habeck, who is also the economy and climate minister..."


Alberta First Nations raise questions on carbon capture, storage

"...Seven Alberta First Nations have banded together to seek answers as industry and government move on billion-dollar plans to inject and store millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases underneath or adjacent to their traditional lands..."


We need to better understand hydrogen pros and pitfalls

"...“Depending on the use case, it can make the difference between hydrogen being a reasonable partial decarbonization strategy and … actually making things way worse,” Martin told Canada’s National Observer in a phone interview. Environmental Defense Fund’s research examined existing life-cycle studies from a variety of hydrogen systems to see how high or low releases of methane and hydrogen affect the technology’s efficacy at fighting climate change, along with other factors. What people are reading Why Steven Guilbeault’s roadway remarks sparked a car-crazy culture war By Matteo Cimellaro | Analysis | February 20th 2024 Hydrogen is often referred to as green, blue or grey to indicate its impact on climate change..."


Alberta First Nations seek answers on carbon capture and storage plans

"...Seven Alberta First Nations have banded together to seek answers as industry and government move on billion-dollar plans to inject and store millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases underneath or adjacent to their traditional lands..."


Guest post: Heavy use of CO2 removal would trigger high sustainability risks

"...Yet the large-scale deployment of land-based CDR could come with major challenges. These include significant ecological and societal risks particularly to biodiversity loss, food security, freshwater use and human rights, among others which have not been comprehensively assessed..."


Alberta Investment Management Corp. sets up $1B fund to invest in energy transition

"...AIMCo says the new fund will look to offer exposure to a range of energy transition opportunities such as industrial decarbonization, carbon capture and sequestration. Other areas could include renewable fuels, low-carbon renewable energy production and related technologies and electrification, storage and energy efficiency. Story continues below advertisement..."


Eyes turn to B.C. as U.S. pauses approval of LNG projects

"...But other First Nations in the region are worried about the expanding LNG development. The Gitanyow hereditary chiefs are “quite concerned” about the impact of the proposed Ksi Lisims project on salmon estuaries in Gitanyow territory, as well as the overall climate repercussions, said Tara Marsden, Wilp sustainability director for the nation. What people are reading Inquiry goal is to 'uncover the truth,' about foreign interference, commissioner says By Jim Bronskill | News | January 29th 2024 Marsden declined to comment on Cedar LNG, the Haisla-led project, because the development sits outside Gitanyow ancestral territory..."


Threats and ugly politics prompt Bloc to shift stand on carbon pricing bill amendment

"...The housing crisis, clean-tech tax credits and carbon pricing were front and centre in the House of Commons on Monday, as MPs picked up where they left off — both in substance and in tone — when they rose for the Christmas break in December. The Liberal government's immediate focus is on debating and passing a bill to implement the promises in its fall economic statement. It includes a major tax credit for carbon capture and storage and additional money to stimulate housing construction..."


Kinew can change Manitoba carbon pricing, but likely not until 2027

"...The lone province with the federal pollution price being applied across the economy, Manitoba is not treading new ground in looking for a change to carbon pricing. Currently, the federal carbon backstop is set at $65 per tonne, increasing to $80 per tonne on April 1. The minimum levy will more than double by the end of the current annual increase schedule, hitting $170 per tonne by 2030..."


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Recent episodes that mention carbon capture.

Wheat Pete's Word, Feb 7: Teamwork, carbon capture, protecting early N, plant pops, and yield monitor hiccups

Duration: 21:27

"...What's one thing you love about agriculture in Canada? Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson wants us all to celebrate and share whatever that is next Tuesday on Canada's Ag Day! Johnson's got some thoughts on how to best share our thoughts about agriculture in this week's podcast, but don't worry, there's also plenty of agronomic questions. ..."


Can carbon capture live up to its hype?

Duration: 26:28

"...Source: Science in Action..."


Digging deeper on agriculture's carbon capture potential

Duration: 6:26

"...We know that agriculture plays an important role in both greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration; however Dr..."


Assessing how landscapes can sequester carbon

Duration: 11:20

"...Canadian researchers working on policy, greenhouse gas reduction, and carbon dynamics are looking to quantify the carbon sequestering potential of different landscapes..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon capture.

How Taylor Swift flew Tokyo to Las Vegas, without a carbon footprint

"...Carbon capture technology company Spiritus used a novel adsorbent-based direct air capture technology for CO2 in a unique way: to offset the carbon footprint of Taylor Swifts recent transpacific jet flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl..."


The Massive Machines Removing Carbon from Earth's Atmosphere | Jan Wurzbacher | TED

"...The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in the race to a zero-carbon world..."


Norway and CO2 emissions | DW Documentary

"...The world is facing a climate catastrophe, and despite rapid growth in renewable energy production, some industries continue to emit vast amounts of CO2 during production processes..."


Leveraging Houston's Financial and Human Capital for Sustainable Energy Transitions 2

"...Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics; Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon capture relevant to the latest news.

The major techniques, advantages, and pitfalls of various methods used in geological carbon sequestration

"...Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of greenhouse gases and a driver of climate change and associated challenges like global warming, drought, flooding, etc..."


Transformative power production futures: citizen jury deliberations in Saskatchewan, Canada

"...Background Transforming power production systems to achieve net zero emissions and address climate change will require deep structural changes, partially dependent on community perceptions of the necessary energy transition..."


Review of carbon capture and storage technologies in selected industries: potentials and challenges

"...Various industries around the world recognize the importance of achieving Net Zero Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emission by 2050..."


Higher efficiency and lower environmental impact of membrane separation for carbon dioxide capture in coal power plants

"...We considered 13 midpoint impact categories including global warming, ozone depletion, freshwater eutrophication, marine eutrophication, terrestrial acidification, fossil resource depletion, water resource depletion, metal depletion, terrestrial ecotoxicity, freshwater ecotoxicity, marine ecotoxicity, human toxicity and particulate matter formation..."


Comprehensive technology and economic evaluation based on the promotion of large-scale carbon capture and storage demonstration

"...The technology known as carbon capture and storage (CCS) can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a massive scale..."


Emission-averse techno-economical study for an isolated microgrid system with solar energy and battery storage

"...This paper proposes an optimal stochastic operation strategy for renewable energy (RE) supported isolated microgrids (IMGs)..."


Wastewater-Grown Algal Biomass as Carbon-neutral, Renewable, and Low Water Footprint Feedstock for Clean Energy and Bioplastics

"...Summary Although wastewater-grown biomass has acceptability issues, it offers certain environmental benefits, including atmospheric carbon capture, phycoremediation of pollutants, and water recycling..."


Sustainable development by carbon emission reduction and its quantification: an overview of current methods and best practices

"...This review paper examines a range of strategies and methodologies, including green building rating systems, sustainable materials and renewable energy, smart building management systems, carbon capture and storage, life cycle assessments, and greenhouse protocols, that can facilitate sustainable development by reducing and quantifying carbon emissions..."


Lignocellulosic Biomass Refining: A Review Promoting a Method to Produce Sustainable Hydrogen, Fuels, and Products

"...There is a worldwide high demand for green energy and green chemistry endeavors to drastically slow down climate change in accord with the COP 21..."


Technological environment and commercialization of Carbon Mineralization Flagship in Korea: production and utilization of compl

"...Internationally, the core technology of the carbon-mineralization flagship was approved as a clean development mechanism (CDM) by The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) CDM Executive Board in October 2020..."