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Carbon Capture

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News and Opinion

Coverage of carbon capture since March 21, 2021.

Geothermal power generation potential raised by both NDP and Sask. Party

"...Environment Minister Warren Kaeding was asked several questions about that, but one of his answers referenced the Deep Earth Energy Production project near Torquay. He said, “Well, I would say even directly supporting the electricity is going to be generated to support electric vehicles, SaskPower has made a commitment that they will be going up to 50 per cent renewable by 2030, which isn't very, very long from now. So you've seen a number of facilities that have been built on a commercial scale, solar facilities that have been built on a on a commercial scale..."

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Moe hints at coming developments for small modular reactors and carbon capture

"...Moe concluded, “So, many opportunities ahead on both fronts, the small modular nuclear power reactors, as well as the potential for really taking the next step in carbon capture and storage and moving it, not only to bumping the yield, and taking carbon out of every fourth barrel of oil that we produce in the enhanced oil recovery process, but really moving this on to the next conversation around hydrogen production and some of the opportunities that we’re being informed about, quite frankly, by private industry there. ”..."

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SaskPower update on small modular reactors

"...Regina – When the Saskatchewan government was handed a defeat at the Supreme Court of Canada in its battle against a federal carbon tax, Premier Scott Moe spoke of the implementation of small modular reactors, or SMRs, taking the nuclear power route to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  ..."

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SaskPower: How small modular reactors fit in the mix

"...When the Saskatchewan government was handed a defeat at the Supreme Court of Canada in its battle against a federal carbon tax, Premier Scott Moe spoke of the implementation of small modular reactors, or SMRs, taking the nuclear power route to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   ..."

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CCS Reaches Milestone At Boundary Dam

"...SaskPower, in a release issued Wednesday, noted the 4 million tonnes of CO2 is the equivalent of taking one million passenger vehicles off of the road for an entire year, and helps the Crown power company remain on track to meet its goal of reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.  ..."

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6 arrested at protest to end old-growth logging that blocked traffic on Cambie Bridge

"...“We’re in solidarity with the peaceful demonstrators that are blockading at Fairy Creek to stop the logging of the old growth forests that are there,” said Karly Pinch a demonstrator with Extinction Rebellion..."

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Creating food security, curbing emissions in local farming

"...“NFU is a family farm focused organization that tries to listen to our members and have a voice, so the average farmer is represented when policy decisions are made on the federal level,” said Legault. “We truly believe there is an ton of capacity for climate change solutions to happen on our agricultural landscape. ”Legault says the report highlights a need to focus on soil health to increase biodiversity, produce nutrient dense crops and livestock, and reduce the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizer..."

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Canadian biodiversity expert speaks with islanders

"...Technologies such as renewable energies and electric vehicles are partial solutions, but will not solve our climate crisis on their own. That’s true also for behavioural changes such as reducing our travel or growing and buying more of our own food locally. Carbon capture and sequestration technologies are exceedingly expensive, and have little to no promise to significantly reduce atmospheric carbon..."

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Proposed Alberta methanol project inks deal to add carbon capture ability

"...“It gives us the confidence to start exploring the best ways to create another made-in-Alberta carbon management solution in another part of the province. ”Currently, Enhance’s partner Wolf Midstream captures CO2 from two industrial plants northeast of Edmonton and transports them south on the 240-kilometre Alberta Carbon Trunk Line system to be injected underground in an Enhance Energy oilfield for improved oil recovery and permanent storage. Adding the carbon capture component is essential to attract financial backers for his company’s proposed plant because it will enable its production to be net carbon emission neutral and thus considered “blue methanol,” said Nauticol CEO and co-founder Mark Tonner..."

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Lacombe student to present a youth view of climate change to world leaders

"...On March 24, youths age 13 to18, will push for urgent climate change and meaningful youth engagement during the #Decarbonize #Decolonize Global Youth Report online address..."

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Climate change motion lacked clarity, says Red Deer MP

"...MP Earl Dreeshen says the motion at the Conservative convention to recognize climate change and make major polluters take more responsibility was too vague to support..."

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Why commercialization of carbon capture and sequestration has failed and how it can work

"...Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) has become increasingly important in addressing climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) relies greatly on the technology to reach zero carbon at low cost. Additionally, it is among the few low-carbon technologies in President Joseph R..."

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Recent episodes that mention carbon capture.

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BOGS! Nature's best carbon capture habitats.

Duration: 34:45

"...It's World Wetlands Day and we're chatting about BOGS; a habitat which the IUCN calls the largest natural terrestrial carbon store..."

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Elon Musk's $100M prize for "best carbon capture technology"

Duration: 25:07

"...Source: Carbon Removal Newsroom..."

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E26 - MaRS "New Pathways" Panel

Duration: 37:15

"...This episode is a recording of the "New Pathways" panel which took place at the MaRS Impact Week on Dec 3, 2020. ..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon capture.

7 Ways To Pull Carbon From The Atmosphere | Random Thursday

"...Still, carbon capture is a controversial topic and one that many people know very little about..."

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Norway and CO2 emissions | DW Documentary

"...The world is facing a climate catastrophe, and despite rapid growth in renewable energy production, some industries continue to emit vast amounts of CO2 during production processes..."

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What Do We Do With Nuclear Waste? | Nuclear Hope | Spark

"...In the 1950s and 60s, nuclear energy programs started with great optimism and excitement for the future..."

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Escaping The Global Energy Trap

"...In future videos, we will look at specific technologies, from renewables such as wind and solar, to nuclear technologies such as small modular reactors, fusion and thorium..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon capture relevant to the latest news.

Technological Solutions and Social-Technological Solutions

"...In the first category, natural gas could replace coal and heavy oil as a bridge fuel in the transition to clean energy, but it is a fossil fuel that emits carbon..."

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Balancing Energy, Environment, and Economics

"...The energy resources used by any society at any time are defined by technology, controlled by economics, and directed by policy..."

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Appraising soil carbon storage potential under perennial and annual Chenopodiaceae in salt marsh of NE Spain

"...Results may be valuable for salt marsh vegetation management addressed to mitigate climate change and increase ecosystem services..."

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Comparative Energy and Emission Analysis of Oxy-Combustion and Conventional Air Combustion

"...Carbon capture and storage and oxy-fuel combustion have recently become more significant due to global warming as well as green energy solutions..."

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Towards resource circular biodiesel production through glycerol upcycling

"...However, the subsequent increase in energy consumption necessary for thermochemical conversion inadvertently causes burden-shifting to other impact categories- consolidating higher environmental impacts specifically for human health and resource depletion; increasing penalties associated with environmental quality..."

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Electrolytic cell engineering and device optimization for electrosynthesis of e-biofuels via co-valorisation of bio-feedstocks

"...CO2 electro-reduction is also counted as one of the main options entailing less fossil fuel consumption and as a future electrical energy storage strategy..."

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Exploring the driving factors and their mitigation potential in global energy-related CO2 emission

"...To this end, we provided a detailed decomposition of the carbon intensity and energy intensity, which enables the quantification of clean energy development and electrification..."

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Preconditions for bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) in sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Tanzania

"...Based on previous research and literature, this paper analyses the pre-conditions for BECCS in Tanzania by studying what we argue are the applications of BECCS, or the components of the BECCS chain, that are most feasible in the country, namely (1) as applied to domestic sugarcane-based energy production (bioethanol), and (2) with Tanzania in a producer and re-growth role in an international BECCS chain, supplying biomass or biofuels for export to developed countries..."

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Sector coupling: Supporting decarbonisation of the global energy system

"...Natural gas provides significant energy supply, but also important flexibility services, especially in markets where winter heating load is high, and gas also provides flexibility and system services in power generation..."

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CO 2 Removal Using the Sun and Forest: An Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of a Solar

"...This paper proposes and analyses an innovative sustainable energy option; a concentrated solar and biomass hybrid carbon capture and sequestration plant..."

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