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Coverage of carbon dioxide emissions since August 11, 2023.

Montrealers using app to save money and reduce food waste

"..."You're avoiding a lot of carbon dioxide emissions," said Dot. "All the carbon dioxide emissions necessary to grow and transport food to our table but also the greenhouse gasses that would be emitted in landfills, especially methane, which is 25 times more harmful for the environment than carbon dioxide. "..."


Germany's CO2 emissions are at their lowest in 7 decades, study shows CityNews Halifax

"...BERLIN (AP) Carbon dioxide emissions in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, dropped to their lowest level in seven decades as the use of coal declined unexpectedly sharply in 2023 and economic pressures weighed down production by energy-intensive industry, according to a study released Thursday..."


Gas lawn tools: A blast from the past?

"...Gas-powered leaf blowers blasted countless communities into noisy debates, but high emissions might mean they finally bite the dust. Major Canadian cities are considering a ban on gas-powered lawn and garden equipment to slash planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions. Battery-powered alternatives offer the same tools at similar expense, while reducing maintenance issues, fuel costs and pollution..."


2023 Was Another Record Year for Climate Change

"...This year, as global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels reached a new high, the world fell further behind on its emissions targets. As 2023 drew to a close, the U. S..."


Analysis: Growth of Chinese fossil CO2 emissions drives new global record in 2023

"...Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement have increased by 1. 1% in 2023, hitting a new record high of 36. 8bn tonnes of CO2 (GtCO2), according to the 2023 Global Carbon Budget report by the Global Carbon Project..."


Heat pumps vs. AC: Report notes progress, challenges in reaching climate goals

"...“The world's climate ambitions hinge on our ability to make the global energy system more efficient,” IEA executive director Fatih Birol said. It was not all negative, however, as the report did note “strong gains” from certain countries and regions, with the European Union set to post a five per cent improvement this year, and the U. S..."


We should listen to a renowned scientists warning on climate change

"...In recent years, Dr. Hansen has argued that the scientific consensus, as reflected in the voluminous reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), greatly underestimates the rate and magnitude of future warming. Earlier this month, he and 17 colleagues forcefully stated their case in a peer-reviewed paper,Global Warming in the Pipeline, published by a University of Oxford journal..."


Global emissions set to fall by only 2% come 2030: UN report

"...Governments are making insufficient progress in slashing greenhouse gas emissions to avert the worst impacts of global warming, according to a United Nations report released Tuesday..."


What Is Peat Subsidence and How Can Countries Prevent this Environmental Disaster?

"...Firefighters work to extinguish a peatland fire in Riau, Indonesia. Beyond the obvious destruction, peatland fires also trigger peat subsidence. Photo byFaiz Zulfikar/Getty Images/iStock..."


Fossil fuel demand to peak before 2030 even with no new climate policies: report

"...The IEA report also urges governments to adopt a “build big” mentality. Electricity transmission and distribution grids need to expand by about two million kilometres each year by 2030 to reach the IEA's net-zero scenario, but the organization pointed out that building grids today can take more than a decade. “We need massive growth of battery energy storage and demand response; expanded, modernized grids; more dispatchable low-emission capacity, including fossil fuel capacity with CCUS, hydropower, biomass, nuclear and hydrogen and ammonia-based plants,” the report stated..."


In Hot Water, Clownfish Grow Up Quick Hakai Magazine

"...Timothy Ravasi, study coauthor and marine scientist at OIST, says that faster growth in a warming world could become a problem for wild clownfish. If climate change causes clownfish larvae to develop too quickly, they might arrive on an anemone when theres not enough food to go around. Or fish that grow faster might not swim as farif they settle close to home and mate with nearby fish, clownfish genetic diversity could suffer..."


Federal officials says marathon wildfire season could extend into fall

"...Flames from the Donnie Creek wildfire burn along a ridge top north of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada, Sunday, July 2, 2023. Federal officials are set to provide an update today on the outlook for this years wildfire season..."


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Recent episodes that mention carbon dioxide emissions.

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Contemplating a renewable hydrogen energy future - Professor Masakazu Sugiyama (University of Tokyo)

Duration: 1:11:00

"...IFE Grand Challenge Lecture - recorded on on 23 August 2019 at QUT Gardens Point..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon dioxide emissions.

Dow & X-Energy to Install Industrial Nuclear Plant

"...60 years ago, nuclear energy was touted as a power source that would deliver electricity at prices too cheap to meter. Experience with large-scale nuclear generation to date has shown that large commercial nuclear power plants do not produce electricity cheaply; however, the new imperative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has given nuclear new incentive to develop..."


Certified Natural Gas: The Future of LNG?

"...Customer demands and market forces are driving LNG exporters in particular to demonstrate that their LNG has been produced with lower methane and carbon dioxide emissions..."


Why don't we all just use Geothermal Energy?

"...There's no carbon dioxide emissions and no air pollution with geothermal, and it's literally right there beneath our feet..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon dioxide emissions relevant to the latest news.

The role of global collaboration in environmental technology development, natural resources, and marine energy generation techn

"...This study aims to explore the influence of renewable energy consumption (REC), global collaboration in environmental technology development (GCETD), gross domestic product per capita (GDPPC), marine energy generation technologies (MGT), trade openness (TDOT), natural resources (NRs), and carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) in 34 selected knowledge-based economies from 1990 to 2020..."


Revisiting the nexus between digital trade, green technological innovation, and environmental sustainability in BRICS economies

"...Hence, this study determines the effect of digital trade (DGT) and green technological innovation (GTI) on environmental sustainability (ENS) by considering the role of renewable energy consumption (REC), globalization (GLOB), and economic growth (EG)..."


A Mathematical Optimization Framework for Managing the Renewable Energy to Attain Maximum Power

"...Various situations were examined in this research about present energy availability, for instance, at varying periods of each year, economic expenses, the feasibility of sources including such biomass and biogas, and the profitability of wind power generation given the related high prices..."


Multi-objective optimization of the hybrid photovoltaic-battery-diesel-desalination system based on multi-type of desalination

"...Our findings reveal that the RO desalination method, when combined with renewable energy, outperforms other methods both economically and environmentally..."


Evaluating a pathway for environmental sustainability: the role of energy mix and research and development in European countrie

"...Population, wealth, renewable energy, nuclear energy, and research and development (R&D) are all factored into the STIRPAT model to determine their respective environmental impacts..."


Investigating the effects of natural resources and institutional quality on CO2 emissions during globalization mode in developi

"...The study findings suggest that natural resources, globalization, institutional quality, and human capital adversely impact carbon dioxide emission, while foreign investment and energy utilization can increase emission levels..."


Sustainable development by carbon emission reduction and its quantification: an overview of current methods and best practices

"...This review paper examines a range of strategies and methodologies, including green building rating systems, sustainable materials and renewable energy, smart building management systems, carbon capture and storage, life cycle assessments, and greenhouse protocols, that can facilitate sustainable development by reducing and quantifying carbon emissions..."


Relative increases in CH4 and CO2 emissions from wetlands under global warming dependent on soil carbon substrates

"...Our study indicates that only 23% of global wetlands will decrease methane relative to carbon dioxide emissions under future warming scenarios when soil organic matter decomposability is considered..."


Can undergoing renewable energy transition assist the BRICS countries in achieving environmental sustainability?

"...Hence, this study aims to explore whether undergoing the renewable energy transition can directly and indirectly establish environmental sustainability in the BRICS countries by containing their annual growth rates of carbon dioxide emissions..."


Green construction for low-carbon cities: a review

"...Here, we review green construction with focus on history, carbon emissions, policies, models, life cycle assessment, and sustainable materials such as biochar, bioplastic, agricultural waste, animal wool, fly ash and self-healing concrete..."