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Coverage of carbon neutrality since September 21, 2022.

Lessons From California’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Policies

"...The California Climate Crisis Act, or AB 1279, was signed into law in September of 2022, and requires net-zero greenhouse gas emission by 2045 and net-negative emissions thereafter. It mandates at least 85% emissions reductions from 1990 levels by 2045, ensuring that carbon dioxide removal does not play an excessive role in meeting net zero..."


China Briefing 10 August: Severe floods; G20 ‘obstruction’; Q&A on nuclear power

"...SPONGE CITY: In an analysis of the floods, local outlet Beijing News said that China has acknowledged the danger of climate change, including increasing “urban rainstorms and waterlogging” in its “National climate change adaptation strategy 2035”. The country has built 30 “sponge cities” to soak up rainfall. However, analysis by the Japan Times said those “‘sponge cities’ are not built for extreme flood events” as they were designed for rainfall levels in the 30 years prior to 2014, whereas floods “are now far in excess of what the systems were designed to cope with”..."


Majority of shipping companies, global retailers flunk decarbonization test: zero-emission shipping organization

"...Ship It Zero’s most recent report card on global ocean carrier lines and international retailers concludes that most of those shipping companies are not taking the actions needed to decarbonize their operations and few major retailers are doing their part to decarbonize the shipping supply chain that brings their goods to warehouses and retail outlets and to the front doors of e-commerce customers..."


Danielle Smith wants a fight on climate policy. Justin Trudeau should give it to her

"...This isn’t the only free lunch Smith’s government is looking to dine out on. It also wants credit for LNG exports, another familiar fantasy that has been knocked down by economists and other experts who are in the dangerous habit of knowing things. The federal government is apparently entertaining the idea, which one can only assume is because it understands most of these theoretical credits — which, again, are about as likely to happen as me getting hired by Postmedia — would actually accrue to British Columbia..."


Concordia University launches plan to go carbon neutral by 2040

"...Concordia University has launched a plan it hopes will make it a global leader in climate action..."


To deal with decarbonization and dissidence, Teck is splitting up coal and copper

"...It’s a move that appears to be designed to mollify ESG-minded investors who don’t like their copper investments tainted with coal – not even the kind that is profitable and essential to making the steel that goes into electric cars, wind turbines, batteries, high-voltage towers and myriad other components of decarbonization..."


FortisBC: Why LNG is the best solution to make Canada's ports the

"...If the maritime sector is to successfully transition to zero-carbon fuels in time to do its part to slow climate change, action must begin today. Ships launched in 2030 will still be at sea in 2050. The International Maritime Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping, has mandated the global shipping sector to reduce its total annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 per cent..."


Smithers Climate Action group sets implementing plans as priority for town

"...By signing the BC Climate Action Charter, the Town of Smithers has committed to carbon neutrality in corporate operations, to measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions, and to create a more compact and more energy-efficient community. In the past few years, the town made significant steps toward meeting its goal by creating foundational plans..."


Smart + eco friendly kitchen and bath products

"...As a leading source of global greenhouse emissions, the AEC industry is at a critical juncture in the race toward carbon neutrality. Manufacturers across the board are stepping up to the challenge by incorporating sustainability at every level of production and putting forth products that are both beautiful and environmentally conscious. The following wares achieve a breadth of smart and sustainable initiatives through sleek, user-friendly design to ensure your kitchen and bath are doing more for the planet..."


Japan, Canada to formally begin intelligence sharing talks

"...Energy supply shortages and rising utility cost, as well as pressure to meet the 2050 carbon neutrality goal has prompted Kishida's government to place further emphasis on atomic energy years after many of Japanese nuclear plants were shut down after the 2011 Fukushima disaster..."


'This is how a Pacific atoll dies': Island nations will drown

"...“This is how a Pacific atoll dies,” Natano said. “This is how our islands will cease to exist. ”The Rising Nations Initiative seeks a political declaration by the international community to preserve the sovereignty and rights of Pacific atoll island countries; the creation of a comprehensive program to build and finance adaptation and resilience projects to help local communities sustain livelihoods; a living repository of the culture and unique heritage of each Pacific atoll island country; and support to acquire UNESCO World Heritage designation..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention carbon neutrality.

257. HalifACT 2050 - How Halifax adopted a climate plan to get to carbon neutrality

Duration: 04:00

"...Richard Zurawski is a meteorologist, TV personality and the architect on City Council that crafted HalifACT 2050 a climate change plan to get to carbon neutrality for Halifax, Nova Scotia..."


Bill McDonough

Duration: 32:04

"...On Being Timelessly Mindful in Designing Our Carbon Neutral, Zero Waste, Pollution Free, Healthy, Happy Future World..."


Episode 72: Interview with Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition movement

Duration: 52:05

"...People feel defeated when they hear the grand cost of achieving carbon neutrality..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon neutrality.

LEGO Abandons Recycled Plastics

"...The iconic Danish toymaker is moving to carbon neutrality, but virgin polymer is tough to replace..."


Why Carbon Neutrality Doesn't Make Sense | Dr. Bjorn Lomborg

"...However, energy production brings with it a host of problems including air pollution and global warming..."


Apple's promise to be carbon neutral by 2030 | Lisa Jackson and Liz Ogbu

"...The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in the race to a zero-carbon world..."


Geothermal ground source heat pumps. Heating your home from your own back yard!

"...Geothermal energy could be potentially transformational for our power grids, as we saw in our last video..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon neutrality relevant to the latest news.

Modelling the regional potential for reaching carbon neutrality in Finland: Sustainable forestry, energy use and biodiversity p

"...We used scenarios until 2050 based on mitigation measures of the national climate and energy strategy, forestry policies and predicted climate change, and evaluated how implementation of these scenarios would affect greenhouse gas fluxes, carbon storages, and the possibility to reach the carbon neutrality target..."


A Review on Sustainable Rice Straw Management Through Anaerobic Digestion

"...This also adds to the escalating greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), which messes up the global climate balance..."


Emerging Global Trends in the Potential of Nanotechnology for Achieving the Net Zero Goals

"...To achieve climate neutrality, nanotechnology is essential because it promotes the creation of cutting-edge, potentially game-changing technologies that have no negative effects on biodiversity and ecosystems..."


Low-carbon technological innovation of coal production and utilization impetus carbon neutrality in China

"...European energy crisis, triggered by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, has again drawn attention to the decarbonization of fossil energy sources..."


Can environmentally friendly technology help China to achieve a carbon neutrality target by 2060? An asymmetrical based study i

"...Since 2007, China has pursued numerous initiatives to attain carbon neutrality by 2060, including increasing the percentage of non-fossil energy, developing zero-emission and low-emission technologies, and taking actions that reduce CO2 emissions or boost carbon sinks..."


Optimization of Hydrogen-Based Shaft Furnace Raw Material Parameters Based on Numerical Simulation and Rist Operation Diagram

"...In the context of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, the steel industry is rapidly developing towards a low-carbon hydrogen metallurgy path, and the hydrogen-based shaft furnace direct reduction route, which has lower CO2 emissions compared to the conventional blast furnace route, is now receiving widespread attention..."


Are research and development on energy efficiency and energy sources effective in the level of CO2 emissions? Fresh evidence fr

"...Climate change and natural resource depletion have reinvigorated the relevance of technical advancements in energy efficiency, which has been emphasized by the Paris Climate Accord that includes a framework for carbon neutrality..."


Automotive revolution and carbon neutrality

"...Meanwhile, it discusses the key technologies and progress of the hydrogen energy industry chain in the upstream hydrogen production, midstream hydrogen storage and transportation, downstream hydrogen station construction and hydrogen fuel cells in turn..."


China?s Agricultural Green Transition and High-Quality Development Toward Carbon Neutrality

"...On the way to carbon neutrality, the goal of green governance is to achieve a balancing act between ?pollution reduction? and ?greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction,? in addition to food security..."


Green construction for low-carbon cities: a review

"...Here, we review green construction with focus on history, carbon emissions, policies, models, life cycle assessment, and sustainable materials such as biochar, bioplastic, agricultural waste, animal wool, fly ash and self-healing concrete..."


Forest Change in China: A Review

"...Forests and the dynamic changes play decisive roles in soil erosion prevention, biodiversity conservation and climate warming mitigation, and are crucial for China to achieve carbon neutrality because of the ability for carbon uptake..."


Energy and exergy analyses of biomass IGCC power plant using calcium looping gasification with in situ CO2 capture and negative

"...In order to achieve the targets of Paris Agreement and carbon neutrality, developing CO2 negative emission technologies such as biomass energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is of great significance..."