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Coverage of carbon pricing since November 6, 2023.

Analysis: If Liberals have any hope of winning carbon tax battle, they have to help Canadians understand what it actually costs

"...It’s clear now that household financial concerns are paramount in the minds (and voting preferences) of Canadians, and while they would like to continue to fight climate change, most see the carbon tax as an inefficient and unfairly expensive mechanism to do so. But do Canadians actually know what they’re paying?..."


Hitching a ride to a better future: Sustainable Transport Day

"..."This first World Sustainable Transport Day reminds us that the road to a better future depends on cleaner and greener transportation systems," Antonio Guterres explained, spotlighting the relationship between transportation and global sustainability. Fuelling climate chaos"Transportation represents the world’s circulatory system, delivering people and goods across countries and around the world, creating jobs, and supporting prosperity," Mr. Guterres said, underscoring the important feature of transportation as essential facilitator of human development..."


Carbon-lowering contracts will get $7B from fall fiscal update

"...The Liberals' recent move to pause the carbon price for three years on home heating oil was seen by some pundits as a sign that even they were backing away from one of their signature policies, introducing further uncertainty to the system. The fall update also promised some movement on previously announced tax credits for the clean-tech transition, with legislation to create tax credits for carbon capture and storage and clean technology expected in the next few weeks. The document also says a long-awaited Indigenous loan guarantee program will be established to allow Indigenous communities to access the capital they need to be involved in major energy projects..."


Joint statement: Fossil fuels are driving affordability crisis; smart climate policy is the answer

"...CELA signed on to a joint statement with over a dozen other organizations, supporting carbon pricing and asking elected officials at all levels of government to work together to address the climate emergency and affordability challenges in tandem, emphasizing mutually beneficial solutions..."


Customers left in the cold after Maritime Fuels files for bankruptcy

"...McHugh said that the rising popularity of heat pumps may have been one of the factors, noting that the federal government's push towards the energy-efficient systems may have been a cause. Less than a month ago, the federal government announced it would pause applying carbon pricing to home heating oil deliveries for three years in a bid to accelerate Canadians' switch to more environmentally friendly heat pumps. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government will be rolling out incentives to Atlantic Canada households that are more reliant on heating oil, including enhanced payments and grants to lower the cost of installing a heat pump..."


N.B. premier's pitch to offset emissions globally rather than locally not new, researcher says

"...“When you shift to gas you have a benefit compared to coal but to what degree does that prevent jurisdictions from investing in other low-carbon alternatives such as biomass, such as wind and solar, or even newer technologies such as tidal or small modular reactors?”Higgs applauded the federal government's decision to pause the price of carbon on oil home heating fuel for three years, but says that it shows the entire system is flawed and should be scrapped. He argues that the impact on the economy and the cost of living is too great and the impact on emissions too small. Higgs has also joined the premiers of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia in calling for a meeting with the federal government to discuss removing carbon pricing from all home heating sources..."


Carbon Tax: Perceptions of insufficient rebates, cost of living concern & questions over efficacy send support plummeting

"...This, combined with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and skepticism over whether carbon pricing is actually doing much to combat climate change are driving a plurality of Canadians (42%) to call for the tax to be abolished..."


Infrastructure, health care and carbon tax discussed at meeting of Canada's premiers

"...Pillai and his government remain steadfast on the value of carbon pricing as the leadership of some other provinces call for an end to it. He said it remains a part of the territory’s “sound evidence-based policy on climate change. ”..."


United premiers want carbon pricing measures to be fair to all Canadians

"...Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew said carbon pricing is “not a silver bullet when it comes to climate change,” and he stressed that the pause for heating oil users should be extended to other fuels to make life more affordable for more Canadians..."


Conservative push to expand carbon tax carve-out fails, as Bloc sides with Liberals

"...A Conservative motion to expand a carve-out from carbon pricing to all forms of home heating failed to pass the House of Commons on Monday, despite surprising support from the New Democrats..."


Premiers say Ottawa must ensure carbon pricing measures are fair to all Canadians

"...Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew said carbon pricing is "not a silver bullet when it comes to climate change," and he stressed that the pause for heating oil users should be extended to other fuels to make life more affordable for more Canadians..."


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Jobs in carbon pricing

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Climate Change Coordinator - Grey County (Owen Sound, ON)

"...Reporting to the Director of Planning and Development, our ideal candidate will have the combination of education, experience and strong consensus building skills to successfully lead a broad stakeholder group in realizing our goals Climate Change Action Plan goals..."

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Recent episodes that mention carbon pricing.

The path forward for proposed legislation exempting grain drying and barn heating from the federal carbon price

Duration: 16:27

"...Proponents of a new private member’s bill that would remove natural gas and propane used on farms for grain drying and barn heating from the federal carbon pricing system are hoping it will proceed on an accelerated timeline, given the fact the bill is very similar in wording and intent to a previous bill that. ..."


RealAg LIVE! with Todd Lewis and Marla Orenstein on what's next for the carbon tax

Duration: 35:04

"...The federal government has the right to impose a national price on pollution, says the Supreme Court of Canada..."


Crystal Ball 2020

Duration: 48:47

"...It's a new year and a new decade..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon pricing.

Offsetting the future with Kai Landwehr

"...Emissions are reduced thereby replacing fossil energy resources with renewable energies, and by implementing local afforestation measures with smallholder farmers and energy-efficient technologies..."


What are the Parties' Climate Crisis Plans

"...As the provincial election approaches, political parties are rolling out their plans to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change..."


Carbon Pricing and International Carbon Market Readiness: Mitigation Action Assessment Protocol

"...In May 2021, with the support of the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR), two additional versions of MAAP were developed and piloted to help countries assess, prepare, and participate in domestic carbon pricing instruments and international carbon markets..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon pricing relevant to the latest news.

A two-stage interval-valued carbon price forecasting model based on bivariate empirical mode decomposition and error correction

"...Economic development has brought about global greenhouse gas emissions and, thus, global climate change, a common challenge worldwide and urgently needs to be addressed..."


Inequalities in the Impact of the Carbon Tax in Japan

"...Although Japan?s current carbon tax rate is much lower than the rates applied in European countries, the Japanese government may increase the tax rate in the near future, in order to strengthen measures to combat global warming..."


Cooperative optimization of shore power allocation and berth allocation: A balance between cost and environmental benefit

"...In conclusion, the developed method can be widely used for popularizing shore power, promoting port sustainable development, reducing global air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions..."


Green innovation and carbon emissions: the role of carbon pricing and environmental policies in attaining sustainable developme

"...Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are enforced by a set of instruments, among which environmental regulations, green innovation, and carbon taxes play a central part..."


How COVID-19 shock will drive the economy and climate? A data-driven approach to model and forecast

"...The pandemic shock puts the world on quarantine and paused economic operations that affected energy consumption and economic output..."


The Competitiveness Issue of the Japanese Economy Under Carbon Pricing: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of 2050

"...However, the second result of our analysis suggests that climate change policy in less developed regions has only a small impact on Japan..."


Expectations for Carbon Pricing in Japan in the Global Climate Policy Context

"...Realizing a decarbonized society in consistent with the Paris Agreement, a fundamental transformation of the entire economic and social system is needed, and not only carbon intensive sectors but also all sectors and all stakeholders including households must be decarbonized..."


Double Dividend of the Carbon Tax in Japan: Can We Increase Public Support for Carbon Pricing?

"...If a government uses revenue from a carbon tax to reduce existing distorting taxes, such as corporate taxes or labor taxes, a carbon tax can improve economic efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions..."


Cap and Trade Versus Carbon Tax: An Analysis Based on a CGE Model

"...The comparison of the two carbon pricing policies mainly implies that a carbon tax is more cost-effective than cap-and-trade for a carbon- and trade-intensive economy, but cap-and-trade has lower sector-level impacts than carbon tax especially when the cap restriction is loose..."


Road map for sustainable and effective carbon pricing: bridging the gap of realities and ambitions

"...An increase in policy ambition is needed to close the gaps related to climate change mitigation and those required to meet the targets of Paris Agreement..."