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Carbon Sequestration

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News and Opinion

Coverage of carbon sequestration since June 27, 2021.

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Exclusive: To decarbonise hydrogen power, get over the rainbow

"...Within the past year, public and private sector leaders worldwide have made ambitious plans to combat climate change. Within these plans, hydrogen often plays a critical role, and the source of this hydrogen energy has come under increasing interest and scrutiny. The challenge is, the vast majority of hydrogen is manufactured from fossil-fuel sources, and a simple colour association is being used in the absence of a standard for distinguishing the carbon intensity of hydrogen..."

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Canada invests $25 million into natural carbon storage in drought-stricken Prairies The Narwhal

"...In a press release, the ministry said protecting nature will encourage natural carbon sequestration in the landscape, along with supporting biodiversity and making communities more resilient to climate change..."

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Noise Pollution Affects Practically Everything, Even Seagrass Hakai Magazine

"...“This totally shifted our vision and our approach to noise pollution,” says André, because until that point, researchers had focused on concerns for whales and dolphins, which use sound to mate, find food, communicate, and navigate. But thousands of marine animals, from corals to jellyfish, possess statocysts, opening up the possibility that human-generated sounds could be having much farther-reaching effects. While seagrasses don’t have statocysts, they do have a very similar sensory organ called an amyloplast..."

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Scientists come up with new method for simultaneous processing of different types of waste

"...An international research team has come up with an innovative method for metal recovery from industrial waste. The new method allows the simultaneous recovery of multiple metals from waste oxides in a single process. This novel route will lower the burden on waste storage facilities with significant contributions to the economic and environmental sustainability of industrial waste management..."

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California's carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself

"...IMAGE: Redwood forests such as this one in California's Humboldt County are key components of the state's climate change mitigation efforts, but UCI researchers suggest that ongoing greenhouse gas emissions may. ..."

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Restoring Native Grasslands to Help Birds JSTOR Daily

"...Grasslands have many ecosystem values: soil conservation, flood mitigation, and habitat for a plethora of species, particularly birds. Birds rely on the grasslands for habitat and food sources, and in turn, they disperse seeds and control insect populations. As grasslands shrink, so does habitat for many bird species..."

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LETTER: Forestry practices not all bad

"...First of all, I would like to state that no one needs to visit all encampments to visualize the damage they can do to any environment. Equally, no one needs to see all sites of logging to imagine that landscape. I don’t dispute the environmental impact that current practices have on our ecosystems..."

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Elevated warming, ozone have detrimental effects on plant roots, promote soil carbon loss

"...Two factors that play a key role in climate change - increased climate warming and elevated ozone levels - appear to have detrimental effects on soybean plant roots, their relationship with symbiotic microorganisms in the soil and the ways the plants sequester carbon..."

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Houston part of largest district tree planting program this year

"...Trees are also extremely valuable for carbon sequestration – they hold carbon from the atmosphere and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Replanting harvested areas also reduces the risk of landslides and floods, while forests support the biodiversity and wildlife habitat British Columbians value..."

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Opinion: Reducing beef consumption might not be environmental solution some think

"...You have heard it on the news, seen it in the headlines and clicked it on social media: We should reduce meat consumption to decrease our individual carbon footprint and protect the environment. Recently, restaurants and food websites have removed beef from their menus and recipes in claims of doing their part to become more climate-conscious. Could it be possible that in some parts of the world, raising beef cattle actually preserves endangered ecosystems, provides valuable wildlife habitat and promotes carbon sequestration? In Canada, these are the environmental benefits from the land cared for by beef farmers and ranchers and their livestock..."

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Old oil fields may be less prone to induced earthquakes

"...Targeting these sites of past oil production, with their lower earthquake risk, could be a good approach for carbon sequestration..."

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LETTER: Tree replacement must be part of Elk Lake development

"...With Saanich’s approval of the condominium development on the edge of Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park, Saanich council, in keeping with its stand on climate change, must now require the developer to plant at the very least three times the 55 mature trees [165 trees] that will be cut down to make room for the development..."

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Recent episodes that mention carbon sequestration.

RealAg Radio, March 23: A new railway acronym, USMCA talks, and recycling research funding in the news

Duration: 55:07

"...Thanks for tuning into this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio..."

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RealAg Radio, November 2: Cover crops, sprayer maintenance, and understanding soil carbon

Duration: 54:58

"...It’s an Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio..."

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Climate, forests and AI: Measuring carbon sequestration in forests - Diego Saez Gil

Duration: 40:00

"...Our guest today is Diego Saez Gil, founder and CEO of Pachama, a carbon offset and technology company that is harnessing satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to measure and monitor carbon capture in forests..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon sequestration.

Alaska’s forest fires are shifting the region’s carbon balance—sometimes for the better

"...What they found surprised them: In the long run, their estimates suggest that intensifying heat and more wildfires may lead to more carbon sequestration in Alaskan forests, they report today in Science..."

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Dr. Wayne Honeycutt: Comprehensive Strategy for Advancing Soil Health

"...An abundance of research shows that practices designed to improve soil health also reduce nutrient loss to waterways, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration, increase drought resilience, enhance yield stability, increase biodiversity, enhance pollinator/wildlife habitat, and provide many other benefits..."

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Webinar: The Limits of Soil Carbon Sequestration

"...Regenerative agriculture has been heralded by policymakers, corporations, and farmers as a way to offset greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Bamboo--the Tradition of the Future

"...Furthermore, bamboo is a good alternative to facilitate biological carbon sequestration..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon sequestration relevant to the latest news.

Diversifying Chile’s climate action away from industrial plantations

"...Diversification, however, must guarantee Chile's long-term carbon sequestration capacity without compromising the ecological functionality of biodiverse tree-less habitats and native forest ecosystems..."

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The levelized cost of negative CO2 emissions from thermochemical conversion of biomass coupled with carbon capture and storage

"...Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) that combines biomass conversion for energy production and CO2 capture and storage is a NET that has been intensively studied to meet climate goals..."

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Agroforestry trade-offs between biomass provision and aboveground carbon sequestration in the alpine Eisenwurzen region, Austri

"...Mountain agroecosystems deliver essential ecosystem services to society but are prone to climate change as well as socio-economic pressures, making multi-functional land systems increasingly central to sustainable mountain land use policy..."

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Agroforestry and the environment

"...Agroforestry provides numerous provisioning, regulating, cultural and supporting ecosystem services and environmental benefits while promoting eco-intensification based on a more efficient use of the resources..."

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A scientometric review of biochar preparation research from 2006 to 2019

"...It is mainly used in soil improvement, water pollutant adsorption, carbon sequestration and emission reduction, and energy storage materials, etc..."

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Managing tree-crops for climate mitigation. An economic evaluation trading-off carbon sequestration with market goods

"...Climate change must not be forgotten in the conceptualization of the circular economy and ought to be functionally incorporated and inspire its rationale..."

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Co-pyrolysis of agricultural and industrial wastes changes the composition and stability of biochars and can improve their agric

"...Ten different types of biochars were produced by co-pyrolysis of two agricultural wastes (poultry litter - PL and swine manure - SM) and three industrial wastes (construction wood - CW, tire - TR and PVC plastic - PVC) combined in proportions of 1:1 (w:w) at five temperatures (300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 °C)..."

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Assessing the synergistic value of ecosystem services in European beech forests

"...Here, we address this issue and compute the value of multiple ecosystem services (wood production, carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation) linked to European beech forests, considering local economic conditions..."

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Vacant lot plant establishment techniques alter urban soil ecosystem services

"...We assessed the effects of four vacant lot plant community establishment techniques (seed bombing, broadcast seeding, plug planting, and intensive gardening) and unaltered lawn on three critical ecosystem services provided by urban soils: carbon sequestration, nutrient retention, and water infiltration..."

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Early indications of success rehabilitating an underperforming teak ( Tectona grandis ) plantation in Panama through enrichment

"...Longer-term research is needed to evaluate the potential of enrichment planting to increase profitability and ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration and water resource management in these plantations..."

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Identifying the potential areas of afforestation projects using cost-benefit analysis based on ecosystem services and farmland s

"...Using the Grain for Green Project (GFGP) in the Jinan Planning Zone, China, as a case study, we identified the increase in five ecosystem services (habitat quality, carbon sequestration, soil retention, water conservation, and reduction in non-point source pollution) as the potential benefit and farmland suitability as the potential cost, and used the benefit-cost ratio as the criterion of the PAAs identification..."

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