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Coverage of carbon sinks since November 7, 2023.

Mystery over unexpectedly large emissions from Africas tropical ecosystems

"...This study finds that tropical Africas land acts as a net emitter of CO2 in the dry season, when practices such as biomass burning reach a peak, and a net sink in the wet season, when plants grow faster and take in more CO2 from the atmosphere. Thus, it concludes, tropical Africas land can be considered neutral in terms of its CO2 emissions..."


What will mining the Ring of Fire cost the planet?

"...When she learns mining companies have set their sights on the Hudson Bay lowlands, Lorna Harris raises the alarm — the region is home to the planet's second-largest terrestrial carbon sink. The peatlands — also known as muskeg — that wrap around Hudson and James bays have been absorbing planet-warming gases for thousands of years. Harris says the peatlands in the Ring of Fire mining region alone store about two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gases..."


4 Priorities for Managing US Lands in the Face of Climate Change

"...The U. S. lands sector, which includes forests, grasslands, wetlands, agricultural lands and agricultural operations, can remove carbon emissions to help curb the impacts of climate change, but it can also be a source of planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions..."


Feasibility study will determine the status of protecting Manitoba's Seal River Watershed

"...“This secures one of the largest carbon sinks needed to fight climate change, critical habitat for a wide range of northern wildlife, and preserves the land on which Indigenous nations depend,” said Guilbeault. “We still have a number of steps to go, but this sets us on the path for the long-term protection of the incredible Seal River Watershed for current and future generations. ”..."


‘Were writing our own story': Four Manitoba First Nations sign historic conservation agreement The Narwhal

"...Manitobas first Indigenous protected area reached a historic milestone Thursday as the chiefs of four northern First Nations joined provincial and federal leaders to sign a long-awaited memorandum of understanding, which marked the formal first steps towards conserving the vast, untouched wilderness of the Seal River Watershed..."


'Shell game' helps Canada avoid counting forestry emissions, finds study

"...The audit found that Natural Resources Canada, working with Environment and Climate Change Canada, did not provide a clear and complete picture of the role of forests in Canadas greenhouse gas emissions, such as logging, noted the office of Commissioner JerryDeMarco in a March 2023 summary of the findings..."


Iron Fertilization Isnt Going to Save Us Hakai Magazine

"...The limiting factor for the abundance of life at the oceans surface is often the availability of essential nutrients like iron, nitrogen, and phosphorus. So when a glut of nutrients arrives in the form of volcanic dust, wildfire ash, water upwelled from the deep, or a lab-made mixture, the sudden bounty allows tiny photosynthesizing phytoplankton to flourish. Like plants, these single-celled organisms use sunlight and carbon dioxide as fuel..."


Preserving grasslands is good for the planet, ranchers say and they want to be paid

"...“We're still seeing them being lost, and we really believe that these grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world and we need to try to keep what's remaining. ”Grasslands are home to hundreds of species of birds, wildlife and insects. They also reduce erosion and flooding and promote pollination by providing habitats for bees..."


Planet Earth dives deep into Vancouver Island whale poo

"...The recent return of humpbacks to B. C. waters after being hunted to near extinction, the whales’ clever adaptation to a changing food web, and the myriad ways whales benefit the ocean ecosystem will be showcased, Hildering said..."


Area covered by mining claims in Ontarios Ring of Fire increased by 30 per cent in one year

"...If peatlands are drained, removed, or damaged in this way, they go from being a carbon sink to a carbon emitter. Harris estimates that if just half of the area covered by mining claims is disturbed, it would result in the release of more than one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide one and half times Canadas total reported greenhouse gas emissions in 2021. Story continues below advertisement..."


East Kootenay solar facility a loss for biodiversity B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...As concerned as we are about the impacts of climate change and fossil fuel consumption, the downsides of this project far outweigh the benefits. The environmental values of the East Kootenay grasslands are simply too great to allow such a massively disruptive project to be built. ..."


Tree planting in the face of wildfires

"...But in the wake of the worst wildfire season on record in Canada, it isnt as simple as just planting more trees, climate scientists say. In fact, what weve been planting and how weve been managing our forestry stock have urgent lessons for us to heed. With wildfires igniting a record-breaking 18..."


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Recent episodes that mention carbon sinks.

One billion trees is only half the answer - Marty Verry of Red Stag Timber

Duration: 29:57

"...How reliable are forests for carbon sink? And as a source of credits? And what about all that lost farmland? These questions and more on This Climate Business! Guest Marty Verry. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about carbon sinks.

The city planting a million trees in two years | Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

"...The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in the race to a zero-carbon world..."


The African Swamp Protecting Earth's Environment | Vera Songwe | TED

"...Economist Vera Songwe explains how putting a price on the carbon stored in the peatlands would not only help protect this vital resource but also recognize and reward the African communities that have contributed little to climate change..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about carbon sinks relevant to the latest news.

Livestock Use on Public Lands in the Western USA Exacerbates Climate Change: Implications for Climate Change Mitigation and Ada

"...Cessation of grazing would decrease greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil and water resources, and would enhance/sustain native species biodiversity thus representing an important and cost-effective adaptive approach to climate change..."


The Potential of Peatlands as Nature-Based Climate Solutions

"...Yet, climate warming will hinder the ability of peatland ecosystems to continue to act as carbon sinks indicating the importance of reducing future warming through rapid decarbonization of the economy to protect these globally significant carbon stocks..."


Pathways to achieving nature-positive and carbon?neutral land use and food systems in Wales

"...In contrast, the land use and agricultural sector became a net carbon sink in both the land sparing and land sharing pathways, through high afforestation targets, peatland restoration, reducing food waste and moving towards a healthier diet..."


Carbon sequestration potential and the multiple functions of Nordic grasslands

"...This will enable the management of these ecosystems to align with climate mitigation, maintain biodiversity, and satisfy the global need for increased food supply..."


Monitoring temporal changes in coastal mangroves to understand the impacts of climate change: Red Sea, Egypt

"...Change detection analyses using satellite imagery were conducted to evaluate the effects of rapid coastal sustainable development, including human urban and tourism activities; the decline and destruction of large areas of the mangrove forest for animal feeding along camel trade roads; and the threat of natural impacts such as flash flooding, coastal and soil erosion or human impacts such as established desalination plants and other human activities along the coastal zone of the Egyptian Red Sea..."


Building capacity for estimating fire emissions from tropical peatlands; a worked example from Indonesia

"...Tropical peatlands are globally significant in the terrestrial carbon cycle as they are comprised of a large forest carbon sink and a large peat carbon store?both of which can potentially be exchanged with the atmosphere on decadal time frames..."


Key challenges and approaches to addressing barriers in forest carbon offset projects

"...Forest carbon offset (FCO) projects play an increasingly important role in mitigating climate change through market mechanisms in both compliance and voluntary markets..."


China?s terrestrial ecosystem carbon balance during the 20th century: an analysis with a process-based biogeochemistry model

"...Here we combine spatially-explicit information on vegetation, soil, topography, climate and land use change with a process-based biogeochemistry model to quantify the responses of terrestrial carbon cycle in China during the 20th century..."


Exploring the eco-efficiency of cultivated land utilization and its influencing factors in black soil region of Northeast China

"...Scientific analysis of spatial?temporal pattern variations, as well as factors influencing the ECLU, is of great significance to cultivated land protection, economic development and ecological environment protection in black soil region of Northeast China, and has become a global strategic issue related to the sustainable development..."


Attributing the impacts of ecological engineering and climate change on carbon uptake in Northeastern China

"...Results We identified four main forestry eco-engineering programs: croplands to forest (CtoF), grasslands to forest (GtoF), savannas to forest (StoF), and natural forest conservation (NFC) programs, whose areas accounted for 2..."


Low-carbon utilization of coal gangue under the carbon neutralization strategy: a short review

"...The treatment and utilization of coal gangue, one of the main solid wastes produced during coal mining, are of great significance in environmental protection and resource development..."