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Citizen Science

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News and Opinion

Coverage of citizen science since March 8, 2021.

Monique Keiran: Learn more about our world by joining a citizen science project

"...But last year, as we reeled from public health-ordered shutdowns, many events were postponed or cancelled. The Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region bioblitz, the Metchosin bioblitz, the Parksville wetlands mini-bioblitz, and others, hit the brakes..."

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You too can be a citizen scientist with new app

"...The Alberni Valley Nature Club will host a virtual talk with Reynolds on Monday, April 12 at 7 p. m. via Zoom..."

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WHOI and NOAA release report on U.S. socio-economic effects of harmful algal blooms

"...Framework recommendations call for enhancing interagency coordination; improving research communications and coordination among research networks; integrating socioeconomic assessments into HAB forecasts and observing networks; using open-access databases to establish baselines and identify baseline departures; facilitating rapid response socio-economic studies; improving public health outcome reporting and visibility of HAB-related illnesses; fostering the use of local and traditional ecological knowledge to improve HAB responses; engaging affected communities in citizen science; and engaging graduate students in HAB socio-economic research. Research agenda recommendations include elements necessary for addressing gaps in our understanding of the social and economic effects of HABs. They include a suggested approach for obtaining an improved national estimate of the economic effects of HABs; supporting rapid ethnographic assessments and in depth assessments of social impacts from HABs; defining socioeconomic impact thresholds for triggering more detailed studies of impacts (such as in the case of designated HAB events of significance); sponsoring research on the value of scientific research leading to improved understanding of bloom ecology; assessing the value of HAB mitigation efforts, such as forecasts, and control approaches and their respective implementation costs; and supporting research to improve HAB risk communication and tracking and to better understand the incidence, severity, and costs of HAB-related human illnesses..."

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Ecosystems biologist to tell all about Nanaimo's painted turtles

"...Connie Miller-Retzer, a ecosystems biologist with the Ministry of Forest, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development's ecosystems section, will present a free webinar next week about ongoing work that continues to enhance knowledge about western painted turtles on the mid Island..."

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2.4-magnitude tremor a reminder that Greater Victoria is in a quake zone

"...With a magnitude of 2. 4, the earthquake is at the threshold where a person would feel some shaking, said Dr. John Cassidy, earthquake seismologist with the Geological Survey of Canada, part of the Earth Sciences Sector of Natural Resources Canada..."

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Island study explores whether local insect populations follow global trends

"...“It's really a biodiversity-driven project,” Winchester said. “Biodiversity is important to maintain ecosystem functioning and provide ecosystem services. ”..."

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'By-the-wind sailor' jellies wash ashore in massive numbers after warmer winters

"...Now, thanks to 20 years of observations from thousands of citizen scientists, University of Washington researchers have discovered distinct patterns in the mass strandings of by-the-wind sailors, also called Velella velella. Specifically, large strandings happened simultaneously from the northwest tip of Washington south to the Mendocino coast in California, and in years when winters were warmer than usual. The results were published March 18 in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series..."

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B.C. and Washington state team up to eradicate invasive Asian giant hornet

"...British Columbia officials are increasing the number of Asian giant hornet traps set along the border with Washington state and asking for help from citizen scientists to do the same in an effort to track and destroy the invasive species..."

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U.S., B.C. make plans for 2021 Asian giant hornet season BC Gov News

"...The Asian giant hornet, an invasive pest that threatens pollinators and ignores international borders, is the focus of an international effort to eradicate it in the Pacific Northwest. That is why in the coming year, British Columbia, the State of Washington and U. S..."

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Metchosin study explores whether local insect populations follow global trends

"...“It’s really a biodiversity-driven project,” Winchester said. “Biodiversity is important to maintain ecosystem functioning and provide ecosystem services. ”..."

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New study predicts changing Lyme disease habitat across the West Coast

"..."This study is a great example of how citizen scientists can help -- whether tracking climate change, fires, habitat changes or species distribution shifts -- at a much finer scale than ever before," said Tanner Porter, Ph. D. , a TGen Research Associate and lead author of the study..."

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In the Push for Marine Conservation, Partially Protected Areas Are a “Red Herring” Hakai Magazine

"...Inspired by the United Nations Aichi Biodiversity Targets, nations are rallying behind an ambitious pledge to conserve 30 percent of their lands and waters by 2030. However, more than two-thirds of the world’s marine protected areas (MPAs), a primary marine conservation tool, allow some form of fishing. Now, an in-depth study of MPAs along Australia’s southern coast shows that these partially protected reserves are largely ineffective—both for protecting biodiversity, and for improving people’s enjoyment of the protected space..."

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Jobs in citizen science

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Research Associate - Space Physicist, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of

"...We encourage all qualified applicants to apply, however preference will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada..."

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Data Scientist

"...Provide feedback to the scrum master on the items hindering the velocity of progress..."

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Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator

"...citizens, RBG dedicates its expertise in horticulture, conservation, science and education to connect people, plants and place for the purpose of nurturing and preserving healthy growing life on our..."

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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Inclusive Design Research Centre

"...Due to the diverse character of these materials, research will be approached from different and interdisciplinary perspectives..."

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Recent episodes that mention citizen science.

Journal of Animal Ecology: Citizen Science Special Issue, episode 5 Mark Ditmer

Duration: 21:31

"...JAE Blog editor Julie Sheard interviews Mark Ditmer from Colorado State University..."

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Journal of Animal Ecology: Citizen Science Special Issue, episode 4 Heather Williams

Duration: 15:34

"...JAE Blog editor Julie Sheard interviews Heather Williams, from the State University of New York at Buffalo..."

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Journal of Animal Ecology: Citizen Science Special Issue, episode 3 Chris Latimer

Duration: 20:05

"...JAE Blog editor Julie Sheard interviews Chris Latimer, a research associate ecologist at the Nature Conservancy..."

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Journal of Animal Ecology: Citizen Science Special Issue, episode 2 Frank La Sorte

Duration: 15:30

"...JAE Blog editor Julie Sheard interviews Frank La Sorte, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about citizen science.

Big, Beautiful and Endangered: Birdwing Butterflies

"...These beautiful big butterflies are part of the Parrott Collection, named after butterfly enthusiast and citizen scientist Rodney Parrott..."

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How animals and plants are evolving in cities | Menno Schilthuizen

"...Evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen calls on peculiar beings such as fast food-loving mice and self-cooling snails to illustrate the ever-transforming wonders of urban wildlife -- and explains how you can observe this phenomenon in real-time, thanks to a global network of enthusiastic citizen scientists..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about citizen science relevant to the latest news.

Long-term standardized forest phenology in Sweden: a climate change indicator

"...Data from tree phenology assessments can be used to recommend best forestry practice and to model tree growth, while berry data can be used to estimate when food resources for animals are most available..."

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Citizen science reveals the distribution of the invasive harlequin ladybird ( Harmonia axyridis Pallas) in Argentina

"...It is a highly invasive species that has negative impacts on native biodiversity, may affect some crops, and causes a nuisance to humans..."

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Prioritizing the next decade of freshwater turtle and tortoise conservation in West Africa

" the rainforest belt of West Africa); effects of livestock overgrazing and climate change (specifically in regards to desertification impacting the Sahel region) on behaviors and species sex ratios (Centrochelys sulcata, Kinixys belliana and K..."

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The alien invasive yellow flag ( Iris pseudacorus L.) in Argentinian wetlands: assessing geographical distribution through diff

"...(Iridaceae) is an emergent perennial wetland plant native to the Palearctic region and has been dispersed worldwide as an ornamental plant..."

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Exploring the ability of urban householders to correctly identify nocturnal mammals

"...Urban landscapes present substantial opportunities for biodiversity conservation with residential gardens offering some of the greatest potential conservation gains given that they represent a significant proportion of the total greenspace in urbanised landscapes..."

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Citizens in the Loop for Air Quality Monitoring in Thessaloniki, Greece

"...Air pollution may dictate the quality of the indoor as well as outdoor atmospheric environment..."

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An overview of Neotropical arthropod conservation efforts using risk assessment lists

"...Implications for insect conservation The homologation of the LRLs in the IUCN would increase the representation of endemic arthropods generating (1) an increase in funding for research and (2) for local conservation policies such as ecological restoration, and their use as bioindicators of environmental impact on investment projects in agriculture, mining, forestry, and urbanization..."

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Counting cats for conservation: seasonal estimates of leopard density and drivers of distribution in the Serengeti

"...Large carnivore conservation is important for ecosystem integrity and understanding drivers of their abundance is essential to guide conservation efforts..."

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Capitalizing on opportunistic citizen science data to monitor urban biodiversity: A multi-taxa framework

"...Ultimately, biodiversity conservation in urban environments will best succeed with robust, repeatable, and interpretable measures of biodiversity responses to urbanization, and involving the broader public in the derivation and tracking of these responses will likely result in increased bioliteracy and conservation awareness..."

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Using citizen science to understand the prerequisites for physical activity among adolescents in low socioeconomic status neighb

"...The most frequently reported facilitators were ‘parks, playgrounds and outdoor gym’ as well as ‘amenities’ and ‘sport facilities’, whereas lack of or shortcomings regarding ‘bikeability and walkability’, ‘personal safety’ and ‘lighting’ were the most frequently reported barriers..."

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Rapidly mapping fire effects on biodiversity at a large-scale using citizen science

"...By working with the public, often widely spread out over such disturbed areas, citizen science offers a unique opportunity to collect data on biodiversity responses at the appropriate scale..."

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Bringing Science to the Public: Is It a Matter for Scientific Associations?

"...Two types of associations are here considered: (1) the (older) scientific societies (mostly of a disciplinary nature), in which public understanding/engagement with science is becoming an increasingly important issue, although it is part of a wider array of actions and functions largely oriented to their own members (most of which science/research professionals); (2) the (newer) science dissemination associations (such as astronomy clubs, nature groups, science promotion NGOs, etc..."

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