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Coverage of clean fuels since July 14, 2023.

Emissions, inflation and elections: Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe looks ahead at 2024

"...Purdy: And so was maybe the biggest motivating factor behind this was to have a positive impact, at the end of the day, for those who call Saskatchewan home?Moe: Certainly, and really in doing so, just mirroring the decision that the federal government made in every aspect that we are able to as a province. Purdy: What repercussions, if any, do you expect from our federal government?Moe: I don't expect any repercussions. What would be a positive repercussion would be for the federal government to revisit their forgoing the carbon tax on all forms of home heating fuel..."


Uzelman: Is the Liberals signature climate change agenda collapsing?

"...The carbon tax is only one component of the Liberals climate change agenda that is under significant stress. The Impact Assessment Act, seeks to govern the environmental impact of projects that are under federal jurisdiction. The Supreme Court has ruled that those sections that deal with projects not on federal lands or federally financed designated projects are not aimed at the impact of the project, but are aimed at regulating the project even when under provincial jurisdiction..."


Introducing the CHFCAs new Chair and Vice-Chair

"...power and clean energy industry. Beth helps businesses and markets grow through the development and management of client, stakeholder and policy strategies that drive increased brand awareness, market access and growth. Beth is an active industry member and has been a board member for Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association for the last three years..."


Premiers of Saskatchewan and Alberta ask for extension of carbon tax exemption

"...She said she's to introduce a motion in the legislature that calls on “federal actions” to be applied equally, regardless of where people live or how they heat their homes. Trudeau said people in other provinces are to also benefit from the exemption. The four Atlantic provinces started paying the federal carbon price in July, after provincial systems were deemed no longer strong enough to comply with federal standards..."


Liberals pause carbon pricing on heating oil, double rural carbon price rebate top-up except in B.C.

"...At the same time, the federal government introduced a new clean fuel standard to offset emissions from gasoline and diesel, which saw the public utilities board that set gas prices in the Atlantic provinces raise prices as much as eight cents a litre.  ..."


The Shipping Industry Wont Fulfill its Decarbonization Goals without Investing More in Low-carbon Fuels

"...Dark smoke billows from a ship leaving port in Kingston, Jamaica. Cargo ships run primarily on heavy fuel oil, which contributes to climate change, air pollution and human health risks. Photo by Lucia Gajdosikova/iStockWith maritime trade volumes set to triple by 2050, emissions will only continue to rise unless the industry takes swift action to correct course..."


Suncor Energy CEO says company committed to decarbonization, is accused of greenwashing

"...But Rich Kruger was accused by some MPs of greenwashing his industry's efforts to address climate change, including after he said he hadn't yet read in detail the fine print on new federal regulations to cut emissions from gasoline and diesel. The regulations took effect July 1, requiring gasoline and diesel producers and importers to offset their emissions through various investments, such as replacing power sources at oil extraction sites with renewable or lower-emitting energy, investing in the production of biofuels like ethanol or investing in electric-vehicle charging infrastructure. Bloc Quebecois MP Mario Simard tried to have Kruger explain the cost the new clean fuel regulations will have on his company, whether those costs will be passed on to consumers and how they compare to Suncor's main climate investment of installing a carbon capture and storage system..."


Two Liberal MPs butt heads over radio ad addressing climate misinformation

"...Screenshot of a July 27 post on Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin’s Facebook page. Screenshot taken by Canada's National Observer on Aug. 4, 2023In a phone interview with Canada’s National Observer, Atwin said the ad is about “setting the record straight” and “giving people alternative information that's not coming from the industry itself or a provincial government who likes to, you know, bend to the industry..."


Jagmeet Singh talks affordability in Atlantic Canada as NDP seeks to flip Liberal seats

"..."I want to be the one calling the shots and make sure that decisions are made in the interests of working people. "The party is looking to flip St. John's East in Newfoundland, a seat that used to be a stronghold for the NDP, and Halifax, a riding that often flips between the Liberals and New Democrats..."


Prime Minister Trudeau talks carbon tax, Chignecto Isthmus and future of the RCMP

"...In Nova Scotia, where Premier Tim Houston has called for Trudeau to sit down with the premiers to discuss carbon pricing, the provinces department of Environment and Climate Change spent $56,000 in taxpayer dollars for a two-week advertising campaign opposing a carbon tax..."


Clean fuel regs backlash blamed on flawed assumption: industry group

"...Advanced Biofuels Canada said Canadas new Clean Fuel Regulations are unfairly under attack..."


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Recent episodes that mention clean fuels.

RealAg Radio: Clean fuel regulations, trade flow differences, and grain transportation, Feb 16, 2024

Duration: 55:08

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Friday edition of RealAg Radio recorded live at Cargill Marketsense..."


RealAg Radio, June 2: Clean Fuel regs, Bill 97 walk back, and global commodity markets

Duration: 53:56

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Friday edition of RealAg Radio! On todays show, host Shaun Haney is joined by Lyndsey Smith and Kelvin Heppner, both of RealAgriculture, as well as Meagan Murdoch of H&K strategies, for the RealAg Issues Panel..."


Electric cars, renewable diesel, and the California mandate

Duration: 15:41

"...Californias environmental rules and regulations often set the pace for the rest of America..."


RealAg Radio, August 30: Impacts of the ASF funding, potential impact on renewable diesel demand with California law

Duration: 54:49

"...Thanks for tuning in to RealAg Radio! On todays show, youll hear from: Rick Bergmann with the Canadian Pork Council on the impacts of the ASF funding from last week; and Floyd Vergara, Director of State Governmental Affairs, Clean Fuels Alliance America on the California law to ban gas powered vehicles by 2035 and the. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about clean fuels.

This artificial leaf produces hydrogen from air and sunlight

"...Hydrogen can be used as a clean fuel, or for renewable energy storage..."


Brightest Minds: Peter Terium, the Future of Energy Sector Head at NEOM

"...Peter Terium, the Future of Energy Sector Head at NEOM, explains in his video how NEOM is one of the few places on Earth where it is already possible to set up a system powered by a 100% renewable energy mix, such that both clean fuels like green hydrogen are produced and food can be produced by clean water from entirely renewable energy sources..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about clean fuels relevant to the latest news.

The Promethean Fate of Economy: Will Hydrogen Really Be Prometheus III?s New Gift to Humanity?

"...This gift, thanks to the fact that green hydrogen is an easily storable raw material, a clean fuel, a vector and a means for accumulation of energy, can contribute, as already pointed out by Jeremy Rifkin, to overcome, at European level, the problems of exhaustion of non-renewable energy resources, of pollution, of climate change, of security and independence of energy supplies, of economic recovery after covid-19 pandemic and Ukrainian war, of lack of democracy in energy generation..."


Energy cycle assessment of bioethanol production from sugarcane bagasse by life cycle approach using the fermentation conversio

"...Moreover, by replacing fossil fuels with clean energies, more energy efficiency and less environmental consequences can be achieved because fossil fuels cause air pollution leading to acid rain, eutrophication, damage to forests, and harm to wildlife..."


Dimethyl Ether Production from Sugarcane Vinasse: Modeling and Simulation for a Techno-economic Assessment

"...This work aims to conjoin the production of DME, a biofuel with great prospects for technical performance, safety, and economy, with a favorable destination for vinasse, the most worrying residue of ethanol production, due to its high polluting potential and large production volume in several countries..."


A Multicriteria Decision Making Approach for Evaluating Crop Residues for Sustainable Briquette Production in Ghana

"...Design: The study used the Bioenergy and Food Security Rapid Appraisal (BEFS RA) tool and Multicriteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods to achieve the research goal..."


Thermochemical conversion of plastic waste to fuels: a review

"...Recycling technologies can reduce the accumulation of plastic wastes, yet they also pollute the environment, consume energy, labor and capital cost..."


Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide by Microorganism and Production of Value Added Product

"...The CO2 mitigation can be achieved by three means: first by improving energy efficiency, second by CO2 capture and sequestration, and the third option is use of alternative clean fuels (biohydrocarbon, biodiesel, etc..."


Data mining-based firefly algorithm for green vehicle routing problem with heterogeneous fleet and refueling constraint

"...Green vehicle routing emphasizes the use of clean fuels as an important factor in reducing the environmental pollution..."


Closed-Loop Dynamic Real-Time Optimization (CL-DRTO) of a Bioethanol Distillation Process Using an Advanced Multilayer Control A

"...The ethanol production has become an important part of the worldwide economy driven by its use as renewable energy and environmentally clean fuel..."


Energy, exergy, economic and exergoenvironmental analyses of polygeneration system integrated gas cycle, absorption chiller, and

"...Moreover, providing cooling capacity and hydrogen production associated with this cogeneration is applicable to store hydrogen as a clean fuel..."