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Coverage of clean technology since September 29, 2023.

B.C. clean-tech firm Greenlight Innovation secures $1.1M to develop energy storage devices

"...The firm — located at 8339 Eastlake Dr. — tests equipment that develops and manufactures hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysers and energy storage devices..."


What is biomass? The latest fuel source to get clean tech tax credits

"...In a response to the BBC, Drax maintains they only use sawdust and other waste wood that the lumber industry does not want. Natural Resources Canada says forest biomass is a “renewable source of feedstock for energy production” as long as it comes from a sustainably managed forest and regrows over time. Still, Roberston says there are concerns..."


Oil and gas well drillers want federal funding to help industry decarbonize

"...The drilling sector's emissions reduction efforts have not been as high-profile as those of the oilsands industry, which is proposing a $16. 5-billion carbon capture and storage project in northern Alberta that it says will help it reach net-zero emissions from production by 2050. But Scholz said there are many things oil and gas drillers can do to lower their carbon footprint, from rig electrification to hydrogen fuel blending to investing in battery energy storage systems for oil well drilling sites..."


Carbon-lowering contracts will get $7B from fall fiscal update

"...The Liberals' recent move to pause the carbon price for three years on home heating oil was seen by some pundits as a sign that even they were backing away from one of their signature policies, introducing further uncertainty to the system. The fall update also promised some movement on previously announced tax credits for the clean-tech transition, with legislation to create tax credits for carbon capture and storage and clean technology expected in the next few weeks. The document also says a long-awaited Indigenous loan guarantee program will be established to allow Indigenous communities to access the capital they need to be involved in major energy projects..."


CP NewsAlert: Trudeau, Eby announce $1 billion battery plant in Maple Ridge, B.C.

"...MAPLE RIDGE, B. C. — A lithium-ion battery cell production plant costing more than $1 billion will be built in Maple Ridge, B..."


Publisher's Note: Slow and steady will not win the climate race Corporate Knights

"...The reason for this is the previous decade’s hyper-growth in clean technology is being driven by historic and in some cases unprecedented cost reductions. Whether we are talking electric cars, green power, energy storage, heat pumps or plant protein, the solutions to climate change are doubling every three to four years everywhere you look. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world will add a record 440 gigawatts of new renewable capacity this year..."


Canada needs to move faster than the rest of the world on renewable energy: Wilkinson

"...Energy Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says Canada needs to “get with the program” and move faster to become a renewable energy powerhouse, as a new international energy outlook forecasts demand for all fossil fuels will peak in seven years..."


Feds earmark $9.9M for B.C. tech platform

"...The IM’s previous two testbeds are at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and the Port of Prince Rupert. YVR is electrifying its support vehicles on the airfield to reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions, and the Port of Prince Rupert is testing ways to reduce use of diesel fuel, to decarbonize operations, and increase the port's efficiency and competitiveness..."


Energy Innovation Fair in Red Deer highlights latest advancements

"...“As we began to engage a lot of the stakeholders to this event in relation to geothermal, carbon capture, hydrogen, solar, energy efficiency and a bunch of other realms of clean tech, I realized I had no idea how much was going on in Central Alberta. It’s pretty diverse,” Thomas noted..."


Small modular reactor developer unveils early procurement schedule

"...At the same time, they also submitted an environmental impact assessment registration to the province. Environment Minister Gary Crossman later announced that the application will undergo a comprehensive environmental impact assessment..."


Input sought for proposed small modular nuclear reactor project

"...The environment minister recently announced that the proposed project would undergo a comprehensive environmental impact assessment..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention clean technology.

TCS 84. ZeroNox - More Power & Uncompromising Clean Technology

Duration: 42:49

"...Source: The Crownsmen Show..."


Navigating Clean Technology with Greg Kiessling – April 13, 2021

Duration: 59:08

"...We often assume that because green energy costs more to produce, it’s less profitable for the seller in the long-run..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about clean technology.

Canada has the energy the world needs (Vote Energy 2021)

"...Global energy demand is growing and we need energy from all sources, including natural gas and oil..."


Boosting Clean Technology: Speeding Development & Adoption of High Impact Clean Energy Technologies

"...The low-carbon energy transition is happening faster than expected and globally scaled manufacturing has unleashed steep declines in the cost of clean energy technology..."


Driving Clean Technology with Heather Hochrein

"...She is well versed in clean technology and previously spent five years in leadership roles at Rising Sun Energy Center..."


Crush It Challenge finalists

"...The finalists of the Crush It! Challenge talk about their innovative clean technology solutions that transform how energy is used for crushing and grinding rocks in the mining industry..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about clean technology relevant to the latest news.

Bioenergy production from cotton straws using different pretreatment methods

"...Cotton straws are one of the most produced agricultural wastes in Turkey and getting attention by not being consumed as animal feed or an industrial stock and having a huge potential in clean energy production..."


Establishment of a novel technology permitting self-sufficient, renewable energy from rice straw in paddy fields

"...Since methane is a clean energy source and the main component of natural gas, we established a novel and efficient on-site biomethane production and collection system using rice straw in the paddy field without any the methane fermentation, implying that this system will contribute to reduction of the greenhouse effect..."


A Survey-Based Assessment of How Existing and Potential Electric Vehicle Owners Perceive Range Anxiety

"...Electric vehicle (EV) owners enjoy many positive aspects when driving their cars, including low running costs and zero tailpipe gas emissions, which makes EVs a clean technology provided that they are sourced through renewable sources, e..."


Prospects, progress, challenges and policies for clean power generation from biomass resources

"...A review of the technologies can provide a base for strategic energy policy for the next generation of sustainable energy policies and helps policymakers to frame strategies aiming for clean technology and sustainable development..."


Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor in Electric Vehicle

"...The twenty-first century is witnessing the growth of electric vehicles due to the declining level of petroleum products and legal concern for clean technology to take care of environmental pollution..."


Spatial spillover effects of urbanization on carbon emissions in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, China

"...Using 2008?2018 panel data on the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, this paper constructs a Stochastic Impacts by Regression on Population, Affluence, and Technology (STIRPAT) model based on four dimensions of urbanization: population, economy, land, and ecology..."


Recycling and remanufacturing technology analysis of permanent magnet synchronous motor

"...With the development of clean technology, inefficient motors that have been used for many years and the recyclable motor with damaged components are facing phase-out and scrap, leaving a large amount of waste resources and serious environmental pollution problems to be solved urgently..."


Energy-efficient design of a carbon fiber-based self-heating concrete pavement system through finite element analysis

"...Electrically conductive concrete (ECON) heated pavement system (HPS) is a newly developed clean technology to reduce the use of polluting chemicals for removal of snow and ice..."


Individualism and the adoption of clean energy technology

"...Why do 20% of Swedes report having adopted a clean energy system while the corresponding share of Spaniards equals 0..."


Performance analysis of solar-assisted CO2 adsorption capture system based on dynamic simulation

"...Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is regarded as one of the most economical solutions to achieve reasonable emission reductions for small and medium-sized point sources in the IEA Clean Technology Scenario (CTS)..."


Is Clean Development Always Possible? The Role of Environmental Policy in Developing Countries in the Presence of Aggregate Dem

"...This paper investigates whether economic development is impeded by binding national emission standards to control climate change..."


Environmental policies and political feasibility: Eco-labels versus emission taxes

"...We evaluate each policy’s effects on the environment, investment in clean technology, and social welfare under imperfect competition..."