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Coverage of cleantech since May 3, 2023.

Hero: Volvo ditches diesel and revs up electric car sales Corporate Knights

"...Though just 3. 5% of Ford’s revenue came from manufacturing electric vehicles in 2022, it poured more than US$2. 1 billion into EV production last year and says it plans to invest US$50 billion by the end of 2026, with hopes of producing two million EVs a year..."


Maple Ridge, B.C. to be home of new $1.05-billion lithium-ion battery plant

"...The federal government is putting up $204. 5 million through the Net Zero Accelerator Initiative, which is aimed at supporting companies that can help Canada reach its greenhouse gas emission targets. The plant will anchor E-One Moli's North American operations and create a B..."


We shouldn’t underestimate the economic benefits of climate action in B.C.

"...Finally, while the BCBC critiques the climate plan, its suggested alternative is simply to delay B. C. ’s emissions reduction timeline..."


Todd Sayers: Why non-dilutive funding is revolutionizing B.C.’s cleantech sector

"...The diversity of these recipients is remarkable. Takachar, for instance, is making biomass-based chemicals and biofuels economically feasible by prototyping a small-scale, portable biomass conversion unit on tractors and pick-up trucks to process raw biomass on-site in remote communities. Invinity is accelerating the adoption of renewable energy by delivering vanadium flow battery storage for electrical grids worldwide, while HTEC is building hydrogen fueling stations that can withstand extreme weather conditions..."


Foresight clean-tech accelerator marks 10th anniversary

"...“In 2022-23, Foresight supported more companies than in previous years, saw new records for revenue generated by Foresight ventures which exceeded our wildest expectations, and hosted more cleantech-focused events than ever before,” the organization says in its annual report..."


Unleashing the Potential

"...Harnessing the transformative power of advanced technology cannot be underestimated. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and clean energy solutions have the potential to revolutionize industries, enhancing productivity, reducing environmental impact, and fostering economic growth. This promising construct can leverage advancements in technology to drive innovation in renewable energy, sustainable transportation, biomaterials, smart agriculture, manufacturing, health, construction, and smart cities, among many others..."


American company acquires Peterborough biotech Noblegen

"...Noblegen launched as a cleantech company focusing on purifying water. Founder and CEO Adam Noble as a teenager in Lakefield first studied how algae could be used to treat water and won numerous science fair awards for his efforts. In 2013 he first launched Noble Tech..."


FOREST INK: North America’s largest biochar plant will be built in Quebec

"...The project will sequester 75,000 tons of carbon per year — equivalent to over 400 rail cars worth of burned coal — and generate certified carbon credits that will be sold by First Climate AG. Used as a soil amendment, biochar offers several benefits, including carbon sequestration, increased nutrient retention, and optimized soil aeration and drainage. Its properties allow it to contribute to soil regeneration, limit the use of fertilizers and sustain water resources..."


Only the feds can stop Ontario’s gas madness

"...But a report commissioned by the IESO tells a very different story: The Dunsky Report explains how Ontario can forgo more gas burning by embracing rooftop solar, load controls that shift electricity demand from peak to off-peak periods, stationary batteries, and bi-directional chargers that allow our electric vehicles’ batteries to provide power back to the grid during peak demand. A report just out from the RBC Climate Action Institute makes much the same point: Ontario can save at least $500 million by embracing smart thermostats and AI-enhanced HVAC systems instead of building new gas plants. This is a report from the bank that is Canada’s biggest lender to the fossil fuel industry, not something issued by environmental organizations..."


The fungi startups behind a booming mushroom economy

"...Four years ago, she and her partner, Leo Gillis, moved from Ontario to rural Newfoundland with the intention of starting their own mushroom farm to provide fresh local produce to food-insecure communities. The two experimented with using grow bags – plastic bags with air patches that can help plants germinate and root quickly – for the mushrooms. But it wasn’t working..."


First Nation leading charge with Canada's largest battery storage

"...This utility-scale project, several years in the making, will provide backup storage to Canada’s most populous province and is being built by Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) and NRStor, a storage start-up, with $50 million in backing from the Canada Infrastructure Bank. (Tesla, Northland Power and Aecon are also partners. ) SNGRDC CEO Matt Jamieson (of the Tuscarora Nation) rhymes off the benefits: local jobs, cleantech investment, emission reductions and a major boost for the region’s clean energy infrastructure, in which Six Nations is a significant investor..."


Alberta election: Rachel Notley promises to create more jobs

"...At the announcement in Edmonton, Notley also criticized United Conservative Leader Danielle Smith for refusing to comment on her involvement in the criminal case of a Calgary pastor. Arthur Pawlowski was convicted this week of mischief in a border-crossing blockade at Coutts, Alta. , protesting against COVID-19 public health measures..."


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Jobs in cleantech

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

"...Get in “at the ground floor” and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of a cleantech startup with extraordinary growth potential and high profile..."

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Global Trade Director, Cleantech

"...This expertise will be applied across a spectrum of vertical industries where companies are aggressively..."

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Manager, Program Compliance & Risk Management (Remote)

"...Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)is a highly entrepreneurial foundation, created by the federal government..."

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Manager, Business Systems Innovation/Development (Remote)

"...Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is a highly entrepreneurial foundation, created by the federal government..."

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Recent episodes that mention cleantech.

E29 - What is a hyperloop with Sebastien Gendron

Duration: 39:02

"...Alberta Cleantech Investment Summit Keynote – What is a hyperloop with Transpod Co-Founder & CEO Sebastien Gendron..."


Navigating Clean Technology with Greg Kiessling – April 13, 2021

Duration: 59:08

"...We often assume that because green energy costs more to produce, it’s less profitable for the seller in the long-run..."


E28 - Investing in Cleantech Masterclass // Alberta Cleantech Investment Summit

Duration: 01:01:40

"...As part of the Alberta Cleantech Investment Summit event line-up, grab a cup of coffee and join our event partners and participating angels and ventures, for insight into how seasoned VCs assess cleantech ventures for investment..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about cleantech.

GC LipidTech - Founder Series

"...GC LipidTech: Strives to develop cleantechsolution with microalgaes and provide the world with a multitude of sustainable, impactful and safe biotechnologies..."


Biodiversity as an Asset Class Ep 3: Philanthropic Capital and Industry Transitions

"...#philanthropy #biodiversity #ecosystem #nature #naturepositive #naturalcapital #greenfinance #finance #greeneconomy #netzero #decarbonization #cleanenergy #renewable #carbon #carbonprice #2030 #2050 #innovation #sustainability #greentech #resilience ​​#risk #cleantech #COP27 #TogetherForImplementation #greentransition #climate #climatecrisis ..."


Biodiversity as an Asset Class Ep 5: Pricing Biodiversity

"...#biodiversity #ecosystem #nature #naturepositive #naturalcapital #greenfinance #finance #greeneconomy #netzero #decarbonization #cleanenergy #renewable #carbon #carbonprice #2030 #2050 #innovation #sustainability #greentech #resilience ​​#risk #cleantech #COP27 #TogetherForImplementation #greentransition #climate #climatecrisis #nobelprize ..."


Accelerating Sustainable Finance Ep 1: The Required Business Transformation

"...#climate #climatecrisis #climateaction #COP27 #TogetherForImplementation #climatefinance #finance #greeneconomy #netzero #extremeweather #JustTransition #energytransition #energyaccess #Decarbonization #cleanenergy #renewable #carbon #carbonprice #2030 #2050 #innovation #sustainability #greentech #resilience ​​#risk #cleantech ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about cleantech relevant to the latest news.

China’s role in the next phase of the energy transition: Contributions to global niche formation in the Concentrated Solar

"...The role that emerging economies, and China in particular, play in the global energy transition appears to be transforming..."


Do existing regional specialisations stimulate or hinder diversification into cleantech?

"...Results confirmed the assumption in evolutionary economic geography that technological relatedness enhances regional diversification into cleantech..."


The role of engineers in the greening of the South-Western Norwegian Maritime Industry: Practices, agency and social fields

"...I find that engineers, in addition to ‘normal’ engineer practices, perform several ‘non-engineer’ practices important for transformation, and that engineers in their greening efforts are practicing in several social fields of different scale and scope; a global ‘engineer discipline’ field associated with ‘normal’ engineer practices, a regional ‘industry cluster’ field associated with cleantech practices, and a national ‘political’ field associated with lobbying practices..."


Mapping the types of business experimentation in creating sustainable value: A case study of cleantech start-ups

"...In this study, business experimentation for sustainable value creation is explored through seven cleantech start-ups by applying the systemic combining approach..."


IT2-based multidimensional evaluation approach to the signaling: investors? priorities for the emerging industries

"...The application is illustrated by considering cleantech, new generation of information technology, biology/biotechnology and high-end equipment manufacturing industries, three dimensions and 12 criteria..."