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Climate Plan

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Coverage of climate plan since October 28, 2021.

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Quebec Liberals promise $100B green hydrogen plan if elected

"...The Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) government has also included green hydrogen in its Green Economy 2030 Plan, but hasn't made any major investments. The shift towards an environmentally-conscious Liberal Party is in direct contrast, it says, to the government, which Thursday announced $11 billion of new spending, but made no mention of climate change. “I was in Glasgow,” Liberal MNA Carlos Leitao said, referring to the COP26 conference in Scotland earlier this month..."

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Vancouver mayor proposes a climate levy

"...Vancouver's climate plan has set a goal of a 50 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030..."

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Vancouver mayor wants a climate levy in the city's 2022 budget

"...Vancouver’s climate plan has set a goal of a 50 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030..."

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Evolution of renewables and biofuels needed to hit climate targets, Wilkinson says

"...Wilkinson, who spent several days at COP26 pushing Canada's position on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, but promoting the development of hydrogen, said the all-or-nothing polarized positions on oil and gas production are difficult. He said he still sees a role in Canada for some fossil fuels as long as they are not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. That includes, he said, using bitumen for non combustible uses like asphalt or carbon graphite, and extracting hydrogen molecules from natural gas, as long as that is done with technology that first reduces and then eventually eliminates the greenhouse gas emissions that come from that process..."

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COP26 summit: U.K. draft decision calls for stronger national climate plans by 2022

"...The United Kingdom, host of the UN climate change summit in Glasgow, on Wednesday released a draft political decision, which will be negotiated over the next few days, urging countries to strengthen their national climate plans by the end of 2022..."

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Why Climate-Change Geoengineering Feels Wrong

"...For decades, people have concocted “geoengineering” schemes: plan Bs to cool the planet back down to a safer temperature range if nations can't contain warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. (This negative outcome is all but guaranteed under current national climate plans and pledges. ) One of the most discussed geoengineering ideas is to dump sulfur out of aircraft into the stratosphere, which would mimic a cataclysmic volcanic eruption and cool the average global temperature within mere months..."

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How ‘green' are your purchases? Complex supply chains make it difficult to know

"...In some cases, a product bought in Canada or the United States may have parts made by dozens of different companies located all over the world. And the raw materials these items are made from are often shipped across international borders multiple times during different stages of the production process. The rise of online shopping and the proliferation of green-marketing campaigns has made it even more challenging for consumers to differentiate between products that claim to be green and those that actually are..."

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Innovation necessary to successful climate action plan, B.C.'s environment minister says

"...Last week, the B. C. government introduced its climate plan to chop greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which includes initiatives like reducing the number of kilometres driven by residents by 25 per cent compared with last year and boosting the carbon tax..."

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Trudeau promised to cap emissions, but Canada’s oil and gas companies have different plans The Narwhal

"...Suncor’s most recent climate report says the company has a series of strategic objectives, including goals of having net zero greenhouse gas pollution by 2050 and expanding what it describes as “low emissions business. ” The report also highlights Suncor’s recent solar and wind projects while noting that some of its recent investments in wind and cogeneration have made the company the fifth-largest and one of the most carbon-competitive independent power producers in Alberta by generation capacity. The report also says that Suncor is allocating about 10 per cent of its annual capital budget or $500 million on investments to advance what it calls “low-GHG energy offerings..."

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Trudeau in Scotland for COP26, first UN climate talks appearance since 2015

"...It's the first time he will be at a COP meeting since the Paris agreement was signed just weeks after he first became prime minister in 2015. Leaders' summits are only held at every fifth meeting and the Glasgow negotiations are a year delayed because of COVID-19. Canada's emissions have risen more than three per cent since 2016, the most of any G7 nation, but Trudeau has substantially upped the ante in his climate plan over the last 12 months..."

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‘Ambitious' climate change action key to long-term economic wellbeing, LeBlanc says

"...Among the appointments that have raised questions was the naming of longtime environmental activist Steven Guilbeault as the minister for environment and climate change, and to move the previous environment minister, Jonathan Wilkinson, into the natural resources post. Former Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan said the cabinet suggests a focus on the need for “sustainable, inclusive prosperity. ”“That means that you take on board the fact that there have been people who been excluded from our economic opportunity in this country..."

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Jobs in climate plan

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Rainwater Management & Climate Adaptation Professional - Urban Systems Ltd. (Vancouver) (Vancouver, BC)

"...The ideal candidate will be driven to build relationships with clients based on excellent service and strong technical problem-solving skills..."

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Recent episodes that mention climate plan.

4/30/21 - CMU Environmental Grant; DTE Wind Parks

Duration: 03:00

"...Central Michigan University has received a $10 million environmental grant..."

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276. Canada's Climate Plan - Can it meet Paris Accord goals?

Duration: 04:00

"...Canada's Climate Plan was just updated with a price on carbon rising to $170 per tonne by 2030, and billions in funds for energy retrofits, clean energy and green infrastructure..."

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RealAg Radio, Jan 6: A weather forecast, fertilizer and climate, and U.S. relations

Duration: 53:24

"...We’ve reached the middle of the first full week of the new year! Welcome to this Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio..."

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Auckland’s Transport Emissions Challenge: Shane Ellison, CEO, Auckland Transport

Duration: 28:57

"...In this episode Vincent speaks with Shane Ellison - the chief executive of Auckland Transport..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about climate plan.

Ontario NDP's Ambitious Climate Plan

"...The Green New Democratic Deal is the Ontario NDP's plan to get the province to net-zero emissions by 2050..."

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276. Canada's Climate Plan - Can it meet Paris Goals?

"...Canada's Climate Plan was just updated with a price on carbon rising to $170 per tonne by 2030, and billions in funds for energy retrofits, clean energy and green infrastructure..."

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Does Ottawa's Climate Plan Add Up?

"...In December, the Liberal government announced its bold new approach to combat climate change..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about climate plan relevant to the latest news.

Climate Budget Tagging: Amplifying Sub-National Government?s Role in Climate Planning and Financing in Indonesia

"...The economic growth that Indonesia has experienced relies heavily on the availability of natural resources, and consequently the success to mitigate environmental risks is associated with climate change..."

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