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Coverage of coal mines since December 31, 2023.

Turkey detains company director as part of inquiry into gold mine landslide that left 9 missing

"...Experts warned the landslide could be an environmental hazard as the soil was laced with dangerous substances, including cyanide, used in gold extraction. They said it may affect the nearby Euphrates River which stretches across Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The ministry had closed down a stream leading to the river to prevent water pollution..."


Hundreds of rescuers deployed in search for 9 workers missing at landslide-hit Turkish gold mine

"...Experts, meanwhile, have warned that the landslide may carry environmental risks. Geologist Suleyman Pampal said the soil that formed the landslide had been processed for gold and may contain dangerous substances such as cyanide that is used to extract gold. He also warned of a threat to the nearby Euphrates River..."


Federal Court allows judicial review of Rocky Mountain coal mine denied by panel

"...The Federal Court is allowing two Alberta First Nations to ask for a judicial review of a decision that denied permits for an open-pit coal mine in the Rocky Mountains..."


Crown Mountain Coking Coal Public Comment Period B.C. Wildlife Federation

"...“The mine footprint is on and directly adjacent to bighorn sheep, mountain goat, grizzly bear, wolverine, lynx, elk, moose and mule deer habitat. The loss of this habitat is irreplaceable through mitigation. The Elk Valley is already faced with a massive water quality/selenium crisis and this will undoubtedly add to that..."


'Canary in the coal mine': ER doctor urges systemic change to P.E.I. health care

"...The Emergency Department is the canary in the coal mine, said Dr. Jain. Its an indirect barometer of the health of a health-care system..."


New coal mine proposed for B.C. Rockies

"...advagg_mod_2_check();Steel production is responsible for an estimated 11 per cent of global CO2 emissions and under the International Energy Agency’s net-zero emissions scenario, the steel industry’s emissions intensity must fall by about a quarter by 2030. The public comment period is open for NWP Coal Canada's proposed project to mine coal in B. C..."


Contamination from old Alberta coal mines raises cleanup questions

"...The findings, by provincial government scientists who were not made available to speak to reporters, raise questions about who is responsible for cleaning up legacy industrial sites. “Our results reveal novel evidence that coal mining activities in the Crowsnest River watershed have been impacting ecosystems downstream for decades,” says the paper, published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution. Its three authors, all employed by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas when the research was conducted, studied the Grassy Mountain and Tent Mountain sites in southwestern Alberta..."


Contamination from old Alberta Rockies coal mines raises cleanup questions

"...“Our results reveal novel evidence that coal mining activities in the Crowsnest River watershed have been impacting ecosystems downstream for decades,” says the paper, published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution..."


New B.C. coal mine enters public comment period

"...One of the problems that other mines in the region hashad is selenium pollution, which comes from coal tailings. NWP proposes to reduce the potential for selenium pollution by using a drystack tailings approach, rather than a wet tailings pond..."


East Kootenays coal examined for rare earths

"...Extraction techniques (separation and concentration) were also tested, with density separation, flotation and hydrometallurgical leaching all showing promise for further study, Geoscience BC said. In addition, the nature of the host minerals suggests that coal processing waste streams offer the best feed source for REE extraction..."


Teck completes partial sale of its steelmaking coal mines

"...Teck Resources (TSX:TECK. B, NYSE: TECK)has completed the partial sale of its B. C..."


Year in review: A look at news events in August 2023 CityNews Halifax

"...01 – The last surviving miner from the October 1958 Springhill, Nova Scotia coal mine disaster dies. Harold Brine was 91. Only 19 of the 174 men working in the mine were rescued after a seismic shock wave trapped them near the bottom of North America's deepest coal mine..."


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Recent episodes that mention coal mines.

Coal policy, drinking water, and calling your MLA a LIVE! with Corb Lund

Duration: 21:10

"...Corb Lund may be best known for his singing and songwriting, but hes also a resident of Alberta with strong rural roots..."


Coal mining in the Rocky Mountains

Duration: 14:25

"...Blair Painter, Mayor, Crowsnest Pass..."


Todays Show: Federal cabinet shuffle, Line 5, proposed coal mining in the Rockies, and COVID-19 messaging

Duration: 1:56:17

"...Guests: John Ivison, Political Columnist for the National Post, Cory Morgan, Executive Director for Suits and Boots, Craig Snodgrass, Mayor of High River, Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment & Parks, Government House Leader, UCP MLA for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, Dr..."


Backlash to proposed coal mining in the Rockies

Duration: 50:21

"...Craig Snodgrass, Mayor of High River..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about coal mines.

So Paulo Schools Plant Mini-Forests & Disused Coal Mine Heats Homes | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...This water is warmed naturally by geothermal energy and can then be used to heat buildings above ground..."


Geothermal Can TRANSFORM Dirty Coal Mines into Clean Energy Hotbeds!

"...Dr Helen Czerski went to Newcastle Upon Tyne to see one massive bore hole and to Gateshead to find out how coal mines could be transformed into renewable energy infrastructure..."


Why are Canada's ice shelves disappearing? | Ask A Scientist

"...So, satellite data tells us that only about 5% of Canadian ice shelf areas are still intact compared to about 100 years ago, so this represents the loss of a really unique ecosystem, because freshwater lakes form on ice shelves during the summer and are host to really interesting life, including microbes..."


How coal mining is displacing millions

"...Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about coal mines relevant to the latest news.

Stabilization of Mine Waste Dumps Through Bio-Engineering

"...This study enumerates various plant species that can be used to reinforce coal mine waste dumps, the factors that affect the choice, and the techniques used to measure their effectiveness as a bio-engineering tool..."


Energy-Related Rare Earth Element Sources

"...Next-most REE-enriched among coal-related materials are solid waste products of coal mining and wastes from coal preparation, both of which are REE-enriched relative to coal itself..."


Selection of tropical trees and shrubs for urban greening in coal mine complex: a case study of Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh

"...The present study was conducted near an open coal mining complex situated in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, India, to assess the air pollution tolerance index (APTI), anticipated performance index (API), dust capturing capacity (DCC), and leaf morphology of trees and shrubs growing around the coal fields..."


Characteristics and pollution risks of potentially toxic elements and nematode community structure on farm soil near coal mines

"...The study aimed to determine the status and sources of PTEs contamination and evaluate the quality of the soil ecology..."


Support design in underground coal mines using modified rock mass classification system (RMRdyn) for enhanced safety? an approa

"...Owing to the exhaustion of near-surface deposits, environmental impacts and land acquisition issues associated with surface mining, underground coal mining is expected to take a leap in the next decade..."


A Mine Water SAource Prediction Model Based on LIF Technology and BWO-ELM

"...The traditional methods for identifying water sources in coal mines lack the ability to quickly detect water sources and are prone to causing secondary pollution of samples..."


"...The cracking behavior of lignite during drying?wetting cycles impacts the efficiency of coal mining, underground coal gasification, and coalbed methane development..."


Deformation evolution of landslides induced by coal mining in mountainous areas: case study of the Madaling landslide, Guizhou,

"...In recent years, landslides induced by underground mining have attracted much attention as they cause great harm and early warning signals are difficult to detect..."


Potential resources from coal mining and combustion waste: Australian perspective

"...We have explored some of the opportunities for repurposing, reusing, reprocessing or recycling discards of the coal production value chain..."


The Growth, Competition, and Facilitation of Grass and Legumes in Post-mining Soils

"...Post-mining sites are characterised by unfavourable soil conditions which limit the recovery of ecosystem functions..."


Determinants in the adoption of a non-labor-substitution technology: mechanical ventilation in West Virginia coal mines, 1898?1

"...Accounts of technological change during industrialization processes based on labor-saving innovations are commonplace, even more so in the coal mining industry, in which the focus has until now been placed on the steam engine water pump and the coal cutting machine..."