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Coverage of coal mines since June 12, 2024.

Missing Polish coal miner found alive more than two days after an earthquake

"...WARSAW, Poland (AP) A miner who went missing after an earthquake shook Poland's Rydultowy coal mine has been found alive more than two days after the accident that killed one and injured 17 other workers, local officials said Saturday..."


'I thought we were having an earthquake': tractor trailer strikes N.B. home

"...Two people were sent to the hospital following a motor vehicle crash in Dieppe Saturday morning. Dieppe Fire Department platoon chief Denis Roberge said a vehicle and a tractor trailer collided around 5 a. m..."


Rescuers resume search for a miner missing after Polish mine accident killed 1, injured 17

"...Aleksandra Wysocka-Siembiga, spokeswoman for the Polish Coal Mining Group, told The Associated Press that security conditions underground have improved to allow the search to resume during the night. Rescuers had to pause their work late Thursday due to the threat of repeat tremors and high presence of methane gas in the mine..."


Teck Coal Limited faces five charges for allegedly dumping harmful substances

"...CRANBROOK, B. C. Environment Canada has laid five charges against Teck Coal Limited after the company was alleged to have dumped harmful substances into waters frequented by fish in southeastern B..."


Demand for rare elements used in clean energy could help clean up abandoned coal mines in Appalachia

"...The project is one of the leading efforts by the federal government as it injects more money than ever into recovering rare earth elements to expand renewable energies and fight climate change by reducing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions..."


10 miners are injured and rescuers are searching for dozens of others in Polish coal mine accident

"...WARSAW, Poland (AP) At least 10 Polish coal miners have been injured and rescuers are searching for dozens of others after a powerful tremor shook the Rydultowy coal mine about 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) underground on Thursday, officials said..."


Alberta's auditor finds province's surface water management ineffective

"...Doug Wylie says in a report that Alberta Environment and Protected Areas has no water conservation objectives in most of its basins..."


Environmentalists blast Glencores takeover deal of Teck coal mines

"...Teck is walking away from an unprecedented environmental disaster, with a windfall of billions of dollars, says Casey Brennan, conservation director with the B. C. environmental group Wildsight..."


Teck Resources mines: B.C. quietly releases health study The Narwhal

"...The 406-page study analyzed data on contaminants found in water and food harvested from the Elk Valley to assess the potential risks Tecks coal mines pose to human health and determine if any changes are needed in water quality management. It focused on water pollution and did not consider risks unique to mine workers or from breathing in dust from the mines..."


US miners' union head calls House Republican effort to block silica dust rule an

"...CHARLESTON, W. Va. (AP) The head of the national mine workers union on Friday condemned what he characterized as an effort by House Republicans to block enforcement of a long-awaited federal rule directed at curbing workers' exposure to poisonous, deadly rock dust, calling it a direct attack on the health and safety of coal miners..."


Study finds coal mine contaminants blown onto snowpack in Alberta, British Columbia

"...Newly published research has found cancer-causing chemicals downwind from coal mines in southern British Columbia in concentrations that rival those next to oilsand mines..."


Mexico finds the remains of some of the 63 miners who died 18 years ago

"...MEXICO CITY (AP) Mexican authorities announced Wednesday that they found the remains of some of the 63 miners who were trapped 18 years ago in a coal mine in northern Mexico..."


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Recent episodes that mention coal mines.

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about coal mines.

The Human Cost of Coal Mining in China | Xiaojun "Tom" Wang | TED

"...Each year, more than a billion tons of coal are dug out of Shanxi's mountains, and the impacts are devastating from massive landslides to damaged cultural sites and threats to human health..."


So Paulo Schools Plant Mini-Forests & Disused Coal Mine Heats Homes | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...This water is warmed naturally by geothermal energy and can then be used to heat buildings above ground..."


How coal mining is displacing millions

"...Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about coal mines relevant to the latest news.

Evaluation of the impact of coal mining on surface water in the Boesmanspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa

"...Surface water quality has major environmental and socioeconomic consequences, notably in terms of the country?s long-term fresh water supply..."


Abnormal Characteristics of Component Concentrations in Near-Surface Soil Gas over Abandoned Gobs: A Case Study in Jixi Basin,

"...Effective management of surface emissions from abandoned gob methane (AGM) is crucial for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring public safety..."


A novel economic benefit calculation modeling applying to coal mining

"...For example, backfilling mining is environmentally friendly but raises mining costs for surface settlement, coal gangue solid waste pollution, etc..."


Optimized combustor performance based on the combination of bluff body and porous media

"...The direct emission of coal mine methane caused serious environmental pollution and resource waste..."


Low-carbon development path based on carbon emission accounting and carbon emission performance evaluation: a case study of Chi

"...The critical carbon emissions were electricity consumption and methane fugitive emissions during production..."


Energy abundance, the geographical distribution of manufacturing, and international trade

"...This paper investigates how the spatial distribution of endowments of energy resources influences the location of firms and their subsequent exports..."


Slope stabilization of coal mine overburden dumps: life cycle environmental sustainability assessment of alternatives

"...The carcinogenic, followed by ecotoxicity and fossil fuel depletions, were the most impacted categories for the mechanical methods, which may be due to the release of chemical pollutants during material production or handling..."


Geological exploration of coal mine burnt rock and waterlogged area boundary based on transient electromagnetic and high-densit

"...1 open-pit coal mine is situated in the Kalamaili fault zone and is characterized by a high groundwater content..."


Selecting the Optimal Borehole Drilling Pattern for Methane Drainage in Underground Coal Mining: A Case Study in Iran

"...Therefore, it is necessary to increase gas emissions and improve the efficiency of methane drainage for securing the mining workplace..."


Experimental study on mechanical damage characteristics of water-bearing tar-rich coal under microwave radiation

"...The tar-rich coal in northern Shaanxi is prominent, but due to the dense structure and high strength of tar-rich coal, it is easy to cause frequent dynamic disasters in coal mining..."


Respirable Coal Mine Dust in the Vicinity of a Roof Bolter: an Inter-laboratory Study to Compare Wet Versus Dry Dust Collection

"...Among underground coal miners, roof bolter operators are generally considered to have some of the highest risks for hazardous respirable dust exposure..."


Optimization of land use structure based on an improved multi-objective genetic algorithm: a case study in a large-scale openca

"...The research results reveal the evolutionary process of land use over the past 30 years in the Pingshuo opencast coal mine area and provide theoretical support for regional land use planning and sustainable development..."