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Coverage of coal mines since June 23, 2023.

B.C. frog relocation project aims to better understand conservation practice

"...“They act as the canary in the coal mine, if you will. If the frog isn't doing well, because it's taking in whatever pollutants are from the air or the wetland itself, it's likely because the ecosystem isn't doing well. ”..."


Teck announces plans for zero-carbon office in Sparwood

"...It will be a zero-carbon space, complete with energy efficient lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, employee bike storage, water-efficient washroom fixtures such as sinks, toilets and showers, and landscaping with native drought-resistant plants to reduce the need for irrigation..."


B.C. government eases groundwater quality standards in downtown Nanaimo

"...According to a City of Nanaimo press release, the B. C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has determined that properties along Terminal Avenue, from Comox Road to Esplanade, are excluded from regulations that assess groundwater quality during environmental site investigations..."


Nova Scotia coal mine remains closed while officials examine repairs after rock fall

"...Nova Scotia’s Labour Department says a stop-work order at the Donkin coal mine will remain in place until it’s determined the mine is safe, following a rockfall that occurred on July 15..."


Harold Brine, last survivor of 1958 N.S. mine disaster, dies at 91

"...The last surviving miner rescued in October 1958 after one of Nova Scotia's worst coal mine disasters has died..."


Toxic elements floated 30 km from B.C.'s largest coal mines

"...Since the mid-1990s, surface runoff water leaching through mine tailings has repeatedly carried selenium into nearby rivers, contaminating drinking water and aquatic ecosystems, according to government inspections..."


Cape Breton's Donkin coal mine shut down again over reports of rock fall

"...The Donkin underground coal mine in Cape Breton has been shut down again following reports of a rock fall on Saturday..."


Former UCP minister Sonya Savage says Alberta set for changing world

"...Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic was roiling the province's economy, the collapse in oil prices threatening to break its economic back. Savage credits Kenney for looking past the quarantines and mask mandates..."


Problems with roof supports leads to closure of underground coal mine in Cape Breton

"...The Donkin underground coal mine in Cape Breton has been shut down following the discovery of structural problems with some roof supports..."


There are thousands of tonnes of methane emissions being released by melting glaciers: study

"...Researchers have found that as glaciers shrink, they’re exposing more and more bubbling groundwater springs, releasing an unknown amount of the potent greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere..."


Nanaimo council re-thinking previous plan for affordable housing at Five Acres Farm

"...The city bought the land in 2019 for $1. 38 million to support affordable housing on 0. 8 hectares, as well as community recreation, environmental protection, and food security uses on the remaining 1..."


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Recent episodes that mention coal mines.

Coal policy, drinking water, and calling your MLA — a LIVE! with Corb Lund

Duration: 21:10

"...Corb Lund may be best known for his singing and songwriting, but he’s also a resident of Alberta with strong rural roots..."


Coal mining in the Rocky Mountains

Duration: 14:25

"...Blair Painter, Mayor, Crowsnest Pass..."


Today’s Show: Federal cabinet shuffle, Line 5, proposed coal mining in the Rockies, and COVID-19 messaging

Duration: 1:56:17

"...Guests: John Ivison, Political Columnist for the National Post, Cory Morgan, Executive Director for Suits and Boots, Craig Snodgrass, Mayor of High River, Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment & Parks, Government House Leader, UCP MLA for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, Dr..."


Backlash to proposed coal mining in the Rockies

Duration: 50:21

"...Craig Snodgrass, Mayor of High River..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about coal mines.

Geothermal Can TRANSFORM Dirty Coal Mines into Clean Energy Hotbeds!

"...Dr Helen Czerski went to Newcastle Upon Tyne to see one massive bore hole and to Gateshead to find out how coal mines could be transformed into renewable energy infrastructure..."


Climate fight part 3: the left behind

"...Further readingCumbria coal mine could usher in a net-zero-compliant fossil fuel industry – or prove it was always a fantasy, by Myles Allen, University of OxfordHow to make climate action popular, by James Patterson, Utrecht University and Marie Claire Brisbois, University of Sussex ..."


How coal mining is displacing millions

"...Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means..."


Why are Canada's ice shelves disappearing? | Ask A Scientist

"...So, satellite data tells us that only about 5% of Canadian ice shelf areas are still intact compared to about 100 years ago, so this represents the loss of a really unique ecosystem, because freshwater lakes form on ice shelves during the summer and are host to really interesting life, including microbes..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about coal mines relevant to the latest news.

A water resources assessment framework for management strategies of large coal-power bases development in China

"...This has caused a rapid increase in both water abstraction and the discharge of untreated wastewater, contributing to serious pollution, an imbalance between water supply and demand, groundwater overexploitation, and ecological degradation in the areas with extensive coal mining, coal-fired power generation, and the coal chemical industry..."


Planning the Closure of Surface Coal Mines Based on Circular Economy Principles

"...In this case, land reclamation projects and land uses were redesigned based on the principles of the circular economy and sustainable development goals, incorporating interventions such as the construction of photovoltaic parks and pumped storage systems and industrial areas..."


Study on composition and spatio-temporal variation of zooplankton community in coal mine generated pit lakes, West Bengal, Indi

"...The existence and density of zooplankton were found to be related to the quality of their environment, and the zooplankton community delivers basic information about the ecological status of the pit lake, assisting in the formulation of appropriate planning for improved water quality management and could aid in making decisions about water reclamation strategies and conservation of pit lake ecosystem..."


Low-carbon utilization of coal gangue under the carbon neutralization strategy: a short review

"...The treatment and utilization of coal gangue, one of the main solid wastes produced during coal mining, are of great significance in environmental protection and resource development..."


Assessing economic sustainability of mining in Kazakhstan

"...We assess economic sustainability of Kazakhstan?s mining, focusing on its labor productivity, a key factor in counteracting the effects of resource depletion and increasing costs..."


Stabilization of Mine Waste Dumps Through Bio-Engineering

"...This study enumerates various plant species that can be used to reinforce coal mine waste dumps, the factors that affect the choice, and the techniques used to measure their effectiveness as a bio-engineering tool..."


Rock burst prevention and control of multifield coupling in longwall working face

"...The aim is to determine the law of activation of an abnormal geological body containing coal and rock mass and to provide timely warnings of geological hazards, such as coal and gas bursts, rock bursts, and flooding during coal mining..."


Effects of Active Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid on the Fracture Propagation and Structural Damage of Coal: Phenomena and Mechanism

"...Hydraulic fracturing is a common means of reservoir reconstruction in coalbed methane (CBM) wells, but fracturing fluid affects the mechanical properties of weak water-bearing coal seams..."


Knowledge mapping analysis of the track and hotspot of water lubrication: A scientometrics review

"...With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness of the international community and the continuous promotion of green and sustainable development of manufacturing industry, water lubrication instead of mineral oil has become the future development trend due to its green, pollution-free, clean, safe, and sustainable advantages especially in ships, marine, coal mining, and other fields..."


Characteristics and pollution risks of potentially toxic elements and nematode community structure on farm soil near coal mines

"...The study aimed to determine the status and sources of PTEs contamination and evaluate the quality of the soil ecology..."


Determinants in the adoption of a non-labor-substitution technology: mechanical ventilation in West Virginia coal mines, 1898?1

"...Accounts of technological change during industrialization processes based on labor-saving innovations are commonplace, even more so in the coal mining industry, in which the focus has until now been placed on the steam engine water pump and the coal cutting machine..."


Spontaneous combustion of coal seams in the Bengiler coal mine in Turkey

"...Mining activity is prohibited by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, General Directorate of Mining..."