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Coverage of cogeneration since November 4, 2020.

FOREST INK: Reducing wood ash in landfills by enriching soil

"...I always had a problem deciding where to put the ashes from the shop stove because I had heard about toxins from household items. After a little research I found out that ash from most natural wood products is OK as a soil amendment, but we should be concerned about human-altered wood products. The first source is the Canadian Wood Ash Chemistry Database which contains information on wood ashes from 21 Canadian biomass boilers: 10 pulp and paper mills and 11 bioenergy cogeneration facilities..."


Suncor Energy Inc. selling wind, solar assets to Canadian Utilities Limited

"...Kris Smith, Suncor's interim president and CEO, says its efforts will include replacing coke-fired boilers at its base plant with lower emission cogeneration units. He says Suncor will also be investing in hydrogen and low-carbon fuels and accelerating commercial-scale deployment of carbon capture technology..."


Province invests over $15 million in northeastern B.C. clean energy projects

"...According to a release from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. in Fort St. John is receiving $282,781 of provincial funding..."


Suncor getting out of wind and solar; will shift focus to hydrogen and renewable fuel

"...In a news release Monday, the Calgary-based company says it still intends to be net-zero emissions by 2050, but will accelerate progress towards that target by focusing on hydrogen and renewable fuels instead..."


Alberta pulp mill workers face layoffs because of issues caused by B.C. flooding: company

"...A major Canadian forestry firm says this fall's flooding and mudslides in B. C. have impacted its operations and are resulting in layoffs at an Alberta pulp mill..."


Trudeau promised to cap emissions, but Canada’s oil and gas companies have different plans The Narwhal

"...Suncor’s most recent climate report says the company has a series of strategic objectives, including goals of having net zero greenhouse gas pollution by 2050 and expanding what it describes as “low emissions business. ” The report also highlights Suncor’s recent solar and wind projects while noting that some of its recent investments in wind and cogeneration have made the company the fifth-largest and one of the most carbon-competitive independent power producers in Alberta by generation capacity. The report also says that Suncor is allocating about 10 per cent of its annual capital budget or $500 million on investments to advance what it calls “low-GHG energy offerings..."


Can Steel Town clean up its act? Corporate Knights

"...• ArcelorMittal Dofasco (AMD) in Hamilton is working on trials to replace 40,000 tonnes a year of coal with biomass, such as forest waste. AMD also uses waste gases to power cogeneration equipment with a capacity of 40 megawatts of electricity..."


Oilsands producer Suncor and utility Atco to pursue ‘world-class' hydrogen project

"...The Calgary-based companies say the project will help Canada reach its 2050 target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions — and aid their own GHG reduction goals — by capturing and storing more than 90 per cent of the carbon dioxide produced from energy required to make the hydrogen..."


Suncor Energy and Atco working together on potential hydrogen project

"...Suncor Energy and Atco Ltd. are working together on a potential hydrogen project near Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. , that would help reduce the province's carbon dioxide emissions..."


Suncor Energy restarts carbon emission cutting projects despite vow of austerity

"...CALGARY — The CEO of Suncor Energy Inc. says it will not increase capital spending this year despite higher oil prices, instead vowing to spend any increases in cash flow on debt repayment and share buybacks. Mark Little says the company won’t backtrack after chopping operating costs by $1..."


Report: In retrospect, the burning of wood in district heating plants has resulted in climate saving

"...ENERGY A new report from the University of Copenhagen shows that the burning of wood is significantly more climate friendly than coal and slightly more climate friendly than natural gas over the long run. For the first time, researchers quantified what the conversion of 10 Danish cogeneration plants from coal or natural gas to biomass has meant for their greenhouse gas emissions. Heat plant Energy production is responsible for a large part of Danish greenhouse gas emissions..."


Big oil, small ambition Corporate Knights

"...Here in Canada, though, the race has been slower to get underway. Take Enbridge, which has one of the biggest renewable energy portfolios in Canada. In a June piece in the Financial Post, CEO Al Monaco said his company would take a “gradual” approach to increasing its exposure to renewable energy, which currently makes up approximately 5% of its total assets..."


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Jobs in cogeneration

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Thermal Hydraulics Manager

"...electric power generation and industrial cogeneration in many energy-intensive industries, including petrochemical and chemical synthesis for hydrogen and ammonia production..."

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Part-time Faculty, Applied Energy Management - Cogeneration

"...Conestoga College (Kitchener ON): Academic Part-time Position Conestoga College is a leader in polytechnic education..."

related opportunities

Manager, Power Plant Chief Operating Engineer

"...35MW) and a new (2021) state-of-the-art Cogeneration plant (8 MW GTG with 90,000 #/hr HRSG)..."

related opportunities

Third Class Power (Operating) Engineer

"...The gas turbine generator forms the basis of the cogeneration having an electrical power output of 4..."

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Recent episodes that mention cogeneration.

Cutting electricity bills with a cogeneration generator

Duration: 4:11

"...Whether it’s input prices, groceries, or fuel, the cost of living is undoubtedly increasing; however, one company is looking to alleviate some of those expenditures in the way of electricity costs with their cogeneration generator unit..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about cogeneration.

Dow & X-Energy to Install Industrial Nuclear Plant

"...60 years ago, nuclear energy was touted as a power source that would deliver electricity at prices “too cheap to meter. ” Experience with large-scale nuclear generation to date has shown that large commercial nuclear power plants do not produce electricity cheaply; however, the new imperative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has given nuclear new incentive to develop..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about cogeneration relevant to the latest news.

Recent Trends in Biomass Gasification in Germany

"...The technology provides a large potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to the use of biogenic residuals such as waste wood for the production of electrical and thermal energy..."


Proecological aspects of citric acid technology

"...Biogas and the biomethane derived from it are widely used: for the production of electricity and heat (cogeneration), as network gas (a substitute for natural gas) and as fuel in vehicles..."


Comprehensive evaluation of sewage sludge anaerobic digestion process with different digestate treatments

"...In the present study, a comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of sewage sludge anaerobic digestion processes with different digestate treatments, including mesophilic anaerobic digestion with digestate landfilling (CAD-1) and digestate incineration (CAD-2), thermophilic anaerobic digestion combined with thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment with digestate land use (THPAD-1), and digestate incineration (THPAD-2), was performed to evaluate their environmental, resource, economic, and comprehensive performances using the SimaPro software..."


Sizing of a Micro-cogeneration System of One Residential Building in Sarajevo

"...In the introduction the concept of cogeneration, its advantages and disadvantages, the contribution of cogeneration to greenhouse gas emissions reduction as well as differences between cogeneration and micro-cogeneration are briefly discusses..."


Performance Assessment of a Steam Gasification-Based Hybrid Cogeneration System

"...In this article, a hybrid cogeneration scheme based on a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)?gas turbine system and utilizing syngas derived from municipal solid wastes (MSW)?has been investigated thermodynamically..."


Integration of Renewable Energy based Trigeneration Cycle: A Review

"...On this relation geothermal energy, solar energy and biomass are proposed for viable supply of renewable energy..."


Techno-Economic Feasibility of Steam and Electric Power Generation from the Gasification of Several Biomass in a Sugarcane Mill

"...It was found that for a solid biofuel cost of 8 US $/ton, the economic results between types of biomass are similar, but at a higher solid biofuel cost, the cost of energy production is lower in S2 when compared to S1..."


Thermodynamic and economic analyses of a solar-aided biomass-fired combined heat and power system

"...The thermodynamic and economic performance of the hybrid system was assessed based on a typical biomass-fired cogeneration plant..."


Novel Design of PV Integrated Solar Still for Cogeneration of Power and Sustainable Water Using PVT Technology

"...In this work, we explore a novel approach toward desalination of brackish water using renewable energy..."


Improvement of the recoverable waste energy and reduction of the exhaust emissions in a diesel engine through the water injecti

"...Due to the widespread use of diesel engines in cogeneration cycles, the output pollutants of these engines should be reduced..."


Optimization of Power Cost for a Community with Distributed Sources and Electric Vehicles

"...The renewable energy sources, cogeneration and trigeneration units, loads that are connected together by means of a controller form a microgrid..."