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Coverage of conservation movement since March 5, 2021.

Wild about chickens

"...Halfway across the country, in Roseneath, Ontario, Val Deziel similarly rises with the sun to tend to her flock before heading out into the field as Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) coordinator of conservation biology for the Rice Lake Plains. Living in the country affords some freedoms — Val doesn’t need to worry about neighbours being upset at the sound of her birds, and her property has room for a far larger contingent of hens. She’s not even sure the exact count at the moment..."


The Problem with Unpaid Conservation Work JSTOR Daily

"...There’s no way to sugarcoat it. One million species of plants and animals are currently under threat of extinction, and plenty more could join them due to the impacts of climate change. But the conservation programs that must lead the large-scale global action required to protect even a fraction of these species face constant underfunding..."


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Recent episodes that mention conservation movement.

Nick Bubb | Fauna & Flora International

Duration: 32:26

"...Nick Bubb is the Business Development Director at Fauna & Flora International (FFI)..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about conservation movement relevant to the latest news.

Understanding the changing role of global public health in biodiversity conservation

"...Major international conservation groups now comprehensively center larger human?nature imbalances not only as problems of global public health but as a core challenge of the conservation movement, alongside habitat destruction, biodiversity loss and climate change..."


Eco-pesantren: Islamic Education in Forest Conservation Landscapes

"...This article examines Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) as traditional Indonesian Islamic educational institutions, showing a new face as agents in nature conservation, especially forest conservation and considering Indonesia as a country with the best tropical forest land in the world and pesantren as indigenous Islamic educational institutions owned by Indonesia..."


Human-wildlife conflicts in a Nepalese protected area: conservation challenges, mitigation strategies, and policy implications

"...The global conservation movement is fueled by an increased number of protected areas (PAs), and it will continue to influence the conservation paradigm in the future..."