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Coverage of crop rotation since August 23, 2021.

Alberta snowfall not helping drought conditions: experts CityNews Calgary

"...Despite the recent snow dump in Southern Alberta, experts warn its unlikely to improve drought conditions in the region..."


Agriculture carbon footprint study shows the sustainability of Sask. crops

"...“These impressive results are driven by the widespread adoption in Saskatchewan of agricultural innovations and sustainable farming practices that have significantly reduced the amount of inputs and emissions needed to farm each acre of land,” said Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) chief executive officer Steve Webb. “The sustainable practices include reduced tillage, the adoption of herbicide-tolerant canola, the variable-rate application of fertilizer, a robust crop rotation system, and the production of nitrogen-fixing pulse crops. ”..."


Funding available for Lower Mainland, Abbotsford farmers looking at stewardship of the land

"...The programs offered by the DFWT promote the sustainable use of agricultural land through various practices, including cover crops after the summer harvest to improve soil quality and prevent winter erosion; pollinator-friendly flowering plants and grasses in targeted areas to support biodiversity and improve important food crop pollination; perennials in annual crop rotations to improve soil health and provide habitat for wildlife; and permanent rows of bushes and plants along field borders to improve biodiversity and sequester carbon..."


Crop rotation for home gardens

"...The other important reason for crop rotation is pest and disease control. Root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and potatoes are susceptible to root pests such as carrot rust fly larvae. Planting carrots repeatedly in the same place will guarantee wormy carrots..."


Kenya's smallholder farmers embrace soil science to cope with the climate crisis

"...High population growth and increasing demand for food have seen smallholder farmers in Kenya embrace soil science to cope with the vagaries of climate change..."


Province funding Delta ‘regenerative agriculture' project in Fraser River estuary

"...According to the release, the planting and incorporation of cover crops and “set-asides” into crop rotations increases the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices that can improve soil health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change..."


Feds approve nine Living Labs to involve ag producers in reducing greenhouse gases

"...“Agriculture producers do absolutely recognize the importance of our continued efforts to improve carbon sequestration, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate aspects of climate change while ensuring farms remain competitive, profitable and especially sustainable for future generations,” said Melanie Wowk, the group's chair. Another project is the Indigenous-led Bridge to Land Water Sky project in Saskatchewan, which will see producers and First Nations work toward a common goal of improving the surrounding environment while committing to the protection of Indigenous values, treaties, communities, lands and resources. Story continues below advertisement..."


First the rain, now the insects; difficult spring for Manitoba farmers

"...That is how the owner of Marc Hutlet Seeds at Ste. Anne is summing up the spring of 2022. Marc Hutlet says when the weather kept pushing back the start of seeding, producers were forced to switch their intentions to Plan B and even Plan C..."


Government of Canada invests over $960,000 in Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre

"..."Canada's barley producers have faced many recent challenges, including a historic drought and the pandemic. Despite adversity, the industry continues to look for opportunities in domestic and global markets. This investment will help the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) promote malting barley, which will strengthen its competitiveness and contribute to national economic growth," said Bibeau..."


Chickpeas 101

"...Chickpeas don't do well in saline soils or waterlogged soils..."


Researchers Are Looking At The Potential For Intercropping When Dealing With Group 11 Resistance To Anthracnose In Lentils

"...In terms of management options for Anthracnose, fungicides are important, as is crop rotation - not growing lentils multiple times within four years..."


6 Ways Nature-Based Climate Solutions are Tackling Climate Change in Canada Nature Canada

"...Started in 2012 on commercially farmed urban prison property in Kingston, Ontario, the Lakeside Community Garden has rehabilitated approximately 2 acres of land. Through sustainable land management, including composting and organic crop rotation, 100 allotment plots have been restored from degradation. These changes have brought improved soil, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity to the site..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention crop rotation.

RealAg Radio: Crop rotations, herbicide formulations, and improving soil health, Jan 22, 2024

Duration: 55:15

"...Thanks for tuning into this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio! On this episode, host Shaun Haney is joined by: Doug Bauman with Vive Crop Protection on herbicide formulations; Dr..."


Researchers working together to better understand the value of diversity in crop rotations

Duration: 6:59

"...Diversity pays dividends in crop production but researchers, agronomists and farmers really don't have a good grasp of how and why different crops impact each others in the rotation..."


Picking a pulse profit winner

Duration: 5:45

"...The battle for acres is set to play out in just over three months..."


Pulse School: Peas potentially get mycorrhizal boost when grown on last year's wheat field

Duration: 10:38

"...There's a possible yield benefit for peas following wheat in a crop rotation rather than canola, according to research done through the University of Manitoba. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about crop rotation.

Is he the Wayne Gretzky of pulse crops? (w/ Murad Al-Katib, AGT Terminals)

"...And the phenomenal success of AGT Terminals, headed by Murad Al-Katib, has increased the production of foods from pulses and increased food security in Canada. ..."


Soil Health Basics: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 1

"...If a cotton producer adopts a soil health management system, they will help the cotton industry meet, and exceed, their key performance goals related to increased soil carbon and land use efficiency, and decreased greenhouse gas emissions, soil loss, water use, and energy use..."


Linking Soil Biology to Soil Health: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 2

"...When these soil organism functional groups are in balance and working together, they contribute to ecosystem resiliency that allows the ecosystem to bounce back after a disturbance like a flood or drought as well as resist the negative impacts of these disturbances..."


Ms. Katie Harrigan: Federal and State Level Soil Health Legislation

"...Provisions to land stewardship programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) encourage soil health planning, resource-conserving crop rotation planning, soil tests and soil remediation through increased incentive payments..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about crop rotation relevant to the latest news.

Climatic drought impacts on key ecosystem services of a low mountain region in Germany

"...There is a need for a better understanding of the response of ecosystems to climate change and the consequences for key ecosystem services, such as water supply and carbon sequestration, at a local and regional scale..."


Canola productivity and carbon footprint under different cropping systems in eastern Canada

"...Diversified crop rotation with an appropriate sequence may be a promising strategy for increasing crop productivity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and lowering carbon (C) footprint for more sustainable agricultural systems..."


Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture at Teesta Basin in Bangladesh

"...Flood, riverbank erosion and hailstorm are the most devastating natural hazards to agriculture in this area..."


Why Small-Scale Circular Agriculture Is Central to Food Security and Environmental Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa? The Ca

"...Employing ethnographic methods?comprising field observations, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions?the research assesses the ecological and economic advantages of five circular agriculture systems (mixed cropping, mixed livestock-crop farming, agroforestry, crop rotation, and cover cropping) across five communities in Ghana?s Ashanti Region..."


Smaller farm size and ruminant animals are associated with increased supply of non-provisioning ecosystem services

"...Results for cultural ecosystem services indicated that farms with more semi-natural grassland were associated with more visitors and more likely located within designated recreation or nature conservation areas..."


Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Agriculture: Strategies and Their Economic Feasibility

"...Various agricultural strategies have been identified as appropriate measures to increase carbon sequestration and/or reduce GHG emissions, including conservation tillage, crop rotations, continuous cropping, residue retention, improved fertilisation, and afforestation..."


Digital soil mapping of soil total nitrogen based on Landsat 8, Sentinel 2, and WorldView-2 images in smallholder farms in Yell

"...Predicting spatial explicit information of soil nutrients is critical for sustainable soil management and food security under climate change and human disturbance in agricultural land..."


Diversifying crop rotation increases food production, reduces net greenhouse gas emissions and improves soil health

"...This study provides an example of sustainable food production practices, emphasizing the significance of crop diversification for long-term agricultural resilience and soil health..."


Economic and environmental impacts of integrated systems adoption in Brazilian agriculture-forest frontier

"...The adoption of sustainable agricultural systems in the Brazilian Cerrado and Amazon is globally relevant, on the one hand due to the amount of commodities produced in these regions, and on the other by the critically important ecosystem services provided by these biomes..."


Cost-effective approach to explore key impacts on the environment from agricultural tools to inform sustainability improvements

"...The United Nations Food Systems Summit and the European Green Deal have prompted various policy and regulatory initiatives aiming to transition agricultural practices to become more sustainable..."


Framework for risk assessment of ?Candidatus Phytoplasma solani? associated diseases outbreaks in agroecosystems in Serbia

"...Polyphagous insect vectors and wild plants acting as natural reservoir both play a major role in the epidemiology of phytoplasmas directly determining their transmission and persistence in agroecosystems..."