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Coverage of distributed energy since July 30, 2020.

Microgrids should be the future of electricity. Let's fund them.

"...It is fertile ground for the new technologies of distributed generation, energy management and energy storage. Relatively short product-development cycles, the commodification of services, the “internet-of-energy,” sophisticated data analytics and mass production of distributed energy resources all challenge status quo business models and regulatory frameworks. Activities and technologies “beyond the meter” and out of reach of the traditional utility modus operandi are proliferating..."


Ontario doubles down on gas-fired electricity generation, admits emissions will rise

"...The IESO expects electricity generated from natural gas will be replaced over time by new emissions-free generation, storage, and demand and transmission solutions. However, not everybody agrees this is the right move. What people are reading Hurricane Danielle set to slam Alberta with Category 5 shitstorm By Max Fawcett | Opinion | October 7th 2022 In a Sept..."


How Distributed Energy Resources Can Lower Power Bills, Raise Revenue in US Communities

"...When it comes to distributed energy resources, the future is here, with more solar arrays on rooftops, more electric vehicles on the streets, and more so-called controllable assets like water heaters inside buildings. The reason for the growing popularity of these resources, DERs for short, is no mystery: They can reduce utility bills for residents and businesses, help communities meet climate and equity goals and make the electric grid more resilient..."


ABB and Hydrogen Optimized expand hydrogen partnership, including a strategic investment

"...The companies will leverage their respective capabilities and resources to rapidly commercialize HOI's patented RuggedCell™ high-power water electrolysis technology for the world's largest green hydrogen plants. Water electrolysis is the process of applying electrical energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. RuggedCell™ technology converts renewable electricity such as hydro, solar and wind power into green hydrogen for industry..."


Sandia developing micro-grids to power future Moon base

"...Other problems include developing systems and software to regulate electricity at the processing plant so the voltage levels remain even as demand shifts across time scales ranging from milliseconds to entire seasons. To do this, Sandia has developed a Scalable Microgrid facility and control-system-design methodology to study the Moon base's energy requirements and specifications. The idea is to produce a top-down design, where the control system is developed first along with the energy storage specifications, then the components to meet those specifications are developed..."


Councillor proposes adding solar panels to three city of Ottawa buildings

"...The councillor also wants the city to establish one position and funding in the 2023 budget to implement a "distributed energy resource framework. "..."


ZipCharge reveals EV charging hubs packing suitcase-sized powerbanks

"...Each Go is home to a 4, 6 or 8-kWh battery, and once the powerbank has given its all, the driver will receive a notification via the app and the unit can be unplugged and returned to the hub for recharging before being made available to the next customer. ZipCharge has announced a simple pricing structure where each 4-kWh top-up will cost a dollar, with no additional connection fees applied. Obviously a single Go powerbank won't be enough to juice up an EV's battery completely, but the company reckons it could add up to 20 miles (32 km) of range – which might just be enough to get drivers home in a pinch..."


Five future-friendly ways sustainable design can help the planet in 2022 Corporate Knights

"...Against a backdrop of horrific climate disasters, a number of developments in 2021 offered some cause for optimism, from the International Energy Agency’s call to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 to new commitments from global banks and institutional investment funds to decarbonize their holdings. A growing number of cities, including New York, are enacting rules that ban gas hook-ups for new buildings. Meanwhile, in a case that could have long-term implications for energy-inefficient design in the era of climate change, a group of San Francisco condo owners sued a developer for US$10 million because the west- and south-facing units in their all-glass curtain-wall tower overheated so severely..."


LETTER: Summerland solar project will create greenhouse gases

"...Coun. Richard Barkwill raises objections to solar energy project Feb. 13, 2021 3:30 p..."


Russian chemists proposed a new design of flow batteries

"...Due to this setup, redox flow batteries, unlike many other energy storage devices, enable independent scaling of power and capacity of the battery, which are determined by the size of MEA and electrolyte volume, respectively. In addition, redox flow batteries exhibit minimal self-discharge over extended periods and their electrolytes do not degrade even after tens of thousands of operating cycles, making them promising candidates for storing large amounts of energy in the smart power grids. For example, they can store excess electricity generated by photovoltaic solar cells during daylight and generate back-up electricity at night or in cloudy weather..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention distributed energy.

E094: Peer-to-peer Networks - The Uber of the Energy Sector in Bangladesh

Duration: 45:23

"...Sebastian Groh, the Managing Director at SOLshare, shares his journey from an investment banker in Europe to the CEO of an off-grid solar company in Bangladesh and its evolution over the past years..."


How Locational Value Is Transforming Energy Policy Across the U.S.

Duration: 21:00

"...What changes are driving an increase in the use of locational value for distributed energy resources? Policymakers across the United States are struggling to determine the best model for optimizing electric power distribution that meets their priorities and grid needs..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about distributed energy.

Impact Canada – Canada-UK Power Forward Challenge – Finalists

"...With the continued addition of new distributed energy resources (DERs) like electric vehicles, renewables, batteries, and smart devices, the demands placed on our electricity grids are becoming increasingly complex..."


Webinar - Distributed Energy Resources Working Group

"...Watch the launch of the QUEST National Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) Working Group..."


DERs Working Group Info Session - Feb 14, 2019

"...Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) is a national working group with a regional focus on sources of energy that are connected at the community level to a distribution system..."


Connected Communities: A Multi-Building Energy Management Approach

"...of Energy and Bill Livingood, NREL join Cara Carmichael and Seth Coan of Rocky Mountain Institute to discuss recently release research about “connected communities. ” Learn how these communities, made up of collections of buildings and distributed energy resources, integrate energy management strategies at the multi-building scale..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about distributed energy relevant to the latest news.

Performance Analysis of a Microgrid System Connected to a Grid Using EHO Technique

"...A MG embodying single-phase photovoltaic (PV) arrays and wind turbines (WT) that functions as a foremost distributed generation elements and the ?battery energy storage system? to augment the spasmodic photovoltaic as well as wind power generation and the demand variation in the microgrid is presented in this work..."


The analysis of innovative design and evaluation of energy storage system based on Internet of Things

"...The comprehensive evaluation result of the lithium battery energy storage system is the highest, with a correlation value of 0..."


Power Quality Control of a PV-Assisted Realistic Microgrid Structure

"...The power quality-related challenges in microgrid operation and control are influenced by the voltage sag/swell, frequency, THD, and power factor as per the nature of local loads and the geographical location of distributed energy resources (DERs)..."


Artificial Intelligence and the Decarbonization Challenge

"...The DSO was able to employ available and incoming distributed energy resource assets more effectively thanks to AI Similar to this, a German transmission system operator employed AI to produce more accurate grid loss forecasts..."


A comprehensive overview on demand side energy management towards smart grids: challenges, solutions, and future direction

"...Demand response (DR), distributed energy resources (DER), and energy efficiency (EE) are three categories of DSM activities that are growing in popularity as a result of technological advancements in smart grids..."


Game-Theoretic Models of Dynamic Pricing in Microgrids with Distributed Generation Sources

"...Each type of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) including Energy Storage Systems is carefully examined as a part of Microgrid infrastructure..."


An efficient way to schedule dispersed generators for a microgrid system's economical operation under various power market

"...The focus of this study is to explore five different optimal scheduling operation scenarios for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) with the aim of achieving economic benefits for a low voltage microgrid system..."


Smart Micro-Grid Energy Management with Renewable Energy Sources and Local SCADA

"...This paper presents smart microgrid energy management with inbuilt local grid operations through local SCADA by incorporating the best possible renewable energy resources as well as storage systems in an apartment building..."


Modeling Methodology of Flywheel Energy Storage System for Microgrid Applications

"...The intermittent nature of the RES requires energy storage systems (ESSs) and causes transients, which affect the quality of the power produced by them..."


Optimal scheduling of distributed generators for efficient microgrid system operation for different electricity market pricing

"...A microgrid comprising several distributed energy resources (DERs) may include both conventional and non-conventional energy sources..."


Optimal Configuration and Economic Operation of Wind?Solar-Storage Complementary System for Agricultural Irrigation in Mountain

"...The disorderly use of electricity in agriculture is a serious source of the current electricity tension, and as distributed energy is expediently promoted, it is becoming increasingly notable that the source network and load are not well coordinated..."


A Microgrid Testbed With Hybrid Renewables, Energy Storage, and Controllable Loads

"...The microgrid testbed consists of hybrid renewable energy resources, energy storage systems, and four load categories under a single-controlled and grid-connected entity..."