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Coverage of distributed generation since June 24, 2020.

Microgrids should be the future of electricity. Let's fund them.

"...It is fertile ground for the new technologies of distributed generation, energy management and energy storage. Relatively short product-development cycles, the commodification of services, the “internet-of-energy,” sophisticated data analytics and mass production of distributed energy resources all challenge status quo business models and regulatory frameworks. Activities and technologies “beyond the meter” and out of reach of the traditional utility modus operandi are proliferating..."


Shining a light on the true value of solar power

"..."Anyone who puts up solar is being a great citizen for their neighbors and for their local utility," Pearce said, noting that when someone puts up grid-tied solar panels, they are essentially investing in the grid itself. "Customers with solar distributed generation are making it so utility companies don't have to make as many infrastructure investments, while at the same time solar shaves down peak demands when electricity is the most expensive. "..."


How US Cities and Counties Are Getting Renewable Energy

"...Wind turbines in California. Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/FlickrCities are a core driver of climate change, accounting for more than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention distributed generation.

E095: Solar Power in the Philippines

Duration: 39:34

"...Leandro Leviste, the CEO of Solar Philippines, started his solar venture in 2013 when the Philippines had less than 10 MW of installed solar power..."


Watt It Takes: Turning Real Estate Into Clean-Power Assets

Duration: 01:06:40

"...This week on Watt It Takes: Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Robyn Beavers, the co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Power.  ..."


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We Spend Jeff Bezos’ Climate Money

Duration: 45:24

"...What to do with all this climate money moving around? ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about distributed generation relevant to the latest news.

Performance Analysis of a Microgrid System Connected to a Grid Using EHO Technique

"...A MG embodying single-phase photovoltaic (PV) arrays and wind turbines (WT) that functions as a foremost distributed generation elements and the ?battery energy storage system? to augment the spasmodic photovoltaic as well as wind power generation and the demand variation in the microgrid is presented in this work..."


A model for optimal energy management in a microgrid using biogas

"...First, we develop a cost model of electrical and mechanical energy generation for local consumers in microgrid-producing biogas..."


Game-Theoretic Models of Dynamic Pricing in Microgrids with Distributed Generation Sources

"...Each type of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) including Energy Storage Systems is carefully examined as a part of Microgrid infrastructure..."


Optimum control of power flow management in PV, wind, and battery-integrated hybrid microgrid systems by implementing in real-t

"...Battery storage is commonly used in renewable energy systems (RESs) with distributed generation, such as solar and wind energy systems, to reduce power fluctuations caused by the intermittent behavior of renewable energy sources..."


Analysis of Global Trends in the Development of Energy Storage Systems and Prospects for Their Implementation in Ukraine

"...Possible areas of various energy storage technologies application in power systems, including integration of renewable energy sources (RES) and distributed generation, were determined..."


An Overview of Distributed Generation Integration Techniques, Present Trends and Future Scope

"...The small rating components, compactness, local power demand fulfilment and renewable-based input energy sources are the attractive features of distributed energy resources..."


Load Frequency Control for Microgrid Considering Small Hydro and Renewable Energy Sources

"...The integration of distributed generation (DG) is very popular with the microgrid, but the challenge is to control frequency when it is integrated with the hydropower plant..."


Passive islanding detection in microgrids using artificial neural networks

"...With the increased emphasis on renewable energy, modern power grids have become more reliant to smaller distributed generation units..."


Autonomous Microgrid Using New Perspective on Droop Control in AC Microgrid

"...Providing higher quality power to consumers through the existent microgrid is now a problem for the renewable energy source..."


Design of a new control method for dynamic control of the two-area microgrid

"...The influence of distributed generation sources in the Islanded microgrid has adverse effects on frequency stability because of the absence of inertia..."


Nonlinear active distribution network optimization for improving the renewable energy power quality and economic efficiency: a

"...This study establishes an optimization model of the renewable energy ADN and proposes a novel multi-objective bald eagle search algorithm to optimize the model..."


A dynamic model for multi-objective feeder reconfiguration in distribution network considering demand response program

"...Given the innate intricacy of this issue, an improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) algorithm is presented to address the problem of dynamic distribution feeder reconfiguration in the presence of energy storage systems, distributed generation units, and solar photovoltaic arrays..."