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Coverage of drinking water since February 15, 2024.

Oil spill, fertilizer leak from sinking of cargo ship highlight risks to Red Sea from Houthi attacks

"...MIAMI (AP) A vibrant fishing industry, some of the worlds largest coral reefs, desalination plants supplying millions with drinking water. They're all at risk from large amounts of fertilizer and oil spilled into the Red Sea by the sinking of a cargo ship attacked by Yemens Houthi rebels..."


More than $51M invested in water, wastewater infrastructure improvements across Sask.

"...The Village of Craven is one of the communities that will receive funding for its water treatment facility, where two new water supply wells will be installed and two filters will be integrated into the existing facility. “This grant will play a pivotal role in enhancing our infrastructure in an affordable manner for our residents and ensuring that we are compliant with the Water Security Agency's quality standard on a go-forward basis,” Craven Mayor Dayna Anderson stated in a release..."


Webinar: Ask Questions of Environment and Climate Change Canada/Health Canada on the Right to a Healthy Environment

"...The Manitoba Eco-Network is currently helping to gather feedback from Manitobans about environmental rights. We are working with the federal team from Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada that have been tasked with developing an implementation framework for the newly recognized right to a healthy environment under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA)..."


Manitoba Chiefs react to sewage leak in Red River

"...As for the Province, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Tracy Schmidt says her department has launched an investigation with the environmental compliance and enforcement branch and will continue to observe water quality to help assess the impacts of the spill..."


LTC urged to not reconsider kennel

"...Such an amendment or rezoning could potentially weaken regulations and watershed protection, said Drake, as climate change pointed toward heavier winter rainfall producing increasingly significant runoff.    ..."


Efforts intensify to address sewage spill into Red River at Fort Garry Bridge

"...By taking these steps, it will help reduce the amount of sewage that flows into the river while repairs are ongoing, Shanks said. There is no risk of drinking water contamination due to this sewer issue, and our community can continue to rely on safe drinking water..."


Canada's housing supply can't keep up with demand: expert CityNews Winnipeg

"...Douglas Porter, chief economist and managing director at BMO Financial Group tells CityNews it's impossible to keep up with the demand caused by the recent population growth..."


Town of Osoyoos rescinds boil water advisory

"...However, on Friday afternoon, the town rescinded the boil water advisory. Bacteriological testing was completed, the town said in a very brief statement, and the results indicate that the system continues to meet the drinking water guidelines..."


Vivian Sand Extraction Project Licence Application Not Approved!

"...The Government of Manitoba has rejected the proposed Environment Act licence application for Sio Silicas Vivian Sand Extraction Project. This decision is a victory for safe drinking water, science, and common sense. Manitoba Eco-Network (MbEN) and Our Line in the Sand (OLS) commend Manitoba for heeding community concerns and scientific evidence, as highlighted in last years Clean Environment Commission (CEC) hearing..."


Rejected: greenest mine of its kind wont be built in Manitoba The Narwhal

"...The Manitoba government has decided the environmental risks of Sio Silica's proposed silica sand mine touted by its proponent as crucial to renewable energy projects outweigh its economic potential..."


Manitoba denies environmental licence to contentious sand project CityNews Winnipeg

"...It said a Clean Environment Commission report flagged a number of serious concerns about the project, which would have extracted sand through aquifers that provide drinking water to about 100,000 Manitobans..."


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Jobs in drinking water

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Water Treatment Plant Operator - City of Parksville (Parksville, BC)

"...Work involves performing operational and maintenance duties in order to maintain water quality that meets or exceeds all compliance criteria outlined in the City's Operating Permit and Provincial and/or Canadian Drinking Water Legislation and Guidelines. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:..."

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Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator - City of Parksville (Parksville, BC)

"...Five (5) yearsâ experience in commissioning, operating and troubleshooting a membrane plant including maintenance and repairs on large mechanical equipment; demonstrated experience with computer controlled monitoring systems; and demonstrated supervisory experience. OR an equivalent combination of training and experience..."

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Water Treatment Plant Operator - Training Opportunity - City of Kamloops (Kamloops, BC)

"...For further information on the Water Treatment Plant Operator position, please see the attached job description for the fully qualified position and for further information on the details around the trainingAwarding of Training Opportunity:..."

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Water Treatment Operator - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...With the leadership and guidance of your supervisor and fellow operators, you will contribute your knowledge, skills and abilities in Water Treatment and troubleshoot and operate systems..."

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Recent episodes that mention drinking water.

3/26/21 - Offshore Wind Power; Cisco Rehabilitation

Duration: 03:29

"...A new report from Environment America says Michigan could provide 3/4 of its energy with offshore wind power..."


Coal policy, drinking water, and calling your MLA a LIVE! with Corb Lund

Duration: 21:10

"...Corb Lund may be best known for his singing and songwriting, but hes also a resident of Alberta with strong rural roots..."


“It's the drinking water for 2 million people across Canada”: Alberta ranchers take Kenny government to court

Duration: 13:08

"...Theres trouble brewing in the mountains and the foothills..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about drinking water.

Waiting for 'The White Water'

"...What would you do if you didn't have clean drinking water? Most of us take that for granted, but in Nigeria, one community that has never had potable water finally gets it because of the work of the nonprofit BudgIT Foundation..."


Water shortage in Germany - New ideas for long-term security | DW Documentary

"...The causes are not just more drought periods but also soil sealing - and higher pollutant levels in the water have also become a problem..."


Germany's Wild Reservoirs | Free Documentary Nature

"...In recent summers, even greater challenges have emerged: the effects of climate change - from extreme drought to destructive floods..."


Our drinking water - Is the world drying up? | DW Documentary

"...Only 0. 3 percent of the Earth's total water supply is suitable for human consumption..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about drinking water relevant to the latest news.

Environmental impacts of a sprawling rural city on drinking water supply and quality in view of population growth prognostics a

"...In recent years, the water supply has become problematic given the rapid population growth, lower annual precipitation rates due to climate change, and mismanagement of the water supply?demand strategy for near and future perspectives..."


Evaluation of factors causing lateral migration of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) in onshore oil spill accidents

"...Contamination of groundwater by harmful substances poses significant risks to both drinking water sources and aquatic ecosystems, making it a critical environmental concern..."


Groundwater vulnerability mapping of hyper-humid urban aquifers for an improved water management in African megacities, opportu

"...The paper ends with clear recommendations to align land uses, landscape and groundwater protection in order to improve the quality of the drinking water supply for urban populations..."


Issues and Challenges of Small-Town Water Supply and Distribution: A Case Study of Leh Town in UT Ladakh

"...The annual tourist arrivals have ever increased in Leh town without appropriate and necessary urban infrastructure evolving such as water supply and sewage system..."


Evaluating groundwater quality and salinity dynamics in the Western-west area of El Minya Governorate, Egypt, based on geochemi

"...This research not only advances our understanding of water quality and salinity dynamics in the region but also underscores the imperative for implementing sustainable water resource management strategies..."


Application of Bivalve Molluscs in the Biological Purification of Polluted Natural Waters

"...These circumstances make it possible to design special bioreactors that can be used, together with other hydrobionts, such as algae and bacteria, for biological treatment of natural reservoirs polluted by sewage..."


Nexus of household livelihood dependence and conservation approach to wetlands: a study of North Himalayan wetland in India

"...Since antiquity it has been seen that the wetland ecosystem not only contributes a considerable proportion of welfare to the local people in terms of food, fuel wood, timber, drinking water, irrigation water, etc..."


Variability in space effects of industrial wastewater on river physicochemical characteristics in a sample of towns of Oromia

"...Therefore, the industrial effluents were affected water quality, human, aquatic health, environmental pollution and thereby need mitigation measures of sustainable monitoring and supervision of untreated release of industry waste into the environment, phytoremediation of affected streams and rivers, awareness creation for community and advising firm owners to install industry waste treatment plants..."


Multi-dimensional Assessment of Groundwater Quality Correlating with Textile Mills in Faisalabad City, Pakistan

"...The study emphasizes the requirement for efficient groundwater management and monitoring to guarantee its safe and long-lasting usage for agricultural and drinking reasons..."


Proposed Methodology for Climate Change Adaptation of Water Infrastructures in the Mediterranean Region

"...Water Infrastructure (WI) is one of the most important sectors of Critical Infrastructure (CI); it encompasses drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater..."


Real-Time Smart Water Management System (SWMS) for Smart Home

"...Many water- related issues have been faced by developing countries like poor infrastructure for water, scarcity of drinking water, water pollution, falling water table, and low levels of water security..."


Microplastics in the Environment: Its Sources, Occurrence, Impact on Human Health and Environment

"...Microplastics have been encountered in drinking water, air, freshwater environment, biota, marine environment and table salt, presenting a very serious human exposure risk..."