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News and Opinion

Coverage of drought since November 23, 2021.

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Manitoba and Saskatchewan renew Memorandum of Understanding for water management

"..."We recognize the tremendous progress made in the last five years with Saskatchewan to improve water management across our shared watersheds," says Eichler. "Renewing our partnership will help both jurisdictions continue to focus on today’s issues like flooding, drought and drainage while providing a strong framework to meet new challenges. "..."

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Ottawa and British Columbia promise co-operation on province's flooding

"...Horgan said the province has been reeling this year from successive events caused by climate change: first drought, then a heat dome that claimed almost 600 lives, followed by wildfires and now floods..."

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Wettest fall on record in parts of B.C. adds to risk of disaster as more storms approach

"...This summer's drought and wildfires - as well as changes on the ground caused by previous wildfire seasons - have exacerbated conditions, he added..."

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Highway 1 through Fraser Valley set to reopen Thursday

"...“The ground is wetter, snowmelt is occurring and some areas are extremely vulnerable due to recent wildfires and droughts. ”..."

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B.C. officials urge residents to prep for more storms, say food supply is stable

"...Public Safety Minister said that the incoming atmospheric rivers could prove devastating to already rain-soaked ground, especially for areas that grappled with wildfires and droughts over the summer..."

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Summer wildfires spark need for FireSmart work in Vernon

"...“Having citizens involved in this process is critical,” said Hofsink. “It really does take an all-hands-on-deck approach to implement FireSmart principles across the community. This helps make Vernon more resilient to the impacts of wildfire, while also helping to restore the local ecosystem..."

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‘A monumental task': B.C. braces for more storms as flood repairs continue

"...The military is now in Princeton helping to sandbag and protect the community from more flooding. Meanwhile, conditions between Merritt and Spences Bridge “remain very dire” Farnworth said. The timeline for when this route may reopen is not yet known..."

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Wildlife rehab centre notices spike in patients

"...Wildlife Haven is a non-profit, charitable organization treating sick, orphaned and injured wildlife from all over Manitoba since 1984. Since its inception, the team has treated more than 50,000 wild animals. In 2019 they moved into their new campus and in July of this year opened their accredited wildlife veterinary hospital, the first of its kind in Manitoba..."

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Agroforestry project attempts to slow threat of wildfire in Kootenay region

"...Called Bannock in Bloom, the test model for agroforestry is being put forward at Bannock Point, a Crown-owned recreational area south of Silverton. Work began earlier this month to work with the local landscape and “plant valuable food crops that strengthen local food security and are both drought and wildfire resistant,” a press release on the project noted..."

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Manitoba Renews Water Management MOU With Saskatchewan

"...Both governments entered into an MOU in 2015 that set out broad principles to facilitate a co-operative and co-ordinated approach in their efforts to mitigate flooding, drought, to protect and improve water quality and aquatic ecosystem health, to achieve a healthy, prosperous and sustainable-shared watersheds for present and future generations..."

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Nigeria needs biotechnology to weather climate change impacts on farming, say West African scientists

"...“Evidence of climate change on agriculture in Nigeria has since been established and increased atmospheric warmness, irregular rainfall, emergent pests, [crop] diseases…and their resultant adverse effect on agricultural productivity are glaring,” the authors write in the November 2021 Handbook of Climate Change Management. “This scenario poses a serious threat to food security in Nigeria and calls for the adoption of innovative biotechnologies to create resilient crops with improved adaptation to the environmental stresses occasioned by the increasing climate change. ”..."

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B.C. floods expose hollow ‘emergency’ declarations : op-ed

"...The City of Calgary recently joined the list of cities to declare a climate emergency. Although it’s a bit late; the other cities issued their declarations in the summer of 2019. It’s hard to attach the word “emergency” to an advocacy campaign that stays around for years..."

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Recommended Reading

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The Journeys of Trees

A Story about Forests, People, and the Future

"...When new trees sprout in the same direction, the whole forest begins to migrate, sometimes at astonishing rates. These are the insights of lively people on conservation’s front lines, from an ecologist studying droughts to an evolutionary evangelist; as well as activists, biologists, and foresters, each with their own role to play in the fight for the uncertain future of our environment..."

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Jobs in drought

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Tenure Track Position - Tier II Canada Research Chair - School of Climate Change and Adaptation - Faculty of Science

"...precision agriculture especially drainage and drought management; and/or (v) climate data analysis of extreme events and their impacts, would complement existing research interests and expertise..."

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Recent episodes that mention drought.

Nuclear power benefits and risks; and drought season

Duration: 37:00

"..., our panelists look at the benefits and risks of nuclear power, attempting to find where the balance should lie between necessary safety precautions and overburdensome regulations..."

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Cow/calf producers in drought-stricken areas facing looming feed cliff

Duration: 14:27

"...Drought is hitting areas on the eastern side of the prairies hard, and unless weather patterns change, ranchers in many cases will be hitting a wall as feed supplies dry up, as early as July..."

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Crystal Kolden: Prepping For Wildfire Season

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."

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Wheat Pete's Word, June 2: Frost, drought, replants, and more than one insect alert

Duration: 18:55

"...Huge areas of Ontario saw frost over the weekend, in some cases as low as -7 degrees C..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about drought.

Tracking Wildfires from Space

"...Trace how trends in carbon emissions, temperature, wind, drought, and humidity paint a picture of today’s wildfires and suggest a path for curbing this dangerous extreme weather phenomena in the future..."

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Dr. Wayne Honeycutt: Comprehensive Strategy for Advancing Soil Health

"...An abundance of research shows that practices designed to improve soil health also reduce nutrient loss to waterways, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration, increase drought resilience, enhance yield stability, increase biodiversity, enhance pollinator/wildlife habitat, and provide many other benefits..."

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Linking Soil Biology to Soil Health: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Webinar Series, Episode 2

"...When these soil organism functional groups are in balance and working together, they contribute to ecosystem resiliency that allows the ecosystem to bounce back after a disturbance like a flood or drought as well as resist the negative impacts of these disturbances..."

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Climate change in the Antarctic | DW Documentary

"...The scientists who work at this outpost in Antarctica are studying the effects of climate change -- under extreme conditions..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about drought relevant to the latest news.

Resilience of wetland vegetation to recurrent drought in the Inland Niger Delta of Mali from 1982 to 2014

"...These findings point to remarkable resiliency of IND vegetation to widely fluctuating levels of flooding that are driven not only by rainfall and run-off across the watershed but also by land use, water withdrawals and damming upstream..."

related research

Climate Resilience in Agriculture

"...These sustainable agriculture practices include improvement of land preparation such as no-tilling and composting, introduction of disease-resistant and climate hardy seed varieties, crop diversification, integration of crops and livestock, soil health improvement through cover crops, management of intensive grazing, reduction in the use of off-farm inputs, development of whole-farm planning, and improvement of agriculture enterprises and marketing..."

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Dealing with cross-sectoral policy problems: An advocacy coalition approach to climate and water policy integration in Northeas

"...The governance of several cross-cutting challenges, such as food security, climate change, and sustainable development, calls for integrative policy approaches..."

related research

Population genomics and conservation of Gila Trout (Oncorhynchus gilae)

"...All lineages have experienced population bottlenecks associated with mortality from drought and severe wildfires..."

related research

Building A Resilient and Sustainable Water and Wastewater Service for Scotland

"...Climate change affects the managed water cycle in terms of drought, water quality and the need to manage flood risk in the urban environment..."

related research

The Great Glacier and Snow-Dependent Rivers of Asia and Climate Change: Heading for Troubled Waters

"...In high mountains and hills, the impact of climate change is clear, as seen in changes in agropastoral systems and the increasing occurrence of floods and droughts, with losses and damages already high..."

related research

Climate Change-Induced Irrigation Water Problems and Resolution Strategies: A Case Study

"...Irregular droughts, as well as floods caused by climate change, pose a serious threat to many developing countries including Pakistan which are not capable to develop such infrastructure needed to combat the adverse impacts of floods and droughts..."

related research

Ethical issues and legal principles regarding joint management of shared river basins in the context of climate change and wate

"...Furthermore, the effects of climate change on river ecosystems in the Mediterranean region?namely drought, water scarcity, desertification, flooding, heat waves, soil salinization, invasive species?are leading to larger water stress periods and an overall reduction of ecosystem services..."

related research

Contribution of remote sensing and GIS to analysis of the risk of flooding in the Zat basin (High Atlas-Morocco)

"...The rainfall analysis demonstrated that the Zat watershed has a trend towards drought along with extreme events such as floods..."

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Community dynamics under environmental extremes: coastal plain wet prairie in a natural state and under restoration

"...Wet prairies in the Southeast US have diverse plant communities subject to disturbances including fire, drought, flooding, tropical storms, and freezes..."

related research

Morphological, Physiological, and Biochemical Modulations in Crops under Salt Stress

"...In the era of climate change, plant scientists should focus on each shotgun approaches as well as long-term genomic techniques to enhance salt tolerance in commercially important crops to ensure food security and sustainable productivity..."

related research

Economic tradeoff between domestic well impact and reduced agricultural production with groundwater drought management: Tulare

"...For the case study presented, a fee range of $300 to $600/acre-foot ($300?$600/1,233 m3) yielded an effective groundwater management policy for reducing domestic well impacts from drought and balancing agricultural impacts of drought with the need to replenish additional drought pumping in wetter years..."

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