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Coverage of ecological function since June 8, 2022.

Wetlands are too important not to protect, expert says on World Wetlands Day

"...And wetlands are no small deal, according to Tim Teetaert, a natural area manager with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). “Canada is home to a quarter of the world's wetlands,” he said, adding, “essentially 15 per cent of our landmass is wetlands. In Manitoba, it's closer to 40 per cent..."


Calgary urged to adopt better co-existence program with beavers after animals killed

"...The city is working on a project that will reduce the use of trapping as a solution when beavers conflict with infrastructure. The city has engaged interested parties, including Friends of Fish Creek, and recommendations are expected at the end of 2023. The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society refers to beavers as “ecosystem engineers, water filtration experts and landscape artists..."


Chemainus River flood mitigation projects ongoing

"...The consequences of global warming are well-known to residents of the area with frequent flooding, particularly during extreme weather events such as the massive atmospheric river that struck in November of 2021..."


Protecting British Columbias Bats Amid White-nose Syndrome

"...Bats are vital to Canadas ecosystems, providing important ecological functions such as pest control and pollination. British Columbia is home to fifteen of the seventeen bat species found in Canada. Among these, half of the bat species in BC are currently at-risk..."


Lachine's Brewster Park to get an ecological upgrade

"...That is expected to help everyone in the area because when a big rainstorm hits it can overwhelm the sewage system. Sponge parks collect water, reducing the accumulation in the surrounding neighbourhood..."


New funding coming to Campbell River, Puntledge watersheds for Fish and Wildlife projects

"...Some fish and wildlife conservation projects in the Campbell River watershed are getting funding to the tune of about $173,000..."


Could biomimicry help slash building-related emissions?

"...As ArchDaily noted, the biomimetic revolution is now considered to be a major guideline towards more sustainable built environments, meaning that buildings are focused on learning from nature rather than only extracting elements from it. Biomimetic buildings pop up where youd least expect them, including at the new Pinal County Attorneys Office, in Arizona, which draws on insights about how saguaro cacti deflect intense solar heat with a vertically corrugated skin texture that protects the plant from sunburn. Similarly, the buildings exterior walls and windows are shielded from direct sun by adjustable fins and ribbed metal panelling, which should result in an estimated 39% energy savings compared to other buildings in the region..."


Wetlands are our natural defenders and need to be protected

"...Wetlands serve numerous valuable social, economic and ecological functions. They have an important role in purifying drinking water. They also provide vital wildlife habitat, flood mitigation, soil stabilization and recreational opportunities..."


Op/Ed: Wetlands are our natural defences, need to be conserved

"...Wetlands servenumerous valuable social, economic and ecological functions. They have an important role in purifying drinking water. They also provide vital wildlife habitat, flood mitigation, soil stabilization and recreational opportunities..."


Okanagan Nature Nut: What good are mosquitos?

"...Indiscriminate mass elimination of mosquitoes would impact everything from pollination to natural food webs. In a world of collapsing ecosystems and declining pollinator populations, we need all of the help we can get. This includes acknowledging the secret lives of mosquitoes and more sophisticated mosquito control strategies that protect their ecosystem functions..."


Creating more problems

"...The IPCC states that forests definitely have a role to play in capturing carbon, but that afforestationcreating new forestsis less important than stopping deforestation..."


Greenways Land Trust restores industrial log storage site in Campbell River estuary

"...“Since December 2020, we have been working with partners including the Wei Wai Kum First Nation, the City of Campbell River, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, several different specialist biologists, and hydraulic engineers to develop a restoration plan,” said the Greenways release. “We plan to move some of the material that was dug out to create the “Mill Pond” back into the pond – some of this material is still on-site on ‘Carolyn’s Spit,’ and has grown back into a disturbed habitat type of small alders and the invasive Himalayan blackberry..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about ecological function.

Soil Food Web, with Dr Elaine R Ingham

"...Elaines Soil Food Web Approach has been used to successfully restore the ecological functions of soils on more than five million acres of farmland all over the world..."


Lichens of the High Arctic

"...From stabilizing soil to providing a food source for caribou to helping camouflage birds and insects, lichens have a number of ecological functions..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ecological function relevant to the latest news.

Distinct Behavior of Biochar Modulating Biogeochemistry of Salt-Affected and Acidic Soil: a Review

"..., soil erosion, waterlogging, acidification, salinization, flooding, anthropogenic activities, and other environmental extremes, adversely restrict soil health in the long run..."


A Review of Knowledge on the Impacts of Multiple Anthropogenic Pressures on the Soft-Bottom Benthic Ecosystem in Mediterranean

"...exploitation of natural resources, habitat destruction, climate change, pollution and alien invasive species ? on the soft-bottom benthic ecosystem in Mediterranean coastal lagoons (period 2000?2022), and to identify perspectives for future research that can contribute to the improvement of monitoring programs..."


Autochthonous psychrophilic hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria and its ecological function in contaminated cold environments

"...Due to the resilience feature of nature, such polluted environments become the realized ecological niches for a wide community of psychrophilic hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria (PHcB)..."


Taxonomic and functional diversity of the amphibian and reptile communities of the state of Durango, Mexico

"...In either case, the usefulness of both metrics has helped to develop more reasoned conservation strategies in areas where biodiversity loss is occurring at an accelerated rate..."


Biocrust adaptations to microhabitat alter bacterial communities in a semiarid ecosystem

"...Aims Biocrusts, the living skin of dryland ecosystems, contain diverse soil microorganisms that are essential to biocrust formation and the maintenance of multiple ecological functions including nitrogen fixation, carbon sequestration, soil stability, and rainfall redistribution..."


Experience and future research trends of wetland protection and restoration in China

"...This work reviews these wetland conservation and restoration measures, interprets China?s wetland conservation and restoration management policies, and proposes that future research on wetland resources in China should be conducted from the aspects of international frontiers and national strategic plans, socioeconomics, and smart services..."


Soil Bioamendment as a Low-Carbon Approach for Microbial Remediation of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants

"...Hence, this chapter focuses on the effects of hydrocarbons and metals on soil microbial community, and the efficiency of biochar and spent mushroom compost in soil remediation..."


Land potential for ecotourism development and assessing landscape ecology in areas on protection of Iran

"...This research has evaluated environmental potential to determine suitable zones for ecotourism development in Lar National Park (NP) and Kavdeh Wildlife Refuge (WR) and also evaluated landscape ecology changes to investigate ecological function (EF) and status of EC in these areas..."


Soil pH and dissolved organic carbon shape microbial communities in wetlands with two different vegetation types in Changdu are

"...Soil microorganisms play pivotal roles in element biogeochemical cycling and ecological functions in wetland ecosystem, which may affect global climate change..."


From ecological functions to ecosystem services: linking coastal lagoons biodiversity with human well-being

"...Because coastal lagoons are located in the interface between freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the ecosystem services provided by the biodiversity surpass the lagoon itself and benefit society in a wider spatial and historical context..."


Influence of barrages on hydrological parameters and functional groups of phytoplankton of a subtropical river Ganga, India

"...In conclusion, the phytoplankton FGs approach is useful for identifying the geographical and seasonal aspects of aquatic ecosystems that are heavily influenced by human activities, but its sensitivity to changes in spatial and seasonal water quality warrants more exploration..."


Evolution of County Socio?Ecological Systems in Nature Reserves in Western China Over the Past 30 Years

"...The evolution process of socio?ecological systems from 1990 to 2020 in the Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, located in the National Key Ecological Function Area of western China, was analyzed quantitatively based on resilience theory and methodology combined with catastrophe theory and adaptive cycle theory, through field investigation, questionnaires and interviews, social data collection and remote sensing data analysis..."