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News and Opinion

Coverage of ecological sustainability since September 30, 2020.

DFO sends letter to Port Hardy council, salmon farming industry consultations coming soon

"...“In order to advance innovation and support the ecological sustainability of the aquaculture sector in British Columbia, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is taking the next step to transition from open-net pen aquaculture in British Columbia coastal waters,” wrote McCorquodale. “The transition will require a strong plan that outlines how to proceed, in a way that greatly minimizes or eliminates risk to wild salmon, while also taking into account social, cultural and economic factors. ”..."


Lyndhurst, Ont., property offers glamping, eco-sustainability workshops and more

"...The facility boasts a sizeable garden in which it grows a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as acres of wetland and forestry that can be hiked and biked, kayaking space, and weekend workshops..."


Bras dOr Lake Biosphere granted recertification

"...The goals of all UNESCO Biospheres are the same; the conservation of biodiversity in balance with sustainable economic development while building community capacity within a biosphere through research, monitoring and education, the BLBRA noted. Currently, there 737 UNESCO designated biospheres worldwide, and 20 of these are in Canada they said..."


Ideas that make Langley farms more sustainable could get some green

"...Through grants and scholarships program, Langley Sustainable Agriculture Foundation (LSAF) will provide close to $10,000 and stimulate farm ecological sustainability in Langley, according to Marcel Sachse, president of the non-profit foundation..."


Support Nature Canadas court intervention to push coal mining phase-out Nature Canada

"...Other projects like Tecks proposed 2500-hectare Castle Mountain mine expansion would destroy critical habitat for the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and add significantly more pollutants, including Selenium, to B. C. s Elk River watershed..."


Roadmap to renewables unites climate and sustainability goals

"...While the pressures of climate change bring a sense of urgency to renewable energy development, a new study serves as a roadmap toward uniting the goals of a low-carbon future with that of ecological sustainability and conservation..."


Court should intervene to remedy Canada's alleged failure on climate change: lawyer

"...Joseph Arvay disagreed Wednesday with a federal government lawyer who argued for the case to be dismissed because a court should not step into the political arena when it comes to policy decisions related to greenhouse gas emissions that require international efforts to combat global climate change..."


Court should determine if Canada failed youth behind climate change suit: lawyer

"...Youth are disproportionately affected by air pollution and other consequences of greenhouse gas emissions because their vital organs, including the lungs, are not fully developed, the lawsuit claims. Sierra Robinson, 18, is among the plaintiffs alleging they suffered individual injuries as a result of the consequences of climate change. Robinson said in an interview that rising temperatures have increased the population and range of disease-carrying ticks on her family's farm in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about ecological sustainability.

Nature Positive Land Transitions | Sustainable Development Impact Summit

"...The aim of this session is to explore approaches to transition the land-use sector towards climate and ecological sustainability, while ensuring food security for all..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ecological sustainability relevant to the latest news.

Do international investment contribute to environmental pollution? Evidence from 20 African countries

"...Clean energy and urbanization were found to have negative impact on the economy, while fossil fuel had positive impact on the economy..."


The interrelationship amid carbon emissions, tourism, economy, and energy use in Brazil

"...This article presents policy ideas aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in Brazil by increasing the utilization of renewable energy sources, while simultaneously fostering sustainable tourism as a means to enhance the country?s economy..."


A mini-review: positive impact of COVID-19 on Arial health and ecology

"...Several significant findings are presented, including air pollution reduction, air quality improvement, ozone healing, and ecological sustainability..."


Ecological Sustainability Assessment of Water Distribution for the Maintenance of Ecosystems, their Services and Biodiversity

"...The ESAW-tool is tested in the Danube river basin through combination of high-resolution hydro-agroecological model data (hydrological land surface process model PROMET and groundwater model OpenGeoSys) and further freely available data (water use, biodiversity and wetlands maps)..."


Comparing the ecological sustainability performance of organic farms and conventional production in Austria using the SMART far

"...The results highlight the consistently good ecological sustainability performance of organic farms in the areas of atmosphere, water, soil, biodiversity, materials and energy, and animal welfare..."


Sustainable farm work in agroecology: how do systemic factors matter?

"...The latter was applied to ten case studies to test its relevance, affirming positive outcomes of agroecology on SFW, such as improved food sovereignty, biodiversity conservation, and social inclusiveness, but also showing trade-offs, including increased workload and potential yield reductions..."


The role of global collaboration in environmental technology development, natural resources, and marine energy generation techn

"...This study aims to explore the influence of renewable energy consumption (REC), global collaboration in environmental technology development (GCETD), gross domestic product per capita (GDPPC), marine energy generation technologies (MGT), trade openness (TDOT), natural resources (NRs), and carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) in 34 selected knowledge-based economies from 1990 to 2020..."


Technological innovations, renewable energy, globalization, financial development, and carbon emissions: role of inward remitta

"...Asides from renewable energy consumption, technological innovation and remittances are mostly ignored as critical tools and resources that can be adopted to ameliorate environmental worries, even when remittances have more considerable resource inflow than official development aids..."


Diversity, structure, and application of self organizing map on plant species in homegardens

"...Lower-income households and worked in agriculture sectors that rely on homegrown food and medicinal plants are increasing the diversity of plant species in homegardens, highlighting the importance of these agroecosystems as a food security approach..."


The dynamic role of institutional quality, renewable and non-renewable energy on the ecological footprint of OECD countries: do

"...The applied cointegration tests expose a long-run equilibrium relationship that associates renewable/non-renewable energy consumption, economic growth, institutional quality, and the EF of OECD countries..."


Exploring the existence of aviation Kuznets curve in the context of environmental pollution for OECD nations

"...Economic development and ecological sustainability can be achieved by an increase in economic growth but on the cost of environmental quality..."