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Coverage of ecology since October 12, 2023.

Vancouver Island teacher only Canadian picked for climate challenge at COP28

"...The challenge will take place during COP28, a United Nations climate conference, providing the Metchosin teacher with a platform to present his innovative coursework as an integral component of the school’s Climate Action Leadership Diploma (CALD) program..."


B.C. stream watchers link coho salmon kill to tire toxin and drought

"...Coho salmon swim after being released from a hatchery. (National Marine Fisheries Service/Southwest Fisheries Science Center; Salmon Ecology Team photo)..."


'Relief is not meant to be permanent, but resilience has to be sustainable'

"...Arising from the need for a long-term solution to the problem, the Alliance for Science launched a campaign, Relief To Resilience, at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, in 2022. The campaign was meant to rally organizations and stakeholders within the science community in the Global South to spread climate-smart solutions and social innovations to help deal with the challenges of climate change, food security, and global health..."


Opponents stage protest as clock ticks down on B.C. island deer kill

"...“So the question is why is Parks Canada embarking on this still, to the cost of almost $6 million. ”Glynn wants to see the operation paused while a scientific census of the deer and vegetation renewal is conducted. Part-time Sidney Island resident Paul Lalonde acknowledged that deer had “shredded” the island in the past, but also argued islanders' efforts had addressed the problem..."


Expert to discuss soil characteristics at Red Deer River Naturalists event

"...Verbisky, who has a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Alberta, has worked on major projects, including a salmon survey in northern Quebec, a project investigating biodiversity of pre- and post-harvest sites on Alberta Pacific’s forestry management area, and a chronosequence comparing diversity of fire versus harvest disturbed stands in northwestern Alberta..."


Dalhousie discovery unravels a mystery of viruses under the sea

"..."We are the first to identify a natural host for mirusvirus, which paves the way to figuring out how the host and virus interact with one another, and the roles mirusviruses play in marine ecosystems," says Dr. Archibald, who worked on the project with researchers at Stony Brook University in New York and the Joint Genome Institute in California..."


The October/November issue of The Architect’s Newspaper is out

"...The Architect’s Newspaper brings you “news, big and small, with a catholic sensibility about what architects and designers might consider newsworthy (real estate, landscape, preservation, art, film, ecology, law?). ” I could’ve written this sentence yesterday and thought it accurate, but it is actually lifted from the Editor’s Note by William Menking and Cathy Lang Ho from AN’s first issue, published on November 10, 2003. Then it was a promise; now it’s a fact..."


The Nature Trust of BC Rallies Public Support for the Protection of Critical Wildlife Habitat Across Northern BC

"...“Northern BC’s unique terrain and ecology is diverse, from rainforest and riparian ecosystems to wetlands. However, they are united in their importance for climate and biodiversity. These ecosystems provide vital habitat and breeding grounds for migratory birds as well as countless other species of fish and wildlife..."


Ecology group says Nova Scotia coastal protection legislation needs to be proclaimed

"...The Ecology Action Centre says the Coastal Protection Act is urgently needed because of the damage being caused by an increasing number of intense storms. Marla MacLeod, the centre's director of programs, says the delay in proclaiming the act, which is now into its third set of public consultations, is “recklessly irresponsible” and represents a disregard for the safety of Nova Scotians. Passed by the former Liberal government, the law is aimed at offering better protection for areas like dunes and salt marshes and to set out where people can build along the coastline in order to avoid the effects of erosion..."


There have been 20 named hurricanes in 2023. Predicting them hasn't been easy

"...Improvements in tracking technology may have been a factor in why so many named storms have kept the eye of the National Hurricane Center. But according to some, the increase in hurricanes may be a sign of a changing climate. “We've unfortunately damaged or destroyed a significant amount of our ecosystems that are naturally defences to these types of disasters,” said Will Balser, the coastal adaptation co-ordinator with Ecology Action Centre..."


Modified Atlantic Loop shouldn't thwart drive for offshore wind power: report author

"...However, it’s noted that Canada still doesn’t have a single turbine operating or under construction in its offshore waters, while thousands of turbines produce 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power in Europe’s North Sea alone. Nicholson points out that if Canada is to meet its goal to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it has been estimated by the Canada Energy Regulator that wind power will need to provide about 30 per cent of the total electrical supply. That figure stood at less than six per cent in 2021..."


Galapagos Giant Tortoises Prove Their Worth as Ecosystem Engineers Hakai Magazine

"...In the late 19th century, whalers, settlers, and pirates changed the ecology of the Galapagos Islands by poaching some native species—like Galapagos giant tortoises—and introducing others, like goats and rats. The latter species became pests and severely destabilized the island ecosystems. Goats overgrazed the fruits and plants the tortoises ate while rats preyed on their eggs..."


Recommended Reading

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Jobs in ecology

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Assistant Professor in Food, Forests and (Bio)Fuels - Ecology

"...Ecology Department Dept Forest Conservation Sciences | Faculty of Forestry Compensation Range ..."

related opportunities

Assistant Professor

"...Relevant research expertise should include some combination of: fire weather and fuel moisture dynamics, forest fire behaviour and modelling, fire history..."

related opportunities

Indigenous Community Coordinator

"...Adam Ford, and in partnership with the Wildlife Science Centre at Biodiversity Pathways, the Indigenous Community Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and..."

related opportunities

Senior Marine Biologist

"...Marine Biologist to join our BC Ecology and Environmental Impact Assessment team on a full-time basis..."

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Recent episodes that mention ecology.

Farming Forward: The future of advanced nitrogen management

Duration: 11:24

"...A greater emphasis on digital tools and precision application tools that provide tangible benefits for farmers is what Dr..."


Episode 103: On The Construction Side Of Restoration Ecology With Matt Koozer

Duration: 30:35

"...Source: Rewilding Earth Podcast..."


Episode 88: Cara Nelson On The United Nations Decade On Ecosystem Restoration

Duration: 37:01

"...Welcome to a special Earth Day episode of the Rewilding Earth Podcast!..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about ecology.

Harnessing renewable offshore energy – with Susan Gourvenec

"...But how do we design and scale up what's required to meet net zero targets? ..."


Is there a better way to produce our food? Hear from the experts now.

"...The Circular Economy Show Podcast food series is here! In episode one, we look at what’s wrong with the current food system and learn how a circular economy for food can help address some of today’s biggest global issues, such as biodiversity loss and climate change..."


Is there a better way to produce our food? | Redesigning Food Podcast series

"...In the episode, we look at what’s wrong with the current system, and learn how a circular economy for food can help address some of today’s biggest global issues, such as biodiversity loss and climate change..."


Why Omega 3 Pills Are a Threat to Antarctica's Ecosystem

"...Antarctica is best known for whales, penguins, and seals, but this vast and fragile ecosystem depends on a far smaller resident: krill..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ecology relevant to the latest news.

A critical assessment of conservation agriculture among smallholders in the Mediterranean region: adoption pathways inspired by

"...Conservation agriculture (CA) is the key agricultural soil management approach for Mediterranean rainfed systems facing extreme droughts and soil degradation..."


General Patterns of Salinity Influence on the Energy Balance of Aquatic Animals in Hypersaline Environment

"...The analysis of this generalization based on the energy balance approach leads to certain conclusions: (1) the possible definitive size will decrease with increasing salinity, as is observed in nature and in experiments; (2) the higher the concentration of food, the less pronounced is this effect; (3) a decrease in body weight allows a species to exist in wider ranges of salinity and food concentration..."


Ecology, evolution and conservation of tidepool fishes of the Americas

"...Here, we review the diversity, ecology, evolution and conservation of the American tidepool fishes, from definition to trophic roles, ecological vulnerabilities and societal importance that reveal an extraordinary biodiversity and the important roles fishes play in the coastal ecosystems..."


Breaking the Ice: A Review of Phages in Polar Ecosystems

"...Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses that infect and replicate within bacterial hosts, playing a significant role in regulating microbial populations and ecosystem dynamics..."


Assessing the state of seahorse research through scientometric analysis: an update

"...The research ecosystem encompassing seahorses constitutes a diverse array of academic domains, showcasing substantial interdisciplinary linkages among areas such as ?Marine and Freshwater Biology?, ?Environmental Sciences?, ?Biochemistry and Molecular Biology?, ?Biodiversity Conservation?, ?Ecology?, ?Fisheries?, ?Zoology?, and ?Oceanography?..."


Salinity-triggered homogeneous selection constrains the microbial function and stability in lakes

"...Our findings provide new insights into plankton ecology and are helpful for the protecting of the biodiversity and function of inland lakes against the background of salinization..."


Made-to-Measure: In and Out of Touch with the Old-Growth Forest

"...This transdisciplinary chapter studies how old-growth forests are made-to-measure, moving from close proximity encounters with an indicator organism, being-with-beard lichen, to the internationally defined level and timescale of economic activity and (un)management in categorising forest ecology, wherein various compromises in decision-making may also compromise local ecosystems and the vastness of scale in the biosphere..."


Assessing habitat selection of the vulnerable Asian small-clawed otters in an anthropized riparian forest of eastern Bangladesh

"...We encourage further research to gain a better understanding of the factors that could impact otter habitat preference, such as food abundance, undergrowth vegetation, human-induced forest fires, and fishing or poaching pressure..."


Dynamic social interactions and keystone species shape the diversity and stability of mixed-species biofilms ? an example from

"...Identifying interspecies interactions in mixed-species biofilms is a key challenge in microbial ecology and is of paramount importance given that interactions govern community functionality and stability..."


A genealogy of sustainable agriculture narratives: implications for the transformative potential of regenerative agriculture

"...Through a genealogical analysis of four prominent sustainable agriculture narratives; organic agriculture, conservation agriculture, sustainable intensification, and agroecology; we consider how regenerative agriculture?s growing momentum can be contextualised within existing narratives and explore the implications this might have for its transformative potential..."


Regenerative Material-Human Ecologies: Investigating Mycelium for Living and Decentralized Architectures in Rwanda

"...The present work aims to embody an alternative approach to reconsidering resources, defined here as the material, knowledge, and economic flows that constitute an ecology of building, for non-industrialized contexts through the application of regenerative design principles..."


Current Trends on the Effects of Metal-Based Nanoparticles on Microbial Ecology

"...Due to improper pre-treatment of biosolids, inefficient wastewater treatment practices, and other unregulated agricultural practices continue to contaminate the environment..."