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Coverage of economy since September 20, 2023.

City to decommission Vancouver Economic Commission

"...“Particularly with Metro Vancouver’s creation of Invest Vancouver in 2019 to attract investment into our economy at a regional level, this new office will help the city focus on the local economy, supporting Vancouver businesses, and complementing Invest Vancouver’s business attraction and retention work. ”..."


Saint John group calls for permanent closure of AIM Recycling

"...A Saint John community group is standing behind city council in their calls to close the American Iron and Metal (AIM) recycling facility once and for all..."


Federal Fiona recovery fund providing $9 million for community comfort centres

"...The money comes from the $300-million Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund that was announced shortly after the massive storm devastated parts of Atlantic Canada one year ago this Sunday. Federal Minister of Rural Economic Development Gudie Hutchings says the money will help designated “climate comfort centres” purchase equipment and make necessary improvements to serve the public. Hutchings says the money can be used to equip the centres with such things as power generators, satellite phones, blankets and cots..."


RCMP recover equipment stolen from Willowbrook Fire Department

"...The trailer that was broken into housed pumps used to fight Upper Park Rill wildfire Brennan PhillipsSep. 21, 2023 5:00 p. m..."


Coastal GasLink fined $346K for non-compliance

"...CHETWYND, B. C. — The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) issued penalties totalling $346,000 to Coastal GasLink Pipeline (CGL) on Tuesday for non-compliance..."


Japan, Canada pledge more co-operation on battery supply chains, AI technology

"...Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne was coy about what kind of Canadian subsidies could follow to lure Japanese battery makers into Canada, though he and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson both mentioned discussions underway with Toyota and Honda..."


N.B. Conservation Council raises concerns about lack of costing for SMRs in NB Power plan

"...SMRs are new technology in the nuclear power sphere. A single small modular reactor is capable of producing 300 megawatts. Moe Qureshi, the CCNB’s manager of climate solutions, said the IRP focused heavily on SMRs despite their relative newness and left out a key component to using them in the future – the cost..."


Tories concerned bill gives politicians power to kill offshore oil drilling in protected areas

"...Labour and Seniors Minister Seamus O’Regan arrives to a Liberal caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023. The Atlantic Liberal caucus is slamming the Conservative Party for opposing new legislation that would extend the Atlantic accords to include renewable energy and not fossil fuels..."


From living wage to fair wage: New West eyes a fair wage policy

"...The City of New Westminster was a leader in introducing a living wage policy in Canada – and now it will consider following the lead of other cities by adopting a fair wage policy..."


BCBC: CleanBC will push B.C.’s economy into recession-like conditions

"...In last month’s column, we summarized the expected economic impacts of the latest iteration of CleanBC, as reported in economic modelling commissioned – but not discussed publicly – by the government. The comprehensive modelling work is the best information available on what’s expected to happen to the B. C..."


Guest post: Plans for new oil and gas power plants have grown by 13% in 2023

"...The global energy crisis, driven by surging gas prices, has decisively dented the prospects for the fuel’s future growth..."


What New York's crackdown on Airbnb says about a sharing economy gone haywire

"...Where you land likely depends on your own vested interest, either as a landlord who has turned to the popular short-term rental platform for revenue generation, or as a renter who has watched your housing options dwindle. A decade ago, the sharing economy was held up as a collective balm to the consumption-driven ethos of our societies. Airbnb, which was started by a couple of guys in San Francisco who rented out mattresses in their apartment to be able to make rent, became one of the most emblematic symbols of a more sustainable revolution..."


Recommended Reading

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Life Cycle Assessment

A Metric for The Circular Economy

"...Circular economy (CE) thinking is a conceptual way of considering the impacts of consuming resources. By taking a closed loop approach, CE provides a framework for influencing behaviours and practices to minimise this impact..."

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The Circular Economy

A User's Guide

"...This book, written by Walter Stahel, who is widely recognised as one of the key people who formulated the concept of the Circular Economy, is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to quickly get up to speed with this vitally important topic for ensuring sustainable development..."

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Jobs in economy

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Préposé à la balance

"...circular economy of batteries and create value for customers throughout North America..."

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Finance Director

"...Cellulosic Ethanol LP whose partners include Shell, Suncor and Proman, with the support of the Canadian and Quebec governments..."

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Low Carbon Analyst

"...circular economy frameworks and sustainability of products and assets including market positioning of low carbon/green products, decarbonization and carbon policy/accreditation/finance, energy..."

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IT Support Specialist

"...circular economy appeals to you? That’s exactly what our employees do every day when they come to work..."

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Recent episodes that mention economy.

Being a rep crop is kind of a big dill

Duration: 5:15

"...Canada is a country of 40 million, and while we're also an exporting nation, many crop types grown here are at such a small scale that the economics just don't work to have a company go through the steps required to register a pesticide for use..."


RealAg Radio: New program for Canadian beef, insight on China and Russia, and comparing stabilizers, Aug 2, 2023

Duration: 54:56

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Wednesday edition of RealAg Radio, brought to you by Koch Ag Services..."


Canada's trade potential suffers from whack-a-mole approach to infrastructure development

Duration: 14:20

"...Trade between countries is so much more than railways and ports, but if it can't move, it can't be sold..."


Politics aside, Canada continues to engage and grow trade with China

Duration: 9:51

"...The current political climate between Canada and China could be called chilly, however the strained diplomatic relationship seems to be having little impact on the real world economic and trade relationship..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about economy.

The heat may not kill you, but the global food crisis might!

"...But the real concern is what the consequences of those events will show us about the fragility and vulnerability our global food supply network is..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


India's historic opportunity to industrialize using clean energy | Varun Sivaram

"...India has a historic opportunity to power its industrialization with clean energy -- and its energy choices will make or break the world's fight against climate change, says clean energy executive, physicist and author Varun Sivaram..."


Completing the Picture: Designing a food system that’s positive for nature and our climate

"...The transition to renewable energy is critical in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s only half the story..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about economy relevant to the latest news.

Cleaner Production Principles Applied to the Port Logistics Sector

"...These, when used, contribute to the formation of greenhouse gases (GHG), atmospheric pollution and global warming..."


Impacts of digitalization on energy security: evidence from European countries

"...Notably, digitalization is beneficial for sustainable economic development, reflected by a rise in non-fossil and renewable energy consumption and a diminish in CO2 emission, especially in the long run..."


Comparative Study of Solar and Geothermal Renewable Energy Resources for Desalination of Seawater with Latest Case Studies

"...While 71% of the earth is covered by water, just 1% of surface water is reasonable for homegrown and modern purposes, and undeniably less can be utilized economically..."


Energy storage techniques, applications, and recent trends: A sustainable solution for power storage

"...The utilization of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery in hybrid propulsion systems for marine applications, as well as the creation of a high energy density portable/mobile hydrogen energy storage system with an electrolyzer, a metal hydride, and a fuel cell are both covered in detail with a case study..."


Another look at the nexus between economic growth trajectory and emission within the context of developing country: fresh insig

"...Using quarterly frequency data for the case of Russia from 1992 to 2018, the present study explores the interaction between disaggregated energy consumption (renewable energy and non-renewable energy), trade flow and economic growth on a broader measure for environmental degradation (ecological footprint)..."


Stock market development and environmental quality in EU member countries: a dynamic heterogeneous approach

"...However, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no research on the linkage between stock market development and environmental quality in the EU, while controlling for natural resource rents, trade openness and energy consumption at the same time..."


Criteria for Assessing the Sustainability of Logging Operations?A Systematic Review

"...On the one hand, productivity is linked to the environmental and social pillars, as it is related to the level of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and the employment rate..."


A three-dimensional evaluation model for green development: evidence from Chinese provinces along the belt and road

"...Driving economic green transformation and promoting industrial energy conservation and emission reduction through technological innovation are the internal driving forces to achieve regional green sustainable development..."


A Study of Role of It in Rural Development in India: Opportunities and Challenges

"...It is evident that increasing access to information technology supports rural development and empowers rural populations..."