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Coverage of economy since April 15, 2024.

A Taiwan-based Buddhist charity attempts to take the founding nun's message of compassion global

"...Within Taiwan, Tzu Chi is known for its earthquake relief efforts. Globally, it has built a network of movers and shakers whose work ranges from disaster relief and building schools, houses of worship, homes and hospitals to refugee resettlement and feeding the hungry. The organization has had a significant presence in the U..."


Caribbean seeks help in fighting climate change after Hurricane Beryl devastates small islands

"...SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) Caribbean officials on Friday demanded more access to funding and help in fighting climate change, weeks after Hurricane Beryl devastated the region..."


Friends shouldn't let friends buy natural gas from bad places Montreal Economic Institute

"...The plan, announced in December by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector to 38 per cent below 2019 levels by 2030..."


AP Decision Notes: What to expect in New Jersey's special congressional primary

"...The Democratic field of 11 candidates also includes: Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, who testified against McIver in the court challenge; Jersey City educator John Flora; state economic redevelopment official Darryl Godfrey; small business owner and community activist Alberta Gordon; former Payne congressional staffer Shana Melius; educator and community organizer Sheila Montague; community activist Debra Salters; Hudson County Commissioner Jerry Walker; and election law professor Eugene Mazo, who also survived a legal challenge to his nomination papers filed by state Democratic Party officials..."


Stock market today: Asian stocks mixed with volatile yen after Wall Street rises on inflation report

"...Wall Street wants lower interest rates to release pressure thats built up on the economy because of how expensive its become to borrow money to buy houses, cars or anything on credit cards. Fed officials, though, have been saying they want to see more good data on inflation before making a move..."


In Graphic Detail: Europes Tourism Destinations Feel the Heat Hakai Magazine

"...As the worlds fastest-warming continent, Europe is facing multiple climate threats, from devastating floods to extreme heatwaves and wildfires. The changing climate threatens to upend tourism across the continent, and along with it, many nations economies. For a country like Greece, where the tourism industry represents about one-fifth of the GDP, another year of wildfire could be ruinous..."


Officials plead for $9 million in aid weeks after Hurricane Beryl devastates the southeast Caribbean

"...SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) People in the southeast Caribbean urgently need food, water and shelter nearly two weeks after Hurricane Beryl crushed the region as a Category 4 storm, officials said Thursday as they pleaded for at least $9 million in assistance from the international community..."


China Briefing 11 July: Wartime flooding emergency; EU tariff impact; Record-low coal share

"...WARTIME EMERGENCY: Extreme weather events continued over the past two weeks. Dongting lake Chinas second-biggest freshwater lake in southern Chinas Hunan province experienced a wide dyke breach on 6 July, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. The newspaper found the flooding in Hunan was the most severe flooding seen in 70 years, with local authorities declaring a wartime emergency..."


Groups sue to restore endangered species protection for US northern Rockies wolves

"...CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) Six conservation groups have filed a lawsuit challenging a recent federal government decision not to protect wolves in the northern U. S..."


Environmentalists blast Glencores takeover deal of Teck coal mines

"...Teck is walking away from an unprecedented environmental disaster, with a windfall of billions of dollars, says Casey Brennan, conservation director with the B. C. environmental group Wildsight..."


New federal law may actually inject more facts into climate debate : op-ed

"...A new federal lawBill C-59, which received royal assent last monthhas Canadas oil and gas industry and the premiers of oil and gas provinces up in arms. Specifically, in legalese, it allows government or outside litigants to review a representation to the public in the form of a statement, warranty or guarantee of a products benefits for protecting the environment or mitigating the environmental and ecological effects of climate change that is not based on an adequate and proper test, the proof of which lies on the person making the representation. These reviews would be conducted by government courts where claimants would have to prove the truthfulness of what they were saying..."


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Life Cycle Assessment

A Metric for The Circular Economy

"...Circular economy (CE) thinking is a conceptual way of considering the impacts of consuming resources. By taking a closed loop approach, CE provides a framework for influencing behaviours and practices to minimise this impact..."

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The Circular Economy

A User's Guide

"...This book, written by Walter Stahel, who is widely recognised as one of the key people who formulated the concept of the Circular Economy, is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to quickly get up to speed with this vitally important topic for ensuring sustainable development..."

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Jobs in economy

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

General Practitioner in Oncology - BC Cancer - Victoria

"...Home to a dynamic, thriving economy and vibrant arts and culture scene, with an unparalleled natural environment enjoyed by residents..."

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Project Manager

"...As our organization continues to grow, we are hiring for the role of Project Manager to join our team of IT professionals in Saint John, New Brunswick..."

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Junior Planner

"...Conducting solid waste policy research, best practices and jurisdictional scans..."

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Senior Lead - Indigenous Energy Project

"...Communicate effectively with external project partners and funders..."

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Recent episodes that mention economy.

Profitable Practices: Driving efficiency at Van Belle Nursery

Duration: 10:19

"...When Dave Van Belle hears the word ‘sustainability' the first two things that come to his mind are environmental sustainability and economic sustainability..."


Pulse School: Pea leaf weevil damage happens below ground

Duration: 8:36

"...Once peas have emerged and get growing, it's time to scout for pea leaf weevil feeding..."


305 Scott Poynton Crises drive change: stories from within the transformation of Nestl's palm oil value chain

Duration: 1:36:17

"...A conversation with Scott Poynton, founder of the Forest Trust, now known as the Earthworm Foundation, about supply chains, environmental regeneration and addressing environmental scandals from the forests of rural Australia to his groundbreaking work with major corporations like Nestl on no-deforestation commitments..."


Ag Policy Connection Ep. 9 What should carry the most weight in deciding how land gets used?

Duration: 50:44

"...There are many priorities that influence how land is used the need for housing and economic development often drives the conversion of farmland and natural habitat into urban or suburban landscapes, but food security, productivity, biodiversity, crop or livestock prices, renewable energy policy, and of course, NIMBYism are among the many factors that can. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about economy.

Eco-Cleaner Made From Sugar & Creating Zero-Emission Aluminum | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...With the right approach, the energy transition can create jobs and prosperity, presenting enormous potential for emerging economies..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


Panel discussion | Transitioning to a healthy Anthropocene is possible | Frontiers Forum Live 2023

"...She is actively involved in monitoring water pollution, food security, forestry and climate change, and policy implementation in South Africa..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about economy relevant to the latest news.

Sustainable high-quality seaweed production from deep seawater

"...Small-scale industries utilising DSW have been established, with DSW being employed for bottled drinking water, aquaculture, agriculture, cosmetics, medicine, food, and power generation?all contributing to substantial economic benefits..."


Bioremediation: An Economical Approach for Treatment of Textile Dye Effluents

"...In bioremediation, the microorganisms utilize organic pollutants as a source of food or energy..."


Exploring the 3E, hydrogen, and ammonia creation potentials of a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant using an air-cooled conde

"...Africa has the greatest potential to transition to more sustainable energy sources due to its enormous renewable energy resource potential, particularly solar..."


Modeling, Mapping and Analysis of Floods Using Optical, Lidar and SAR Datasets?a Review

"...Occurrence of natural disaster can never be prevented, and floods are one among the major natural disaster that affects the human life and economy of the country..."


Carbon price time series forecasting utilizing an optimized ANFIS model

"...This coordination of activities, including carbon pricing plans, emission reduction targets, and environmentally friendly behaviors, not only addresses climate change issues but also aligns well with sustainable development goals related to clean energy, climate action, and sustainable economies..."


Low-carbon development path based on carbon emission accounting and carbon emission performance evaluation: a case study of Chi

"...The critical carbon emissions were electricity consumption and methane fugitive emissions during production..."


Technological evolution of large-scale blue hydrogen production toward the U.S. Hydrogen Energy Earthshot

"...We apply experience curves to estimate the evolving costs of blue hydrogen production and to further examine the economic effect on technological evolution of the Inflation Reduction Act?s tax credits for carbon sequestration and clean hydrogen..."