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Coverage of ecoregions since March 11, 2020.

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'Crisis ecoregions': Climate change is threatening these nine places in Canada

"...TORONTO -- A recent study has found that hundreds of species in nine ecoregions across Canada are threatened by habitat and biodiversity loss due to climate change..."

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Fuels, not fire weather, control carbon emissions in boreal forest

"...That's a pivotal finding, since fire weather, as measured by a Fire Weather Index, is one of the main tools scientists and fire managers currently use to model carbon emissions in these boreal forests. This study suggests fuels should be a bigger component of those models. "When we think of climate change and wildfires, we often instinctively think of extreme weather conditions," said Marc-André Parisien, a research scientist with the Canadian Forest Service and co-author of the study..."

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Taking a walk on the wild side: An interview with the Guest Editors of our Rewilding & Restoration Call for Papers

"...CS: We are about to enter the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030). It has been declared to ‘massively scale up the restoration of degraded and destroyed ecosystems’ to help ‘fight the climate crisis and enhance food security, water supply and biodiversity’. It is an exciting prospect! But, there is a danger this decade will be squandered if restoration practice is not combined with effective rewilding and restoration research..."

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Manitoba Home To 31 Of 308 Endemic Species Only In Canada

"...Harris's Sparrow is the only migratory songbird and its breeding grounds are only found in Canada. (Sandra Cote)Most of the endemic species in Manitoba are found along the coast of Hudson Bay, or prairie and boreal ecoregions shared with Saskatchewan, and in Manitoba's north. Kraus says protecting these ecosystems is essential in preserving the biodiversity of our country..."

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Research explores the impact of invasive grasses on South Texas landscapes

"...WESTMINSTER, Colorado - MAY 29, 2020 - Scientists writing for the journal Invasive Plant Science and Management say several exotic grass species once grown in South Texas for livestock forage and erosion control have expanded from the areas where they were planted and have become invasive. They now are reducing the region's biodiversity and the habitats available for wildlife..."

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Maximizing the national green momentum to protect forests in Madagascar

"...While defending the rights of local communities to have access to and make use of the forest zones, the World Bank is enhancing the role of forests in its poverty reduction efforts through two key programs: the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) project and the Sustainable Landscape Management Project (PADAP), approved in 2017. The first program consists of remunerating efforts to reduce carbon emissions stemming from deforestation and forest degradation. In this regard, Madagascar has developed an initial emission reduction program, approved by the Carbon Fund, in the rain forest ecoregion in the eastern part of the country..."

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Episode 40: Amy Lewis Protecting 50% of The Planet by 2030

Duration: 46:30

"...About Amy..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ecoregions relevant to the latest news.

The scale of biodiversity impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia

"...Using BRI transport infrastructure spatial data, we conducted a GIS analysis of the potential BRI impacts in Southeast Asia on terrestrial and marine biodiversity indicators, including protected areas (PAs), Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), terrestrial ecoregions, forest cover, threatened species, and fragile ecosystems such as seagrasses, mangroves, and coral reefs..."

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Short-term vegetation loss versus decadal degradation of grasslands in the Caucasus based on Cumulative Endmember Fractions

"...Despite being a critical issue for climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, and food security, the detection of the onset, duration, and magnitude of land degradation remains challenging, as is early identification of short-term vegetation loss preceding land degradation..."

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Exploring patterns of forest governance quality: Insights from forest frontier communities in Zambia´s Miombo ecoregion

"...Good forest governance is a prerequisite for sustainable forest management and the successful implementation of initiatives that aim to reduce deforestation and forest degradation..."

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Topography and fire legacies drive variable post-fire juvenile conifer regeneration in eastern Oregon, USA

"...Increasingly frequent large wildfires in the western US raise questions about the effects of climate and site-level factors on forest ecosystem resilience..."

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Longitudinal river zonation in the tropics: examples of fish and caddisflies from the endorheic Awash River, Ethiopia

"...Fish and caddisfly assemblages were clustered into highland and lowland communities, following the freshwater ecoregions, but separated by an ecotone with highest biodiversity..."

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Ecological and spatial patterns associated with diversification of South American Physaria (Brassicaceae) through the general c

"...Analyzing the roles of ecology and geography on speciation and lineage diversification can shed light on the processes that generate and maintain biodiversity..."

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Wilderness and conservation policies needed to avoid a coral reef fisheries crisis

"...Based on the emerging studies of the geographic distribution of reef fish biomass, I used two metrics of travel time to human settlements (>4-h) and major markets (>9-h) to estimate the percentage of passive conservation as remote wilderness in 99 tropical ecoregions..."

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Assessing national human footprint and implications for biodiversity conservation in Iran

"...We assessed the extent and intensity of human pressure within Iranian protected areas, and across the biomes and ecoregions of Iran..."

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Continental assessment of South American marsupial conservation priorities: A methodological approach using a spatially explicit

"...The highest PCVs were found in the Andean region from PerĂș to northern Argentina, and in Brazil between the Paranaense Forest and the Cerrado ecoregions..."

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Assessing the Vulnerability of Military Installations in the Coterminous United States to Potential Biome Shifts Resulting from

"...Climate-change impacts to Department of Defense (DoD) installations will challenge military mission and natural resource stewardship efforts by increasing vulnerability to flooding, drought, altered fire regimes, and invasive species..."

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Fortuitous insights into the ecology of a recently charted deep-sea hydrothermal vent, using snails’ feet.

"...This species is characteristic of circa-Azores hydrothermal vent ecoregion and provides a candidate environmental DNA (eDNA) indicator of active hydrothermal vent sites..."

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