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Coverage of ecosystems since September 12, 2023.

B.C. frog relocation project aims to better understand conservation practice

"...“They act as the canary in the coal mine, if you will. If the frog isn't doing well, because it's taking in whatever pollutants are from the air or the wetland itself, it's likely because the ecosystem isn't doing well. ”..."


Q&A: How scientists tackle the challenges of estimating wildfire CO2 emissions

"...In the Arctic region and boreal forests – the northernmost forest ecosystem in the world – changes in fire are primarily due to climate change, she said. In tropical regions, changes are almost exclusively due to land and fire management. For temperate forests, a combination of climate change and land management are driving changes in fire..."


Tiny Pacific island looking for sponsors to protect its slice of the ocean

"...A person sits on a rock face overlooking the ocean in Niue in this 2018 photo. The tiny Pacific island nation of Niue has come up with a novel plan to protect its vast and pristine territorial waters — it will get sponsors to pay. Under the plan, which was being launched by Niue’s Prime Minister Dalton Tagelagi on Tuesday Sept..."


Scientists Discover a Labyrinth of Life Hidden in the Deep Hakai Magazine

"...There may be no ecosystem on Earth that seems less hospitable than hydrothermal vents. In the perpetual darkness, cold, and relentless pressures of the deep sea, these volcanic seeps spew piping hot water so loaded with particles and metals that it looks like black smoke billowing from a chimney. But even these hellish habitats are crawling with life, ranging from giant clams and ravenous crabs to spindly octopuses and ghostly eelpout fish..."


Forest Policy: Ecosystem Health

"...Reversing the damage: B. C. 's beleaguered forest ecosystems..."


How I spent my summer: Adventures in wildlife ecology in South Africa

"...Students are given lectures on such topics as anthropology, ecology, animal behavior, palaeontology and the climate and history of the region. They are also taken on field trips to surrounding areas to experience various ecosystems, including Addo Elephant Park and Mountain Zebra National Park..."


Scientists Eye Offshore Wind’s Effects on the Atlantic’s Crucial Cold Pool Hakai Magazine

"...Every year, as the surface water temperature off the United States’ mid-Atlantic coast rises steadily from late spring through the summer, a pocket of uncharacteristically cool and crisp water gets trapped at the bottom of the ocean. Packed with nutrients, this thick band of cold water, known as the mid-Atlantic cold pool, is a vital home for shellfish species like surf clams and sea scallops. Extending at its seasonal peak from Nantucket, Massachusetts, to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the cold pool fosters a diverse ecosystem ranging from small algae to migratory fish—and some of the most valuable shellfish fisheries in the United States..."


Biodegradable Fishing Gear Isn’t Good Enough Hakai Magazine

"...Drakeford and his team’s analysis comes amid mounting concern over marine plastic pollution, which is pouring into the world’s oceans at alarming rates and is liable to haunt marine ecosystems essentially forever. Large pieces of plastic can choke and strangle marine life, while tiny micro- and nanoplastics—the inevitable result of plastic breaking down—can have more insidious impacts..."


Ecological Risk in a Future Southeast Asia: An Ecological Security Policy Game

"...The results of this exercise show that loss of ecosystem functions and services, and the acceleration of climate change, may contribute to resource scarcity, food insecurity, economic fragility, community displacement, societal unrest, political instability, civil conflict and increased authoritarianism. Since this scenario exercise explicitly eschewed involvement of external powers, such a possibility cannot be ruled out. The scenario demonstrated that where social imperatives meet ecological degradation, the resultant cascade of risk pathways will be unpredictable and hazardous..."


Next 10 years of Columbia Basin Trust must include learning

"...A Healthy Natural Environment (one of six focus areas in the draft plan) depends on all of us, especially the next generation, learning about ecosystems and ecosystem stewardship..."


Cropped 13 September 2023: G20 meeting; Cargill deforestation investigation; Invasive species report

"...INDIA MEET: The Group of 20 (G20) nations met in New Delhi, India on 9-10 September to discuss major global issues, including those surrounding climate, energy, food production and nature. The Associated Press reported that leaders agreed to “triple renewable energy” capacity and “increase funds for climate change-related disasters, but maintained the status quo with regards to phasing out carbon-spewing coal”. Indonesian president Joko Widodo said climate-finance commitments put forward by countries were simply “rhetoric” and asked for just energy transition partnerships (JETPs) to be “expanded and enlarged”, according to the country’s state-run news agency Antara..."


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Jobs in ecosystems

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

BIO 24R - Aquatic Ecosystems Biologist

"...Registered (or immediately eligible** for registration) as a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) in BC with the College of Applied Biology..."

related opportunities

BIO 24R - Ecosystems Biologist

"...watershed management, aquatic habitat restoration, aquatic ecosystem modelling, environmental flow assessment or aquatic species as risk recovery..."

related opportunities

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Forest Ecosystems Protection Technician

"...Ecosystems Protection Technician opportunities in the Forest Service Branch, located in Prince Albert and Meadow Lake..."

related opportunities

STO-RE 27R - Land and Resource Specialist

"...Land and water use planning are part of a suite of approaches that the Ministry can use to sustain important ecosystems and processes, resolve resource use..."

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Recent episodes that mention ecosystems.

MN 131. Ausenco - Climate Risk and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Strategies

Duration: 31:29

"...In this episode, our host Jerrod Downey takes you to CIM MTL 23, live from Montreal, Canada..."


Drowning coastal ecosystems

Duration: 28:05

"...Global sea levels are rising more than 3mm per year under current climate conditions..."


Pests & Predators Podcast, Ep 22: Biodiversity benefits: on the farm and beyond!

Duration: 11:53

"...Along the lines of think before you drink and call before you dig, farmers should be scouting before they… tear out old fence lines and shelterbelts or fill in potholes..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about ecosystems.

The heat may not kill you, but the global food crisis might!

"...But the real concern is what the consequences of those events will show us about the fragility and vulnerability our global food supply network is..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


The Future of Energy || Discuss the Future with Peter Terium

"...In NEOM, he and his team are building a 100% renewable energy system, which will result in the production and worldwide exportation of green hydrogen, fueling green industries around the planet..."


Why Omega 3 Pills Are a Threat to Antarctica's Ecosystem

"...Antarctica is best known for whales, penguins, and seals, but this vast and fragile ecosystem depends on a far smaller resident: krill..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about ecosystems relevant to the latest news.

Understanding the cultural impacts of climate change harms on small-scale fisher communities through the lens of cultural ecosy

"...Using the concept of cultural ecosystem services, which emphasizes the intertwining of nature and culture, this study applied participatory mapping, photovoice, and focus group discussions with members of SSF communities living on a small island in Indonesia to understand how climate change alters the culture of their communities..."


The ecological niche of native and invasive fish congeners in Texas streams: evidence from morphology, stable isotope analysis,

"...Freshwater invasions have occurred worldwide with significant ecological, evolutionary, and economic impacts on recipient ecosystems..."


Chironomus riparius Larval Gut Bacteriobiota and Its Potential in Microplastic Degradation

"...The characterized strains are promising candidates for the development of environmentally friendly strategies to degrade organic pollution and microplastics in freshwater ecosystems..."


Stock market development and environmental quality in EU member countries: a dynamic heterogeneous approach

"...However, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no research on the linkage between stock market development and environmental quality in the EU, while controlling for natural resource rents, trade openness and energy consumption at the same time..."


Origin, Selection, and Succession of Coastal Intertidal Zone-Derived Bacterial Communities Associated with the Degradation of V

"...Terrestrial microbial consortia were reported to play fundamental roles in the global carbon cycle and renewable energy production through the breakdown of complex organic carbon..."


Design and application of silvopasture in washington state

"...Of the 19 landowners utilizing silvopasture, 100% had goals of diversifying revenue streams and incorporating ecosystem services into their management systems..."


DNA barcode-based survey documents underestimated diversity and intricate phylogeographic patterns of aquatic Heteroptera in an

"...Lake Skadar with its surrounding springs, wetlands and larger affluents is among the most diverse freshwater ecosystems in the Mediterranean region and a key biodiversity/endemism hotspot in Europe..."


A national-scale assessment of land use change in peatlands between 1989 and 2020 using Landsat data and Google Earth Engine?a

"...Ireland needs to meet its 2030 climate energy framework targets related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from land use, land use change and forestry, including wetlands..."


Application of Bivalve Molluscs in the Biological Purification of Polluted Natural Waters

"...These circumstances make it possible to design special bioreactors that can be used, together with other hydrobionts, such as algae and bacteria, for biological treatment of natural reservoirs polluted by sewage..."


General Patterns of Salinity Influence on the Energy Balance of Aquatic Animals in Hypersaline Environment

"...The analysis of this generalization based on the energy balance approach leads to certain conclusions: (1) the possible definitive size will decrease with increasing salinity, as is observed in nature and in experiments; (2) the higher the concentration of food, the less pronounced is this effect; (3) a decrease in body weight allows a species to exist in wider ranges of salinity and food concentration..."


British Gen Z perceptions of sustainable fisheries: developing a measurement instrument

"...With continued pressure upon fisheries, alongside improved fisheries management in some places, there has been a decline in fish catches with changes in the structure of the ecosystem affecting its? functionality..."


Ocean Biology Studied from Space

"...Applications that exploit the data are many and varied, and include ecosystem-based fisheries management, biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, ecosystem health and climate change..."