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Coverage of elections since February 22, 2024.

Judge puts brakes on new law banning foreign government spending on referendums

"...Federal law already bans foreign influence in candidate elections, but many Maine voters were irked over $22 million spent by a Canadian utility to fight state referendums on a hydropower transmission project. Mainers voted overwhelmingly in November to close the loophole and ban foreign governments, or companies with 5% or more foreign government ownership, from donating to future referendums..."


Zimbabwe's president cancels a renewable energy speech after a bomb scare at Victoria Falls Airport

"...HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) A bomb scare shut down Zimbabwes Victoria Falls Airport on Friday, forcing the countrys president to cancel a planned address at a conference on renewable energy, an official said..."


Pakistan swears in new parliament amid chaotic scenes of protest from allies of Imran Khan

"...The new government will face challenges including a surge in militant attacks and shortages of energy; as well as an ailing economy that will force Pakistan to seek another bailout from the International Monetary Fund..."


Senegal dialogue panel proposes June elections after court rejects president's 10 month delay

"...It promises to be a nasty weather day today in HRM and across most of the Maritimes. Environment Canada has issued rainfall and wind warnings for the region in advance of a storm expected to hit the..."


New Brunswicks natural gas opportunityseparating fact from fiction : op-ed

"...Recent news of a merger between Southwestern Energy, which holds shale gas exploration licences in New Brunswick, and energy giant Chesapeake have rekindled a long-standing debate about natural gas in the province. In fact, the topic was a focal point in Premier Higgs recent State of the Province address. Natural gas development often relies on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which was banned by the Gallant government in 2014..."


Thousands of farmers meet in Warsaw to protest EU agricultural policies and Ukrainian imports

"...WARSAW, Poland (AP) Thousands of farmers marched in downtown Warsaw on Tuesday to protest the European Union's agricultural policies and the imports of cheap food from Ukraine..."


3 B.C. communities broke or tied 77-year-old high temperature records Friday

"...Environment Canada says its temperature records are "derived from a selection of historical stations in each geographic area that were active during the period of record. "..."


South Africa's ANC launches election manifesto as president highlights party's achievements

"...DURBAN, South Africa (AP) South Africas President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday highlighted the achievements of his African National Congress, which has ruled the country for all of its 30 years of democrac y, as it heads into a tight race in May's election..."


Former Manitoba government presented ‘incomplete' financial picture, report says

"...“From the release of the 2023-2024 budget to Oct. 3, 2023, budgetary decisions were made that collectively represent high budgetary risk,” says the review by consulting firm MNP. The review was ordered by the incoming NDP government shortly after the Oct..."


What B.C. is and isnt spending on the environment this election year The Narwhal

"...B. C. could lead with a clean energy economy, but the BC NDP's fossil fuel reliance blocks our progress and potential, Furstenau said..."


B.C. Budget 2024: Rebates, credits, small businesses relief in election year

"...The one-time B. C. Electricity Affordability credit will save the average household $100, which will cost the province $370 million in total for the year..."


Manitoba Hydro forecasting $190M net loss for fiscal year ending in March

"...After ruling out more private-sector wind farms, Manitoba's NDP government said it will come up with a plan to fund new energy projects while also freezing hydroelectric rates and keeping its Crown-owned energy utility's debt load in check..."


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Jobs in elections

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Deputy City Clerk

"...election official, assisting with the conduct of elections at the City of Winnipeg, including all School Divisions in the City of Winnipeg, Clerking meetings of City Council and its Committees..."

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Manager, Legislative Services - (#23/098 - Internal/External) (Exempt)

"...The successful candidate may also be considered to serve as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act lead..."

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Procurement Coordinator

"...Position Status: Permanent Posting Status: Open Location: 51 Rolark..."

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Analyst, Voluntary Corporate Actions

"...election, ensure elections are accurate across multiple custodians and ensuring the payment is made in an accurately and timely manner..."

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Recent episodes that mention elections.

India's election, Red Sea attacks, and Chinese export restrictions three factors to watch in the nitrogen market heading

Duration: 13:44

"...The nitrogen fertilizer market is expected to remain firm heading into the '24 planting season thanks to several global supply/demand factors, according to ADM Fertilizer's Saskatchewan-based urea product line manager..."


Frontlines: Trouble in the Red Sea, logistics snarls, China, and the U.S. election

Duration: 23:56

"...It's time for the Frontlines podcast! Shaun Haney is joined by Jacob Shapiro, of Cognitive Investments, to tackle the top geopolitical issues impacting agriculture..."


The Agronomists, Ep 137: Building maximum corn yield with Mark Foster, Nicole Rasmussen, and Paul Sullivan

Duration: 1:10:18

"...What drives maximum corn yield? We kick off a new season of The Agronomists talking about the king of them all corn..."


How do we reduce methane, let us count the ways

Duration: 12:23

"...Canada's beef cattle industry has made significant, continual improvements on the amount of methane emitted by cattle over the last 30 years..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about elections.

Oil Market Update and Prospects for 2024

"...Will Chinese domestic politics, energy security, and sustainability considerations impact its economic prospects? ..."


Whats Up with Prices at the Pump?

"...Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics; Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute ..."


Does Any Party Have a Serious Climate Plan?

"...How will each of the parties approach climate change concerns for Ontarians..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about elections relevant to the latest news.

Ranking renewable energy alternatives for Chicago by integrated analytic hierarchy process and VIseKriterijumska Optimizacija I

"...The limited amount of fossil fuels and their negative environmental impact are a major drive for countries to use more renewable energy..."


Balancing cleaner energy and geopolitical interests in the complex transition of the European electricity mix: from Fukushima t

"...Data mining techniques were employed to uncover patterns and trends in the monthly data from 2010 to 2022, from which political and economic milestones such as the shutdown of nuclear power plants and the European Union?s increased reliance on natural gas imports from Russia were examined..."


Dynamic impact of demographic features, FDI, and technological innovations on ecological footprint: evidence from European emer

"...Sustainability objectives aim to enhance environmental quality and ensure sustainable development for all by eliminating social inequalities..."


IHBO_CA: an improved honey-badger optimization-based communication approach for energy-efficient deployment of secure flying ad

"...The utilization of drones with their specific features, such as energy efficiency, dynamic structure, and mobility in Flying Ad-hoc Networks (FANET), has found extensive applications in various fields like disaster management, rescue operations, medical services, and military operations..."


Urban integrated energy system construction plan selection: a hybrid multi-criteria decision-making framework

"...Therefore, a scientific UIES construction plan should contribute more to the enhancement of economic benefit, energy utilization efficiency, and environmental protection..."


Performance evaluation of multiple relay SWIPT enabled cooperative NOMA network in the presence of interference

"...Subsequently, the impact of various parameters, including the number of available relay nodes, energy harvesting parameters, and energy conversion efficiency, is analyzed on the performance of proposed networks..."


Comprehensive morpho-physiological criteria for screening bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes under drought stress con

"...Selection based on single secondary trait results in low genetic gain for drought tolerance..."


Biochar from phytoremediation plant residues: a review of its characteristics and potential applications

"...This paper reviews the generation, and physicochemical properties of biochar from phytoremediation residues, and its application in soil improvement, environmental remediation, and carbon sequestration..."


Spring precipitation forecasting with exhaustive searching and LASSO using climate teleconnection for drought management

"...Significant drought conditions often occur during spring in South Korea since abundant water resources are only available in summer, and failed water management is often reversed in the following spring..."


Fidelity of CMIP6 Models in Simulating June?September Rainfall Climatology, Spatial and Trend Patterns Over Complex Topography

"...Rainfall from the Global Precipitation Climatology Center (GPCC) and Climatic Research Unit (CRU) are used to validate the model simulations..."


Improving growth, omega-3 contents, and disease resistance of Asian seabass: status of a 20-year family-based breeding program

"...Aquaculture has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in agriculture and plays an important role in supplying high quality proteins for humans..."