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Coverage of elections since July 8, 2024.

Strange summer for B.C. politics gone wild, as alliances shift ahead of fall vote

"...VICTORIA British Columbia's political landscape is undergoing a shake-up of seismic proportions a little over three months ahead of this fall's Oct. 19 election..."


AP Decision Notes: What to expect in New Jersey's special congressional primary

"...The Democratic field of 11 candidates also includes: Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, who testified against McIver in the court challenge; Jersey City educator John Flora; state economic redevelopment official Darryl Godfrey; small business owner and community activist Alberta Gordon; former Payne congressional staffer Shana Melius; educator and community organizer Sheila Montague; community activist Debra Salters; Hudson County Commissioner Jerry Walker; and election law professor Eugene Mazo, who also survived a legal challenge to his nomination papers filed by state Democratic Party officials..."


Will Justin Trudeau take his own

"...A winter hike was the way his father, then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, decided he was through with politics and would not run again. Inflation was high, Canadians were struggling, and he was deeply unpopular and likely to lose the next election. Sound familiar?..."


UK's new justice secretary set to outline emergency measures to relieve prison overcrowding

"...Shabana Mahmood, who took over after Labours election victory earlier his month, is expected to argue that the level of overcrowding requires immediate action to pull the justice system from brink of breakdown. The short-term fix could include reducing the amount of time a prisoner must serve before being automatically released..."


Municipal councillors urge Premier to step in regarding North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant debacle

"...1. Conduct an independent and arms-length governance review of Metro Vancouver and report to the public regarding all of the recommendations. 2..."


Referendum set for South Dakota voters on controversial carbon dioxide pipeline law

"...The pipeline is seen as crucial for a potential future aviation fuel market for the Midwest-based ethanol industry, which buys roughly one-third of the nation's corn crop. In opposing the pipeline, some landowners question the forced use of their property and raise the danger of ruptures that could release hazardous CO2 gas. They also are critical of lucrative federal tax credits for carbon capture projects..."


Webinar: What are the key climate priorities for the new UK government?

"...Following the Labour partys historic win in the UK general election, Carbon Brief put together a panel of climate and energy experts to discuss the key climate-related priorities for the new government.  ..."


'Food Waste Is Too Good To Waste': Slogan selected for new 2025 Green Bin Program

"..."Food Waste Is Too Good To Waste - Green Bin It!" was revealed as the winning selection on Wednesday after the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) invited residents to submit suggestions this past spring..."


Election officials push back against draft federal rule for reporting potential cyberattacks

"...The new rule is the result of a 2022 federal law that directed the U. S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to develop regulations that require certain entities to report potential cybersecurity breaches or ransomware attacks to the agency..."


Experts: What is the Labour governments top priority for meeting UK climate targets?

"...Following a landslide Labour win in the UK general election, attention is turning to the new governments next steps.  ..."


South Sudan peace talks face collapse over a new security law as country gears up for first election

"...Pagan Amum Okiech, negotiating on behalf of the South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance, told the Associated Press Tuesday night that it would be meaningless to sign any agreement if the draconian National Security Act is signed into law by the president. ”..."


Elections in Europe, Iran show authoritarian march may have slowed, not halted

"...In France, a leftist coalition beat the far right into third place in legislative elections. The U. K..."


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Jobs in elections

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

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Community Relations Officers (CRO)

" Link to elections canada Job descriptiopn : Community relations officer Elections Canada Link to Elections Canada Tariff of Fees Reference Table Elections..."

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Deputy City Clerk

"...election official, assisting with the conduct of elections at the City of Winnipeg, including all School Divisions in the City of Winnipeg, Clerking meetings of City Council and its Committees..."

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Manager, Legislative Services - (#23/098 - Internal/External) (Exempt)

"...The successful candidate may also be considered to serve as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act lead..."

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Procurement Coordinator

"...Position Status: Permanent Posting Status: Open Location: 51 Rolark..."

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Recent episodes that mention elections.

RealAg Radio: Capital gains, beef and dairy genetics, and team turmoil, June 11, 2024

Duration: 55:09

"...Thanks for tuning in to Tuesday with Lyndsey! Host Lyndsey Smith is joined by: Greg Northey with Pulse Canada to discuss how labour challenges are taking a toll on Canada's export potential; Myles Immerkar with the Canadian Angus Association on new genetic selection tools; Kyle Larkin of Grain Growers of Canada on the impact of. ..."


Frontlines: Mexico has a new president, now what?

Duration: 20:01

"...Welcome to Frontlines: Geopolitics affecting agriculture with Jacob Shapiro of Cognitive Investments and Shaun Haney! On this podcast episode, Shapiro unpacks the results of this week's Mexican presidential election..."


India's removal of tariffs unlikely to budge pea acres, but will support prices

Duration: 10:19

"...India is nearly half-way through a six-week election period, and the government there is making sure it stays in the citizens' good graces..."


RealAg Radio: Cutworms, biological breakthroughs, and nozzle selection, May 6, 2024

Duration: 55:24

"...Thanks for tuning into this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio! On this episode, host Shaun Haney is joined by: Jeremy Boychyn of Alberta Grains on cutworms, the FHB risk map and seeding rates; Peter Johnson of RealAgriculture on a biological breakthrough related to algae; Martin Carr with Winfield United Canada on agronomy issues in. ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about elections.

Why Doug Ford won't budge on housing | #onpoli

"...The Canadian government has announced a new infrastructure fund that would provide billions to provinces and territories to build up wastewater treatment capacity and housing..."


The Discovery and Uses of Nuclear Energy | Wondrium Perspectives

"...In this episode of Perspectives, four experts delve into the fascinating world of nuclear reactions, the workings of nuclear power plants, and the benefits and risks of nuclear energy..."


Whats Up with Prices at the Pump?

"...Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics; Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about elections relevant to the latest news.

Uncovering regional disparities in nutrient efficiency and food waste: a geospatial analysis of Iranian households

"...Promoting food consumption patterns based on a sustainable future in low-income households is important in reducing food waste, particularly in light of global population growth..."


Rural farmers? perceptions of and adaptations to climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does climate-smart agriculture (CSA) mat

"...We use the Ethiopian Socioeconomic Survey (ESS) and the General Household Survey from 2018 and 2019 to compare Nigeria and Ethiopia, both of which have sizable rural populations to assess farmers? climate change perception and their adaptation options in promoting CSA..."


Satellite-based rainwater harvesting sites assessment for Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

"...The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach was employed for site selection, considering various criteria, including land use/land cover, precipitation, geological features, slope, and drainage..."


Agrobacterium and biolistic mediated genetic transformation of mungbean cultivar Samrat using embryogenic explant

"...Mungbean, a socioeconomically important legume, is a key player in the pursuit of food security and sustainable agriculture demanding attention for developing a highly efficient transformation system to support functional genomics and translational research..."


Quo vadis Scots pine forestry in northern Germany: How do silvicultural management and climate change determine an uncertain fu

"...Therefore, future pine forestry depends on an adaptation to climate change while improving ecological and economic forest functions..."


Prediction of annual rice imports emphasizes on systematic error reduction with smoothing series and optimal parameter selectio

"...From an economic perspective, rice is not only a principal staple food for nearly half of the world?s population but also a significant commodity in many countries..."


Optimal Sizing Strategy and Economic Analysis of PV-ESS for Demand Side Management

"...We propose a method to determine the optimal capacity of a photovoltaic generator (PV) and energy storage system (ESS) for demand side management (DSM) and review its economic revenues..."


From Pixels to Phenotypes: Quest of Machine Vision for Drought Tolerance Traits in Plants

"...Drought stress poses a significant threat to global agricultural productivity and food security..."


Recent advances and prospects of constructed wetlands in cold climates: a review from 2013 to 2023

"...Constructed wetland (CW), a promising, environmentally responsible, and effective green ecological treatment technology, is actively involved in the treatment of various forms of wastewater..."


What secondary research evidence exists on the effects of forest management after disturbances: a systematic map protocol

"...This planned systematic map of reviews aims to aggregate the existing evidence syntheses on the implications of common forest management interventions after natural disturbances on successional trajectories with regard to selected ecosystem services and biodiversity..."