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Coverage of electric buses since July 17, 2023.

City of Edmonton's electric bus fleet plagued with issues, over half not in service

"...Many of the drivers would ask to be switched off the electric bus shifts and have filed complaints with the Workers Compensation Board, the union said. The electric vehicles only make up a small percentage of the city's 1,000-bus fleet, but more than half aren't on the road. The city paid more than $1 million for each bus and ordered 60 from U..."


Valeo's novelties at Busworld: from battery cooler to zero-emissions HVAC for e-buses

"...Valeo's latest air conditioning system for buses with alternative engines, the all-electric rooftop air conditioner REVO-E HP R744, will be introduced. This system cools and heats the interior of electric vehicles with minimal energy consumption, Valeo claims. Notably, it features dynamic de-icing on demand, ensuring energy-efficient heat pump operation even at temperatures below 5°C..."


Electric school buses can kickstart the auto industry

"...After a summer of raging wildfires linked to climate change, and in a province that is the automotive hub of the country, Ontario can and should do much more to accelerate the electrification of heavy buses and trucks. And investing in the electrification of school buses is a good place to start, especially when you consider that transportation is the single biggest source of GHGs in Ontario and that the province has a clean electricity system (estimated to be 92% emissions free) to charge battery-run vehicles.   ..."


Feds invest $462K to help Burlington move towards electric buses

"...The goal is to go all electric and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Although, this project will eventually cost millions of dollars, it's not expected to raise bus fares..."


10 electric buses on tap for Victoria despite bankruptcy protection

"...A billboard announces the benefits of Proterra ZX5 battery-powered electric buses as one is parked at a bus stop, Feb. 2, in downtown Miami. Proterra says it is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from a federal court in Delaware..."


B.C. Transit still hopes to receive electric buses despite maker's bankruptcy

"...“B. C. Transit remains under contract for the 10 battery electric buses and they are still planned to arrive in Victoria this fall,” the agency said in a statement..."


B.C. set to buy electric buses for public transit networks

"...British Columbia is set to grow its electric bus fleet by 115 vehicles thanks to a combined investment of nearly $400 million from the provincial and federal governments. Along with the purchase of these battery electric buses, the investment, announced July 26, will allow BC Transit to install 134 charging points across the province. “It's great news that we're getting more zero-emission buses on the road,” said Nate Wallace, clean transportation program manager at Environmental Defence..."


Dublin Bus is testing its first e-buses. NTA has ordered another 210 vehicles from Wrightbus

"...CEO of the NTA, Anne Graham, said: “It’s very encouraging to see the arrival of these buses and to see them out on the streets for training and testing. “There is no doubt that people are looking to us to provide better, more sustainable transport alternatives in all areas, and it is incumbent on us as an Authority to respond to that demand in a positive way. In so doing, we will reduce the need for personal vehicles, making the quality of the air we breathe healthier for everyone..."


Feds, B.C. fund BC Transit to add more Greater Victoria electric buses

"...One of BC Transit’s 150 new battery powered electric buses facing the side and back. (Ella Matte/News Staff)One of BC Transit’s 150 new battery powered electric buses facing the front. (Ella Matte/News Staff) A total of $395..."


Nearly $400M coming to electrify BC Transit's bus fleet

"...“New infrastructure projects must be part of the fight against climate change and a transition to a cleaner economy and a more resilient country,” he said. “As we've seen in this summer and in years past, the climate crisis demands urgent action. Since the beginning of 2023, forest fires have burned more than 11 million hectares of land across Canada..."


Rimini, a tender for up to 114 electric buses (12 and 8 meter)

"...START Romagna has launched a tender for the purchase of electric buses headed to Rimini. The tender is worth EUR 106. 8 million and a deadline of 6 September 2023..."


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Recent episodes that mention electric buses.

270. Artsy home for YEG's Electric Bus Fleet

Duration: 04:00

"...Edmonton's new artsy home for its electric bus fleet has energy storage, a rainwater bus washing system and a fast-charging system for its fleet of 40 e-buses..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric buses.

Launching Electric Buses at Princeton University

"...In 2023, as part of Princeton University’s Sustainability Action Plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2046, the Department of Transportation & Parking, in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability and other partners, launched a fleet of seventeen electric buses..."


Government Debt Explained & The World's Whitest Paint | WEF | Top Stories of the Week

"...03:09 Oslo's zero emissions public transport - By the end of 2023, Oslo is planning to have fully electric public transport by replacing its diesel buses with 450 electric buses..."


BYD: Factory Tour & Full Range of EVs | FULLY CHARGED

"...SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE if you want Clean Energy & Electric Vehicles to be the norm..."


So many EVs, but which would you choose? February ROUND-UP

"...#CleanEnergy #ElectricVehicles #ElectricCars #ElectricBikes #ElectricBuses #Wind #Solar #Batteries ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric buses relevant to the latest news.

Optimal Energy Distribution of Multi-Energy Sources in Fuel-Cell Electric Bus Using Long Short-Term Memory

"...To overcome these problems, the automobile industry is prioritizing the development of eco-friendly vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions Among these, fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use hydrogen as a fuel and do not emit exhaust gas and their higher mileage and shorter fuel charging time compared to electric vehicles make them promising next-generation eco-friendly vehicles..."


Well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions of heavy-duty transports: Influence of electricity carbon intensity

"...Battery-electric buses show a large reduction of GHG emissions compared to diesel buses and many other alternatives, while battery-electric trucks have higher GHG emissions than diesel in carbon intense electricity systems..."


Economic MPC for online least costly energy management of hybrid electric vehicles

"...A least costly objective function accounting for battery energy consumption and aging, and for the auxiliary power unit fuel consumption and noise emissions is considered..."


A novel methodology for the planning of charging infrastructure in the scenario of high EV penetration

"...This article presents a novel methodology for distribution network expansion planning (DNEP) considering the inclusion of electric vehicles (EVs), especially, electric bus (EB) charging loads..."


The Impact of E-Mobility on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Vietnam

"...This paper aims to develop possible scenarios of electric bus introduction and their impact on the Vietnam Greenhouse Gas (GHG) mitigation..."


Economic Analysis of Energy Efficient Transportation in India with Special Reference to the Passenger Movement

"...Our economy has witness the gradual shift of passenger transportation from diesel to CNG/LNG in terms of energy usage, and very recently to electric energy too, but still the question is?Do we have energy efficient transportation? Because this concept applies to many components such as saving of fuel through efficiency in usage, save of cost through cost incurring for per passenger kilometre, save of environment through less pollution, availability of required infrastructure, ease of adaptability of required infrastructure, ease of adaptability in existing system, technological advancement and its availability, and many more..."


Assessing the impact of cornering losses on the energy consumption of electric city buses

"...In view of the increasing electrification of public city transport, an accurate energy consumption prediction for Battery Electric Buses (BEBs) is essential..."


Comprehensive energy modeling methodology for battery electric buses

"...The energy consumption of each system is assessed under several operating conditions..."


Optimal Merging of Transportation System Using Renewable Energy-Based Supply for Sustainable Development

"...Nowadays, sustainable energy have been focused on electrification of the transportation systems, using electric vehicles (EVs) and electric buses, as well as considering the bidirectional perspective of these technologies by intensifying the grid resilience and reliability through vehicles to grid (V2G) options..."


Routing of Public and Electric Transportation Systems UsingReinforcement Learning

"...In this study, the application of reinforcement learning for public transportation scheduling and routing is proposed considering electric vehicles..."


Hierarchical predictive energy management of hybrid electric buses based on driver information

"...To improve the energy efficiency of hybrid electric city buses, a hierarchical predictive energy management strategy (HP-EMS) based on driver behavior and type is proposed in this paper..."


Study on Fault Mode of Hybrid Electric Vehicle

"...Vehicle reliability, battery life, and increased costs due to increased system complexity will hinder the marketization of hybrid electric vehicles..."