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Coverage of electric cars since August 16, 2023.

Publisher's Note: Slow and steady will not win the climate race Corporate Knights

"...The reason for this is the previous decade’s hyper-growth in clean technology is being driven by historic and in some cases unprecedented cost reductions. Whether we are talking electric cars, green power, energy storage, heat pumps or plant protein, the solutions to climate change are doubling every three to four years everywhere you look. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world will add a record 440 gigawatts of new renewable capacity this year..."


Countries have to double their power grid renewal to meet climate targets

"...At present, grid renewal is “not keeping pace with the rapid growth of key clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, electric cars and heat pumps,” the IEA says in a release. “Without greater policy attention and investment, shortfalls in the reach and quality of grid infrastructure could put the goal of limiting global warming to 1. 5 °C out of reach and undermine energy security..."


Supply issues hampering plan to make Hamilton's vehicle fleet green

"...Through a strategy approved in May of 2021, the city had set a target of adding 89 electric vehicles (EV) by the end of 2024. However, fleet manager Tom Kagianis said even after extending “bid solicitations” for electric sport utility vehicles and vans, twice, no additional bids were received. He told a committee Monday the problem is simply finding vehicles to lease and purchase from dealers..."


Ways to reduce emissions in the manufacturing of building materials

"...Greenhouse gas emissions fuel global warming. How can we accurately reduce them? Measurements are a good place to start, and we currently track them across three distinct scopes: (1) direct emissions; (2) indirect, owned emissions; and (3) all other indirect emissions, upstream and downstream. It’s often not an expertise that companies possess internally, so a consultant can aid in this process..."


Meet ALIA: First all-electric plane to cross international borders and touch down in Montreal

"...The battery-powered plane landed at Montreal's Trudeau Airport from Plattsburgh, NY. , for the first time on Wednesday. The aircraft was designed by BETA Technologies, an electric aerospace company based in Vermont that opened up a Montreal office back in March..."


Washington Must Not Allow Another Stolen Election in Congo

"...Washington needs to ask whether its priorities conform to its fundamental national interest in Congo, which is to nurture a long-term relationship with a politically stable, effective state, one that can also ensure uninterrupted access to, and protection of, key natural resources for combating climate change. To achieve this, the United States needs to remain true to its democratic values. Only free and fair elections have the potential to produce leaders who will have the political strength to address the country’s dysfunctional governance and latent political instability..."


National Farmers Union regional coordinator says climate change goals still attainable

"...He said many politicians are now aligning themselves with people who are climate change skeptics or deniers. “We were perplexed, partly because the best world research scientists tell us that we're on track as a planet to be increasing the temperature by 2. 6 degrees centigrade by the end of the century, but here in Saskatchewan we are likely to see double that..."


Quebec government to invest $514M in electric vehicle charging stations

"...“There is still an impact to produce those electric cars, including obviously the batteries, impact on biodiversity, impact on climate change,” said Bonin. “What we need is to reduce the number of cars and make sure that those we can't remove from the road are the least polluting possible. ”..."


Copper foil plant for use in electric vehicles to open in Quebec

"...Volta Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of South Korea's Solus Advanced Materials, will produce copper foil for batteries in Granby, Que. , southeast of Montreal. The Quebec government is giving the company a $150-million loan, part of which is forgivable, for the $750-million project that is expected to create 260 jobs..."


Less than one in five federally funded charging stations are operational

"...More than 43,000 electric vehicle chargers have been funded over the last seven years under the federal government's two main EV infrastructure programs..."


Access to electric vehicle charging getting better but not quickly enough

"...Dunsky said more than 90 per cent of the new chargers should be Level 2 chargers, which can typically fully charge a battery-electric vehicle in about eight hours, or a plug-in battery and gas hybrid in about four hours..."


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Recent episodes that mention electric cars.

Electric cars, renewable diesel, and the California mandate

Duration: 15:41

"...California’s environmental rules and regulations often set the pace for the rest of America..."


Moving grain with battery power: Convey-All rolls out quiet electric conveyor

Duration: 2:38

"...The same batteries that power electric cars could be used to move crops, as Convey-All debuted a prototype battery-powered conveyor at the 2022 Ag in Motion farm show..."


E065: Lithium Age is Here: Are you Ready?

Duration: 45:14

"...Jukka Jarvinen, a matrix entrepreneur of batteries, talks about the dawn of a new era, where energy storage brings the biggest paradigm shift in the energy sector..."


E064: A New Electric Vehicle for Asia

Duration: 48:00

"...Freddie Tinga, President at Global Electric Transportation, is building new electric vehicles for Asia and Europe..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric cars.

Why are we giving more space to cars than people? Hard Reset Podcast Episode #9

"...World’s largest electric cargo plane can carry up to 400 pounds ..."


The world’s most electric city | Future of Cities

"...Oslo is on a mission to achieve a nearly 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2009 levels..."


The innovations we need to avoid a climate disaster | Bill Gates

"...Introducing the concept of the "green premium" -- the higher price of zero-emission products like electric cars, artificial meat or sustainable aviation fuel -- Gates identifies the breakthroughs and investments we need to reduce the cost of clean tech, decarbonize the economy and create a pathway to a clean and prosperous future for all..."


How Tesla's Next Gen Batteries Will Power 21st Century

"...With many countries setting deadlines to completely shift to renewable energy, there will be tremendous pressure on the battery companies to improve efficiency, capacity without increasing the cost..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric cars relevant to the latest news.

Application of SEPIC Converter to Developed Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on PV Source

"...The ever-increasing concern about climate change as a result of emitting greenhouse gases has led to a greater emphasis on discovering and developing clean energy alternatives..."


Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles

"...Studies have shown that electric vehicles are better for the environment and have lower emissions of gases and pollutants than gasoline or diesel vehicles, even if they make cars and generate the electricity needed to drive them..."


Technical Review on Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Vehicle Application

"...In an electric vehicle the cost of the battery cover 70% cost of the whole vehicle hence it is important to extract every cent of available energy present in it to delete very mileage of the vehicle..."


Advancement of electrically rechargeable multivalent metal-air batteries for future mobility

"...The demand for newer, lighter, and smaller batteries with longer lifespans, higher energy densities, and generally improved overall battery performance has gone up along with the need for electric vehicles..."


A Macroeconomic Contribution: Extended Environmental Input?Output Analysis

"...An environmentally extended Input?Output (IO) model is used to estimate the impact of the increased use of electric cars (EV) on production, Gross Value Added, employment, and greenhouse gas emissions..."


Transport Digitalization

"...A powerful impetus was given by a recent climate change conference in Glasgow, following the results of which the governments of many countries undertook a commitment to ensure a net zero carbon footprint over the coming decades..."


An Overview of Bidirectional EV Chargers: Empowering Traction Grid-Powered Chargers

"...In this case, the battery of an electric car can store energy when there is excess generation (for example from renewable sources), and supply it to the grid when there is a lack of generation, realizing the functions of vehicle to grid (V2G)..."


Impact of emotional states on the effective range of electric vehicles

"...Over the last decade, a large interest in reducing transportation dependence on fossil fuels as well as the cost reduction in battery technologies, have driven the electric cars market uptake..."


Logistic Aspects of the Distribution of Electric Charging Stations on the Urban Road Network

"...Modern approaches to organization and management of an urban energy system deal with the optimal placement of charging stations for electric cars and other vehicles, that have dynamic charging while driving..."


Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

"...It is as energy conserving as the electric vehicles and as efficient as the conventional vehicles..."


"...Energy consumption and pollutant emission aspects were ascertained for cars under traffic conditions: in cities, outside cities, on motorways and expressways, with the use of data from the inventory of emissions from road transport in Poland in 2018..."


Electromobility: The Spreading of Electric Cars Versus Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

"...It simultaneously appears to shift towards renewable energy sources in electric power generation..."