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Electric Cars

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News and Opinion

Coverage of electric cars since March 29, 2021.

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Colwood speaker series celebrates Earth Month

"...The speaker series, hosted by the Citizens Environment Network in Colwood (CENiC), will highlight topics such as electric cars, community gardens, indigenous plant gardens, home energy assessments, Colwood’s little free plant and seed stand, solar installation and Clean BC Grants, how to naturescape your garden, Colwood’s waterfront plan, and little fish that feed whales..."

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FOREST INK: Electrifying the logging industry

"...Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the logging sector will require some major challenges and engineering developments but there are some positive moves taking place. My personal experience includes the purchase of an electric chainsaw which has proven superior in many ways to my old gas motor versions. I have also had the opportunity to drive an electric Nissan Leaf and was impressed by the regenerative braking ability to recover the charging of the battery on the down hill sections..."

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Magna plans to expand manufacturing in North America to focus on EVs

"...Canadian auto parts company Magna International Inc. is planning to expand its global manufacturing capacity to North America as it focuses on electric vehicle production..."

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Mobileye and Udelv confirm first large order for driverless delivery pod

"...Israel's Mobileye, which was acquired by Intel back in 2017, has teamed up with startup Udelv to get an autonomous electric delivery pod called the Transporter on the streets by 2023, with a plan to produce 35,000 of the self-driving electric cargo haulers by 2028. The Transporter will follow in the tire tracks of similar autonomous delivery vehicles from the likes of Nuro, Oxbotica and Amazon, and will marry the Mobileye Drive autonomous system with next-generation delivery vehicles made by Udelv. The announcement marks the commercial availability of the turnkey self-driving system, which is made up of a sensor suite that includes 13 cameras (including parking cameras), six radars, three long-range LiDARs, and six short-range LiDARs..."

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Electric Vehicle Owners Protest New Tax

"...Electric car owners gathered with their vehicles yesterday in front of the legislature in Regina to protest a new tax..."

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Not a Tesla: The Startups Racing to Make Your Next Electric Car | WSJ

"...Lucid, Fisker, Rivian and Canoo are among the well-funded startups racing to release new electric vehicles..."

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Electric vehicle program coming to College of New Caledonia

"...He said the Lower Mainland is now "covered" in electric cars and that it's only a matter of time before they grow in numbers up this way as the technology improves and makes them a realistic option for longer trips..."

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Sicamous plans bylaw to allow electric carts on district streets

"...The District of Sicamous is looking into allowing low-speed electric vehicles on its streets..."

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Is battery recycling environmentally friendly?

"...In a new study, researchers at Aalto University have investigated the environmental effects of a hydrometallurgical recycling process for electric car batteries. Using simulation-based life-cycle analysis, they considered energy and water consumption, as well as process emissions..."

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Purolator adding electric vehicles to fleet

"...“In addition to reducing truck traffic and noise pollution, the new all-electric vehicles will reduce greenhouse gas . ..."

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"Drop in" electrolyte avoids cracking in high-capacity lithium battery

"...When it comes to alternative battery architectures, designs that replace the conventional graphite material in one of the electrodes with high-density lithium metal are seen as hugely promising. An MIT team has developed a new electrolyte solution that can accommodate this chemistry and solve one of the key problems holding the technology back, paving the way for electric cars and mobile devices that could last far longer on each charge. The notion of a lithium metal battery raises the prospect of mobile devices and vehicles that carry far more charge at no extra weight..."

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Recent episodes that mention electric cars.

E065: Lithium Age is Here: Are you Ready?

Duration: 45:14

"...Jukka Jarvinen, a matrix entrepreneur of batteries, talks about the dawn of a new era, where energy storage brings the biggest paradigm shift in the energy sector..."

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E064: A New Electric Vehicle for Asia

Duration: 48:00

"...Freddie Tinga, President at Global Electric Transportation, is building new electric vehicles for Asia and Europe..."

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E059: PCs to EVs - A Serial Entrepreneur's Vision for Public Utility Vehicles

Duration: 49:08

"...You need to have a purpose as an entrepreneur and the purpose can't be making money..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric cars.

Toyota's "Audacious" plans to Surpass Tesla

"...But Musk went head on and doubled down on only electric cars terming Hydrogen cars as "silly"..."

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Battery Recycling - Turning waste into new batteries

"...Li-Cycle, a Canadian company has a patented process that can recycle up to 95% of the components into battery grade raw materials that will be used to make new batteries - the very definition of a circular economy..."

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275. Battery Recycling - Turning waste into new batteries

"...Li-Cycle, a Canadian company has a patented process that can recycle up to 95% of the components into battery grade raw materials that will be used to make new batteries - the very definition of a circular economy..."

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Combustion Hypocrisy, Diesel Killers & ELECTRIC HUMMER | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

"...Robert's back with his thoughts on some of the latest stories from the world of clean energy & electric vehicles as well as a Statham-esque movie voiceover! Starting with the impact of oil or no oil on a country's corruption, human rights and political unrest there's a great circular economy story about a New Zealand start up who are recycling precious metals from electronic waste..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric cars relevant to the latest news.

Synergy and co-benefits of reducing CO2 and air pollutant emissions by promoting electric vehicles—A case of Shanghai

"...With the growing number of vehicles on the road, the transport sector has become the second largest consumer of energy, after the industrial sector, and has become the main source of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Real-world study for the optimal charging of electric vehicles

"...Electric Vehicles (EVs), accompanied with the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), are the solution for the decarbonization of the transport sector and are undoubtedly on the rise..."

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Energy efficiency trade-offs in small to large electric vehicles

"...A 10kWh increase in battery capacity increases the mass of electric cars by 15kg, their drive range by 40?50km, and theirenergy consumption by 0..."

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Assessing energy and emissions savings for space conditioning, materials and transportation for a high-density mixed-use buildin

"...The transportation analysis estimates emissions reductions from eliminating personal vehicle trips through the mixed-use nature of the building, provision of an electric vehicle car sharing fleet, and a public transit hub with a rapid transit line..."

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Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

"...It is as energy conserving as the electric vehicles and as efficient as the conventional vehicles..."

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Logistic Aspects of the Distribution of Electric Charging Stations on the Urban Road Network

"...Modern approaches to organization and management of an urban energy system deal with the optimal placement of charging stations for electric cars and other vehicles, that have dynamic charging while driving..."

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A Macroeconomic Contribution: Extended Environmental Input?Output Analysis

"...An environmentally extended Input?Output (IO) model is used to estimate the impact of the increased use of electric cars (EV) on production, Gross Value Added, employment, and greenhouse gas emissions..."

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A States of Matter Search-Based Scheme to Solve the Problem of Power Allocation in Plug-in Electric Cars

"...In recent years, researchers have proved that the electrification of the transport sector is vital for reducing both the emission of green-house pollutants and the dependence on oil for transportation..."

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Life Cycle Assessment of Traditional and Electric Vehicles

"...This paper presents the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of traditional and electric vehicles..."

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Raw material use in a battery electric car – a thermodynamic rarity assessment

"...Additionally, with the thermodynamic rarity approach, the most exergy intensive parts within a battery electric car have been identified – the high-voltage battery modules, the electric drive, the power module, the charger, the electrical air conditioning compressor and the electromechanical brake servo – providing an indicator facilitating proactive mid- to long-term ecodesign measures and recycling strategies..."

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Optimizing Qatar?s energy system for a post-carbon future

"...The government is focused on diversifying the national economy away from hydrocarbons, encouraging sustainable use of resources, and ensuring the security of food, energy, and water systems..."

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Drivers’ preferences for electric cars in Italy. Evidence from a country with limited but growing electric car uptake

"...So far, Italy has shown a much lower electric vehicle (EV) adoption rate than other European countries..."

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