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Electric Power Plants

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News and Opinion

Coverage of electric power plants since June 21, 2020.

Low-cost technology reduces the cost and carbon footprint of pressurized irrigation

"...With the aim of increasing the energy efficiency of irrigation, researchers at the Hydraulics and Irrigation Group with the María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence,at the Department of Agronomy of the University of Cordoba (DAUCO), Juan Antonio Rodríguez Díaz and Jorge García Morillo, have field-tested a low-cost technology that takes advantage of the excess pressure on the grid to generate energy. This technology has made it possible, on the farm where it was installed, to forego the diesel generator that was used to power filtering equipment, fertilizer injector pumps and other devices necessary for irrigation, rendering the gridself-sufficient and operating on clean energy. The annual savings for the farmer came to €2,400, and his carbon footprint was reduced by up to 9 tons of CO2 thanks to the complete elimination of the diesel generator..."

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Origins of West Kootenay hydropower

"...This particular photo shows a generator West Kootenay Power and Light Company installed into the Lower Bonnington Dam, circa 1925. The energy company, formed in 1897, supplied power to the early Rossland Trail smelter operations from relatively small hydro-electric power plants on the Kootenay River, some 35 miles from Trail..."

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Methods developed by biorobotics engineers help make hydropower plants more fish-friendly

"...Hydropower is one of the most important and widely used renewable energy sources. The big advantage: it is far less weather-dependent than wind power and solar energy. However, the use of hydropower plants also involves major interventions in the environment, including the damming of rivers, changes in aquatic habitats, and fish mortality through turbines, spillways or screens..."

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Forest fires continue to rage in Quebec amid heat wave

"...“Hydroelectric power plants in Quebec are interconnected on the network. A power plant is not associated with specific customers,” he said..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric power plants relevant to the latest news.

Using remote sensing to calculate floating photovoltaic technical potential of a dam’s surface

"...A dam with a hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) prevents flooding while generating electricity and providing controlled irrigation of agricultural land..."

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Quantifying tradeoffs between electricity generation and fish populations via population habitat duration curves

"...Thermal pollution from thermoelectric power plants poses a potential threat to aquatic ecosystems, particularly in regards to optimal water temperature regimes for sustaining fish populations..."

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Passage through a hydropower plant affects the physiological and health status of Atlanstic salmon smolts

"...However, dams associated with hydroelectric power plants (HPP) disrupt river connectivity and affect fish movement and survival..."

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Modeling and predicting the electricity production in hydropower using conjunction of wavelet transform, long short-term memory

"...In this study, we offer a hybrid model which combines adaptive wavelet transform (AWT), long short-term memory (LSTM) and random forest (RF) algorithm (AWT-LSTM-RF) to predict the EP in hydroelectric power plant..."

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Fuzzy system applied to a hydraulic turbine efficiency curve fitting

"...This kind of curve is granted by the turbine manufacturer as a three-dimensional dataset that needs to be properly fitted in order to provide the turbine efficiency for any values of net head and water discharge in the relevant space and, therefore, guarantee an as realistic as possible representation of the hydroelectric power plant?s machines..."

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A robust least square approach for forecasting models: an application to Brazil?s natural gas demand

"...Regarding the power sector case, a further contribution of the paper is to analyze the impact of the reservoirs? levels over the demand of natural gas by thermoelectric power plants in an energy mix dominated by hydropower..."

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Machine Learning Techniques and Cloud Computing to Estimate River Water Quality?Survey

"...River water is the major source for drinking, agribusiness, and hydroelectric power plants, and as the river flows through different areas, assessment of change in quality has to be done by the water authorities regularly..."

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Exploring Opportunities in Hydro Electric Power Plant with Heron?s Fountain

"...Hydroelectric power plants can affect the quality and the flow of water in the dam or river..."

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High connectivity and migration potentiate the invasion of Limnoperna fortunei (Mollusca: Mytilidae) in South America

"...We sequenced the mtDNA COI gene and genotyped eight microsatellite loci (ML), and we evaluated the genetic source of the recently introduced population in Sobradinho hydroelectric power plant reservoir in Northeast Brazil..."

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