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Electric Vehicles

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News and Opinion

Coverage of electric vehicles since April 11, 2021.

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Colwood speaker series celebrates Earth Month

"...The speaker series, hosted by the Citizens Environment Network in Colwood (CENiC), will highlight topics such as electric cars, community gardens, indigenous plant gardens, home energy assessments, Colwood’s little free plant and seed stand, solar installation and Clean BC Grants, how to naturescape your garden, Colwood’s waterfront plan, and little fish that feed whales..."

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Loop Energy and BayoTech Commit to Accelerated Deployment of Hydrogen Vehicles and Fueling Infrastructure through Joint Market D

"...“Fleet operators are facing increased pressure to transition to zero-emissions and our partnership with Loop Energy creates an ecosystem that removes many of the barriers to adoption of hydrogen fuel cells as a solution,” said Stewart Stewart, Chief Commercial Officer at BayoTech. “Both Loop and BayoTech are focused on enabling the lowest cost of ownership solutions to the fleet operator customers. We look forward to building on the foundation of this important strategic partnership as we continue to work together towards mass-market adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technologies..."

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‘Wrong signal’: Federal ministers protest Saskatchewan's electric vehicle tax

"...In its most recent budget, Moe's Saskatchewan Party government brought in a $150 yearly tax on electric vehicles. Saskatchewan has said the tax will ensure drivers of those vehicles pay their share to maintain roads, normally funded through gas taxes. But Wilkinson and Alghabra say the tax works against federal plans to increase the use of electric vehicles and reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions..."

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Conservatives Unveil Climate Plan

"...The federal Conservatives have disclosed their own climate change plan..."

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Lithium-ion battery technology in e-buses, according to BMZ

"...Lithium-ion batteries have entered every segment of our lives. From mobile phones and power tools to e-bikes and cars. The race for more energy and more power is on..."

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Magna plans to expand manufacturing in North America to focus on EVs

"...Canadian auto parts company Magna International Inc. is planning to expand its global manufacturing capacity to North America as it focuses on electric vehicle production..."

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CHFCA and Hydrogen BC welcome Ensol Systems as new Small Business Member

"...Hydrogen BC is regional branch of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) in British Columbia.   Established with the support of the BC Government, Hydrogen BC is comprised of a public-private partnership with the mandate to promote the rollout of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen fueling stations (HFS) in the province.   In addition, Hydrogen BC works to ensure safe operation of HFS & FCEVs by sharing best practices developed in Canada and abroad while working with other industries to forecast demand for low-carbon hydrogen..."

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Electric logging trucks to be tested on Island

"...Mosaic Forest Management has announced a new pilot project with Parksville-based electric vehicle company EcoWest Driven to bring on three Tesla electric trucks for their fleet..."

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Saskatchewan electric vehicle owners hold rally opposing new provincial tax

"...The Saskatchewan government’s recent decision to tax electric vehicles prompted a rally in Saskatoon on Saturday. In the 2021-22 budget, the government introduced a new road use fee of $150 paid annually for electric vehicle owners. In their reasoning, the government stated this will ensure all road users contribute to road maintenance and replacement..."

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EV owners protest new fee outside Sask. legislative building

"...Electric vehicle owners will pay the annual $150 fee when renewing their license plates. It’s in lieu of the road tax which is built into the price of gasoline. The revenue goes toward road repairs..."

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Niu launches $599 electric kick scooter for last-mile travel

"...Chinese mobility company Niu has added to its portfolio of electric two-wheelers with its first ever kick scooter, designed to plug a hole in the daily travels of urban commuters. The Niu Kick Scooter is destined for US and European markets, and promises impressive range and power packed into a rather affordable package. Niu's stable of electric vehicles has so far included various takes on Vespa-style mopeds, but last year revealed it is also working on a mid-performance electric motorbike capable of hitting 100 mph (160 km/h)..."

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Saskatoon's electric vehicle owners take to the street in protest of Sask Party's new tax

"...SASKATOON -- Electric vehicle owners in Saskatoon gathered downtown to raise awareness over the Saskatchewan government’s plan to tax electric vehicles (EVs)..."

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Recent episodes that mention electric vehicles.

E067: Electric Vehicles in Australia — Are We There Yet?

Duration: 46:52

"...Tim Washington, the co-founder of, JET Charge and Chargefox, two successful EV charging start-ups in Australia, speaks candidly about the private sector-led electric vehicle future of Australia. ..."

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E064: A New Electric Vehicle for Asia

Duration: 48:00

"...Freddie Tinga, President at Global Electric Transportation, is building new electric vehicles for Asia and Europe..."

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Today’s Show: electric vehicles in Canada, air sanitizers, sustainable market economy, the Nemeth report, and Calgary council

Duration: 1:55:10

"...Guests: Clinton Desveaux, writer on electric vehicles and disruption issues, Jean Francois Huc, CEO, Pyure Company, manufacturer of Odorox, Art Price is the former CEO of Husky Energy and telecom disrupter Axia, Dr..."

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Canada can ride the electric vehicle trend to prosperity

Duration: 22:10

"...Clinton Desveaux, writer on electric vehicles and disruption issues..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric vehicles.

Petrol Cars Dirtier, Tesla's Secret Battery & Indian Solar | Fully Charged

"...Could Solar Farms in the Sahara be a Renewable Energy dream or a global climate nightmare? Are things looking up for Texas with news that Tesla are plugging in a secret mega-battery to the grid? Will Electric Trucks be able to go long distance with a heavy load and replace diesel for good? ..."

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The Story Of Electric Vehicle Batteries

"...The Tesla 2170 Lithium-Ion battery cell and other high capacity lithium-ion battery cell technologies all represent the first hopeful steps in transitioning society towards a new standard in practical and economical transportation via electric vehicles..."

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Will Apple, Toyota or VW be Tesla's biggest competitor? + more | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

"...We could also be reaching the tipping point for electric car pricing with news that battery cell prices have finally fallen below $100 per kWh and America is trialing a (small) number of fully electric school buses..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric vehicles relevant to the latest news.

Recent advances in rechargeable Zn-based batteries

"...In addition, such technology has potential applications in electric vehicles, portable electronic devices, and other electrical systems..."

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Intelligent charging control method of shared vehicle based on MPPT algorithm in the environment of internet of things

"...With the gradual popularization of shared vehicles, the large-scale access of electric vehicle charging pile will have a significant impact on the operation planning of power grid..."

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Distributed machine learning for energy trading in electric distribution system of the future

"...Specifically, electric distribution systems have witnessed a rapid integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), including photovoltaic (PV) panels, electric vehicles (EV), and smart appliances, etc..."

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Towards bi-functional all-solid-state supercapacitor based on nickel hydroxide-reduced graphene oxide composite electrodes

"...Our work demonstrates that the Ni(OH)2-rGO supercapacitor with the lithium-ion GPE can work bi-functionally either as a battery-like or a capacitor-like device depending on the operation potential range..."

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A comprehensive understanding of the anionic redox chemistry in layered oxide cathodes for sodium-ion batteries

"...Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) have demonstrated great application prospects in large-scale energy storage systems and low-speed electric vehicles due to the cost effectiveness and abundant resources..."

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On the design of environmentally sustainable aircraft for urban air mobility

"...These biofuels also contribute less to global warming and climate changes than batteries which: (i) are recharged from electric grids still dependable on non-renewable sources; and (ii) have a low number of recharge–discharge cycles..."

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Co-Estimation of State of Charge and Capacity for Lithium-ion Batteries with Multi-Stage Model Fusion Method

"...Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have emerged as the preferred energy storage systems for various types of electric transports, including electric vehicles, electric boats, electric trains, and electric airplanes..."

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Eco-environmental planning of various energy storages within multi-energy microgrid by stochastic price-based programming inclus

"...The proposed formulation is applied on two days in the summer and winter seasons for a variety of studies including the storage effect, energy sales to network, charge and discharge of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and flexible devices planning..."

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Synthesis and functionalization of 2D nanomaterials for application in lithium-based energy storage systems

"...The rising demands for efficient regulating the intermittency of renewable energies as well as the rapid spread of portable electronics or electric vehicles have put forward higher requirements on future energy storage systems..."

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Hourly charging profiles for electric vehicles and their effect on the aggregated consumption profile in Denmark

"...Using hourly meter data for households having an electric vehicle and for consumption at public charge stations, the novelty of this paper is that we estimate charging profiles distinguishing between types of days, months and places of charging and conclude that charging profiles for workdays and not workdays, seasons and places of charging are significantly different..."

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Multi-objective energy management of smart homes considering uncertainty in wind power forecasting

"...The energy management system of a home has to simultaneously manage the operational time of appliances and how to use the energy of an electric vehicle and home renewable distributed generation units like a wind turbine..."

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Thermal Runaway Pressures of Iron Phosphate Lithium-Ion Cells as a Function of Free Space Within Sealed Enclosures

"...Mining vehicle manufacturers are developing lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery electric vehicles as an alternative to diesel-powered vehicles..."

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