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Coverage of electric vehicles since November 17, 2023.

Area covered by mining claims in Ontario’s ‘Ring of Fire’ increased by 30 per cent in one year

"...If peatlands are drained, removed, or damaged in this way, they go from being a carbon sink to a carbon emitter. Harris estimates that if just half of the area covered by mining claims is disturbed, it would result in the release of more than one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide — one and half times Canada’s total reported greenhouse gas emissions in 2021. Story continues below advertisement..."


LETTER: Lawsuit against big oil will only drive up fuel prices

"...Why would any right-thinking quasi-political body give a thought to legal action without first approaching the said companies to determine if there is a means by which the parties might work together on a mutual solution? Big oil isn’t alone in creating climate change. We have a shared responsibility. Now suppose big oil is found culpable in a suit contemplated by the CRD..."


B.C. Hyundai Plug-In Hybrid owner hit with $15,000 electric battery cost

"...The non-profit organization, Car Help Canada, which helps consumers with purchasing a vehicle says when it comes to replacing an electric vehicle battery, drivers should be aware of the costs. “From what we’ve seen on average it’s reasonable to expect to replace a battery at a cost from anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 for most of the more popular electric vehicles. A hybrid vehicle – it’s realistic to expect anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 best case scenario,” Shari Prymak executive director of Car Help Canada said..."


2024 Kia EV9: Kia steps up its EV game with a family-size utility vehicle

"...Compared with the gasoline-powered Kia Telluride, which also has three rows of seats, the EV9 is only slightly longer but there are 20 more centimetres between the front and rear wheels, which means more second- and third-row legroom. PHOTO: KIA..."


Foreign workers at subsidized EV battery plant a

"...NextStar Energy Inc. says it expects upwards of 900 foreign workers to help build its heavily subsidized electric vehicle battery plant in Windsor, Ont. The head of Canada's Building Trades Unions calls the move “a slap in the face” and an “insult to Canadian taxpayers..."


City of Edmonton's electric bus fleet plagued with issues, over half not in service

"...Many of the drivers would ask to be switched off the electric bus shifts and have filed complaints with the Workers Compensation Board, the union said. The electric vehicles only make up a small percentage of the city's 1,000-bus fleet, but more than half aren't on the road. The city paid more than $1 million for each bus and ordered 60 from U..."


Used EV batteries power up California solar farm

"...Electric vehicle batteries are typically replaced when they reach 70 to 80 percent of their capacity, largely because the range they provide at that point begins to dwindle. Almost all of the critical materials inside them, including lithium, nickel, and cobalt, are reusable. A growing domestic recycling industry, supported by billions of dollars in loans from the Energy Department and incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act, is being built to prepare for what will one day be tens of millions of retired EV battery packs..."


Governments rush to work out how many foreign workers coming to Windsor battery plant

"...The NextStar battery plant currently under construction in Windsor has been promised $15 billion in performance incentives from the federal and provincial governments. It has been held up by both as a massive boost to the local economy. As Global News previously reported, however, the project has already brought in a handful of South Korean workers to staff the new plant, raising concerns about its promises to create local jobs..."


Electric car shock: Ontario man told new battery would cost more than $50,000

"...McCarthy said the case “should have been escalated immediately for additional review. ”“We sincerely apologize to Mr. Sooch for these lapses in communication and service,” she said..."


Hero: Volvo ditches diesel and revs up electric car sales Corporate Knights

"...Though just 3. 5% of Ford’s revenue came from manufacturing electric vehicles in 2022, it poured more than US$2. 1 billion into EV production last year and says it plans to invest US$50 billion by the end of 2026, with hopes of producing two million EVs a year..."


Zero: Oil industry’s plan for climate action? More fossil fuels

"...The best performer was France’s TotalEnergies, which calls itself “a major player in renewable energy production,” including hydroelectricity, solar, wind power and biofuels. In 2022, Total’s green energy resources accounted for a negligible 1. 3% of total revenue..."


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Jobs in electric vehicles

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Climate Change Coordinator - Grey County (Owen Sound, ON)

"...Reporting to the Director of Planning and Development, our ideal candidate will have the combination of education, experience and strong consensus building skills to successfully lead a broad stakeholder group in realizing our goals Climate Change Action Plan goals..."

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Recent episodes that mention electric vehicles.

EVs unlikely to derail growth in renewable diesel demand

Duration: 13:44

"...Government policies that promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) are unlikely to make a major dent in future demand for renewable diesel, says an author of a recent report on the future of the renewable diesel market..."


E085: Australia's Transition to Electric Vehicles

Duration: 44:31

"...Mary Hendriks, an advocate of electric transport and battery storage, discussed her views on the future of electric vehicles in Australia..."


288B. Hydrogen key to a zero emissions future

Duration: 04:00

"...Hydrogen is no magical solution, but it just might be the lynchpin to integrating and optimizing renewable energy and creating a pathway to a zero-emissions future..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric vehicles.

Solar cars: Why aren’t they everywhere?

"...Electric vehicles are here to stay, but charging times and range are still major turnoffs for many buyers..."


Petrol Cars Dirtier, Tesla's Secret Battery & Indian Solar | Fully Charged

"...Could Solar Farms in the Sahara be a Renewable Energy dream or a global climate nightmare? Are things looking up for Texas with news that Tesla are plugging in a secret mega-battery to the grid? Will Electric Trucks be able to go long distance with a heavy load and replace diesel for good? ..."


The world’s most electric city | Future of Cities

"...Oslo is on a mission to achieve a nearly 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2009 levels..."


Why This Accidental Battery Breakthrough Matters

"...Lithium sulfur batteries may be the holy grail of energy storage..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric vehicles relevant to the latest news.

Optimal Energy Distribution of Multi-Energy Sources in Fuel-Cell Electric Bus Using Long Short-Term Memory

"...To overcome these problems, the automobile industry is prioritizing the development of eco-friendly vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions Among these, fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use hydrogen as a fuel and do not emit exhaust gas and their higher mileage and shorter fuel charging time compared to electric vehicles make them promising next-generation eco-friendly vehicles..."


Overview of India?s Battery-Swapping and Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

"...EVs have a number of advantages, including increasing the use of clean energy by using less oil and fossil fuels, helping to meet climate change commitments by reducing harmful emissions, reducing pollution lower public risks, and the introduction of new technologies leads to infrastructure and economic growth..."


Non-carbon greenhouse gas emissions for hybrid electric vehicles: three-way catalyst nitrous oxide and ammonia trade-off

"...This work investigated the three-way catalyst performance to abate regulated and unregulated emissions from a gasoline direct injection engine working under conditions related to hybrid vehicle operation..."


Application of SEPIC Converter to Developed Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on PV Source

"...The ever-increasing concern about climate change as a result of emitting greenhouse gases has led to a greater emphasis on discovering and developing clean energy alternatives..."


Advancement in Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology and Their Impact on the Global and Indian Market

"...The global rising greenhouse gas emission (GHG) rate and the improving technology for more efficient automobiles have given electric vehicles a significant boost and penetrative scope on international markets..."


Optimization of a Photovoltaic Station for Charging Electric Vehicles

"...The constant struggle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by internal combustion vehicles makes electromobility a latent alternative solution..."


Artificial Intelligence and the Decarbonization Challenge

"...The DSO was able to employ available and incoming distributed energy resource assets more effectively thanks to AI Similar to this, a German transmission system operator employed AI to produce more accurate grid loss forecasts..."


Multi-objective Optimization Energy Management Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles During Vehicle Following

"...With the advancements in automotive automation and network connectivity technologies, achieving optimal co-optimization of driving safety, driving comfort, fuel economy and energy sources durability remains a great challenge for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles (FCHEV)..."


Distributed Energy Resources and EV Charging Stations Expansion Planning for Grid-Connected Microgrids

"...In this socioeconomic scenario of increasing changes and environmental concerns, microgrids (MGs) play an important role in integrating distributed energy resources..."


Different Strategies for Estimation of State of Charge for Battery Packs of Electric Vehicle

"...Because EVs use electrical energy to drive their motors efficiently, environmental researchers are paying close attention to the development of electric vehicles..."