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Coverage of emissions reduction since November 1, 2023.

Oil and gas well drillers want federal funding to help industry decarbonize

"...The drilling sector's emissions reduction efforts have not been as high-profile as those of the oilsands industry, which is proposing a $16. 5-billion carbon capture and storage project in northern Alberta that it says will help it reach net-zero emissions from production by 2050. But Scholz said there are many things oil and gas drillers can do to lower their carbon footprint, from rig electrification to hydrogen fuel blending to investing in battery energy storage systems for oil well drilling sites..."


IEA report warns oil and gas companies against banking on carbon capture

"...In a report released Thursday, the Paris-based IEA said oil and gas companies need to start “letting go of the illusion” that “implausibly large” amounts of carbon capture are the solution to the global climate crisis. Carbon capture and storage refers to the use of technology to sequester harmful greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes and store them safely underground. In Canada, carbon capture and storage has become a key pillar of the oil and gas sector's decarbonization goals..."


Q&A: What does China’s new methane plan mean for its climate goals?

"...It has a focus on emissions from the energy, agriculture and waste sectors. It lists a series of actions, but lacks numerical targets for emissions reduction..."


DeBriefed 17 November 2023: Countries fail 1.5C test; US and China agree on renewables; Why runners care about climate change

"...WRI REPORT: The World Resources Institute’s “state of climate action 2023” report found that “​​countries are falling behind on almost every policy required to cut greenhouse gas emissions”. The Guardian reported that, of the 42 indicators assessed, electric vehicle sales is the only one that is progressing on track. To limit global warming to 1..."


Canada, major fossil-fuel producers failing climate targets, jeopardizing transition

"...Canada and other major fossil-fuel-producing countries are failing to meet targets to keep global warming in check, a newly released major international report warned Wednesday, putting the world’s energy transition at risk..."


Canada, other countries failing to meet climate change targets: report

"...The 2023 Production Gap report says the countries are planning to produce 110 per cent more fossil fuels in 2030 than is consistent with keeping global warming to 1. 5 C above pre-industrial levels, and 69 per cent more fossil fuels than what's in line with a 2 C target. “These plans throw the global energy transition into question..."


B.C. failing to treat climate change like an emergency, says action group

"...A climate emergency action group says B. C. ’s continued expansion of oil and gas projects will make it impossible for the province to meet upcoming greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets..."


Canada unlikely to hit emissions reduction targets, environment watchdog says

"...More than 80 policies and programs are listed in the plan, but DeMarco said fewer than half of them have a timetable for implementation, and only four have a specific target for cutting emissions. He also said the federal government set its goals with overly optimistic expectations for how quickly some of its major policies would be implemented, and without taking into account the impact that climate change would have in the meantime. For example, DeMarco said the government's modelling assumed there would be no new natural gas electricity plants without carbon-capture technology after 2023, because clean electricity regulations barring them would be in place..."


Canada’s emissions reduction plan falling short: environment commissioner

"...Canada’s detailed plan to reach its greenhouse-gas emissions targets in 2030 is coming up short, the federal environment commissioner said Tuesday in a new audit..."


Canada's emissions reduction plan falling short: environment commissioner

"...Canada's detailed plan to reach its greenhouse-gas emissions targets in 2030 is coming up short, the federal environment commissioner said Tuesday in a new audit..."


Know This About Net Zero

"...Meanwhile greenwashing, or the spread of misleading information regarding an institution's environmental performance, has disoriented the public on what products, actions, and policies are aligned with the goal of net zero by 2050. For example, in many institutions' net zero-aligned transition plans, carbon offsetting is a crucial strategy to account for their emissions reduction targets. Rather than working to decarbonize internal operations and functions, many corporations and governments are looking outward to see where carbon removal can be maintained..."


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Jobs in emissions reduction

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Climate Change Specialist - Municipality of North Cowichan (Duncan, BC)

"...Ability to use tact, discretion, persuasion, diplomacy, respect and courtesy to gain the cooperation and commitment of others; facilitate groups; and to establish and maintain effective working relationships and rapport with departments, officials, the media, representatives of other groups, agencies, entities or businesses, and diverse members of the public.  ..."

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Energy Management Coordinator - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...An incumbent coordinates the administration of the corporate energy management program complimented under the City’s Climate Action Framework and City Energy Strategy; participates with supervisors in developing goals, strategies and plans for reducing consumption of energy, all utilities, gas, hydro and water in municipal facilities; coordinates efforts in transitioning gas and diesel powered fleet to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV); prepares reports and updates on program objectives and goals; conducts a technical study of the feasibility and processes involved in the improvement of energy efficiencies for the City; recommends and implements energy and GHG emissions reduction projects and alternatives; develops plans for retrofits and upgrades to existing systems; compiles energy consumption statistics, prepares reports and recommendations and may present same as required; recommends and monitors annual budgets for hydro and gas; identifies funding sources for energy retrofits and the expansion of energy efficiency programs; liaises with BC Hydro, FortisBC..."

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Climate Change and Regional Growth Strategy Analyst - Regional District of Nanaimo (Nanaimo, BC)

"...In addition, a knowledge of local government practices in: GHG emissions reductions, climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable development, asset management, and resilience; strong interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills; excellent written and verbal communication skills; advanced computer skills including Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, database management, GIS and GHS software; and possession of a valid Class 5 Drivers License is required..."

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Recent episodes that mention emissions reduction.

RealAg Radio, Feb 17: Stronger beef markets, emissions reduction feedback, and profitability in the year ahead

Duration: 55:05

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Friday edition of RealAg Radio! On today’s show, host Shaun Haney is joined by Lyndsey Smith and Kelvin Heppner, both of RealAgriculture, for the RealAg Issues Panel..."


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Fertilizer emissions feedback, tariff-return program coming “soon,” says Bibeau

Duration: 3:53

"...Farmers and the agriculture industry are still waiting to hear about “What we heard” when it comes to the federal government’s fertilizer emissions reduction target..."


RealAg Radio, Oct 25: A winter forecast, methane emissions, and the Alberta wheat and barley commission amalgamation

Duration: 55:15

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio! Guest host Kelvin Heppner is joined by Brett Anderson, with Accuweather, on the Canadian winter forecast; Tyler Fulton, with Canadian Cattle Association, on the Canadian government’s new methane emissions reduction plan and what it means for cattle producers; and Greg Sears, chair for the. ..."


RealAg Radio, September 20: DEKALB varieties, fertilizer emission reductions, climate conference

Duration: 53:02

"...Thanks for tuning in to this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about emissions reduction.

Industrial Transformation Challenge: Interview with Rob Morgan, Strathcona Resources Ltd.

"...Environment and Protected Areas Minister Rebecca Schulz spoke with Rob Morgan about funding Strathcona Resources Ltd..."


How Airlines Are Racing to Clean Up the Skies With “Green” Fuels

"...Pre-COVID, aviation was one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, rising by about 2% every year since 2000..."


How greenhouse gas emissions from rice can be minimised through regenerative production

"...The global food system is responsible for between 20-30% of greenhouse gas emissions, most of which are generated at the production stage..."


Amazon’s Commitment to Run on 100-Percent Renewable Energy | Chris Roe | In the Green

"...What will it take to power the planet in a way that doesn't hurt it? Chris Roe, Amazon's director of energy and sustainable operations, shares the company's pledge to get to net zero carbon and fully operate all buildings -- including data and distribution centers, centers, warehouses, commercial offices and grocery stores -- on 100 percent renewable energy..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about emissions reduction relevant to the latest news.

COP26: Progress, Challenges, and Outlook

"...Meanwhile, the Glasgow Climate Pact has cemented the consensus on a global commitment to accelerating climate action over the next decade and reached a breakthrough consensus on reducing coal, controlling methane, and halting deforestation..."


Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Agriculture: Strategies and Their Economic Feasibility

"...Various agricultural strategies have been identified as appropriate measures to increase carbon sequestration and/or reduce GHG emissions, including conservation tillage, crop rotations, continuous cropping, residue retention, improved fertilisation, and afforestation..."


The policy and ecology of forest-based climate mitigation: challenges, needs, and opportunities

"...Great hope is being placed in the ability of forest ecosystems to contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets to limit global warming..."


The impact of climate litigation and activism on stock prices: the case of oil and gas majors

"...A Dutch court ordered Royal Dutch Shell to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, while shareholder votes at Exxon Mobile and Chevron succeeded in pushing for further emissions reductions..."


Assessment of pollutant emissions reduction potential of energy infrastructure in industrial parks of Henan Province

"...Industrial park is an area where energy consumption and pollutant emissions are concentrated, and energy infrastructure (power plants and industrial boilers) is the main consumers of energy..."


Economic analysis of international environmental agreements: lessons learnt 2000?2020

"...For example, cap-and-trade systems have the potential to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions and least economic cost..."


Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction in the Flexible Pavement Material Transportation Process Unit

"...In developing sustainable development strategy especially in transportation infrastructure, it is necessary to find a strategy in reducing greenhouse gas emissions of road construction cycle..."


Impact of the opening of high-speed rail on environmental pollution in the Yangtze River Economic Belt: Promoting or inhibiting

"...In response to climate change and energy conservation and emission reduction targets, the green development of transportation has become one of the most concerned topics in the world..."


Can fiscal decentralization be the route to the race to zero emissions in South Africa? Fresh policy insights from novel dynami

"...Although the precise nature of this relationship is still up for discussion, economic hypothesis postulates that fiscal decentralization has an impact on environmental sustainability..."