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Coverage of energy since July 10, 2024.

World's first hydrogen-powered commercial ferry set to operate on San Francisco Bay, officials say

"...Frank Wolak, president and CEO of the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association, said the ferry is meaningful because its hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vessels..."


Friends shouldn't let friends buy natural gas from bad places Montreal Economic Institute

"...The plan, announced in December by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector to 38 per cent below 2019 levels by 2030..."


Previous bidder tries again with new offshore wind proposal in New Jersey

"...It joins Attentive Energy, which also has preliminary approval for a wind farm 42 miles (67 kilometers) off Seaside Heights, and which is proposing an additional project in the same general area. That project is a joint venture between Paris-based TotalEnergies and London-based Corio Generation..."


Group sues federal government, claims it ignores harms of idle offshore oil and gas infrastructure

"...The lawsuit includes the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, which oversees offshore safety and environmental regulations, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which manages oil and gas development in federal waters..."


Houston utility says 500K customers still won't have electricity next week as Beryl outages persist

"...AUSTIN, Texas (AP) About 500,000 customers still wont have electricity into next week as wide outages from Hurricane Beryl persist and frustration mounts over the pace of restoration, an official with Houstons biggest power utility said Thursday..."


China Briefing 11 July: Wartime flooding emergency; EU tariff impact; Record-low coal share

"...WARTIME EMERGENCY: Extreme weather events continued over the past two weeks. Dongting lake Chinas second-biggest freshwater lake in southern Chinas Hunan province experienced a wide dyke breach on 6 July, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. The newspaper found the flooding in Hunan was the most severe flooding seen in 70 years, with local authorities declaring a wartime emergency..."


Wind power expansion meets grassroots resistance in Brazil's Northeast

"...QUEIMADA NOVA, Brazil (AP) Cousins Nilson Jos dos Santos and Geremias da Cruz dos Anjos grew up together in neighboring rural communities in Brazil's impoverished Northeast. The ruggedness of the land here and recurring drought make it unsuitable for the commercial farming that has transformed so much of the country. Yet energy companies have found something here to harvest: the wind..."


Webinar: What are the key climate priorities for the new UK government?

"...Following the Labour partys historic win in the UK general election, Carbon Brief put together a panel of climate and energy experts to discuss the key climate-related priorities for the new government.  ..."


Demand for rare elements used in clean energy could help clean up abandoned coal mines in Appalachia

"...The project is one of the leading efforts by the federal government as it injects more money than ever into recovering rare earth elements to expand renewable energies and fight climate change by reducing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions..."


Up to two new offshore wind projects are proposed for New Jersey. A third seeks to re-bid its terms

"...The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities received three bids by Wednesday's deadline in the state's fourth round of solicitations for offshore wind farms..."


Analysis: Chinas clean energy pushes coal to record-low 53% share of power in May 2024

"...Clean energy generated a record-high 44% of Chinas electricity in May 2024, pushing coals share down to a record low of 53%, despite continued growth in demand..."


Millions still have no power days after Beryl struck Texas. Here's why, and the rush to fix it

"...Some Houston residents who are all too familiar with enduring natural disasters have also questioned why one of the largest cities on the Gulf Coast appeared to wilt under Beryl and was unable to better withstand a Category 1 hurricane..."


Recommended Reading

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A Bright Future

How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow

"...Clearly written and beautifully illustrated, yet footnoted with extensive technical references, Goldstein and Qvist's book will provide a new touchstone in discussions of climate change..."

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Energy and Civilization

A History

"...Humans are the only species that can systematically harness energies outside their bodies, using the power of their intellect and an enormous variety of artifacts?from the simplest tools to internal combustion engines and nuclear reactors..."

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The Climate Challenge

101 Solutions to Global Warming

"...Each solution describes steps that are already being used in homes, schools, businesses, cities, and governments around the world-with full scientific references to help the reader dig deeper and push farther..."

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Jobs in energy

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Environmental Science and Planning Director - North America

"...sustainable energy sources, while helping our customers provide the energy, chemicals, and resources that society needs now..."

related opportunities

Lead of Engineering QA

" power to charge their EV and home, unlocking their EVs battery for backup power (V2H), and optimizing the energy flow between their solar panels, EVs, backup battery and the grid..."

related opportunities

Journeyperson/Journeyman Electrician - SOLAR - Residential and Commercial

" to the world for a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable global community..."

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Twin for Ocean Industries

"...sustainable development goals (SDGs), in particular SGD11, SDG13, and SDG14, ocean industries are increasingly engaged in activities such as renewable energy generation and sustainable aquaculture..."

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Recent episodes that mention energy.

The fight over minerals for green energy and a better way forward | Saleem Ali

Duration: 12:26

"...Source: TED Talks Daily..."


Ag Policy Connection Ep. 9 What should carry the most weight in deciding how land gets used?

Duration: 50:44

"...There are many priorities that influence how land is used the need for housing and economic development often drives the conversion of farmland and natural habitat into urban or suburban landscapes, but food security, productivity, biodiversity, crop or livestock prices, renewable energy policy, and of course, NIMBYism are among the many factors that can. ..."


Maria Gallucci: Zero Emission Marine Vessels

Duration: 29:00

"...When it comes to energy transitions, marine vessels tend to get overlooked, even though they are some of the worst polluters of our oceans and air..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about energy.

BYD Yangwang U9: The Reasonably Priced Hypercar!

"...#byd #yangwang #electricvehicles #tesla #elonmusk #byd #homeenergy #cleanenergy ..."


Mr. Bruce Knight: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem Services Market

"...Knight explains the history of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) and details how ecosystem service markets can add incentives to motivate farmers and ranchers to improve soil health..."


The solutions needed to address climate change already exist Fear and Wonder podcast

"...One of the key findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes (IPCC) Synthesis Report is that there are solutions available right now, across all sectors of the economy, that could at least halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about energy relevant to the latest news.

Hydroclimate Risks to the Western US Electric Grid under a Warming Climate

"...Interactions between hydrologic drought and hot temperatures are particularly problematic, yielding increased prices and greenhouse gas emissions, with uncertain shortfall risks..."


A hierarchical optimization approach to maximize hosting capacity for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources through de

"...Within the scope of sustainable development, integrating electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy sources (RESs) into power grids offers a number of benefits..."


Chemical dynamics in a radioactive platinum

"...These novel insights have far-reaching implications in various industrial and engineering applications, including the development of catalytic converters, the optimization of hydrogen fuel cells, the efficient oxidation of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, and advancements in materials processing techniques..."


A review on WO3-based composite photocatalysts: synthesis, catalytic mechanism and diversified applications

"...This technology uses semiconductor photocatalysts to convert solar energy into directly usable chemical energy, showing great potential for application in environmental pollutant purification and clean energy production, with broad development prospects..."


Livestock Manure Compost Mixed with Biochar: Efficient Pelleting and Pellet Production Characteristics

"...The pelleting of biochar mixed with livestock manure compost could have the following advantages: (1) use compost as a binder, (2) reduce the moisture content of compost for pelleting by simply mixing without drying, and (3) promote the application of biochar for carbon sequestration by simultaneous application with agricultural machinery for chemical fertilizers while preventing dust pollution and additional work for the farmer..."


Sustainability assessment of Sweden?s nuclear power: implications of the new expansion plans

"...Our analysis shows that, from a feasibility perspective, Sweden?s nuclear energy system must ensure a secure uranium supply and manage its spent fuel..."


Comparison of Tire Rolling Resistance Measuring Methods for Different Surfaces

"...This resistance has a very significant contribution to the energy consumption of wheeled vehicles..."


Sustainable high-quality seaweed production from deep seawater

"...Small-scale industries utilising DSW have been established, with DSW being employed for bottled drinking water, aquaculture, agriculture, cosmetics, medicine, food, and power generation?all contributing to substantial economic benefits..."


Bioremediation: An Economical Approach for Treatment of Textile Dye Effluents

"...In bioremediation, the microorganisms utilize organic pollutants as a source of food or energy..."


Towards direct superlubricity and superlow wear via amino modification of polyhydroxy alcohol solutions

"...Friction remains as the primary mode of energy dissipation and components wear, and achieving superlubricity shows high promise in energy conservation and lifetime wear protection..."


Dataset of soil hydraulic parameters in the Yellow River Basin based on in situ deep sampling

"...Soil hydraulic parameters are vital for precisely characterizing soil hydrological processes, which are critical indicators for regulating climate change effects on terrestrial ecosystems and governing feedbacks between water, energy, and carbon?nitrogen cycles..."


FGCF: fault-aware green computing framework in software-defined social internet of vehicle

"...The social internet of vehicle (SIoV) is a specialized network combining intelligent sensing devices and vehicular communications to address traffic monitoring and resource management challenges in smart cities..."