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Coverage of energy conversion since June 23, 2021.

Heat pumps ‘up to three times cheaper’ than green hydrogen in Europe, study finds

"...The research, published in the journal Energy Conversion and Management, concludes that a green hydrogen heating system would be roughly “two to three times more expensive” than one relying on electric heat pumps in the EU and UK..."


Hybrid and Electric vehicles explained

"...This is because in hybrid and electric vehicles, unlike gas-powered cars, only part of — or none of — the propelling force is generated by engines. They use electric machines, featuring a high-efficiency energy conversion process at around 90 per cent to propel the vehicle. Electric machines improve fuel economy and drivability..."


Valley Carriers completes slash grinding project

"...Merritt is contributing to the green goals of Canada as local company, Valley Carriers Ltd. , have converted wood waste into electricity. The Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) has given updates on nine of their 134 provincially funded projects, through a recent report..."


Quebec to inject $117M to help Montreal fight climate change

"...She said that by doing so, it is the equivalent of removing more than 3,000 vehicles from the road. About $63 million of the province's funding will be used to decarbonize buildings. The City of Montreal will inject $28 million, an amount that was already planned for the energy conversion of buildings..."


UBCO researcher studying solar energy conversion tech

"...“Part of the challenge with this type of research is the way different solar energy conversion technologies work, each is completely distinct,” explained Dr. Godin. “It’s not obvious how, or even if, you can compare photovoltaics, which generate electricity, to photocatalysts, which generate high energy chemical fuels such as hydrogen..."


"Tiny skyscraper" electrodes boost bioenergy output of blue-green algae

"...Scientists have long studied the abilities of photosynthetic bacteria that turn sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into energy, and by giving these communities a home likened to a high-rise apartment block, a team has broken new ground in this space. These tiny grids of "nano-housing" create the optimal environment to not just foster the rapid growth of these bacteria, but take their energy-harvesting potential to new heights. Also known as cyanobacteria or perhaps more familiarly, blue-green algae, photosynthetic bacteria can be found in all types of water, where they use sunlight to make their own food..."


First float of grid-connected wave energy system installed in Jaffa Port

"..."The installation of the first floater is a significant progress toward the first grid-connected wave energy array installation in Israel," said EWP CEO, Inna Braverman. "Preparation for the installation of all remaining floaters on the external side of the Jaffa Port breakwater is in advanced stages and we are relishing over the prospect of being operative soon in the Mediterranean waves. "Once in place, the array and energy conversion setup will undergo thorough functionality and capacity testing ahead of official connection to the local power grid..."


Squirrel-cheeked liquid H2 airliner will take you anywhere in two hops

"...The team also projects that these machines will "have superior operating economics than conventional aircraft from the mid-2030s onwards," as hydrogen prices fall. There's still some technological and logistic mountains to climb, though. "The challenges of realizing liquid hydrogen," reads FlyZero's energy source comparison and selection report, "include, but are not limited to; the storage and distribution of a cryogenic fuel onboard an aircraft, developing sustainable technologies for stable and reliable hydrogen combustion in gas turbines, efficient energy conversion and thermal management of hydrogen fuel cells and hybrids thereof, minimizing the generation of other climate impacts i..."


The CHFCA Announces Hydrogen Optimized as a New Sponsoring Member

"...Hydrogen Optimized is a private hydrogen technology company that develops and commercializes large-scale Green Hydrogen production systems. It is part of Key DH Technologies Inc. , a group of innovation-driven businesses in the deuterium and hydrogen industries..."


Paving the way to artificial photosynthesis -- effect of doping on the photocatalyst SrTiO3

"...New study shows how doping affects the charge properties of a photocatalyst, potentially paving the way for better solar energy conversion..."


New insight into photosynthesis could help grow more resilient plants

"...Energy conversion from sunlight and energy storage happens in specialized thylakoid membranes in chloroplasts in leaves..."


Recycling next-generation solar panels fosters green planet

"...Recycling them enhances their sustainability, as the recycled perovskite solar cells could bring 72. 6% lower primary energy consumption and a 71. 2% reduction in carbon footprint, according to the paper, "Life Cycle Assessment of Recycling Strategies for Perovskite Photovoltaic Modules," co-authored by Xueyu Tian, a doctoral student at Cornell Systems Engineering, and Samuel D..."


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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about energy conversion.

Driving On Compressed Air: The Little-Known Compressed Air Revolution

"...This prototype showcased remarkable energy efficiency, reaching up to 90% of a lithium-ion electric vehicle's efficiency and predicting a range of around 140 kilometers..."


Breakthrough Solar cell DOESN'T Run On Sunshine!

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How to use the ocean as a giant battery

"...There is a way to harvest energy 24/7 from our oceans, through a technology called ocean thermal energy conversion..."


How To Turn The Ocean Into A Battery | Answers With Joe

"...Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, or OTEC, takes advantage of the sun's heating of the ocean to produce clean energy..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about energy conversion relevant to the latest news.

Application of SEPIC Converter to Developed Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on PV Source

"...The ever-increasing concern about climate change as a result of emitting greenhouse gases has led to a greater emphasis on discovering and developing clean energy alternatives..."


Optical designing and simulation of a concentrating solar spectrum splitting prototype

"...A comprehensive explanation based on numerical simulation using ray tracing with realistic irradiation conditions is presented to demonstrate the possibility of employing a spectrum-splitting system to improve solar energy conversion and to explain the essential importance of optical concentration in such a system..."


Transition Metal Oxide-Based Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy Storage

"...Due to distinctive configurations of d electron, the synergistic effect of multi-metal atoms, low cost, and outstanding electrochemical stability nature of TMO-based nanomaterials, the energy storage mechanism of electrochemical supercapacitors, batteries, and fuel cells can be enhanced significantly..."


Design, synthesis, and performance evaluation of TiO2-dye sensitized solar cells using 2,2?-bithiophene-based co-sensitizers

"...This study provides valuable insights into the design and synthesis of new organic compounds for use as co-sensitizers in DSSCs based on TiO2 and highlights the potential of these compounds for use in efficient solar energy conversion..."



"...Among diverse potential energy storage technologies, electrochemical secondary batteries are competitive due to the advantages such as high energy conversion efficiency and simple maintenance..."


Fluorescence quenching in thylakoid membranes induced by single-walled carbon nanotubes

"...Although it is too early to speculate on the nature of the involved electron donors and intermediate states, the observed energetic interaction could be exploited to increase the photoelectron capture efficiency of natural biohybrid systems for solar energy conversion..."


A review on microbial fuel cell and green energy

"...Microbial fuel cells have received great interest as a mode of energy conversion tool for generating green energy by using various substrate molecules catalyzed by microorganisms..."


Biomass to Energy ? an Analysis of Current Technologies, Prospects, and Challenges

"...The bioenergy from agricultural biomass, food crops, forest residue, algae, and municipal waste can also allow sustainable waste management..."


Development of TiO2 decorated Fe2O3QDs/g-C3N4 Ternary Z-scheme photocatalyst involving the investigation of phase analysis via

"...Designing materials with oxygen vacancies and optimized structures can lead to improved solar energy conversion capabilities, particularly regarding contaminant removal..."


Learning search algorithm to solve real-world optimization problems and parameter extract of photovoltaic models

"...Overall, our study contributes to the improvement of solar energy conversion efficiency through the development of an accurate parameter estimation model using the LSA..."