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Coverage of energy crises since October 13, 2023.

How Pickering Nuclear Generating Station became key to Ontario's energy plan

"...The Ford government found its voice on the electricity file in the summer of 2022, with a slew of announcements as a potential energy crisis loomed. Through the summer and fall of 2022, Smith darted around the province, unveiling one policy after another to reduce energy consumption and to increase output. He announced incentives to make homes more efficient, turn down air conditioning and new contracts for more gas power..."


N.B. touts potential economic development, emissions reductions in hydrogen road map

"...Holland says that's one of the primary reasons the province is so well placed to take advantage of the emerging sector. “Our positioning on the eastern seaboard and the proximity to ports and the richness of a wind environment by being coastal does give us a unique positioning,” he said. It also points to the continued development of small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) technology that may also be used to produce low carbon intensity hydrogen..."


MP Zimmer thrilled BC United MLA running for Conservatives in next federal election

"...Ross signed a $50 million agreement in 2006 to build a gas plant on one of the Haisla Nation reserves and currently serves as BC United's energy critic. He intends to continue to serve as the Skeena MLA until the next provincial election..."


Five Tweets on Alberta's extreme cold weather energy crisis

"...The operator blamed two offline natural gas plants, and low winds and sunlight, which has resulted in a lack of renewable energy production..."


Africas biggest oil refinery begins production in Nigeria with the aim of reducing need for imports CityNews Kitchener

"...The Dangote refinery is not a silver bullet for Nigeria's energy crisis, according to Olufola Wusu, an oil and gas expert who was part of a team that helped review Nigerias national gas policy. But it is a great way to revive the sector and will help move Nigeria from being a major importer of refined petroleum products to being self-reliant in domestic refining capacity. ..."


B.C.'s energy supply can't meet demand for power: report

"...Energy Futures Initiative, an advocacy group, said B. C. could be labelled an “at-risk” area for power generation as early as 2026..."


Alberta government reinstates fuel tax, raising gasoline prices by nine cents per litre

"...Starting Monday, the Alberta government raised gasoline prices by nine cents per litre, a move some drivers in Edmonton are unhappy about..."


Protracted drought leaves hydro power-dependent B.C. importing electricity

"...“The impact of finances is not immediate, it will take some time,” public policy researcher Richard McCandless, explained. “Luckily they built up a surplus in their exports over the last few years, so they can live off the fat for a while, but then it's going to really hit their bottom line if this drought continues. ”To address future concerns, the province is calling on proposals from independent power producers to increase the system's capacity..."


Cap on greenhouse gas emissions singles out Alberta, Premier Danielle Smith says

"...University of Alberta energy economist Andrew Leach said having special rules for one industry on top of carbon prices, incentive programs and other measures could make things unnecessarily complex for companies trying to make investment decisions. “The types of investments you want people to make, they're going to have a challenging time making them because they won't be able to value them. ”Leach said most emissions still come from fossil fuel consumption, not production, and a gradually increasing, universally applied carbon tax remains the most efficient tool..."


Heat pumps vs. AC: Report notes progress, challenges in reaching climate goals

"...“The world's climate ambitions hinge on our ability to make the global energy system more efficient,” IEA executive director Fatih Birol said. It was not all negative, however, as the report did note “strong gains” from certain countries and regions, with the European Union set to post a five per cent improvement this year, and the U. S..."


Canadians oblivious to China's lead in clean energy arms race

"...China, the US, and Europe have effectively kicked off a clean energy arms race. Whole sectors of the economy – think power and transportation – are being re-engineered in what we used to call internet time. Buildings, thanks to heat pumps, are catching up and a great deal of effort is going into decarbonizing hard to abate industries like steel and agriculture..."


A look at some reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on feds' environmental review law

"...Five out of seven judges found most of the law unconstitutional, because it seeks to regulate activities within provincial jurisdiction. Here is some of the reaction to the decision:“The Government of Canada developed the Impact Assessment Act to create a better set of rules that respect the environment, Indigenous rights and ensure projects get assessed in a timely way. We remain committed to these principles..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention energy crises.

86: Catalina Lotero - Natural by design

Duration: 37:00

"...Together with a multidisciplinary team, Catalina Lotero is tackling the global energy crisis with a surprisingly simple, plant-based idea..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about energy crises.

Chaos in Energy Markets Then and Now: 50 Years After the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo

"...Fifty years later, the embargos legacy includes vehicle fuel efficiency standards, and greater interests in domestically produced energy, drilling in deep waters and Alaska, nuclear energy, liquefied natural gas, and renewable energy..."


Why the EU Energy Crisis Fuels Severe Logging, even in the US

"...Biomass makes up roughly 60% of the EUs renewable energy, supported by large subsidies worth 13bn in 2020..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about energy crises relevant to the latest news.

Energy Transition in the United States, Europe and China: Latest Trends

"...The European Commission and industry regulators believe that the fundamental cause of the crisis lies in the insufficient speed of the energy transition and are trying to force it through the advancing development of wind and solar generation and mechanisms such as greenhouse gas emissions trading and cross-border carbon regulation..."


Multi-Objective Optimization Based on Life Cycle Assessment for Hybrid Solar and Biomass Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Sy

"...The complementary of biomass and solar energy in combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) system provides an efficient solution to address the energy crisis and environmental pollutants..."


Recent advances in transesterification for sustainable biodiesel production, challenges, and prospects: a comprehensive review

"...Next, it delves into the advancements in biodiesel applications, highlighting its versatility and potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels..."


A Multi-objective Optimization Framework for Sustainable Retrofit of Indian Buildings

"...It gives an optimal solution between cost and energy criteria that helps the decision-makers to take balanced and feasible decisions for the selection of building materials and improving building energy performances..."


Sub-nanomaterials for Photo/Electro-catalytic CO2 Reduction: Achievements, Challenges, and Opportunities

"...With the increasing dilemma of energy crisis and climate change caused by excessive greenhouse gas emissions, it is an effective way to design low-cost and efficient catalysts to recycle CO2 into value-added chemicals and fuels to solve these problems..."


Using random forest to find the discontinuity points for carbon efficiency during COVID-19

"...As there is a constant trade-off between carbon dioxide emissions against economic growth for every government, carbon efficiency is a key indicator to guide sustainable development..."


Advanced Perovskite Solar Cells

"...Solar energy can be converted into effective energy such as heat energy through photoelectric conversion because it doesn?t produce harmful gases, solid waste, and other pollutants in the conversion process..."


Alkaline Pretreatment Toward Sustainable Biorefinery

"...Lignocellulosic biomass with great abundance, functionality, and eco-friendliness has captured extensive attention over the past few decades, especially stimulated by the ever-growing energy crisis and environmental deterioration..."


A comparison analysis of different PV simulation tools using satellite data

"...PV systems are an effective way to satisfy power demands while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions..."


A two-stage distributionally robust optimization model for geothermal-hydrogen integrated energy system operation considering m

"...In view of this, this study develops a geothermal-hydrogen integrated energy system (integrating geothermal power, power to hydrogen, and energy storage), which can generate ?near-zero? CO2 emissions and obtain additional benefits by selling hydrogen..."


Nigeria's energy review: Focusing on solar energy potential and penetration

"...This report systematically reviews the literature on the country's energy crisis and renewable energy potential, leading to an overview of solar energy potential and penetration..."


Low-carbon technological innovation of coal production and utilization impetus carbon neutrality in China

"...European energy crisis, triggered by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, has again drawn attention to the decarbonization of fossil energy sources..."