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Coverage of energy management since April 26, 2022.

McMaster to receive $2 million for electric boilers to reduce natural gas usage

"...In March, university spokesperson Michelle Donovan told Global News the institution is committed to addressing climate change and shares the same objectives as the demonstartors, but said the generators were needed as “a stop-gap” along the way to reach emission targets. The $9-million Decarbonization Incentive will also give $2 million to York University for a new energy management information system to help increase energy efficiency on its campus. Western will get the biggest chunk, nearly $5 million to replace an older natural gas-powered boiler with high-voltage electric steam boilers..."


Western University receives $4.75M from Ottawa's carbon pricing system

"...“In all, these federal investments will enable McMaster, Western and York universities to cut over 35,000 tons of carbon pollution in 2030 through these projects,” said Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. “This significant reduction in carbon pollution aligns with Canada's commitment to the Paris Agreement in its ambitious target to reach net zero emissions by 2050. ”..."


Barrie receives $325K in grants for greenhouse gas reduction work

"...The City of Barrie was awarded federal grants valued at $325,000 to assist in its efforts in energy conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions..."


The path to clean electricity must include energy efficiency

"...advagg_mod_2_check();Achieving lower bills and net-zero emissionsThe budget states that each province and territory will need to show how federal funding will be used to “lower bills” and “achieve a net-zero electricity sector by 2035. ” Increasing energy efficiency is a way to meet both of these objectives because cost-effective energy savings reduce total energy system costs and efficiency programs directly lower bills for those who participate. The federal government can encourage electricity systems across the country to make a tangible commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by implementing energy efficiency resource standards, which require that a minimum percentage of energy needs come from savings attributable to programs..."


Microgrids should be the future of electricity. Let's fund them.

"...It is fertile ground for the new technologies of distributed generation, energy management and energy storage. Relatively short product-development cycles, the commodification of services, the “internet-of-energy,” sophisticated data analytics and mass production of distributed energy resources all challenge status quo business models and regulatory frameworks. Activities and technologies “beyond the meter” and out of reach of the traditional utility modus operandi are proliferating..."


TC Energy takes $1.4-billion hit over Coastal GasLink’s skyrocketing costs

"...Calgary-headquartered energy giant TC Energy took a $1. 4-billion loss this past quarter, driven by the skyrocketing costs of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Coastal GasLink is planned to be Western Canada’s new major gas corridor, aiming to move fracked gas from the Dawson Creek area of British Columbia to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal on the coast..."


6 green investments to start Canada's economic renewal

"...What's the most effective way to spend that money? Corporate Knights' Climate and Economic Renewal Plan lays out six major green investments..."


City Making Progress In Its Climate Change Action Plan

"...“Since 2017, city staff has worked diligently to implement various energy measures, especially on municipal buildings, water facilities, and the transit fleet, as well we have developed a public transit and fleet green strategy to help us to transition to a low carbon economy,” mentioned Samir Yammine, asset and energy management manager for the City of Saint John..."


City of Windsor turning 12 facilities green by shifting to to renewable energy consumption

"...The City of Windsor is shifting 12 facilities to renewable energy consumption as part of a $2. 4 million investment to make city-owned buildings more efficient..."


18-year oil spill in Gulf: 1M gallons collected since 2019

"...NEW ORLEANS (AP) — One million gallons of oil have been collected since April 2019 from the site of the nation’s longest oil spill, in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana, the Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday. The spill began when when Hurricane Ivan caused an underwater mudslide in September 2004, collapsing an oil production platform 11 miles (27 kilometers) from shore. Owner Taylor Energy Co..."


Hydrogen hypercar rocks 1,000 horsepower, weighs less than 1,000 kg

"...UK startup Viritech has launched its gorgeous Pininfarina-penned Apricale hypercar at Goodwood, and dropped some impressive specifications to go with it. This hydrogen-powered monster will break both the 1,000-horsepower and 1-hp-per-kg barriers. A weight figure under 1,000 kg (2,205 lb) makes the Apricale one of the lightest cars in the vaunted thousand-pony club, and it's an incredibly impressive demonstration of the company's core technology: lightweight "Graph-Pro" hydrogen storage tanks that are built into the structure of the carbon fiber chassis, as opposed to heavy bolt-on tanks that weigh 20 times more than the hydrogen they carry..."


Why do fuel cell buses also have a battery? [The Hydrogen Hub #2]

"...Below, a contribution from EMCEL, a German-based engineering company focusing on hydrogen, fuel cells and e-mobility. It’s the second of a series of articles on topics around hydrogen economy and applications. Feedbacks, questions and contributions are welcome (at info@sustainable-bus..."


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Jobs in energy management

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Climate Action Implementation Coordinator (Planner) - City of Vernon (Vernon, BC)

"...Develop and implement engagement strategies that facilitate community understanding of the need to reduce emissions and enhance preparedness for climate impacts..."

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Manager, Land Development - City of Regina (Regina, SK)

"...A professional with a proven record of being able to motivate, plan, direct and evaluate people and activities of a broad-based municipal organization. Organizational - Good time and project management skills, ability to prioritize, organize and delegate projects and tasks to meet the departments’ service delivery standards and targets, and defined expectations of senior leadership and Council..."

related opportunities

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Building Operations Superintendent-Wastewater Research Facility - Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, BC)

"...A selected candidate must confirm their willingness to take and successfully complete this training, as a condition of employment..."

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Energy Management Coordinator - City of Burnaby (Burnaby, BC)

"...An incumbent coordinates the administration of the corporate energy management program complimented under the City’s Climate Action Framework and City Energy Strategy; participates with supervisors in developing goals, strategies and plans for reducing consumption of energy, all utilities, gas, hydro and water in municipal facilities; coordinates efforts in transitioning gas and diesel powered fleet to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV); prepares reports and updates on program objectives and goals; conducts a technical study of the feasibility and processes involved in the improvement of energy efficiencies for the City; recommends and implements energy and GHG emissions reduction projects and alternatives; develops plans for retrofits and upgrades to existing systems; compiles energy consumption statistics, prepares reports and recommendations and may present same as required; recommends and monitors annual budgets for hydro and gas; identifies funding sources for energy retrofits and the expansion of energy efficiency programs; liaises with BC Hydro, FortisBC..."

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Recent episodes that mention energy management.

Watt It Takes: From Self-Replicating Machines to Decarbonization

Duration: 01:07:13

"...This week on Watt It Takes: Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Saul Griffith, the founder and chief scientist at Other Lab. ..."


Live From Our Homes to Yours, Literally

Duration: 01:23:00

"...This week, we bring you a joint episode of The Energy Gang and The Interchange, recorded in front of a live audience from our quarantine quarters around the country.  ..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about energy management.

I Made A Mistake Building My New Net Zero Home

"...My new net zero energy home build is almost done, but there's been a few issues along the way that could be a good learning lesson..."


New Gold Testimonial

"...Hear from an Energy Specialist about how New Gold reduced their biggest expense – energy consumption, which also resulted in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved efficiency..."


Connected Communities: A Multi-Building Energy Management Approach

"...of Energy and Bill Livingood, NREL join Cara Carmichael and Seth Coan of Rocky Mountain Institute to discuss recently release research about “connected communities. ” Learn how these communities, made up of collections of buildings and distributed energy resources, integrate energy management strategies at the multi-building scale..."


E-Mobility with Megan Lohmann

"...The Energy Futures Lab's Big Ideas for Our Energy Future series encourages cross-pollination across all stakeholders in the energy system on the topic of how accelerating the energy transition fuels economic recovery in Alberta..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about energy management relevant to the latest news.

Optimal Energy Distribution of Multi-Energy Sources in Fuel-Cell Electric Bus Using Long Short-Term Memory

"...To overcome these problems, the automobile industry is prioritizing the development of eco-friendly vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions Among these, fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use hydrogen as a fuel and do not emit exhaust gas and their higher mileage and shorter fuel charging time compared to electric vehicles make them promising next-generation eco-friendly vehicles..."


Non-carbon greenhouse gas emissions for hybrid electric vehicles: three-way catalyst nitrous oxide and ammonia trade-off

"...This work investigated the three-way catalyst performance to abate regulated and unregulated emissions from a gasoline direct injection engine working under conditions related to hybrid vehicle operation..."


Multi-objective Optimization Energy Management Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles During Vehicle Following

"...With the advancements in automotive automation and network connectivity technologies, achieving optimal co-optimization of driving safety, driving comfort, fuel economy and energy sources durability remains a great challenge for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles (FCHEV)..."


Green building energy efficiency and landscape design based on remote sensing technology

"...Green building energy consumption accounts for approximately 30% of building energy consumption, highlighting the importance of energy management research on green buildings..."


A model for optimal energy management in a microgrid using biogas

"...First, we develop a cost model of electrical and mechanical energy generation for local consumers in microgrid-producing biogas..."


Advanced Energy Management System (A-EMS) Design of a Grid-Integrated Hybrid System

"...Therefore, this article presents the design of an advanced energy management system (A-EMS) of an HRES which performs the energy management task while taking into account pollution, costs, consumer preferences, consumer satisfaction, degradation factor, grid energy supply, and energy requirement of consumers, with varied clean energy sources..."


Multi-objective Optimization of a Hydrogen-Battery Hybrid Storage System for Offshore Wind Farm Using MOPSO

"...In this paper, we provide a multi-objective optimization approach that combines multi-objective particle swarm optimization and rule-based energy management strategy for an on-gird offshore wind-hydrogen-battery system to simultaneously address the economic (Eco), the qualified rate of smoothing offshore wind power fluctuations (QRS), and the rate of offshore wind power curtailment (ROC)..."


An improved weighted mean of vectors algorithm for microgrid energy management considering demand response

"...The integration of demand response programs (DRPs) into the energy management (EM) system of microgrids (MGs) helps in improving the load characteristics by allowing consumers to interoperate for achieving techno-economic advantages..."


Smart Micro-Grid Energy Management with Renewable Energy Sources and Local SCADA

"...This paper presents smart microgrid energy management with inbuilt local grid operations through local SCADA by incorporating the best possible renewable energy resources as well as storage systems in an apartment building..."


A Cost-Efficient Energy Management of EV Integrated Community Microgrid

"...The use of energy management in community microgrid is essential for load fulfillment and to cope up with the varying power output of renewable energy sources..."


A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Energy Management Optimization for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Considering Recent Exp

"...Firstly, to ensure the safe operation of the battery and energy storage system under peak power, a power demand decoupling method based on frequency domain is proposed to achieve power stratification..."


Advanced Power Management and Control Using Fuzzy Backstepping Super-Twisting Controls Designed for Fuel Cell Supercapacitors H

"...The objective of this work was to discuss the energy management system (EMS) and control for hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) that include a fuel cell (FC) and a supercapacitor (SC)..."